NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 05 Chp 31

Seeing me on the floor, Derek laughed with pure delight as he returned to his women. Mom appeared near my side, but I couldn’t even look at her right now. The peaceful sleeping mother on the floor, that was her without inhibitions? It hurt too much to think about.

“Then, who do you pick?”

“Derek naturally.” Michelle snorted. “After watching that, how could I ever want this loser who can’t even get it in me.”

Michelle’s words were just a drop of water.

“And you, Nonaka, what is your decision?”

I was on the ground, not even looking at her. I saw her feet in front of me.

“Hakaru… did you see?’ She asked, her voice sounding somewhat excited.

“I… saw…” I responded hollowly.

“You saw it… huh, you saw me with Derek. You saw me like that. You saw all of me?”

“Hehehe… that’s my girl.” Derek giggled.

My hand tightened. “Just pick Derek already!”

“Hmm?” Depravity seemed to notice something interesting.

“I need to know! Did you see everything?”

“I did! I saw you fucking him! I saw your pussy stretched out! I saw cum leaking from your crotch!”

“How did it feel? What did you think?”

I stood up in fury. “I hated it. How do I feel? I feel jealous! I feel anger! You’re my woman! I want no other man to have you! How can I possibly be satisfied! I won’t ever let any man touch you again! I won’t let any man have you!”

I screamed into her face, but when my eyes focused on her looking at me, I was stunned. She was looking at me a massive grin on her face, and she was panting just as lewdly as when Derek was fucking her. She looked more aroused now than when he was doing her.

“Hakaru… I’m so happy…” She said, holding her hands together.

“Wh-what?” I was completely confused.

“When Derek said you were watching, I had my fears you weren’t, but I’m glad you saw everything.”

“You… wanted me to watch?”

“I wanted you to see me… see me.” She crossed her arms and shot me a sudden angry look. “You make things so difficult! All these years, I have to lay it on so thick to get you to see me as a woman! It took having to act so humiliatingly just to get you to finally react!”

“What are you talking about, we’ve already been together, don’t you remember?”

Sasori grabbed my shoulder. “She doesn’t remember! Depravity took her memories of being in a relationship with you, as well as any inhibitions.”

“The day you were born, and your head came out… I had the most mind blowing orgasm giving birth. Hehe… it made your father so uncomfortable, but after that, I knew that I was Hakaru’s forever. Yet, no matter what I did, you never noticed me. I’d dress around the house half naked. I’d get drunk so you’d take advantage of me. I even flaunted myself with your father so you’d get jealous. Time and time again, you ignored your Mother!”

I suddenly remembered a time when she was drunk. At the time, we didn’t remember we had already started a sexual relationship, but even then, she called out to me and wanted me. Only when drunk did she allow herself to express her true desires.

“I was so happy that you were watching me. It made me mad with lust. I even went a bit overboard… but it’s all because Hakaru was watching.”

“What are you saying?” Derek stepped forward. “I fucked you! I made you cum!”

“Eeeeeh?’ She turned to Derek and looked at him like a bug. “Aren’t you just a dick? I can fuck a dildo and it can make me cum, that doesn’t mean I’ll ever have feelings for it.”

Derek’s face was extremely satisfying. His eyes bulged, and he looked like he had just been slapped.

“You… you want my dick some more!” He tried to regain his pride.

“Hmph! Don’t get so full of yourself. You’re just a sex toy I used in my little game with my son. You don’t matter in the slightest.”

He looked like the air had blown out of him as mom turned back to me. “I’m sorry for my words earlier. I wanted a rise out of my Hakaru, please forgive your slutty mother. If you finally see me as a woman, then please make me yours. I want you so bad.” She grabbed me. “Please, your mother will do anything for you. Anything. I love you unconditionally, and this body is completely yours!”

These words echoed words she had already said before. Her eyes were no different than the eyes mother had used when I had broken her. No… I had never broken her. Perhaps, she was broken from the moment I was born. I hadn’t been taking my mother, she had just been waiting for me to finally claim her.

Her stunt had hurt, but only because she didn’t know we had ever been in a relationship. In her mind, she would do whatever it took to have my love. That manifested in her putting on a show, using Derek to try to make me jealous enough to finally admit I loved her. However, at no point had anyone else been on her mind. Even when she was with father, deep down, her shameless actions had been there to get my attention. My mother wasn’t a willful slut, but a woman acting out for the attention of the man she adored.

This is what Mother had meant when she said that she wouldn’t lose. There had never been another man on her mind. There had never been another choice. Derek was never going to win her heart because it was already mine completely. At best, he succeeded by teasing her that I was watching. Just the mere thought of her son caused her to put on a show, intended to drive me wild. She did succeed.

“Mm!” While I hesitated in thought, she leaped forward, kissing me, her tongue taking my mouth aggressively.

“Ahem… I need an answer.” Depravity said, looking slightly helpless, but also somewhat amused.

She pulled away. “Hakaru! Always Hakaru… let’s have sex now, my love, I want you to wash away the feel of that gross man. My vagina will always be Hakaru shaped from now on.”

