Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 08

Houjou Kokoro Faithful Mutt Conversion-Arc


Inside of Room 22-2 of the apartment where Kokoro lives, I stroked my chin whilst observing Kokoro.

What she is doing is a martial arts performance.

“Hah! Tah!”

Performing a practice kick, Kokoro skillfully brandished her limbs. In the middle of the living room, she repeatedly performed strikes from hand-to-hand combat techniques.

As for her attire, she was wearing a sports bra for the top and spats below, items which allowed one to make out the body’s curves as much as possible.

“It’s not a bad feeling.”

“Teiyah! Fuh!”

Stomping her foot, Kokoro prepared her breath whilst repeating this series of actions.

What I am doing right now is a part of my hypnosis.

Using hypnosis, I made Kokoro learn martial arts.

The motivation behind this came to me while I was thinking of making Kokoro perform a pole dance that I saw in an adult video. Although I ultimately gave up since the pole stand for dancing was too expensive, I still made her learn the dance.

Since she was able to perfectly reproduce the movements that appeared on the TV, it turned out to be quite amazing. Once the body remembers it, she will be able to perform such movements naturally even when she regains her sanity.

Having felt the bottomless potential of hypnotic suggestions, I sought to measure its depths through martial arts.


After taking a single breath, Kokoro’s movements paused. She began to wipe off the sweat on her forehead with the towel that was left on top of the desk.

“Was that to your liking!? Master!”

“Yeah, you did it beautifully.”

“Thank you very much!”

Even with my nonchalant praise, Kokoro’s shoulders trembled with joy.

Whilst gazing at Kokoro’s entire body, I began to admire the results.

Currently, Kokoro’s frame was now capable of achieving practically the same movements as the masters of Karate, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, and Capoeira. Of course, even though, in reality, there was a gap in strength and physique, it was adjusted so that it wouldn’t become an obstacle.

Since I don’t really want her to put on any muscle, it ended up limiting her power and the like but quite a bit.

“It was already determined that my movements from just now would be clean—it’s the first time I’ve felt such a thing. As I thought, the things that Master does are always, always-”

“That’s because Kokoro’s body is so good.”

“No, I’m afraid not! Even though I have participated in sports all this time, I have yet to perform movements as clean and exact as just now.”

“I don’t do sports, so I wouldn’t know.”

In this experiment, I found out that Kokoro’s body was quite flexible. Although I knew that she habitually stretched to increase her elasticity, I never thought that she would be able to spread her legs by 180 degrees.

The quick acquisition of skills via hypnosis was a result of the fact that her tender body was able to easily accept every single type of movement.

Which means this result is all thanks to Kokoro.

“Well then, together with Master–right, shall we begin to exercise our flexibility? Such a thing can be done in pairs, you know.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Then we need to buy Master’s sportswear.”

With a buoyant ambience, Kokoro appeared to be lost in some sort of imagination. Her spats and sports bra were soaked with sweat as they clung to Kokoro’s body.

The subtle lines of her nipples and pubic mound seemed to surface, yet not.

“Even so, you’re quite fit, aren’t you. Although I arbitrarily said to mix some martial arts together, haven’t you pretty much done them all?”

“No, um, I had a dog at home up until three years ago……I ran a lot with it every day.”

“Heh, a dog, huh?”

Kokoro slightly averted her eyes from me as she spoke.

Up until three years ago–which likely means that it died.

A dog, huh.

“Dogs are great, huh.”

“Aren’t they!? Master also understands! As I thought, did Master also just like myself-”

“I also kept a dog at home, although he died five years ago. Since it was 15 years old, the guy had quite the long life.”

There was a strange commonality between us.

Since she contributed a lot with regards to this time’s experiment, next time I’ll text and invite her to go with me to a dog-cat convention……wait.

“Say, Kokoro.”

I naturally gazed upon Kokoro’s entire body as if my eyes were licking her all over.

“[Let’s play together].”

And then, without giving her a chance to refuse, I announced the hypnotic key words. Well, she originally wouldn’t reject it, though.

Her smile disappeared from Kokoro’s face as her eyes glazed over. Her stance, which was full of crisp movements only moments ago, had become lethargic and unsteady.

“As I thought, even though the lively Kokoro is still good-”

I stood up from the sofa I was sitting on and approached Kokoro.

“-it’s also nice when she’s quiet like this.”

And then, without hesitation, I grabbed the immobile Kokoro’s chest.

It could be said that the sensation of touching her chest transmitted through the sports bra was more resistant than usual. It’s likely that the sports bra had high elasticity.


