Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 04

Houjou Kokoro Time Stop-Arc

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As the light of the morning sun illuminated the bed top, I heard a voice which disturbed my slumber.


It was Kokoro. While she was sleeping, Kokoro took my penis in her mouth in an attempt to discharge my morning erection.


Whilst wearing but a single Y-Shirt over her skin, Kokoro was engrossed in the task of constantly sucking my penis. Although she, who exuded a sense of cleanliness, was so earnest, she ended up gluing herself close to my grotesque cock.


“What are you doing?”

Catching Kokoro by surprise, I pushed her face down whilst thrusting my waist forward.

Although Kokoro began to gag due to having my penis forced down her throat, I didn’t let go.

“What are you doing?”

“M-Master……goo’ ‘orning. Uh’, I……”

“It’s coming out.”

Without restraint, I discharged. Urine, I mean.

“Nn……nnnngh! *cough*!”

Kokoro immediately grew desperate in an effort to hold all of it in her mouth without spilling. Closing her eyes, she groaned as she appeared to swallow something.

“Wash your mouth, and don’t talk.”


Kokoro nodded before immediately heading towards the sink.

My lower half somehow calmed down. Generally, morning wood is something which goes away after waking up, though.

“I still can’t get used to this……”

Dazzled by the window in the bedroom, I closed the curtain. Since there was an apartment block near my house, it never got as bright as this.

I am currently in the apartment block where Kokoro lives in by herself.

Located on the 21st of 33 floors, it was a building so huge that it would make one believe that there a larger structure didn’t exist in the surrounding area. Room 22-2.

The apartment’s floor plan was so wide that it was hard to believe that only a single person lived there as, apart from the bedroom, there was also a Japanese-styled room.

The security was also perfect as the entrance was monitored by surveillance cameras, as well as 24 hour guards so as to detect any intruders. Kokoro not only gave me a key, but also introduced me, I was granted free passage.

“Although they say your home is your castle, this is already a castle.”

Since I enslaved Kokoro on everyone’s beloved Friday, I have been living in this complex ever since.

Having already decided to live here, I have prepared almost all of my luggage. Although my parents were fine since I had already hypnotised them, it’s necessary to also hypnotise Kokoro’s parents in case something happens.

I entered the living room, in which sat a dining table. Kokoro had yet to appear.

Not only was this room so wide that I judged one could live perfectly fine with this alone, but the window was also astonishingly large. I began to think about pointless things such as how difficult it would be to clean.

On top of the table, a breakfast of bacon and eggs had already been prepared. It’s probably something Kokoro made.

Kokoro returned from the washroom.

“Ah, Master, I will serve you now, ok?”

“It feels a little off since this is room is Japanese-styled, huh.”

Well, since having the food also being extravagant would be too much of burden, even though the room was so luxurious, this much should be fine.

“Let’s eat.”

“Yes, I will also start eating.”

The food made by Kokoro was delicious. Throughout the weekend, this fact was ingrained into my body. Although I felt as though we only spent our time having sex throughout these two days, to be able to prepare such delicacies during our breaks made me want to praise her.

I also remembered that I used hypnosis last night and overworked her, but to be active again even after that, she must have a considerable amount of stamina.

“……? Master, is something the matter?”


Noticing my gaze, Kokoro tilted her head to the side in confusion. I returned smile, somewhat pleased.

Her stamina was a given, but Kokoro’s head was better than my own. Upon spending time together, I realised thus.

It’s precisely because of this that I felt accomplished having gained control over her through hypnosis.

“……tomato, huh.”

“As I thought, was it not to your liking?”

On the table, there was a dish which could instantly be recognised as being made with tomatoes.

Although, as a slave, Kokoro is restricted to respecting her owner’s opinion as much as possible, that also means she possesses a certain amount of leeway. She does not merely obey by responding with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but is also capable of offering me her opinion.

This is so that Kokoro’s competency can help me. Even though I’m using hypnosis, there’s no guarantee that my future actions will be free of flaws. I am expecting for Kokoro to support me in such regards.

Perhaps this tomato is also something she chose in order to care for my health. Furthermore, the dish was probably devised in a way that concealed not just the shape, but the texture and bitterness as well. I guess she noticed that I hadn’t eaten any tomatoes during yesterday’s meal.

If I said I didn’t like it, Kokoro would never make this dish again. However, do I trample on her consideration?

I take a bite.

“How……is it?”

“Not bad.”

“Is that so! Thank you very much!”

Towards my half-hearted reaction, Kokoro returned an extremely ecstatic response.

If I were to show my approval even a little bit, Kokoro’s expression would brighten as if to say that this alone was pure bliss. Even though I placed restrictions on her that were close to that of a slave, the subtleties of her emotions were beyond my expectations.

For a support role, she was likely to be quite competent. But–



While eating breakfast, I stared at Kokoro’s body.

