Saimin Regulation Vol 00 Chp 01

Houjou Kokoro Introduction-Arc

Author Note:

Since the introduction arc focuses on the hypnosis induction scene prior, there is no action.

If you only want to see the ero-scene, please start from the second episode.

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I obtained hypnosis.

It all started when my deceased grandfather’s shed caught fire last year.

Because there was no one capable of maintaining it, perhaps because the dry winter climate was particularly harmful, the shed which was abruptly set ablaze was completely burned down. The trash and agricultural items were all turned into ash.

Because I wasn’t living there, I managed to not get involved in the entire mess. However, in order to examine the burnt remains, I went with my family to visit the scene.

It was at that time that I accidentally spotted something glowing within the scorched ruins.

Things like why was it shimmering or how did it not get turned into ashes in the fire, I do not know. Even the police and the fire fighters should have investigated the surroundings carefully.

And so, only I happened to discover it by chance—and took it into my possession.

Concealing the matter from my parents, I took it home by covertly slipping it into the trunk of the car.

And the identity of what I obtained—was a text book explaining the methods of hypnotism.

Even though I was uncertain at first, after successfully inducing my parents, I could not hide my excitement.

As long as I have this, I can do whatever I want. Primarily towards women.

I spent half a year learning the entire contents of this book, and now the time to put it to practice has arrived.

Hiyana Private School Senior High School; Although it’s registered as a Prep School, its academic ability is only around the upper middle level. It was that sort of school.

I, as a second-year senior, am currently walking through this school’s hallway towards my destination.

Despite having obtained hypnosis, I, who had no girl friend, much less female acquaintances, first began to think.

How do I hypnotise a woman?

The hypnosis I possess is not omnipotent. Once induced, it is possible to fulfil any sort of dream possible. However, it is getting to that point which is the difficult part.

At the very least, sufficient time to implant the hypnotic suggestions is necessary.

Furthermore, there is a prerequisite of me being alone with the target. If there are any disruptions in the surroundings, the suggestions will fail to be heard.

Create a situation where I can be alone with a woman, completely devoid of disturbances.

This was the first obstacle.

“Ah, I’m so glad I found it.”

This problem, somehow I can see myself clearing it.

“Mental Care.”

Right now, I am on the first floor of Hiyana School’s New Building, right next to the Engineering Room. In the corridor that one usually wouldn’t step in unless they were cleaning, that was there.

An office established to counsel students. The Counselling Room.

It is a place set up for students who are suffering from picking a career or human relationship problems. Anyone can book this room and receive counselling.

If it’s in here, then no one will interfere and it establishes a reason to be alone. As long as I hypnotise the counsellor, then it will be absolutely perfect.

Furthermore, perhaps in an effort to make it difficult for students to find it, the path leading to here is pretty much invisible to others, and it is also structured to make it difficult for outsiders to enter.

It is truly ideal.

“I’m going to knock.”

I have previously made a reservation. It appears that even though there’s a ballot box in front of this class room, it is enough for a student to simply fill out their name and desired time slot.

*thud thud*–I modestly knock on the door. Even though I had made plans, I’m still nervous.

“Please enter.”

A response came from the other side of the door. A female voice. The Counsellor appears to be a lady.


For the time being, I turn the knob and enter the room.

If I had to describe the inside of the room with a single phrase, I’d say “it’s tidy”.

In a space which appeared to not have even a speck of dust were two fluffy-looking sofas, the likes of which had only ever been seen in the Principal’s Office. An elegant desk was placed beside them, creating the ambience of a parlour.

As bookcases and ornaments were placed in the surroundings, the interior of the room felt quite spacious.

This is my practice grounds where I will enact my plans……or so I intend.

“Thank you for coming.”

The counsellor who was in the centre of the room opened her mouth. I heard a crystal clear voice, reminiscent of a ringing bell.

Without thinking, strength had gathered into my shoulders as I was lost in rapture.


*grin*—tilting her head with a smile, the counselling lady was gorgeous.

From appearances alone, she undoubtedly appeared to be a university student. Although she looked mature, it felt as though her youth had yet to disappear. While her well-ordered woman’s suit decreased exposure, it contrarily resulted in her seductive thighs to be seen all the more from below her skirt.

Her black hair styled into a straight-long was so smooth that I imagine it would touch me in a crowded train.

“……? Is something the matter?”

“Ah, no, I didn’t think that I would be counselled a lady.”

I knew that someone specialising in counselling was hired by this school, but I didn’t think as far as to who they were.

It’s my bad habit. I am still lacking in several places. I need to get a grip.

“Is that so? As I thought, I’m not very well known amongst the students after all.”

“No, not at all.”

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Houjou Kokoro.”

After Kokoro made a slightly disappointed expression, she once again bowed to me. Lowering her head with refined movements, the sight of her hair falling to her cheeks was quite sexy.

