Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 05

Minami Mai Introduction-Arc

Author Note: The Introduction Arc has no ero. Those who want to only see the ero, please go to the next episode.

Since there was nothing to do in the morning, I was day dreaming.

This is all because Kokoro woke me up really early. The library isn’t open yet, and I’ve already finished reading all the books I have during the weekend.

I want to read my grandfather’s book, but it’s not something to be read in public—

“Good Morn~!”

In the classroom, a bright voice which seemed to rid all drowsiness chimed.

Naturally, those words were not directed at me.

“Like I said, your voice is too loud!”

“It can’t be helped, I was born with it so no complaining!”

It was a conversation held amongst some female students inside the classroom.

“More importantly, I saw a Kappa, you know. A Kappa!”

“Ah, yesterday’s program, right?”

“Yup, that’s the one! Kappappa!”

I know the owner of this painfully loud voice.

Her name is Minami Mai. A female classmate who was characterised by her incredibly cheerful voice.

A beautifully arranged side-tail trembled with a *rustle* with her each and every move. A set of large, round pupils and cherry lips which never stopped smiling formed her playful, mischievous features. Her chest was also quite wholesome, being neither too big nor too small, and, while there were once rumours that her breasts were beautiful, I don’t believe that they were necessarily mistaken.

“Besides, if it was mum, then her yells could wake up the people next door, and~……hm?”

Tilting her head to the side, Mai staggered as her gaze passed over this way.

Suddenly, I diverted my attention as my eyes returned to the book I was holding.

That was close. Our eyes could’ve met.

Many women are sensitive to the gazes of strangers. Perhaps because many of them are interested in the who and what of a situation, there is a need to be on the alert.

Putting it the other way round, though, that means they are the types who easily flow along with the trends and atmosphere.

“What’s up?”

“Nah! It was nothing. Anyway, as I was saying–!”

With a spring in her step, Mai skipped as she returned to her original position.

While being sensitive to people’s gazes, perhaps Mai was not one of those who were swept up in other people’s pace, but the wise type who was capable of adjusting herself to other people.

Although it’s easy to be fooled by her bottomless energy, but she’s incredibly clever. This is probably a part of why there was no rumours of a boyfriend, as well as why her guard was tough.


To think that there’s nothing for me to do, such stupidity. I need to be more careful.

Motivating myself, I began to simulate about what will happen today.

Today’s target is the one and only Minami Mai.


Lunch break. After the vexing classes had ended, just as the students had finished eating their bentos and bread, that broadcast came.

[High School 2nd Year Class 4: Minami Mai-san. Please come to the staff room.]

“Ah, I’m heading off, ‘kay~.”


Without holding any doubts towards the announcement, Minami Mai left her group of female friends whom she always hung out with.

It’s likely that, in the spare time before lunch break, Kokoro indirectly prepared the announcement.

After lunch break, so as to attend a special lecture from noon onwards, the student Minami Mai negotiated with a teacher expressing the desire to live alone.

If they spent some time afterschool, students will general begin to think about quickly wanting to go home.

However, if it was at noon, furthermore if they were given the special privilege of being exempt from afternoon classes, it would instantly be like a reward for the students instead.

I don’t want to panic, nor stress over the subject of hypnosis as much as possible. Everything will begin after the first suggestion takes effect.


I silently stood up from my chair and grabbed my bag.

I had prepared myself for an early departure in advance. This will probably affect my attendance days, but if I were to skip classes at the same time as Mai with the same reason, I might be suspected in the distant future.

I have to avoid being discovered at all costs.

Even if I leave the classroom, there’s nothing to worry about. Maybe during class time, all that they’d think is that I left to go home early.


As if to kill time, I began to wonder about as I made my way towards the Counselling Room. Although I feel a bit impatient, there’s a possibility that I’ll catch up to her if I rush things.

After detouring, I selected a time when no one was around to head towards the Counselling Room. Once I passed through the nearby corridor, no one will be able to notice me.

I knocked before opening the door of the Counselling Room.


And then, as entering this place for the first time, I let loose a foolish grunt.

“What’s this?”

Mai also returned a similar response. Her hand which held a tea-cup stopped.

Kokoro was already seated on a chair as it appeared that her preparations were complete. Don’t look this way with that joyful expression. She’ll become suspicous.

