Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 02

Houjou Kokoro Lost Consciousness-Arc

Kokoro, the beauty in the counseling room, fell into a hypnotic state. She was powerlessly sitting on the sofa.

Flowing long hair. A helpless sigh leaked from her Sakura-pink lips, as her wide pupils gazed into the void. Her suit with minimal-exposure now appeared salacious.


Having fallen into a trance, her subconscious was incapable of failing to hear my words, much less deny them.

Just like how looking to the right once told to pay attention to the right is simply human instinct, to the current Kokoro, my whispered words are her everything.

“……first of all-“

I drew even closer to Kokoro. This is probably the first time for me to be glued to an unacquainted woman.

I caressed her black tights. Although it had a rough texture, the sensation of her springy thighs could be properly transmitted to my hand through the thin sheet of fabric.

“It’s hot today, isn’t it? Please remove your coat.”


Even though it’s early spring, today is fairly hot. That being said, there was no need to remove any clothes.

No matter how farfetched, if one provides reason with the instructions, it makes it even easier for the hypnosis to take effect. It’s probably a matter of the level of acceptance.

Kokoro took off her suit’s black jacket with slow movements. Naturally, she would not become naked just with that, but since Kokoro herself was removing her own clothes, it closely resembled a strip show.

When she was left with a simple white Y-shirt, the shape of her breasts, which were larger than I thought, firmly surfaced. It was to the point where I could probably see her underwear if I strained my eyes.

Without removing her from this state, I mercilessly clutched Kokoro’s left breast with my right hand.

“It’s soft.”

The first boob I touched was soft. It was like thrusting my hand into unbreakable jelly. When I squeezed strongly, only my fingers dug into her chest.

Currently, Kokoro remained empty-eyed as she displayed no reaction.


“As expected. When there’s no reaction, it’s kind of boring, huh.”

Although I groped her with lust, since this is my first time, I should be enjoying it more.

As I was wondering what to do, I opened my mouth.

“……masturbation. In other words, have you ever consoled yourself before?”


“Well then, please remember it. It’s fine if you do it at your own pace. Remember the pleasant sensations during that time, slowly.”


A reaction soon came. Kokoro’s cheeks were tinged with red as she grew slightly feverish.

With her in this state, I once again touched her chest. First, I gently squeezed and stroked them. Then, I firmly shook them.

By my touch, Kokoro’s senses and her flashback of that time combined together, further inducing her into recalling memories of pleasure.

And the feelings that she drew out from her memories began to synchronise with the pleasure her body directly felt.

“Does it, feel good?”


“The more you are touched by these hands, you will be able to remember this pleasant feeling.”

From there, I touched her in other places besides her chest. The areas around her thighs, neck, and upper arms were caressed all over.

In response, Kokoro began to show reactions, even when I touched against areas other than her chest. It is becoming exactly as I had said.

“Little by little, the pleasure is gradually increasing. Your pleasure now is 1……double that is 2……as the number grows, it will steadily feel even better.”

As she remembers, my caress will further stain her body with pleasure. And upon saving that memory, I will touch her again. Just like simple addition, pleasure will accumulate in her body.

When humans believe in something, it will come true. It is like a Placebo that is applied directly to the brain.




With her mouth opened wide, Kokoro raised her chin. As strength entered her shoulder, her entire body convulsed unnaturally.

After this condition continued for a while, the tension in her shoulders was drained away. Her entire being relaxed, and saliva loosely dribbled from her mouth.

Perhaps, is this what they consider a climax? This is my first time seeing it.


Kokoro leaked out a sigh of longing.

I have yet to release her from the ecstasy caused by the hypnosis. In other words, even after she came, pleasure is perpetually being added.

I slowly placed my hand in Kokoro’s skirt.

As my finger tips experienced a sensation which I’ve never felt before, I touched something damp.

It was just as I suspected.

“I did it……”

Since I’ve come this far, all I need to do is keep advancing.

I couldn’t contain my excitement. The sense of fulfilment I had of dominating this woman soon changed into a desire to violate her.

What I should do from now on has already been decided.

“From now on, no matter what I do, you will not notice. You must remain unaware of what I am doing. It is fine to continue conversing with me, but no matter what happens, you will not acknowledge my actions.”


