Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 09

South-North Sleep Over Bathing Party-Arc

TL Note: Quick explanation about the title.

The “Hou” in Houjou Kokoro (北条こころ) means North.

The “Minami” in Minami Mai (南マイ) means South.

The title means both Kokoro and Mai are the stars of this episode. Enjoy (-‿◦)

“Excusie! With that, I’ll take off my shoes!”

“Fufuh, you’re very welcome.”

I brought Mai to the apartment which was my hideout.

I made it so that various discomforts will not arise when I perform my hypnosis. To Mai, although she doesn’t notice what is happening where, she knows the general outline of the situation.

This time, I made it so she would spend the night at this house under the name of a sleep over.

“But y’know, It’s been sooo long since I’ve done this.”

With her side tail bouncing around, Mai crossed the house’s entranceway.

She has already entered. Into the den of the enemy she was unaware of.

“So long? But doesn’t Minami-san have quite a lot of friends?”

“Fufu~n. Though with that said, we don’t do that much. It’s tiring.”

Mai took off her shoes, placed her hand inside of her skirt, and removed her panties. This was just like usual.

Beyond that, this time, I tried to make it so Mai would speak honestly, even if it was something along the lines of refusal. Because I wanted to hear a little bit of her real intentions.

“I……am not really allowed to do that sort of thing.”

Kokoro also took off her shows and pants together. She was also nonchalant about it.

Today, I will have these two follow all of the rules that I’ve set for one night.

“I think that’s ok, Houjou-san. Unexpectedly, being looked after by those friends and such can be troublesome, and it’s not good for just us to not do anything. This time, I was invited and, after being told that it was fine not to do anything, I……huh, that’s right, yeah. It’s easy.”

Although Mai felt a small discrepancy, she was somehow able to convince herself that it was fine. It’s really in times like these that hypnosis is convenient.

“Woah, so huge! And that window!”

Upon entering the living room, Mai was amazed by the interior of the spacious apartment that she had seen for the first time. Although she was spiritedly moving her body, it was rather difficult to view the insides of her skirt.

“I’ll get you some drinks, ok.”


Kokoro went into the kitchen.

Whilst being slightly uplifted by what will happen from here on, I looked at Mai. For the time being, I guess should I remove her socks and sanitise her bare feet.

“Is this Book’s first time here?”


“Of course, right~ Or rather, Book doesn’t seem like you’d be invited to places much.”

“I guess so.”

In the first place, I don’t really like the conduct of inviting people to one’s house. Because it feels like a foreign substance is invading one’s territory.

I am worried about the room becoming dirty, or that things will start going missing. It’s in this way that I’m sort of a germaphobe.

The ones that I can enjoy allowing entry are either those who are close to me, or people like Mai who have completely become targets for me to prey upon.

“Thank you for waiting.”


Kokoro placed a cup on the desk. It was my grape juice.

There was only one cup.

“Ah, thank thank.”


With a *clank* sound, two dishes were arranged on the floor.

That is, of course, Kokoro and Mai’s share.


“Thanks for food!”

The duo got down on all fours, licking the plate as the drank the juice placed within.


*splash splash* A rather ill-mannered sound resonated.

Cup in hand, I gazed upon the duo’s rears.

Because they were crawling on all fours, their asses were sticking up in the air.

Thanks to her snugly fitting suit skirt, the shape of Kokoro’s ass perfectly emerged.

As for Mai, since she wasn’t wearing any panties under her mini skirt, her pussy was completely exposed.


“Whoops, my bad.”

I purposefully stepped on the edge of the plate Mai was licking. My foot was covered in juice.

Mai did not care at all about what I just did. Rather, her focus was concentrated onto my bare foot.


Without any hesitation, Mai licked the juice that stuck to my foot. As she was lapping it up, having her small tongue crawling over my foot was quite ticklish.

Kokoro saw such a situation while somewhat envious.


“Yeah, I’ll trouble you.”

I have already made it so Mai does not feel weird about the way Kokoro addresses me. It’ll be troublesome to follow up on it every time, after all.

Using my raised feet-

“You have stepped on it.”

I trampled on top of Kokoro’s dish.