Although Kokoro showed no reaction, due to the influence of my touch, her cheeks flushed faintly. Even though she remained expressionless, having her properly come around was also quite to my liking.

However, if I had to choose, I was not going to have the energetic Kokoro as my partner today, though.

“Kokoro, can you hear me?”

“Yes……I can, hear you.”

“You have kept a dog before, haven’t you. Please remember the time when you did. Were you happy living a life with your dog?”

“I was……happy.”

Kokoro’s eyes began to moisten slightly. Perhaps it’s because she was made to recall her deceased dog.

“I’m sure that your dog was also happy to be with you. When a dog and person are together, they are both happy.”

“Together with dog……happy……”

“Right now, there is no dog here. It just myself and Kokoro, only the two of us. Right now, are you happy?”

“Yes……I am happy.”

“Then, if you were to become a dog, the happiness will double. From now on, Kokoro, you will become a dog.”

“……become a, dog.”

“Now, please imagine it. What you need to do right now in order to become a dog.”

Although the logic was absurd, the essence of this hypnosis was to try and turn Kokoro into a dog.

Of course, I don’t have any hobbies of doing it with beasts. I’m just interested in having sex with girls wearing doggie ears.

It would have been great if I bought a tail or something.

“I……to become a dog.”

“If you are able to imagine it, then please say your name.”

Now then, how will Kokoro turn out? In the end, this is just an image.

Kokoro will become the dog that she imagined in her mind. Although I don’t know what kind of guy the dog she kept was…well, it seemed like a friendly dog that doesn’t bit people. Even if she did bite me, since Kokoro is a slave, her instincts would prevent her from harming me.


“Ok. Now then, right now, you will become a dog. The dog that is being kept by me. You understand, right?”


“Then, from here on, I will begin to count from 1 to 10. When I do so, little by little, you will be released from this state and your mind will awaken……1, 2-”

I was looking forward to enjoying just what sex would be like whilst Kokoro was in her canine-state. However, since Kokoro was still Kokoro, it’s likely that she’d be aroused whilst in that state, though.


I informed Kokoro of her release from hypnosis.

The radiance returned to Kokoro’s eyes. Power gradually returned to her body. Her eyes unusually opened with a *snap*, most likely caused by the influence of her canine-transformation.

I waited for a reaction.

“……? ……!!”

Unable to remain calm, Kokoro anxiously glanced around as she surveyed the area. As her head began to bound around restlessly, it abruptly paused precisely when my figure was found right in front of her.



It talked.

Wait, because this was Kokoro’s image of a dog, then I guess it’s ok? I was kind of expecting her to start barking, though.

“Masta! Masta!”

“Is this she trying to say ‘Master’?”

Kokoro approached me before rudely pulling the sleeve of my clothes.

The reason behind her being able to speak is probably something like this. After being together for a long time, the owner often understand what the dog is thinking. It would turn into a sensation almost akin to being able to converse with the dog.

It would appear that this feeling was attached to Kokoro’s image of the dog she kept.

“Let’s pway, let’s pway! Let’s pwaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Kokoro strongly pulled my clothes. Whilst hopping up and down with a wide grin, Kokoro seemed to almost tear my clothes.

As expected, I also falted in the face of being pulled by Kokoro’s full power.

In any case, I might as well have some fun with this. I wonder if there’s some sort of interesting play we could do?

Upon thinking such, it suddenly came to me.

“Wait a second.”


“I’m going to get something.”

“Let’s pway! Let’s pway!”

“Wait, just listen to me.”

Kokoro simply tilted her head to the side. She was not listening to my words at all.

Even though I was trying to break away, Kokoro did not let go of me.

Ah, don’t tell me she didn’t properly train her dog.

Since it couldn’t be helped, I began to move whilst half dragging Kokoro along the floor.

“Masta, Masta♪ Maaasta, Masta!”

Thinking that this was part of our play, Dog Kokoro looked as though she was having a lot of fun. She nestled herself against my body, leisurely burying her cheek into it.

On a whim, I looked at Kokoro, my eyes to meeting her heightened line of sight.


“All we’re doing is facing each other, you know.”

As if pleased by such a thing, Dog Kokoro deplorably, yet elatedly smiled.

Well, yeah. It’s not that bad.

With my improved mood, I petted her head.


Upon doing so, a comfortable-looking Kokoro twirled her head as if to say that she wanted me to pet her more.


Even so, it’s hard to move like this.