After I also gave a brief introduction, I proceeded to sit down.

“Although it is referred to as the Counselling Room, the contents of the consultation doesn’t necessarily need to be about particularly serious matters. I will not mind if you came with some trivial concerns, so please relax.”


As I took my seat, I glanced at Kokoro who was seated opposite me. Perhaps because I drew close to her, my anxiety only throbbed even more violently.

“I will prepare some tea. What would you like to have?”

“Please get me something mild. I don’t particularly have any preferences.”

“Fufuu. Well then, it will be the recommended black tea.”

As Kokoro stood up from her seat, I watched her back as she walked towards the place where the tea cups were stored.

Remaining seated, I mainly gazed at the lower portion of her retreating figure.

Both of her legs covered by black tights were slender and curvy as they firmly supported her small buttocks above. When she bended her body in an effort to remove the tea cups from the drawer, I could see her hip line over her skirt.

“Ok, there we go.”

Because Kokoro began to turn towards me, I straightened my back in panic.

“Here you go.”

“It’s round, isn’t it?”

Perhaps due to being nervous, I couldn’t return any good responses. It’s small and round huh, this cup.

While remaining ever so calm, Kokoro began to drink her own portion of tea.


And she was waiting. Probably for me to break the ice.

Although it’s counselling, it seems like the consultation does not occur immediately. Well, I guess it’s not something you talk about whilst in the midst of panic.

I surveyed the surroundings before my gaze lingered on my watch.

“Um, how long is the consultation time?”

“Seeing as no one has made any reservations today, the time has not been especially set.”

“Well, what if someone else comes in during……”

“There is no need to worry. If you’d like, should I lock the door? Soundproofing has been properly applied to this room, so nobody besides myself will be able to hear our conversation.”

Kokoro gently beams at me. It feels as if I am being healed simply by conversing with her.

Yet, it is likely that most of the students don’t know that the counsellors are so stunning.

I wonder if there’s a reason for that?

“Um, well then, is it ok?”

While I have some misgivings, this is also a part of the game.

I desperately suppressed the trembling in my mouth as I began the act.

Kokoro probably thinks that I am anxious or something. Even if she has doubts, she won’t raise any questions. The door is locked with a *clink* as the sound reverberates throughout the room.

“Um, before the consultation starts, can I do a sort of mentality test on Houjou-san?”

“Mentality test……is it?”

“Pardon me. Since I don’t know what sort of person Houjou-san is, I’m a little worried whether I can trust you to perform the consultation.”

This approach is good.

Using the pretext of testing the counsellor, the hypnosis induction can start.

In the event that it fails, on the off-chance that the counsellor knows hypnosis, I can get away with the excuse that I just wanted to try it out.

“Yes, I don’t mind. Please test me to your heart’s content.”

Making an adorable Guts-Pose, Kokoro readily accepted.

It is possible to make use of this goodwill.

Rather than guilt, my feelings of elation won out.

“Well then……please look at this.”


“Well then……please look at this.”

From my bag, I took out a single ballpoint pen.

Without any particular doubts, Kokoro stared at the pen.

“Like this?”

“No, a bit more towards the tip. That’s right, just at the ballpoint. Please look closely at it for as long as you can.”

“Near the edges……there’s something written on it, right?”

“Yes, please grasp it firmly.”

This ballpoint pen is a crystallisation of my blood, sweat, and tears. On the tip of the pen is a self-made picture which I wrote.

I made the picture by copying a sample in grandfather’s book which was used for hypnosis induction.

Kokoro was trying to comprehend said picture.

However, even though there is a clear form, it is not possible to distinguish what form that is.

This not only brings out Kokoro’s concentration, but also tires her eyes.

Kokoro: “Somehow……it’s quite a strange shape.”

“Please perceive it properly. What kind of picture is drawn there?”


“Somehow……it’s quite a strange shape.”

“Please perceive it properly. What kind of picture is drawn there?”

Even if she gets tired, Kokoro’s gaze did not break away from the picture. In an effort to find out what this indistinguishable picture was, she became desperate.

She was doing it seriously. I’m thankful. After all, it succeeded.

To the extent that she was unable to notice, I turned the pen in a way that she would be incapable of discerning it properly.

In doing so, after she further increased her concentration, it was time to move on to the next stage.

I shook the pen sideways.



I do not say anything. In the same manner, Kokoro earnestly follows the pen’s swaying.

So as to not make noise as much as possible, I quietly moved my hand.

Slowly, my consciousness concentrates only on Kokoro’s eyes.

The fact that the Counselling Room was quiet became beneficial for my hypnosis. Because of this, it took less time than I thought.

After entering a state of suggestion, it is possible to restrict a person’s five senses. While, in this case, it was the eyes, once entranced, they can shut out the other senses as much as possible. By doing this, it is easy to create a circumstance where information permeates easily via this single source.