*splash* -the sound of water jumping echoed as my other bare foot was left on the plate Kokoro was licking.


As if finding happiness in that, Kokoro wholeheartedly continued to lick my foot that remained on the plate. I think it would be best for her to mind the specks of water that clung to her face.

It’s not good to be repeatedly called ‘Master’. Even though there’s no longer any discomfort caused by this form of address, it would be normal for Mai to start wondering why Kokoro addresses me as such after calling me that many times.

Both Kokoro and Mai each licked one of my legs. Upon viewing these obedient dolls, an indescribable excitement spread throughout my body.

In any case, this is only the beginning.

“It’s the bath-”

The preparations for the main dish have been completed.

Rather, I was aiming for this when I called Mai to this house. After all, something like having a meal can be done in places other than here.

“The bath here is pretty wide, ain’t it? Looks like fuun!”

“But since three people will be entering, I don’t believe it will feel that spacious.”

“I guess so, huh.”

Without anyone holding any doubts, Kokoro, Mai, and myself–the three of us entered the changing room together.

Rather than the bath, I think that this place is the most narrow.

“It’s hard to undress!”

“It’s because there’s only one changing room……”

“Hey, Book! Your shoulder’s hitting me!”

“I can’t help it! It’s narrow, you know.”

Whilst the three of us were in the same place, we removed our clothes in turns.

Leaving my undressing for last, I watched the two strip before my very eyes.

Mai raised both hands and lifted her shirt, as if to remove it. As her shirt was gradually exposed starting from her navel, her bra and armpits were displayed before my very eyes. A faint, healthy scent unique to women lingered in the air. Mai removed the hook of her bra, revealing her released breasts, bouncing vigorously.

Untying her side tail, she entered the bath while her chest swayed.


At first, Kokoro skillfully removed only the bra inside of her clothes. And then, just like Mai, she removed her Y-shirt without unbuttoning it, taking it off from the head as if trying to compete with her. From her navel to her head, Kokoro removed the Y-shirt from her body with a single motion, causing her large chest to shake up and down in conjunction with such vigorous movement.

So she removed her bra first for this reason, huh. Perhaps I should say that she’s quite cunning.

Kokoro proudly looked in my direction. She wore an expression that seemed to say “how’s that”.

“What are you trying to achieve by competing against her?”

“Ah, no, you’re……not mistaken.”

It would appear that, in response to my line, Kokoro became self-conscious about her childishness. She, slightly awkwardly, entered the bath.

In any case, I also properly removed my clothes before heading towards the interior of the bath.



Huh, No-Reaction?”

The instant I entered, I received a shower baptism from Mai.

As if disappointed by my reaction was weak, Mai peeked over here with upturned eyes.

Annoying. Despite feeling such, upon seeing the approaching Mai’s swaying breasts, it no longer mattered. They were wet due to being in the bathroom and, upon closer inspection, it was quite interesting to see the drops of water on her chest bouncing.

“Hey, come on! Book has already been rinsed, so come in. It’s narrow, so we need to enter in turns.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Although the apartment’s bathtub was large, it is rather narrow when three people enter together.

That’s why we decided to take turns.


First, Kokoro placed her back against the side of the bathtub and spread both of her legs.

“Excuse me.”

Using Kokoro’s body as a backrest, I soaked myself in the bathtub with the same position. Kokoro’s chest just managed to serve as a back cushion.

“Aah……this feels really good.”

“Yup, the temperature’s just right.”


Also using my body as a backrest, Mai soaked herself in the bathtub. It turned into a sandwich with me pressed in the middle.

The feeling of my penis just managing to be sandwiched by Mai’s ass was great.

“Oof, phew~”

Without any concerns, Mai earnestly continued to relax. She also regards the fact that my penis is hitting her ass as unavoidable since we are bathing together.


As I had constantly focused my conscience towards the front, Kokoro shook her body as if to assert her existence. Kokoro’s chest and breath stimulated my back.

“……let’s wash our bodies.”

“E~h, already?”

“You are right. It might be best to wash as soon as possible.”

If I stay to long, there’s a possibility that I’ll let one out in the bath.