Kokoro is probably aware of my gaze. While her cheeks blushed hard, she behaved as she was oblivious. Though since her gaze was flickering towards me as if to confirming my response, her act was far from perfect.

Kokoro’s current attire was just a Y-Shirt over her underwear, an attire which was dubious even for night-clothes. Similar to the last two days, the underwear she wore was another item which appeared to be fashionable.

In other words, she was inviting me. Since the morning.

“……today, just as arranged, I’m going to hypnotise a student.”

“Yes, the arrangements have been prepared as per instructions. Please be at ease.”

Kokoro understood. The fact that, if I laid my hands on a student today, she would no longer be necessary for the day.

That’s why she gave the sleeping me a morning blow job, and tried to wear clothes as sexy as possible so as to entice me into proposing to have sex.

Of course, whether or not we’ll be doing it is all up to my own will.


Perhaps due to me reacting as she had expected, Kokoro stared at me with expectant, feverish eyes.

From a different perspective, this would be her expression of affection. I will also appreciate it with all my being.

However, personally, half of me felt irritated. It feels like I’m being lead around by the nose.

“Put your hands against the wall over there and show me your ass.”

“……-!? Y-Yes!!”

Placing my chopsticks down, I gave an order to Kokoro.

With sparkling eyes, Kokoro panickingly began to walk to a different desk with hasty feet.


Placing her hands against the wall, Kokoro set-up her body so that her hips were thrust out in my direction. As her Y-Shirt barely covered any of her lower body, both her legs and underwear were perfectly exposed from here. Since she was leaning forward, her belly was also peeking out.

However, I have yet to give any instructions as to what to do from here.

“What should I……um.”

“How do you want it? Go ahead and tell me.”

“That, um……from here on, I……my body has been aching so badly. Although it hasn’t even been a day since we’ve met, when I think about not being able to come into contact with Master’s body, it’s agonising.”


“I beg of you. I will also exert my utmost effort, so……please reward me! I want it! Please enter inside of me! Please violate me!”

Houjou Kokoro: I beg of you. I will also exert my utmost effort, so……please reward me!


Kokoro closed her eyes, and cried with all her beings.

Honestly speaking, I did not think she would go this far. Even though I used hypnosis to turn her into a slave, to be begged to this point was beyond my expectations.

I could not get rid of the evil smile forming on my mouth.

“Got it.”





I activated the suggestion which I placed on her yesterday.

Stop. A Time-Freeze Hypnosis.


As if turning of a switch, Kokoro became silent. With her ass sticking out towards me, her body did not move from her pose by even a single millimetre.

Intending to do a little experiment, I tried to perform Time-Freeze. Ultimately, I set the suggestion up without using it, but I forgot to remove it afterwards.

When I say Stop, Kokoro’s consciousness recognises that time has stopped. Since it was only recognise, her time was still moving steadily, and even her eyes continued to blink. Giving her the recognition that being in this state is comfortable, she will not move unless I give her an instruction to.

And now, what’s about to happen from here is the true value of Time-Freeze.

Her senses were also recognised as being stopped.

“……let’s do it.”

Removing my trousers, I showed my penis to Kokoro.

Remaining silent, Kokoro displayed absolutely no reaction. Naturally, in her head, time has stopped.

However, the sensations that her body received were properly recognised. Whilst in her time-frozen state. While frozen, there was no reaction.

“Yet, when she moves-“

In other words, the moment I cancel the Time-Freeze, it has been devised that all of the pleasurable sensations will surge throughout Kokoro’s body within an instant.

It’s the inverse version of the phenomenon in which the world slows just before humans meet their demise. It’s fine to think of it as Kokoro experiencing a world that is moving so slowly that she can’t follow what is happening. It was written in that Hypnotism Book, but a human’s brain, when tampered with directly, is capable of exceeding its limits.

I swallow my spit. Since I’m looking forward to seeing her reaction when she wakes up, it couldn’t be helped. It was feeling akin to that of a child knowingly opening a jack-in-the-box.

“First, I’ll enjoy myself.”

I took out my penis which became rock hard thanks to Kokoro’s temptation.

Firstly, I rubbed my member between Kokoro’s thighs. Although she made practically no reaction, similar to the likes of a doll, since this condition of hers was something brand new, it was stimulating.

“Originally, the plan was to use this on the girl I was going to hypnotise next, but……”

Upon removing the button on Kokoro’s Y-Shirt, her bra fell to the floor. I held up Kokoro’s breasts which seemed to spill from her body with both hands.

And then, without mercy, I squeezed them so tightly that it might leave marks. Although their elasticity would cause them to return to their original shape upon loosening my grip, the sensation of my actions would still remain in Kokoro’s body. With extraordinary diligence, I took the time to massage them thoroughly.

As she was touched by me, her pleasure and euphoria would increase. Surely, they will begin to accumulate in Kokoro’s body.


Pulling away once, I remove my penis which I was rubbing against her.