“You… bitch!” Derek yelled. “It doesn’t matter! We both kept one! Now, we’re just going to have another round!”

“N-no!” There was a cry, and Michelle suddenly ran out and slammed her body between Hakaru and Mother.

Mother let out a noise of surprise as she was shoved back by the tiny woman. Immediately after, Michelle grabbed on to me tightly.

“He-he’s mine! You can’t have him!” She cried out.

“What?” I blinked.

“Michelle! What are you doing?” Derek snapped.

“I can’t stand it!” Michelle cried out. “I can’t stand this old woman touching my precious Hakaru! He’s my man!”

“What are you saying? We had a deal!”

“Hmph… I was going to take the deal too… after all, once you became a god and gave me eternal beauty, I could find Hakaru, and then we could start our relationship. That way, I have everything!”

“Is that what he promised you!” I cried out.

“You… conniving bitch!” Derek shouted.

“If you lost, I couldn’t stand it! I couldn’t stand not being with him! He’s gentle and kind, and I know he’ll treat me right. Time and time again, I always go for what is most profitable or logical. With father… with you… I only thought about the biggest gain! However, I’m going to make my decision on emotion just this once! It is Hakaru that I want!”

Like Mom, she had her inhibition turned off. Normally, she was a scammer and a girl who made decisions based on logic. Even now, she had tried to pick the outcome that would give her the most benefits. However, seeing me with my mother stroked her emotional side, and without inhibition to hold her back, the truth finally came to the surface.

“Wait… this isn’t fair!” Derek cried out.

“Are you both decided?” Depravity asked.

“I am!” Michelle nodded.

“Of course…” My mother added.

He snapped, and both women hanging on me disappeared. The two sleeping women woke up as suddenly as they had been put to sleep. Mother got up and turned to me. She suddenly blushed shyly.

“I… didn’t do anything to shame Hakaru, did I?” She asked.

“Mother…” I didn’t know how to respond to that, as I didn’t want to hurt her.

“You rode Derek like a slut.” Maria snapped, showing no mercy.

“Eh?” Mom’s mouth dropped open in horror.

“With a big smile. Even let him cum in you!” Sasori added. “You’re lucky your son is so forgiving.”

“H-H-Hakaru! I’m so sowwwy!”

“Ah! Mom! Look what you two did!” I glared at the two women as mom collapsed to the ground and suddenly brought out a letter opener. “Ah! Stop!”

“No! I must kill myself! Mother will be better in her next life!” I ended up having to fight mom for a solid minute before she finally settled down.

While this was happening, Michelle walked over to Derek with an excited expression on her face. “Did we win?”


The sound of Derek hitting Michelle across the face caused mom to settle down as we all looked over. Michelle had collapsed to the ground, holding her face. She was looking up at Derek with shock.

“Wh-what did I do?”

“Get out of here! You fucking whore!”

“B-but…” She looked up at the other women, but they all turned their heads away.

Tears burst into her eyes, and then she stood up and ran from the room, bawling.

“You lost, Derek,” I responded, coldly.

“Lost…” Derek had a strange grin on his face, and he wasn’t looking coherently at all. “I lost?”

“I’m sorry. Our deal is now complete. War… you have lost. As per your agreement, get lost.”

The man himself lifted his hood, revealing he was hidden amongst Derek’s women. “Hmph… our agreement is over as well, Derek. You will no longer be my champion. How… disappointing.”

Those were the only words he left before he disappeared. I didn’t even get a good look at him, but he probably did that on purpose.

“You… you… you… I won’t lose… I never lose.”

“Stop, you’re embarrassing yourself.” Depravity snorted.

“I’m the one who wins!” Derek shouted, reaching into his pocket and pulling something out.

I didn’t realize until it was pointed my way that it was a gun. The girls behind me screamed as he pointed the gun right at me. His girls fled as soon as they saw the gun, not even glancing back once as they left the room.

“Derek! What the hell?”

“I always win!” He shouted, lifting the gun in both hands and aiming.


I jumped at the sound of a gunshot, but it was Derek who screamed as the gun in his hand fell. His hands were bloody, and it looked like he had lost his trigger finger.

“Got him.” I heard a voice behind me.

A group of men suddenly entered the room. I turned expectantly as I watched them approach the rest of us. They were men in suits, and even though it was night outside and we were indoors, they still wore sunglasses. A man in the center walked with a limp and he had a cane. There was also a beautiful woman next to him, who looked very embarrassed and sad and had a distinct baby bump.

“Wh-what is this?” Derek squinted at the group approaching. “Gina?”

“Hey, Hakaru!”

“Hey, Gio. It’s been a while.” I waved back.

“Wh-what are they doing here?” Derek hissed.

“Ah… remember when you captured Kira and tried to make me pay? Remember when you mentioned you were the one who impregnated the prestigious daughter of the Yamaki family? That seemed like a pretty stupid thing to do at the time, but I never pass up on an opportunity.

“Just like you brought a gun as a backup plan. I brought a bunch of guns of my own!”

The old man with the cane stopped right in front of Derek. “So, you’re the little shit that got my daughter pregnant, huh?”

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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