Getting up from the tub, I prepared the stool that I bought just for this day. I don’t know if it holds any meaning, but since it wasn’t particularly expensive, but I bought a ‘Sukebe Stool’ for experimental purposes.

Only I sat in this chair as I awaited for the duo to make their preparations.

“Um, I’m kinda not used to this~”

In Mai’s mind, even though she wasn’t doing anything particularly special, since it was her first time, there was some discomfort.

Both of the girls painted their bodies with body soap, rubbing their breasts together in order to lather it.

Without any particularly twist to it, they performed a mock-version of what should be done with soap. Without using a towel, the two girls used their bodies to wash my own.

“When rubbing, it really foams up, huh? Well, I’ll start scrubbing, ‘kay~”

Thinking it was a pain, Mai arbitrarily pressed her body soaked with body soap against my chest and began to rub against it.


Mai grabbed my shoulders and rubbed my chest and body, as if she were marking it. Although the bubbles did not form easily, she was under the suggestion that she would not release me until I had been properly washed.

Mai’s breasts thoroughly caressed my entire body. She had done so to the point where there wasn’t a spot on my body that hadn’t been touched by Mai’s breasts.

“I will scrub the back.”

Although late, Kokoro pressed her chest against my back. This one’s movements were much more attentive and sticky, as if we were trying to ascertain the feel of each other’s bodies.

The condition of Kokoro’s breasts was transmitted through my back to the extent that I could tell thoroughly that they had been crushed.

Although this was the first experiment, it seems have been successful. It is going well.

Looking forward, I could see everything fro Mai’s lips to around her collarbone. Perhaps due to her working so hard, a faint, feminine scent drifted from her.

“Hya-hyah!? W-What!?”

I tried to lick the hot water that accumulated on her collarbone. Although being licked by a tongue was considered as a part of washing one’s body, it’s likely that she was startled by the sudden stimulation.

“Um……Mai-san, would you like to switch places?”

“Yeah, sure. I’m not really that good, so this is to make it even~”

“In that case, Master, I will wash your face.”

This time, the shape of Kokoro’s large breasts jumped out before my eyes. Her breasts were pressed against my face so hard that it almost suffocated me as I tasted a sensation akin to that of a soft sponge.

“By the way, listen to this Kokoro-san. You know, today, my friend asked me ‘Did you get a boyfriend?’.”

“E-eeehh!! A boyfriend!?”

“Ah, no, no. There isn’t one, though. It was something that was asked out of the blue, so it was really surprising~”

Mai laughed as if to divert the topic whilst placing her breasts on my shoulder.

“But there’s no basis for it. Even though I’ve already said before that there isn’t one-”

“Doesn’t that mean you aren’t trusted-”

“Book! Were you listening!?”

Well, yeah. If you’re this close, then I can even hear your complaints.

That being said, Mai’s friend has good intuition, doesn’t she? Although she hasn’t made a boyfriend, if its about a male presence, then she’s pretty much correct.

“I’ll say it again, but I definitely don’t have one! That’s why-!”

Seeing how Mai emphasised this as she turned towards me, I wondered if it was something she was quite bothered by?

Yeah, even so, I was completely fine. Rather, it’s better this way.

“Welp, I’ll do the bottom now.”

Squatting her body down even further, Mai got down on all fours.

I pushed my hips backwards accordingly, sticking out my ass.

“Nn~ Lick.”

And then Mai licked my protruding ass. Carefully tracing the contours, she even licked the insides of my crack.

It is because of this that Hypnosis is awesome.

After all, even though she had yet to make a man and possessed a tight guard, Mai was licking my asshole.

“I will take care of the front.”

Not to be outdone, Kokoro began to wash my lower body. Squeezing my penis with her large breasts, she slowly moved up and down.

The pleasure of being enveloped caused my entire body to tremble.

“How is it?”

“It’s great.”

As if cherishing my beloved child, Kokoro continued to carefully wash my penis. Upon seeing my penis tremble, a gentle smile surfaced on her face.

“I’ll take……great care to clean it, okay……hamu.”

“Haah……aahh, somehow, it feels strange.”

