Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 03

Houjou Kokoro Lewd Enslavement-Arc

“Ok, this should be it.”

Having generally completed the hypnotic suggestions, I released a sigh.

Even though there were plenty of complicated instructions, she properly ruminated over and understood each and every one of them.

“Kokoro is really excellent.”


“Well then, after this, when I clap my hands, you will wake up. You remember my instructions, yes?”

“Yes……I remember.”

Because Kokoro had maintained her empty expression for a long time, she was beginning to drool.

I wiped away her saliva with my fingers. There was no reaction.

What I’m about to do now is take over this counselling room.

Supposing that I used hypnosis to make her think this room is mine, it’s likely that Kokoro would immediately acknowledge it. However, that’s simply no fun.

I want a more secure stronghold for myself.

Even with the suggestions, I actually don’t know the full extent of its capabilities. It’s common sense to prepare some safety measures in order to deal with possible consequences.

That’s why, instead of forcibly distorting her personality against her will, I will guide Kokoro using hypnosis and change her will.


As I clapped, Kokoro’s conscience was released from her trance.

With a snap, Kokoro woke up. She had moved so that her clothes were arranged in a relatively presentable manner. Relatively presentable.


Kokoro’s memories after her climax were most likely vague. She was slightly befuddled.

However, this series of actions were not registered in her mind. From Kokoro’s point of view, it was probable that, midway through our conversation, she became aware of an abrupt throbbing in her body.

“Is something wrong?”

“Ah, no! It’s nothing!”

Kokoro suddenly grew ashamed. She began to avoid the topic in a manner that would make it difficult for me to catch on. She probably thinks that she hasn’t been discovered yet.

“P-Pardon me. I-It’s a little hot, isn’t it?”

Although she was changing the subject, she could not hide her anxiety.

With those unsteady movements, Kokoro raised her teacup.

This is it!


I deliberately let my hand slip and touched Kokoro’s hand.

For a single moment, Kokoro flinched. And then, without understanding what had happened……



Raising a groan, she collapsed onto the sofa.

The first suggestion that I recited, ‘when touched, you will feel good’ was still in effect.

Since Kokoro’s body reached a climax at 3, I wonder how much pleasure she would receive at 4?

Even though the first wave had passed, upon declaring a number that corresponded to a higher state, she was instantly sent into heat.


Kokoro collapsed onto the floor. Her cheeks flushed, her legs closed, and both of her thighs began to rub against each other.

The floor of this class room was carpeted, and was the perfect picture of cleanliness. Well, with the exception of everywhere my indoor shoes stepped on.

“Are you ok!? Houjou-san!”

“No, I’m o……kyaaaa-!!”

Feigning ignorance, I approached Kokoro. Then, I shook her shoulders. It was completely different from when I had brushed her just moments ago.

Kokoro honestly displayed a reaction, as her sleeping body arched backwards. It seems like she reached it.


Even so, Kokoro could not restrain the throbbing. Well, that’s likely because I continued to hold her.

“I’m s-sor-ry, it’s a, little hot……”

She’s probably trying to conceal it, but even if it wasn’t me, one could plainly see what she was doing.

She probably couldn’t think of an explanation. She began panting, and her hair grew disordered by sweat.

I direct my eyes towards Kokoro’s feet. I could hear the sound of her tights chafing as her thighs constantly kept moving. Even though she was desperately suppressing her movements, it was way too obvious.

I imposed ‘the restriction that she must not touch her lower body with her hands’ upon Kokoro.

Even though a stranger is right in front of her, it’d probably be irritating for her to be unable to touch herself. The unpleasantness caused by being unable to scratch her itch would gradually become unbearable.

“Aaah-, again! Why……aaah-!?”

Without any regard for myself, Kokoro began to taste the pleasure rising from within her.

She’s almost reached the point where she has lost all reason.

From here on will be my turn.


Kokoro raised a dubious voice. And then, raising her neck alone from the floor, she stared at her lower body.


Just as Kokoro was on the verge of climax, her body’s urges subsided.