“Um, this is the Counselling Room, right?”

“Yes, thank you for answering the call.”

“Eh, was Book called as well?”

Raising a distraught voice, Mai pointed at me.


With a troubled face, Kokoro also tilted her head in confusion.


“Ah, sorry! Um, since he’s always reading books in class, I sort of naturally began to call him Book.”


Cutely holding her straightened right hand before her, Mai assumed an “apology pose”. She gave off a devilish smile that seemed to make one forgive her for anything.

In any case, Book, huh.

I guess it would be like calling someone who was a regular buyer of fried chicken at convenience stores “Karaage”.

“Um, I came her because I was called by Sensei, but you said you wanted me to do something in the Counselling Room?”

“T-That’s right! My apologies, but since I was asked by someone to select two students, I just so happened to have chosen the both of you.”

Kokoro hurriedly proceeded to follow-up. Placing both hands together, she began to explain the circumstances of this meeting.

“Just to clarify, since I was told to pick one student of each gender, there’s no special reason that you were selected so please feel at ease. I’ve not only properly advised the higher-ups not to drop your grades, but I’ve even prepared some delicious snacks.”

“Score~! Official class skipping!”

Mai joyfully spread both of her arms. It’s likely that her interest had been shifted away from me.

During that time, I locked the Counselling room and stepped inside.


Just as we had previously arranged, I took off my shoes in this room. Although it’s so the floor is kept clean, this rule also holds other meanings.

“*Ahem*, well then, please sit down as well.”


Why is the spot next to Kokoro being offered? We’ll be suspected, you know. Well, it can’t be helped since both sofas are opposite each other.

Well, if I was next to Mai, she might go on the alert, so I guess it’s reasonable.

“So, so? What are we doing?”

“It’s just a little psychological survey of students. I don’t believe it will take much time, and I think you’ll be able to return before school ends. Um……please come closer. Ok. Please read this paper, ok?”

I received a piece of paper. I couldn’t see anything written on it.

“Since he will be following what is written on this paper, please do exactly as instructed, Mai-san. Because this activity holds its meaning from when a man and woman perform it.”

“‘Kay, ‘got it!”

Mai made a sloppy salute. That being said, her sweet smile was very adorable.

I wanted this bottomless brightness which resembled that of the sun.

And now, I can take it.

“Um, so I’ll be using this, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

I don’t know what is written here.

All I’m going to do is use hypnosis, just like when I used it on Kokoro.

“Um, Minami-san, please look at this.”

“Sure thing~”

With her large, round eyes, Mai innocently stared at the tip of the pen.

This time, so as to make it easier to hypnotise her, I crafted a special incense and drinks. Since the number of cups that I prepared earlier had been reduced, it’s likely that she drank it.

Signs of a change immediately appeared. Mai’s pupils, which were staring at the pen’s tip, began to blankly stare into empty air.


“Please look veeery closely……gradually, your eyelids are becoming heavy……”

And then, once confirming that she entered the depths of her heart, I proceed to the next stage.


“……ehh, ehh!”

Mai awakened once. Her reaction when being put under was worse than Kokoro’s.

This was a result of the wariness inside of Mai’s. You could also say that she held some suspicions towards me.

That does not mean, however, that I will run away after setting the stage for this hypnosis.

After waking her up once, I was able to lower her guard without doing anything, further placing her under my suggestion in that moment.

“Steadily……you can feel your consciousness falling deeper into your heart. See, ten steps ahead of you, you can see something very beautiful. That, there, is your happiness. Let’s walk there. 1……2……3……”

I applied a more intricate hypnosis. It doesn’t matter how doubtful she is.

This very space was prepared precisely for the purpose of hypnosis. The decorations, the incense, and even the drinks were all prepared in order to conquer Mai.

The instant Mai entered this room, she may as well have entered the mouth of a devil.

To greater happiness, I guide her towards a more comfortable space. It is normal for humans to not resist happy things.



“From here on, you will answer me with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Please tell me what has become of you. Do you understand?”

“……yes, what you say……I will repeat.”

“Right now, you have reached a very wonderful space. You are feeling happy now, yes?”

“Yes……wonderful space……I’m happy.”

“Do you want to stay in this place forever?”

“I want……to stay.”