From the front was sense of pleasure. From behind was a sense of conquest. At the same time, both filled the insides of my body.

Since I had been constantly enduring, the time it would take until ejaculation wouldn’t be long.

“Nn……nnnn!! *slurp*! Nnb-buh!!”

As if sensing such a premonition, Kokoro opened her mouth wide, gulping my penis whole as if to monopolise the semen.

While pushing my semen against Kokoro’s throat, I waited for the spurt to end.

“Don’t drink it……”


I pumped out my semen into the insides of Kokoro’s mouth.


“Yup, plez!”

Kokoro spit out the semen onto Mai’s hair.

“Here, too.”

“Yup, yup. Just wait a sec-”

“I’ll spread it.”

I applied the remaining semen left on my penis against Mai’s hair.

“Hyah, wait a sec!”


I pressed my penis against Mai’s hair many times. To the point where it seemed as though the odour of semen could not be removed from her hair.

That energetically swinging side tail which I had seen countless times had been violated by filthy semen.

“Well, it’s fine now, right? Next, wash here.”

Without even the time to bask in the aftermath, I was made to wash their bodies.

After both Mai and Kokoro pointed their asses this way, spreading their pussies with both fingers and displaying them to me.

“Aah, that’s right. If you don’t use a rod, you won’t be able to clean the insides, right?”

“That’s right. It doesn’t matter who goes first, so-”

“U-Um, Master. If you could start with me……”

The duo lined up, spread their groins and eagerly awaited my penis.

Since it was said that the penis head originally served the purpose of scraping out the semen of other men, it is not mistaken to say that it would clean their insides.

Then again, rather than to scoop out, my goal is closer to screw in.

“Well then, I’ll start with Mai.”

“Yup, sure thing……aahh……”

Perhaps due to the fact that the bathroom was humid, the tip entered smoothly.

However, as Mai’s vagina was firm and tight, I began to exert strength accordingly. I’m quite fond of forcibly pushing my way through a body that tries to repel me like this.

“Gah……aaahh……! Aah!”

Mai, at the moment, appeared to be in agony. With her chin thrust forward and her jaw locked wide open, she spat out a hoarse voice.




I was about to thrust my hand into Kokoro’s lonely vagina, but my hand had been seized.

“Please do it here. I have something to take care of, after all.”

Kokoro placed my captured hand against her left breast.

In doing so, she changed the direction she was turned so as to face me.

Whilst enviously viewing the point of union between Mai and myself, Kokoro narrowed her eyes.

“I shall help you.”

“Kokoro-san? Gah!? AAaahh!! HaAaaaaahh!!”

Kokoro pinched Mai’s clitoris without mercy.

Towards such an abrupt stimulus, Mai responded as though she were crying.

“As I thought, it is because you are in contact with Master that……”

“B……Book? Aaaaaahh!!”

“Master, would you allow for me to continue?”

“Permission granted.”

Since Kokoro was stimulating Mai, the insides of her vagina clamped down tightly, as if it were cramping. it’s likely that she wouldn’t be able to receive such stimulation with only one person.

Perhaps from Kokoro’s perspective, she wanted to quickly end this.

“You are quite vulgar. Please take care to make yourself more tidy.”

“Hyaaaaaaaahh!! Gah! Aaah, aaaaahhh!”

The unforgiving offensive seemed to have blown away Mai’s consciousness.

All of a sudden, my eyes fell upon Mai’s twitching asshole.

Extending my index finger, I inserted it into her anus.


“Aah, I’m so jealous.”

“Gah……ah! Aaaaaaaaaaaahh!!”

Having been attacked on both sides by Kokoro and myself, Mai’s pants were already close to being scream.

It was a cry that seemed almost unimaginable to have come from her, considering her everyday self. The lovely Mai was losing her sanity from pleasure that deviated from the norm.

“It’s about time.”

“Gyah, aaaahh!!”

Thanks to her efforts, Mai’s vagina actually moved really well. Its grasp, which had never been so tight before, quickly incited me towards ejaculation.

Without holding back, I sent my semen into the vagina that wanted to squeeze it out of me.