“From here on, you will be released from this wonderful state. However, you will absolutely obey all of the orders that I’ve made up until this point. If you don’t, it is probable that you will be unable to enter this pleasant state next time. Therefore, please obey.”


“Also, when your consciousness returns, I will talk to you. You were trying to give me counselling, correct?”


“It is important for each party to trust each other when conducting counselling. Therefore, Houjou-san, please tell me all about yourself. No matter how hateful or shameful, it is a necessity to do so.”


I have no intention of altering her personality and having sex.

Leaving her elegant character as, I decided it would be best to return her consciousness and break her from there. I want to fuck Kokoro just as she is.

On top of understanding all of Kokoro, I want to deprive her of everything.

It might be a distorted disposition of mine, but being able to apply my preferences unto others is the true charm of hypnosis.

“Well then, your consciousness is steadily returning……you are submerged deep, deep underwater, but ever so slowly, your body rises……see, you are already at the water’s surface…………now!”

I return to my original position as I patiently repeat my words.

And then, to finish of, I clap my hands with a *snap*.

Upon hearing this sound, Kokoro’s eyes woke up with a start. It’s likely that she doesn’t remember what just happened. Because of her discomfort, she tilted her head to the side.

“Is something wrong? We’re going to start the counselling, right?”

“Eh……yes! That’s right, let’s begin the counselling session. You placed your trust in me, so I have to do my best to answer that trust.”

However, at my words, Kokoro’s focus was directed towards a different topic. Because what she needs to do has already been decided, Kokoro began to feel a strong will to fulfil it.

“Um, first, I should talk about myself, right?”

“Yes. Because I am interested in what kind of person Houjou-san is.”

“But, what kind of story should I talk about?”

Furrowing her brow, Kokoro began to wonder what she should do.

I gradually moved forward, and placed my fingers against Kokoro’s forehead. I was testing to see if she would notice me.

“Well then, would it be ok if you told me why you started to perform counselling at this school?”

“Yes, that’s no problem at all.”

Even though I’ve gotten so close, and even started touching her, she showed no reaction whatsoever.

This is my chance!

No longer able to restrain myself, I forcefully spread apart Kokoro’s closed thighs.

“When I was aiming to become a Counsellor, I originally–”

The shorts hiding beneath her black tights were reflected in my eyes. Perhaps due to the fact that they were spread so vigorously, but Kokoro’s legs began to straddle the sofa, and her skirt was stretched to the sides so far that it looked like it would break.

I placed my hand in the part of her hips where her crotch seemed to be, and forcibly tore her pantyhose.

“However, as I was still in-training, I have yet to graduate from school. I have finished all of my units, though.”

“Then, did you come to this school to study while searching for employment?”

“……yes, it’s a little difficult to say, but since the principal is my cousin’s aunt.”

And then, finally, I was able to see Kokoro’s panties.

Her pitch black underwear was darker than her tights, and it could be seen that they were slightly damp from her earlier climax.

I placed my hand on the panties over her groin and pulled tightly. Even though it looked high-class, I payed it no mind.

“Then, putting it bluntly……you were employed via connections?”

“Yes, that is correct. Originally, my path after graduation had not been particularly established, and I was told that I could go anywhere so long as it was a facility belonging to the Houjou family.”

“Um, were you a part of a distinguished family?”

“Ah, no, nothing as exaggerated as that. It’s just that the relationships within the family could be described as strong……”

Kokoro made a slightly depressed expression. Naturally, she did not notice that I had raised both of her legs, nor that I had removed her underwear.

I raised Kokoro’s right leg up even further as I opened her crotch.

Then, for the first time, Kokoro’s female genitals were exposed before my very eyes.

“Was it shaved……”

“Is something the matter?”

“Ah, no, please continue.”


I touch Kokoro’s vagina. It’s a little squishy, and really soft.

A little bit of blood began to rush towards Kokoro’s cheeks. Even though she remains unaware, the effects of the hypnosis perpetuates.

In other words, the suggestion of remembering the pleasure from masturbation whenever she is touched by me is still in effect. Although she was distracted from the sensations while talking, it’s likely that they finally entered her conscience due to the current pause.

There’s no doubt that she’s become aware of her own physiological circumstances.


“Please tell me. What do you think about those familial relationships?”

“……I feel as though they are being overly protective. Nn……furthermore, since my current position was not obtained by my own ability, I am a little dissatisfied.”

