NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 05 Chp 32

“Stop crying, you little shit.” The head of the Yamaki family snapped. “We’re not going to kill you. As much as I’d like to peel your dick like a banana, you are regrettably the future father to my grandchild. You will be brought into the Yamaki family where you will spend the rest of your life working for that child’s happiness and growth. Now, what do you say?”

“Th-thank you?” Derek said in a shaky voice.

“Hmph, you have some manners.” He snorted. “Hey, Hellcat! I caught the very end of that show. I must say, you’re still as wild as I remember.”

“You better stop remembering, or I’ll gouge out your eyes.” Mother responded sweetly.

“Geh… noted. “ he said. “We best get going now. We just came for the kid. Eh… speaking of kids. Where is Gina?”

“Huh? Hakaru is missing too!”

“Wait… what’s that sound…”


“Ah… ah… H-Hakaru… daddy’s right out… nnyaaaa…. Please… ahhhn… so good.”

“It’s coming from behind that pile of mats!”

Rather than just look behind the mat, a group of six strong men walked over and threw them to the side without restraint, revealing what was behind them. I was standing there with my zipper open and my dick out. Gina was bent over against the wall. Her pants were down to her knees and her shirt was up with her bra, exposing her tits. I was fucking her roughly from behind, her tits bouncing with each thrust. My hands reached around and were playfully squeezing them.

What? I had been horny since I hadn’t gone all the way with Michelle. Gina was available and willing, plus she was looking pretty good these days. Her tits had grown a bit, and she had a very pretty motherly look to her. She was also noticeably pregnant, and a bit farther along compared to Kira. I was just sampling the merchandise!

“I wonder if I get milk yet,” I whispered in her ear.

“N-no… you can’t… Please… it’s so deep you might hit the baby with your cock.”

“What are you saying? It’s Derek’s kid, so he has a hard head, maybe I’ll knock some sense into him and he won’t end up like his trash father who threw away such a beautiful woman.”

“Ahn… Hakaru… I’m cumming!”

“Well, enjoy my seed too…”

“I-it’s filling me up! Ahhn… so warm… show my baby a man’s seed!”

This scene played out under the eyes of a dozen people who were unable to react before I ended up cumming inside Gina. She orgasmed too, moaning with delight as her body twitched and spasmed. Only when she started to recover did she look back and realize she was being slutty in front of her entire family. Her face turned red.

“S-sister…” Gio said in disbelief.

“Ahhh…!” She cried out, desperately trying to put her clothing back on as my cock flopped out of her, dripping white stuff down her legs.

When she finished, she tried to run away, but I grabbed her and pulled her to me. “You’re mine now.”

“A-ahh… Hakaru…” She looked up at me, tears in her eyes, as I grabbed her hair and then kissed her roughly.

When I pulled away, I looked down to see some wet spots on her shirt.

“Oh… so you are leaking a bit… naughty girl…”

“I-it’s only because you treat me so naughtily that that happened.” She responded, breathlessly, holding me.

“Y-y-you…” The old man began to move toward us.

Kira and Akiko took a worrying step forward, but Mother put out a hand stopping them. All the other Yakuza were backing away, expressions of shock, and terror on their faces. Derek had a hopeful expression on his face.

“F-father…” Gina noticed her father coming near us and responded by grabbing me tightly. “I-I love him…”

“Y-y-you…” He reached me, lifted a hand to my face, only to lightly pat it. “That’s my boy! You’ve finally decided to become part of the family! I’m so happy!”

“What the hell is with the difference in treatment!” Derek bellowed.

“Shut up!” Gio kicked him before turning back with tears in his eyes. “Brother has finally become my true bother. So beautiful!”

He started crying, as did several other Yakuza members, causing everyone else watching to look on with dazed looks. 

“What are you saying? Join your family?” Mother’s voice suddenly cut in. “The girl has joined our family!”

“Geh! Y-yes… Hellcat.” The old man looked deflated but still happy.

“You can keep that bastard baby though.”