By my suggestions, upon cumming once, she was unable to reach climax by her own power.

“Why, why!?”

Frustrated by her body’s inability to cum as she wanted, Kokoro repeatedly raised her voice. Becoming desperate, she grinded her crotch against her thighs in an attempt to release herself from this wave.

However, due to the suggestion’s effects, that will never happen.

“A-Are you ok?”


It was in that moment when I raised a voice of concern.

It’s likely that Kokoro completely forgot about my presence. Upon remembering, she realised all of the things that she had done.

As her complexion paled, Kokoro’s expression clouded as if she was just dropped from a cliff.

Well, if you think about it rationally, her life would be over after showing such a state to her students.

“I-I’m o……kaiy.”

“Are you sure? I mean, earlier, your feet-”

“No, it’s no-……–!? Aaaaahh-!”

Kokoro’s body was paralysed by a second climax. No, perhaps it the third or the fourth time were chained in succession.

‘You are unable to achieve climax by your own power.’

However, since I was currently stroking her thighs and touching her waist, she was able to go over the edge.


Kokoro was immersed in the lingering sensation of finally being released.


“Ii……aaah-!! AaAh……”

However, the reverberations soon faded from her body before it was pushed onto an even bigger wave.

Of course, her body was incapable of doing anything.


Crawling on all fours, Kokoro drew ever closer to me.

Perhaps, the numbness induced by her throbbing immobilised her lower body.

And as for why she approached me-

“C-Can you touch me?”

-it most likely meant that she could no longer endure the ache in her body.

On top of that, she understood that, by my touch, she was able to clear it.

From here, I dropped the mask that I wore and distort my expression.

“Did something happen?”

“My body is—stra–nge……even after rubbing-”

“Are you, perhaps, sexually aroused?”

I got straight to the topic.

After Kokoro flinched at my words, she frowned before averting her gaze.

As one would expect from her, she was able to understand the source of her current throbbing.

Also, ever since I had entered this room, I did not display any strange behaviour. If anything, it was just when I had touched her.

“You know, even though seriously I came here in order to have a consultation about my concerns, Houjou-san was actually thinking about such things?”

“Y-You’re mistak—–aaaahh!!”

She somehow tried to defend herself, but of course, it was just not possible. After having come this far, it was impossible to justify her actions.

Furthermore, I dealt the finishing blow.

“I always thought it was strange……I mean, even your bra has been visible since a while ago.”


As soon as she was told such, Kokoro immediately looked at her own chest.

Because I had ripped it off earlier, Kokoro’s Y-Shirt was missing some buttons. As a result, the middle portion of her black bra peeked out. Rather, since she was wearing black underwear on this occasion, her bra was completely exposed as it could be seen through her Y-Shirt once she took off her jacket.


“Furthermore……I saw it a little while ago.”

Placing my hand onto her skirt, I flipped it over.

“Kya!? What are you—-”

“See, you aren’t wearing any underwear.”

Underneath the skirt that I had just flipped, not only was she not wearing underwear, but it was confirmed that her pussy was in a bare and exposed state.

“N-No way-!?”

“I’m dissappointed……even though a person finally came her to consult about their problems, to be like this-”

“You’re mistaken! This must be some kind of misundersta–kyaaaaaah-!?”

Disregarding her, I pressed my finger against Kokoro’s genitals.

Kokoro climaxed once more. Drool flowed from her mouth, and her body convulsed with a *twitch*.


And then, her sensitivity and pleasure was further raised.

“Hah, hah……!!?”

Kokoro’s violent throbs could no longer be contained. Since it looked like it would place a burden on her body if it lasted for a long time, I removed my hands.

“A mistake, you say? Then what is this?”


“I don’t believe I am mistaken. You’re terrible. You are a pervert who ridicules other people’s suffering, and even gets off on it to the point where your body is drenched.”


Kokoro’s ‘arousal switch’ was originally the flashbacks of when she consoled herself. Besides that, all I’m doing is just overlapping it with my touch.