“Then, from now on, when I say [Over there is fun] whilst you are normal, you will be able to enter this stay at any time. Only when I, and no one else, says these words, will you then be able to fall into this state. Since I found this space, without me as your guide, you will be unable to find it.”

“Yes……without…Book……I can’t find.”

“Also, you will not remember anything that happens in this wonderful space. However, everything that is said to you sleeps within the depths of your heart, and you will follow everything that you are told. In doing so, you will be able to submerge yourself in this space for even longer.”

“Yes……I will not remember……so I can stay longer……what I am told……I will do.”


I noticed that my own body was sweating due to my nerves.

Kokoro thoughtfully wiped the sweat off my forehead.

“Now then……let us feel your heart steadily sinking even deeper. When you have reached the very depths, please softly state your name. Also, remember that everything said here will be firmly rooted within your heart.”

“Yes……when I’m……in the depths of my heart, I will……my name……everything I’m told……I will remember.”

Just after saying this, Mai’s head drooped powerlessly. She’s probably heading to an even deeper depths in her heart.

Just to be sure, I’m going to completely struck a nail inside the confines of her heart.


Kokoro called out to me secretly. Well, since Mai would probably be unable to hear with that volume, it’s probably alright.


“As expected, she will also……um.”

As if disturbed by something, Kokoro began to fidget as she tried to disclose her anxiety.

Although there was some worries about the hypnosis failing, it would seem that this was not what bothered her.

“This is an order: speak up honestly.”

“Yes, um, are you going to do to Mai-san what you did to me……and make her your slave?”

“……nope, I won’t.”

Kokoro was overtly relieved. I see, so that’s what it was.

She was likely worried about whether or not her own position was endangered. It’s not like I can’t understand the sentiment.

Mai had yet to finish reaching the very depths of her heart.

I guess we should have a little chat.

“Don’t worry……Besides Kokoro, I have no intentions of making any other slaves.”


“With crimes, although the areas my hand can reach increase if I expand my organisation, there’s also a weakness that comes with it. That is, the possibility that I would no longer be able to manage everything completely.”

In the news, organised crime was always revealed by whistle-blowers. No matter how perfectly they perform, after 5 years, they simply collapse.

“I will only do things within the range of my capabilities. I don’t want world domination or other such things. If I can satisfy my desires and find out just how far my hypnosis can go, then that’s more than enough.”

“Slave……only me. Fufuh, only me.”

Kokoro was unexpectedly not listening to my story.

Due to the fact that she was the only one who had been bestowed this privilege, Kokoro felt so happy about being a unique existence to me that she almost couldn’t contain it, to the extent that she would likely start skipping if Mai wasn’t here.

Growing pissed off, I pulled on Kokoro’s nipples over her clothes.


“You didn’t scream. Good girl.”

As her face flourished with bright red, Kokoro desperately shut her mouth. Because I was lenient, she was able to bear it. Well, even if she did scream, it wouldn’t pose much of a problem.

“Generally, I don’t believe that this hypnosis is something exclusive to me. It was technology stored in a warehouse, you know. Perhaps I might meet someone in the political world or elsewhere who possesses a hypnosis just like……no, an even more refined hypnosis than me. In that event, it will be my ruin.”

“Nn!! I……I see.”

“The wisest method to absolutely not lose is to never rise onto the stage of battle.”

Although the possibility of it happening is low, it is not zero. As long as I use it to the extent that I won’t be discovered, then it should be fine.

I’m fine being a coward. Happiness is not necessarily at the summit.

“……Mina……mi Mai.”


Mai muttered her own name. That is the proof that the hypnosis was perfectly complete.

I pinched her cheeks so as to check whether or not she was just acting.

“S-So Master, what kind of hypnosis will she……?”

“A hypnosis that allows me to keep being ‘Book’.”


Kokoro tilted her head to the side. For now, I guess I’ll explain myself.

“I will make it so that Mai will absolutely not notice me hypnotising her. She will also not notice being violated by me. I won’t be a special existence like a friend or boyfriend. It is fine for me to simple be recognised as someone in her class who reads books. I will make Mai become a person who dedicates her entire body to a stranger such as I without her noticing.”

I will remain as Classmate No. 1: Book.

In this manner, I will make Minami Mai’s everything as my own.

I want to defile the entirety of Mai’s everyday life with my sexual desires without her even noticing it.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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