“Deal… but if you do happen to get her pregnant, I’ll be treating it as my first.” The old man stroked his beard. “Now, we really should go. Gina… you’ll see your Hakaru again, but first, we have some affairs to settle.”

“Y-yes, father! Just one moment.” She left my side and then ran over to my mother. “Mother, I’m sorry that I was a lying slut before. Please accept me.”

“Hmph…” Mom crossed her arms and looked down on Gina. “Come over to my house and work hard, and I’ll consider letting you in my son’s harem.”

“Y-yes! I will!”

“I will train you hard! You will become the perfect bride!”

“Thank you, great mother! I will work hard!”

“Sexually too! That performance could use work!”

“Geh! Y-yes Mother!” She did have some similarities with her father.

The group of Yakuza finally left after an exciting few minutes. Wars army and Derek’s women were now long gone. A moment later, Mary suddenly appeared. She smiled at me.

“You’ve done well, Hakaru. I told you that you’d win.”

“Where is NTR?”

“D-do you think she wants to watch… us?”

“Ah, I suppose not.”

She’s probably fine with any other girl, but banging Mary was equivalent to banging the enemy. She’d tolerate it for the gains it would give me, but that didn’t mean she wanted to watch.

“I thought you were going to wait at home for when I was done,” I asked.

She blushed in an adorably innocent way. “I couldn’t wait. Could you blame me.”

“Yes, yes… Hakaru won.” Depravity cut in. “Good job, Hakaru.”

My expression turned ugly and I looked at him. “You better deliver!”

He made a hurt expression. “You wound me! I’m a god of my word. I had always hoped you would win. I saw much more advantage to being on the side of the new Harem as he rises than the likes of a small-time wargod. I’ve meant everything I said.

“It’s finished now.” Mary cut in. “Simply sleep with all of the women Depravity provided, and then you should have enough points to level. NTR will give you the godless power. Then, sleep with me, and you’ll obtain godhood once and for all.”

“I’m so proud… everything I’ve fought for… Netori and I fought for, is about to become true.” Mother sighed resolutely.

“They really are gods,” Kira whispered in wonder.

“Aren’t you less angry knowing that the man who played with you was a god?” Depravity asked.

“Go die.”

“Hehe… I’m sorry, my dear, but I don’t plan to die for a long time.” Depravity chuckled.

“Let’s not put a delay on this any longer,” I said.

“Are you sure?” You just went off with that pregnant woman.” Depravity teased. “Nicely done, by the way. Depravity approves!”

As he gave me a thumbs-up, I snorted. “I’m fine. Give me my prize.”

“So sour… just watch, we’ll be friends one day.” He shrugged. “On my word.”

He waved his hands, and the curtains covering the stage stage which held his prepared prize started to open. If I had any issue with this reward, it was the zombie-like state of the women. I preferred women who had functional minds. Already broken women were a bit boring. I didn’t know how I felt about using this method to reach godhood. However, if NTR felt it would work, I would do what I had to. I waited in expectation.

As the sheets spread apart, my expression froze, and the room became extremely silent.

All of his women were stripped naked and lying on the floor. Every single one of them was leaking white stuff from nearly every orifice. The sounds were dead when the sheet was closed, but as soon as it was opened, I could hear moans and gasps. Fifty virgin women had all been fucked raw and filled with cum. It was like a gangbang tsunami had blown across the stage. Blood and cum leaked from many crotches. The women themselves were fucked so hard that they looked like their brains were barely functioning.

My first thought was that Depravity was fucking with me, but he similarly gasped.

“What the hell?” he shouted.

However, we didn’t have to look far for the culprit. There was a platform on the stage, and a woman bent over the platform. Her upper body was covered in a sheet, but a man was holding her lower body. He had a grip on her ass and he was grunting as he fucked her roughly on the stage. It was like he had systematically banged every girl there, and he was now working on the last.

“Father?” I asked in wide-eyed wonder.

My dad looked up from the woman he was banging and then smiled. “Oh, hi, champ! I’m almost finished here. Give me a second! Ahhhh! Yeahhhh…”

He exploded, pushing himself deep in the girl as he came. When he finished, he pulled out his cock, wiped it on her ass cheek, and then turned to face us, completely naked.