However, these two events will become even more interrelated. And just like that, the fact that my existence will lead to sexual desire becomes etched into her being.

She, who was forcibly being blamed by me, had been cornered due to the hypnosis.

Rather, seeing as she had no memory of the incident, she could not make any excuse regarding her own foolishness, now unable to even make a retort.


However, Kokoro is still enduring.

Earlier, “please touch me” were the only words she said. She is trying to justify herself by somehow coming up with a reasonable rationale.

From where I stand, it is impossible for her to escape, though.

“Somehow, something stran……kuuhh-!?”

As Kokoro was still under the restriction of not touching her lower body, she was unable to return her flipped up skirt back to normal. Being incapable of moving in a satisfactory manner, her pussy remained in a completely exposed state as she began to grind her groins. Since she was desperately trying to defend herself while in such a state, it was quite a shameless sight to behold.

“……haah, aaahh!! Again-!!”

And then, as she wasn’t touched by me, she ultimately couldn’t return to how she was before. Once again, the frustration of her body being unable to achieve climax remained. Furthermore, her sensitivity had been increased.

“Haa……I’m going home.”


Kokoro became desperate as she stopped me.

Well, no matter how one looked at it, letting me leave now wasn’t a good idea. Even though she was in that kind of state, she was able to understand this. The strength of her psyche was quite strong, and could also be described as somewhat composed.

If I were to leave, she, who would become alone and paralysed, would have no choice but to remain in this state until someone discovered her. Even through it would be pleasurable, it would eventually become torture once a certain threshold was exceeded.

And, even if she was saved without her mind collapsing, she could not avoid it becoming a big deal if an ambulance was called.

However, if I save Kokoro here now without saying anything, even if she doesn’t come out unscathed, she would still be able to manage things somehow.

“Will I be able to go home after someone comes by tomorrow? Or do I have to wait until security arrives? Am I just a convenient tool to relieve your sexual desires?”

“N-No, thaaaah-!?!”

“Furthermore, if I touch you, is something going to happen? Just a while ago, I touched you, you know?”

Even though I touched her, she couldn’t hold back her lust.

Therefore, it would be unthinkable for her to not predict what comes after that.

In other words, if she doesn’t have sex, Kokoro will be unable to escape this situation.

She should be craving for sex.

Even I, due to admiring Kokoro’s indulgence, am desperately trying to hide the erection in my lower body. If I had not fired off a round earlier, it probably would’ve been really bad.


Even though she is in this situation, it would seem that Kokoro still possesses a shred of reason. She still understands that sex would be crossing the line.

However, when she actually crosses said line, the significance of her actions becomes so big, that it becomes a weakness.

Even though Kokoro maintains her reason, I know that she is unable to keep her calm. That’s why I forcibly pushed her down when she was not in a trance.

“That’s no good. Even if you’re a teacher in training, if someone with a sacred profession was to have sex with a student…it would simply be a disaster.”

“Aaah, haa-!! B-but even so-aah……!!”

“In that case, so long as you’re not such a person, then it’s fine. If you’d like, would you become my slave?”

Such reasoning was complete whack. Rather, it wouldn’t be strange if one called it a threat.

However, to Kokoro, this should be her salvation.

Somehow or another, Kokoro was dreaming to become a Counsellor, an occupation which serves people. If, she were to engage in sex right now, it would result in being an act which denies her self which desires to help others.

If she were a slave, however, even if she lost her rights to be treated like a person, she would be able to accomplish her sacred duty. After all, it is only natural to submit one’s body to their master.


“That’s right, a slave.”

And then, in Kokoro’s head, I began to implant the image of a slave which is convenient for me.

You mustn’t do something which inconveniences the master. The master’s pleasure is a slave’s greatest joy. Along with these, I also established several other restrictions which will make things convenient for me.

If she were to resign herself into slavery, Kokoro would have no choice but to be compelled to accept these constraints.

However, the one who decides such will ultimately be Kokoro herself.

The stage had been set up until this point. In order to make Kokoro become a slave by her own will, and not by hypnosis.