Gradually, I increase the pen’s oscillation. In saying that, I limit it to a range that can be pursued with her eyes. Large movements are still not good.

I continue to look at Kokoro’s eyes. I am checking for any signs of her blinking.

In the beginning, she blinks as per usual. Humans naturally blink, after all. However, after being subjected to this induction, she will stop blinking even after a minute passes.

There’s a phenomenon where Kendo players concentrate and don’t blink, and this is the same thing. Steadily, I can confirm that she will see nothing but this pen.

I confirm that the second hand of my wrist watch made a full revolution. If I wait too long, she will probably forget to blink even after 3 minutes have passed.

It’s time.

“……gradually, your eyelids are becoming heavier.”


“……gradually, your eyelids are becoming heavier.”

I purposefully whisper to her as small a voice as possible. Swinging the pen downwards, I give the swaying, falling image to the target.

Kokoro didn’t reply. However, as if she swallowed my words, her eyelids grew heavy before closing.

Most likely, she is heading towards the deepest depths of her mind.

“Ok! Now, please open them.”

“……eh, huh?”

Right there and then, I woke up Kokoro with a clear and distinct voice.

Kokoro still doesn’t understand what just happened. However, gradually, she regains her calm.

“Um, mentality test was it?”

“Yes, it’s already over. I have already obtained the results. I believe that Houjou-san is very reliable.”

“I see. Well then……”

Kokoro energetically made an blissful smile as she placed both of her hands together.

Kokoro: “………………”



Aiming for this moment, I once again pointed the pen before her.

Return the consciousness once, and from there, fell them. It is common sense that the moment humans are relieved that they are at their most vulnerable.

By doing so, it was possible for her consciousness to fall even deeper and more easily than before.

Without even saying anything this time, her eyelids drooped and her eyes closed.

“……please open your eyes. Please blink occasionally.”


This time, so as to not awaken her, I gave her instructions with a quiet voice.

Accepting the words that entered her ears as they were, Kokoro opened her eyes. It is the same as heading right after being told to go right.


The open-eyed Kokoro’s pupils wandered, as if not looking at anything, while staring into empty space.


I secretly made a Guts-Pose. Once it’s reached this stage, for the most part, it’s succeeded.

Right now, she is in the deepest place in her heart.

“Right now, you are in the most comfortable and pleasant state. Released from all pain, there is no suffering. It is so blissful, that you will want to stay in this state forever.”


“Also, by following my directions, you will be able to remain in this state. After all, it is because I came here that you were able to enter this state……”

Kokoro did not reply. I am slightly concerned about whether or not she properly heard my suggestions, but I guess it is something that can’t be helped.

Therefore, let’s make it easy to understand. If this instruction is carried out, then she should obey my commands.

“From now on, when I talk to you, please reply without fail. Do you understand?


I got a response! Hell yeah!

So as to ensure not to fail, let’s proceed as slowly as possible. Impatience is prohibited in the first conquest.

“Your condition right now, is it very comfortable?”


“You will want to always stay in this state.”


“Now then……from now on, even during normal times, when I give the instruction ‘Let’s play together’, you will always fall into this state. This will only happen when these words come out from my mouth, and not anyone else. When I am not around, you cannot fall into this state.”


“Also, you will not be able to remember any memory of this wonderful state. However, everything you are told here sleeps in the depths of your heart, and you must follow everything that is said here. If you do so, this condition will become even more pleasant and blissful.”


Ok, things up till here have gone well.

Afterwards are the finishing touches. I approach Kokoro’s body.



Although I gulp in the face of Kokoro’s defenceless expression, I mustn’t ravage her. I’m still uncertain.

This is counselling. It is impossible to throw away the possibility that something might go wrong.

I slowly reach out with my hand–


*squish*—I firmly pinched her cheeks.

To see whether she will wake up from the hypnosis from pain in order to confirm if this was an act. This hypnosis is not so shallow as to be broken by pain. That’s how it was with my parents.

Besides, even if it was confirmed that it was acting at this point, I can still pass it off as wanting to try it out.


I could not solve it.

Even though Kokoro’s cheeks should’ve been pinched so hard that they turned red, there was no response.


My first success. My delight instantly sky-rocketed with my words.

Furthermore, within my first success, there was a happy miscalculation.

The Counselling Room which I only wanted to use as a hideout at first, as well as the convenient counsellor who I was going to use as a servant ended up being a beauty.

Along with my first success, I also obtained my first harvest. I procured an outlet for my desire.

I am certain. This is the beginning of my dream-life.

Towards the hypnosis which will pave the way to my best life, I give you my thanks.

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Saimin Regulation

Saimin Regulation

Hypnosis Regulation, Saimin Shingi, 催眠清規
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school. There are many lines where common sense is rewritten and unconscious assault. Not just sex, but the particulars regarding the process, the situation, and the atmosphere of what occurs prior to the act are written about as much as possible.



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