“Gah, agah! Agh……aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! Aargh……”

Finally, together with a scream that seemed to make her throat hoarse, Mai vigorously headed towards climax. Thrusting her tongue out from her throat, Mai’s eyes seemed to roll into the back of her head.

As a result, after soiling the floor and making a trickling noise, Mai fainted with a plop.


So as to ensure that her head didn’t hit the floor, I hurriedly supported her.

“Master……me as well.”

“Impatient, aren’t you.”

“I apologise. However-”

“Well, I’m sorry that I ended up postponing it.”

After confirming that Mai was asleep, I left her alone as if discarding her.

Since it was quite a warm bathroom, it’s unlikely that she will catch a cold.

“Haaah!! Master! I shall start with the preparations!”

Kokoro meticulously began to lick my shrivelled up penis. Although it would soon become erect again even without her doing this—well, let’s save her some face.

As my member rose, Kokoro, after gazing at it lovingly, panicked as she spread her crotch.

“I-I beg of you! I know very well that this is quite vulgar, but……I implore you, please do me as well. Please wash away the filth from this foul, indecent pussy with Master’s member.”

Kokoro must have had to endure quite a bit. After all, she looked to be quite envious whilst watching Mai’s disordered figure beside her.

However, it was in her nature to want to be teased at this time.

Unlike Mai, I approached and teased her from the front so that Kokoro could see it.

Slowly, I inserted the tip as if to ascertain the feel of the entrance.

“Aah……aah……please reward me……! Master……inside of me, please quickly come inside!”

Upon inserting myself into Kokoro’s vagina, my penis was gradually enveloped as though her lower mouth wanted to stuff its cheeks.

It was the sensation of a vagina different from Mai’s. With Mai, it was a sensation of violating someone without them knowing, but with Kokoro, there was a sense of fulfillment, almost as though she was totally accepting me.

“Aaah!! ……haah……hyah! Aaahn!!”

Although I don’t know whether it’s because she had been thoroughly violated by me or because she was seeking to commit herself to me, what I do know is that Kokoro’s movements felt the best. It seems that she feels happiness to serve and act all for the sake of her owner.

Whislt wildly thrusting back and forth countless times, I was also filled with a kind of happiness.

“You’ve really become good at this, huh.”

“Yees! Please use all of my body for your sake, Master! It is fine for you to break it as much as you please! That’s why, that’s why……aaah!”

Kokoro wound both of her legs around my hips, holding down my penis so as to prevent it from escaping.

Contrarily, as if to tear through such restraints, I ravaged Kokoro so violently that it seemed as if her entire body would break.

I didn’t have to wait very long for my third ejaculation to come.


From my penis, a pulsating flow of sperm gushed into Kokoro’s vagina.

It’s likely that Kokoro felt such through her skin. Meeting the climax, she blissfully looked up towards the ceiling. So as to not spill a drop of my seed, Kokoro tightly restrained my waist with both legs.

“……how long are you going to stay like that?”

“Um, just a little more–I’d like to stay like this just a little longer. To be forever connected with Master’s wonderful cock……I want to be cleansed by it.”

Although I was growing impatient towards Kokoro who hadn’t tried to separate after being unified for a long time, it would seem that Kokoro still hasn’t had enough yet.

Although I don’t really mind, I just couldn’t leave Mai, who had been sleeping off to the side throughout, alone. She’ll end up catching an after-bath cold.

“……if we don’t wake her up and put her in the bath, Mai will catch a cold.”

“I……I agree.”

Kokoro hung her head, falling silent as she regretfully pursed her lips. Even though my erection has already calmed and the stimulation has lessened, just what does she want?

“……it can’t be helped.”

“Eh, aah!!”

While remaining connected, I hugged Kokoro’s body and lifted it up. It was a good thing that her body was lighter than I expected.

Although Kokoro’s was stupefied with astonishment at first, she gradually closed her eyes, feeling at peace as she wrapped her arms around my back.

“Thank you very much……I’m so……very happy.”

Kokoro whispered close into my ears. Her feverish breath tickled my ears.

“Well, since my hands are occupied, you go and wake Mai up.”

As I would likely lose my balance if I kicked her, I’d like to let Kokoro take care of Mai, though.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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