“……is it no good?”

Kokoro was conflicted. Since it seemed as if she was telling herself that she absolutely mustn’t fall to such an extent, I decided to pluck the fruit once.

Perhaps with this, the idea that trying to endure in this state is unreasonable would begin to surface a little in Kokoro’s mind.

“Now then.”


“This is the finale!”

As if to smash her resolution, I thrust my fingers into Kokoro’s vagina.

It’s likely that Kokoro had no idea what happened in that instant. However, as soon as she recognised what happened, her entire body shuddered.

“Kya……hah, aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! Haah, hah……”

The sensations of a large orgasm and release filled Kokoro’s interior. And, if my hypnosis is effective, a sense of happiness should also be present.

To abandon this and continue to suffer this seemingly never-ending torture, or to not.


“Is something wrong?”

“Become……a slave-……haah, I will!”

“Please speak clearly.”

“I will become your slave!”


Although it was a fixed race, in the face of this declaration, I could not hide my smile.

“I understand. No, I got it.”

“Haah, hah……eh?”

“Kokoro, after today, you are my slave.”

“……y-yes, that’s why-”

“That’s why I’m sticking it in.”

We can’t end this with just touching. My penis has already reached its limit. Removing my trousers, I promptly pressed my member against Kokoro’s vagina.

“P-Please wai——aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Hyah, aaah!!”

Without warning, I entered.

Her vagina was already soaked with her love juices, to the point where the smell of my sperm which I previously spewed had already dispersed.

“7, 8!”


In addition, I made Kokoro climb higher on the staircase of pleasure by two steps in one go.

Upon being assaulted by such pleasure all at once, it appeared that Kokoro was unable to take it all in. After raising a sensual moan, she fainted.

That’s why I pistoned once and forcefully woke her up.

“Ha, aah, haah, hyaan, sto-, slowaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!”

Kokoro’s body was wracked with neverending convulsions. With each piston, the cycle of cumming, fainting, and awakening was repeated a countless number of times.

As expected, the burden might be overloading her.

“Let’s finish, as soon as possible. 9!”


However, I will not stay my hand. Otherwise, I will end up losing control.

Perhaps it was an influence of her extremely aroused body, but the walls of Kokoro’s vagina seemed to undulate as they attacked my penis. As if trying to wring me dry, it consumed my member without ever letting go.

The burden that her body shouldered may have contrarily forced her to rely on her survival instincts. If so, then, currently, pleasure of a level beyond her expectations was currently coursing through her body.

Since I’ll be troubled if she suffers a heart attack, let’s end this.

“Here we go! 10!”

Drawing my waist back with large movements, I then thrust my penis as if to penetrate Kokoro’s uterus and ejaculated.

The liberated sperm began to rampage inside her vagina.


After raising a scream that could break her throat, Kokoro collapsed and fainted. Even though she had been released from the pleasure after reaching 10, now, she was finally able to rest.

Kokoro’s heart was making a *thump* *thump* sound, and both of her legs began twitching. Drool and tears ran across her greasy face, though the worst place was definitely her pussy.

Pulling out my penis, I watched as semen overflowed with a *glug*.

Upon half-playfully pushing Kokoro’s belly, various amounts of fluids mixed together overflowed from her pussy with a *gurgle* sound.

“Oi, oi, what are you doing?”


While unconscious, Kokoro began to piss herself. It was likely that, after being released from everything, she was completely drained. A foolish, trickling sound echoed within the room.

I wiped my penis, which had become covered with filthy liquid, on Kokoro’s cheek.

“C’mon, wake up.”

If I were to wait for her, the sun would set. I shook Kokoro, who had fallen at my feet, by the shoulders.


Her eyelids repeatedly trembled as if trying to wake up. Well, since she had only fainted temporarily, it’s likely that she’s not in a very deep sleep.

From her flesh, which was tensed only moments ago, strength gradually left. Her entire frame which was convulsing began to slowly roll over so that she was lying on her face.