In an attempt to seperate our bodies, I pushed away Kokoro’s cheeks.

As if rebelling against this, Dog Kokoro pushed this cheek firmly against my hand. Since it didn’t look like we’d separate, I could only struggle.


“M-Masta! Pway, time!”

Somehow or other, I managed to get to my room.

“I’m pretty sure it was around here……found it.”



“Let’s pway? Let’s pway!”

“Take this!”

I pressed the trunks which I found in my room against Kokoro’s nose.


“As I thought, you have a strong sense of smell in your image.”

The instant that the trunks were pressed against Kokoro’s nose, her entire body spasmed as she screamed.

Because it was hard for me to put them in the wash due to my wet dream this morning, those trunks had been left in this room. Of course, I could have had Kokoro clean it for me, but I didn’t want her to show this in the morning.

This is what’s called ‘gaining a great achievement from injury’. This will be quite useful.

“Kuu–h! Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!! Fu—-! Fu–!”

Dog Kokoro clung onto my trunks tightly with both hands and personally placed it over her nose, as if pressing against it. Damn, it’s kinda weird.

After raising snorts that could be heard from here for a period of time, she suddenly stopped.

Dog Kokoro, who had been so noisy up until now, just turned quiet. I’m a little worried.



All of a sudden, in the same manner as an explosion, Kokoro tackled me to the floor.

“W-What the hell!? Hey, calm down!”



“Secks! Sex!”

With her cheeks flushed and dripping drool, Kokoro pushed me down to the ground.

I understand that there was a mating season specifically for dogs. If I remember right, they suddenly get sent into heat and turn irrational.

In other words, Dog Kokoro has reproduced such a condition in reality. Which means-

“Oi, wait a sec! Don’t strip my clothes off! You’ll tear them!”

“Sex sex!”

“Wooah! She’s damn strong!”

If a dog aims for a dog, then people would target people—well, that much’s obvious.

Also, I didn’t get her to learn martial arts just for show. Instinctively using the hold techniques that had been ingrained into her body, Kokoro restrained me.

I had been completely pushed down. I was immobilised.

“Oi, Kokoro–”

“Wah! Masta! Masta’s!”

Dog Kokoro forcibly removed my pants and trunks, exposing my penis.

“Sniff sniff.”

Dog Kokoro poked her nose at my penis, sniffing many times as if to determine what it was. And then, as if trying to ascertain the taste, she began to lick the tip.

I won’t deny that I was aroused, even though I had failed.

“Although I’m fine with doing it-”

“*lap lap*”

“-spare me from being on the receiving end!”

I will not condone it. The moment Kokoro’s concentration fell upon my penis, my hand regained its freedom.

With my open right hand, I spanked Kokoro’s ass with all of my strength.


Whilst making a *slap* sound that felt good, Kokoro’s body bended backwards.

Using that opening created by her flinching, I escaped. That was dangerous.

“Haah, haah……fucking dog.”

I caught Kokoro by the collar and raised it so that she wouldn’t be able to resist anymore.

Powerlessly looking at me whilst in such a state, Dog Kokoro……grinned.

“Masta, masta!”


“More, more!”

Dog Kokoro was amazingly pleased to be spanked.

I couldn’t close my dropped jaw. Kokoro, after being spanked, was happy.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that there was signs of dampness in the crotch region of her spats.

It had sent her into heat.

“What a mutt……”

“Masta masta!”

“Well, meh. Whatever.”

Somehow, doesn’t a masochistic dog suit Kokoro? I think so.

Upon releasing my hand, Kokoro shook her ass towards me whilst eagerly waiting. By sticking out her ass, she’s trying to tell me to hit her.

Without mercy, I wound up a large swing and hit her.


“To be happy by having this done to you, you’re a naughty dog.”

“Kyan, masta masta!”

Reaching my hand towards Kokoro’s spats, I slide them down. Caressing her already sopping wet genitals, I was convinced that preparations were not necessary.

Applying my penis, I entered from behind as if to pierce her.


Sticking out her tongue, Kokoro’s voice erupted from the back of her throat. Audaciously, she panted like a true animal.

Whilst moving my hips back and forth, I struck her ass with an open hand.

“Kyan, hyan! Haah, wOof woOf!”

Every time I hit her, the insides of Kokoro’s vagina cramped as it tightened around my penis. It was another fresh stimulus.

Kokoro also met climax many times as her ass became red. Perhaps because she had been transformed into a dog, her capacity to endure appeared to be nonexistent.