Because the real thing starts from now.

Placing my hand on the panties that Kokoro had yet to remove, I slowly pulled them downwards. Stripping her immobile body was also fresh and arousing.

From her pants, fluids were already dripping as it created a thread.

Since sensations during the Time-Freeze were not registered, that means-

“Don’t tell me she was like this before we started? She’s quite the pervert, huh.”

It would appear that Kokoro was constantly expecting something to happen.

It’s only a guess, but due to the recoil of being released from the shackles called ‘parents’ and ‘family’, her enthusiasm towards being my slave was further raised.

“It’s either that, or she was originally this kind of girl.”

I can’t forsake the possibility that her frustration diverged into sexual desire.

Since there was no need for preparations, I spread Kokoro’s wet pussy wide open with one hand.

“Whatever the case, it’s a good thing.”


My penis entered. Naturally, Kokoro returned no reaction.

As if I was using a sex sleeve, I wildly violated Kokoro’s chest and vagina.

During the absence of panting, the sounds of skin smacking against skin echoed, as I violated a completely non-resistant Kokoro for the first time.

Without the need for concern, I ravaged her completely at my own pace.

Since I was still pent-up due to my earlier patience, the limit soon came.


Thrusting harder than usual on my last piston, I pushed my penis deeper as if to scoop out the deepest part of her vagina.

With a *twitch*, Kokoro’s body trembled in accordance with my ejaculation. Not because she was feeling it, but because it was synchronised with my movements, Kokoro’s slight spasms made me feel expectation towards her future reactions.


Pulling out my spent penis, I smeared it against the underwear Kokoro just put on today.

“You better wash that.”

Even though I was already satisfied, this was far from over.

“I’m pretty sure I left it around here……found it.”

I took out an object which I had brought from home, a toy which possessed a battery, pink cable, and a sphere at its tip.

Yes, it was a Pink Rotor. I had properly selected one which was perfectly waterproof. My reasons for purchasing one are a company secret.

After switching it on and confirming that it started up properly-

“I’m putting it in.”


Inside of Kokoro’s vagina, who was still frozen in time, I inserted it.

Placing the switch on Kokoro’s immobile back, I turned the vibration to its strong setting and left it active.

A stupid *bzzzz* sound could be heard coming from Kokoro vagina.

Just inside her vagina, there should still be some semen left. It should stir it up nicely.

“Now then, let’s resume breakfast.”

Leaving Kokoro in that state, I returned to my breakfast.

I then brushed my teeth and washed my face before taking my time to properly wear the uniform which I had brought with me.

“Kokoro, don’t tell me you woke me up early so that we could do it……”

Since I still had a lot of time left over to get to school even after preparing myself so thoroughly, I groped Kokoro’s chest and twisted the tips with my fingers.

There’s still plenty of time. However, this is the first time I’ve commuted to school from here. Even though it’s close, I guess I should leave early.

Since no outsiders can get past the mansion’s entrance, and it seemed like there was no one from my school around these parts, so long as I don’t travel to school with Kokoro, there’s no chance that someone will find out about us.

Since Kokoro is a Counsellor, it is not necessary for her to arrive at school on time, though.

“I guess now is about time to forgive her.”

Having already taken my bag, I firmly held the entrance key in my hand.

All that’s left is to release Kokoro’s Time-Freeze. This is exciting.

“Kokoro…….Time-Freeze, release.”

“…………eh? Ah……Aarghaaaaaaah!! Hya, haa, aahaah!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

Upon being released from her frozen time, Kokoro’s expression turned blank as she had no idea what had happened.

However, immediately afterwards, surging like a storm, the pleasure accumulated within her body began to bare its fangs. As her back bended backwards, her body produced countless orgasmic spasms. Within an interval of a few seconds, an enormous wave flowed through Kokoro’s body.

It was as if she had received an electric shock.

“Ah, hii……hyea……”

As Kokoro’s hands, which were placed against the wall, loosened, her body collapsed face-down as it continued to climax with a *twitch*.

Due to the recoil of falling, the Pink Rotor slipped out of her drenched snatch.

“Well then, I’m heading off.”

Killing the rotor’s switch, I informed Kokoro of my departure.


I don’t even know if Kokoro responded, but she’ll probably be ok. I had sex with her just as she wanted, after all.

And just like that, I left the apartment room before closing and locking the door.


During noon of the very same day, I received a text from Kokoro.

[Subject: Preparations are complete (╹◡╹)ノ

Master! Thank you very much for this morning!

For always caring about me like this, I am as happy as can be! However, I was unable to give you my gratitude, and I give you my most humblest of apologies.

Although I am still inexperienced, please take care of me from now on! m(_ _ )m

Just as we had arranged, it looks likes she will somehow be receiving guidance after school! (╹◡╹)>

I am looking forward to seeing Master again at that time!]

“……she’s hopeless.”

Kokoro might be an even stronger girl than I had expected.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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