Although her movements were relaxed, the lines of Kokoro’s body were highly emphasised. Due to her semi-naked body moving, her already dishevelled clothes were disordered even further, resulting in them slipping off.


And then, Kokoro, who was now in her birthday suit, slowly raised her torso from the floor.


Kokoro, who had yet to fully awaken, caught me in her eyes.

For some reason, Kokoro’s slowly opened pupils did not escape from my figure, and instead looked at me with an envious glance.

As if she were a newborn chick who had found her parent, Kokoro drew closer to me.


Perhaps it was because her hips were in pain due to the after effects of sex, but upon seeing Kokoro attempting to reach me by crawling on the floor, I was deeply moved.

Facing her, I waited for Kokoro to reach me.

“Lick it.”

And then, I, who was still not wearing pants, presented my bare foot in front of Kokoro.

Although Kokoro initially had to think about the meaning behind my request, she soon comprehended it, and started to lick my foot with her tongue.


There’s no doubt that Kokoro thinks of this act as a noble contract. Without even trying to hide her joy, she continued to move her tongue whilst in a daze.

Towards this series of actions, I was truly moved.

“What are you?”


I began to pull and stretch the naked Kokoro’s nipples. Without caring to adjust the force, I pulled violently.

Responding to the pain, Kokoro rolled her body towards me. Since she couldn’t lift her waist, she uncertainly kneeled on one leg. To her, this pain might actually be blissful.

She chose to be a slave.

I made her accept a clause which one would usually not recognise: the word ‘slave’. It was something which was not easily approved of as it was a blatant disregard for human rights.

However, due to hypnosis, Kokoro recognised such a thing without error, and accepted it with a clear mind. Furthermore, even whilst fully aware that she could not go back, she made this choice.

It was not her parents, nor her family, but she herself who made the decision to throw everything away.

No matter how distorted it may be, to Kokoro, this would become something for her to be proud of. In the depths of her psyche, Kokoro was trying to find something within herself that was solely her own.

“Clean it.”


Kokoro began to lick my penis which I had stuck out. With a loving expression, she stuffed her mouth.

That’s why I once again pinched and pulled up her breasts. If we go any further than this, it’s likely that I’ll get erect again.

“That’s enough, there’s still a lot that needs to be done. You better work well from now on. To Kokoro, living for me is your happiness, right?”

“Y-Yes! If it’s for master, then-”

“For the time being, we can’t talk like this. We better clean up for today……”

I surveyed the slightly messy Counselling Room.

Torn and ripped clothes were scattered, and the odour of fluids released by the union of a man and woman were ingrained in the room.

“Come to think of it, what should we do about clothes……I’m pretty sure I have a jersey in my bag.”

Since she probably doesn’t have a change of clothes, I guess let’s lend her mine.


Somewhat embarrassed and fidgeting, Kokoro called out to me. Although her cheeks were flushed and her gaze was averted, she has already been naked for quite a while.

This is just a guess, but it seems like she’s trying to suggest something that’s difficult to say.

“What? If it’s about cleaning up, I’ll also help.”

“Ah, no! I wouldn’t dare make master do such a thing! I’ll do everything! Please let me take care of it!”

“Well, then what is it?”

“Well……after I’ve finished cleaning everything up……if, if you are free, then……my house.”

After saying that, Kokoro strongly closed her eyes as her body shrunk.

“House? Aren’t your overprotective parents living there?”

“I wanted to be independent……so I unreasonably asked them to let me live by myself.”


In other words, Kokoro is inviting me to her house.

She feels that such a thing is embarrassing. In the face of this gap between the Kokoro who was so corrupted up until now, I felt my mouth grow slack.

“Ah……um, Master……my apologies. It was my mista—-”


Whatever the case, it’s convenient for me.

Apart from this Counselling room, there might be another location which could become my base.

As if genuinely pleased by my reply, Kokoro’s expression immediately brightened as she had a face full of smiles.

If you’re going to eat poison, then you may as well eat the plate. In which case, let’s take Kokoro’s everything and make it mine.

In a single day, everything changed as Kokoro was reborn.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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