I take off my trousers. I also removed my trunks, and exposed my penis to the air.

Then I further closed the distance between Kokoro and myself. I placed my penis against Kokoro’s pussy.

“Perhaps because of that, even though I received a private classroom, the people who know this facility exists are few……what I want is for more……aaah!”

Pushing my penis against Kokoro’s genitals, I inserted my member. Forcefully opening the completely sealed vagina, as if to expand it, I entered.

Kokoro’s scream was probably a result of both pain and a reaction from her sensitive vagina. Since she is etched with the sensations from her masturbation, her sensitivity should be raised accordingly.

The only thing I was surprised about was the trickle of blood that flowed from her genitalia.

It signified that she was truly a genuine, sheltered girl. Even though she is so beautiful, to think that she was a virgin.

Unable to contain my ever-increasing excitement, I violently moved my body.


“Is something, the matter?”

“N-No, it’s nothing……nn!! Nngh!!”

As if she were trembling, Kokoro shut her mouth as she tried to endure her body’s throbbing.

It was pointless.

I violently ripped off the button on Kokoro’s Y-Shirt, thrust my hand into the revealed bra, and forcefully began to grope Kokoro’s breasts directly.

Swinging my hips, I felt all of my blood gathering towards my lower body.

“Therefore-……if possibllllle-……this pl-ace!”

Even so, Kokoro became desperate as she tried to continue her conversation. That gap further invites my arousal whilst simultaneously removing any semblance of my modesty.

No matter how much one shuts it inside a box, or no matter how carefully it is raised, there is always a chance that man will discover such a treasure. Well, in this case, the probability of discovery is worse than being struck by lightning.

Whatever the case, I really need to give my thanks to Kokoro’s family. Because of them, I was able to have such a pure individual as my first partner.

“You have really good parents. I really respect them.”

“But-……if they could trusht me a-aaah, ah!!”

While it was hardly a conversation, Kokoro desperately to act as usual.

Upon seeing Kokoro in such a state, I ruthlessly pistoned her repeatedly.

And then, I finally reached my limit. Caring not to endure the urge to ejaculate welling up within me, I plunged deeply inside of Kokoro’s vagina.

“It would be nice if you were trusted.”


Even though I offered words of flattery, Kokoro did not show any reaction.

Kokoro was at peace. In the face of my movements which had finally stopped, as well as the foreign sensation of my syrupy sperm entering her body, she’s probably tasting a sensation that she was unable to comprehend.

I remove my inserted penis from Kokoro’s vagina. The sperm stuck to my penis was rubbed off against Kokoro’s thighs.

From her vagina to her thighs, and even to my penis, a thread made of sperm and sexual fluids intermingling stretched, releasing a particularly foul odour within the confines of this room.


Kokoro, who was lying lifelessly, suddenly noticed her jacket hung on the wall.

“I……when did I take off my jacket?”

That jacket was caused by an order I gave, instructing Kokoro to remove it herself. It is because of this that the hypnosis had no effect, resulting in her being capable of noticing it.

Even though she was violated, her clothes were dishevelled, and her entire body became sticky, she remained ignorant. This gap once again stimulated my sadistic heart.

As I was aroused, I can confirm that I can still continue.

“I’m glad that you were the counsellor……”


“[Let’s play together.]”

I announce the keyword that I had set in a prior suggestion to Kokoro.

In doing so, her peaceful frame weakened even further as the light disappeared from her eyes.

She was in a trance.

“From now on, please properly repeat what I say to you, and return an answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”

“Yes……repeat……what you say.”

As if her previous hot flashes were but an illusion, Kokoro responded in a small voice.

From hereon, I will be giving more complex instructions. Therefore, it is a necessity to ensure that Kokoro properly understands them.

During intercourse just then, I was able to gain a lot of information regarding her.

Let’s use this to fulfill the original objective.

Since Kokoro was so stunning, I jumped the gun a little. However, from the start, the greatest goal was to turn this place into my hideout.

Rather than a subject of hypnosis, let’s use her as a convenient supporter.

Kokoro holds some misgivings about how she obtained her position due to her family’s corrupted connections.

In other words, because of those ties, she is dissatisfied because they compelled her into a higher position.

Therefore, it is highly likely that, to her, the ability to make choices with one’s own free will become a source of pride.

I want to distort it so badly that my body is aching.

Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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