From there, I further placed my hands inside of the sports bra and squeezed her breasts. Under the pressure of her bra, groping Kokoro’s chest was tighter and rougher than usual.

“Aaah! Kyah wooooff!”

“With this, I wonder exactly which one of us is the beast.”

Becoming aroused by violating Kokoro without her intelligence from behind, I also lost my restraint.

Seaking each other like beasts, we simply enjoyed sex.

And then, I reached my limit. As a finisher, I beat Kokoro’s ass a degree stronger than before.

“Kyah, hyaaaaaaaaahhh!! ……argh.”

My penis pulsated as sperm flowed directly from the tip of my dick that was hitting the entrance of Kokoro’s womb. As if to impregnate Kokoro, my sperm instinctively surged.

Since Kokoro had taken the pill, she won’t be fertilised, but the pleasure was so strong that I had forgotten about such a thing.


“……[Let’s play together].”

Since I would be troubled if she made any more unnecessary movements, I stopped Kokoro’s consciousness by saying the keyword.

The current figure of the collapsed Kokoro, whose eyes had lost their shine, was that of absentmindedness after having been fucked. Of course, the truth was entirely different.

After resting for a while, I’ll return Kokoro back to being a human being.

Incidentally, I didn’t tamper with her memories. Not only was it unnecessary, but having her remember the fact that we had sex would make Kokoro happy.


With my body tired by exercise, I finally completed a series of operations. Heaving a sigh, I sank onto the floor.

“What a troublesome mutt……”


Kokoro regained her consciousness, returned the usual, intelligent Kokoro who was my slave.

-in thinking such, Kokoro’s face suddenly turned completely red, almost as if it was boiling hot.


“What’s wrong?”

“Err, um……!! I’m so embarrassed!”

For some reason, as broke into a run, hiding into the shadows as if to escape from me.

Unexpectedly, only half of her face was peeking out as she looked at me.

“Mas……ter, I apologise-”

“Yeah, I don’t really mind. It’s something that I did, anyway.”

“No, that’s not what I meant……”

With her eyes swimming, she placed strength into her hands shaking in the shadow, clasping them into fists.

“For me to display such a shameless manner of being pleasured……”


As expected, that’s what you’d call masochistic, right? Well, I feel like that’s how things are usually, though.

Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter.

“Anyway, help me out with the clean up.”

“Certainly……um, that-”

“What is it?”

“No! It’s nothing!”

Because Kokoro panicked, she couldn’t hide what she had been holding.

She had yet to let go of the trunks that I had a wet dream in. Furthermore, she placed them in her pocket.

By not saying anything about it, does she want to hide it?

Well, either way is fine, though.

That night. Upon preparing to go to sleep in my room’s bed, a knock echoed from the door.

“Kokoro, huh.”

“Y-Yes. That’s right.”

“Open the door. I allow it.”

Kokoro slowly and apologetically opened the door. She looked like a child who honestly confesses about what they’ve done wrong.

“Um, err, Master, I-”

Whilst fidgeting, Kokoro, in her pajamas, appeared to be trying to confess something to me.

Is this about hiding my trunks? I’m not really angry about that, and I was going to have Kokoro wash them anyway.

“I insolently carried around items that exuded Master’s scent……”

“What of it? I don’t really mind, and I’m not upset about it.”

“No! You’re mistaken! I have been even more impudent and……um……w-wa……was excited-”

In a state of restlessness, Kokoro confessed as such. Being so ashamed of what she, herself, had said, she shut her eyes tightly.

I see, so the reason she had been so uneasy since a while ago was because of this, huh.

The point was after carrying around an item that smelled like me and further sniffing it, she became aroused. Unable to bear it, Kokoro ended up coming to my room.

Has she kept that with her until night time? Go wash it already.

To Kokoro, having herself to request sex must be an inappropriate proposal.

What to do, it’s not good to spoil her.

It would seem that Kokoro presumed my respond to be a slow one from her sideward glance. With determination, she began to do something.


Kokoro first slowly raised both hands to the top of her head before moving them with a *flip flop*.

Ears? Making a guess from today’s incident, are they dog ears?

“I want to play with you……woof.”

Since she performed it by her own initiative, Kokoro hung her head in embarrassment.

I see.

“……come here.”

Tapping beside me on the bed, I granted her my permission.

Well, it’s like this. It’s necessary to spoil her every once in a while.

After Kokoro, who raised her head, displayed an expression stained with tears full of joy, she jumped towards me.

Even though I told her to come next to me, she didn’t listen at all.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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