“What are you doing here, old man?” I took a step forward, feeling some anger.

“He’s not your dad!” Mary grabbed my arm, pulling me back.

“What are you saying?”

“I haven’t been Elzo for a long time.” He chuckled.

“How did you hide from us? Tell me, Harem!”

“Harem?” I took a look at my father once again.

The man wearing my father’s face, Harem, let out a laugh. “You know… it’s funny. You always keep calling me Harem. That’s never been my name.”

“Harem!” Depravity called out. “What have you done here? These… these were my women! You didn’t have the right?”

“Right?” Harem laughed. “I have a right to whatever I have the power to take.”

“I’m not a god who is so easy to play with!” Depravity started to give off a feeling of power, like electricity dangling across the skin.”

“You got involved in NTR Crush. Your reason to be here may not have started that way, but you were involved. In that way, you violated the mandates of the council. You may have thought there was no one down here strong enough to enforce said laws, but there is always someone stronger than ourselves. I take it upon myself to give you your proper punishment!”

“You dare!” Depravity sent out a wave of energy directly at my father, but he merely lifted his hand.

A single white beam shot out. It pierced right through Depravity’s beam, and then right through Depravity. He let out a scream as the beam flashed through him. The entire act had taken less than a second. When their powers subsided, Harem stood there with a cruel smirk on his face, and Depravity had a five-inch hole in his chest.

Darkness started to spread out from that hole. It looked like ash. Piece by piece, his body turned to ash and floated away. He looked up at Harem in complete shock as the darkness reached his face. His head crumbled, and soon there was nothing left of Depravity.

“Let’s hope your next incarnation isn’t as foolish.” Harem snorted.

“H-how…” Mary shook. “How are you so powerful? Y-your level is 15! You’re just harem! You should be weaker than me by now!”

Depravity and Mary were 13ths, while NTR was a 12. She had only been an 11 as the three sisters. As for me, I was still a level 7… although pretty high level 7 at this point. That was still less than half of Harem.”

“Haha… that’s what I loved about you Marriage… how gullible and stupid you are.” Harem snorted. “You still think I’m Harem? After all these years? If I was truly Harem, I would have wasted away by now, given how weak this world appreciates harems anymore. Did you never wonder why my shrine was called the unnamed harem god? If I was truly Harem, why would my shrine be unnamed?”

“Y-you…lied to me?”

“Who said a god ever had to be honest? I never lied. I facilitate the existence of harems, just as NTR does. However, I’m not some measly love god. I am the feeling that every man has. I am the drive to procreate, to spread your seed, to fuck and impregnant one girl after another.”

“N-no…” Her eyes began to widen.

“I am a core god of human existence! You can call me… Propagation!”

“What did you do to my father?” I demanded.

Propagation glanced over at me. “Oh… Hakaru. Your father? He’s just my vessel. I’ve never done anything to him. Rather, when you hit him with that bat, you should be glad I stepped in, or you might have gone to jail. He was once the son of the elder of one of my shrines, I have so few left. It’s because I spent so long letting myself be stifled by marriage! However, I see it clearly now. I’ve… found myself, you could say. I’ll be spreading my name once again. All men worship me whether they want to or not. Without me, there is no man. It’s about time they worshiped me properly as the god I am!”

“You bastard…”

“Me? I’m not the one who tried to take something of daddies. You’re just a little kid who wanted to play at god.” He made an ugly face. “It’s about time that someone showed you the truth.”

As he spoke, he walked back over to the woman bent over the table. He pulled out his cock and then slid it back into her. Her pussy shined wetly as he penetrated her.

“Do you want to know the truth, Hakaru?”

“Harem… don’t…” Mary cried out.

“Shut the hell up!” I cursed, getting a sudden bad feeling.

“Well, too bad.” He reached up and ripped off the sheet of the woman underneath him.

The woman who was bent over the table as he fucked her… was NTR herself!

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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