NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 05 Chp 19

My hands slowly wandered across Netori’s body. One article of clothing at a time was stripped from her until her gentle white skin was bare and I could explore her body not just with my hands but with my eyes as well. It was difficult to say which was purer, the infinite whiteness of purgatory, or the smooth, silky skin of Netori’s body. She looked more beautiful than she ever had before. Considering I had Netori’s body where I could touch it, I decided to give her body everything that I had.

Netori wasn’t the kind of girl who would lay back and remain passive, though. She was the kind of girl who gave as much as she got. As soon as she committed to sleeping with me, her hands deftly explored my body as well. My shirt was already off, my pants were unbuckled and threatening to fall to my knees, and my cock was out and in her hand, her fingers gripping it affectionately.

“I’ve wanted to taste your cock for so long.” She purred, looking at my cock with lustful desire painted on her face.

“Well, you’ve put so much work into it with vanity points.” I snickered.

She stuck her tongue out at me and shook her head. “You think a thing like size matters to a goddess like me? I can have whatever I want. I didn’t give you vanity points so you could please me or any other girl for that matter. I gave you the vanity points so that you could grow comfortable with yourself. The first day, I gave myself to you just the way you were, and that will always be the case. I’ll always love you, no matter what.”

“It was just a dream that first time, an illusion.” I snorted.

“Was it?” She snickered. “I wonder…”

“You’re saying we really had sex?”

“Sex… no… if you had penetrated me back then, it might have been a problem. However, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t me. Illusions can take many forms. Perhaps I let you slide it between my legs?”

“Did you?” I asked, gulping as I looked down at the area between her legs; a perfect heart-shaped hole was between her thighs, illuminated by the infinite whiteness beyond.

“I wonder…” She responded, tilting her head.

“You…” I narrowed my eyes. “I’ll make you give me an answer.”

“Rather than wonder what parts were an illusion, and what parts were real…” She offered coyly. “How about you take everything now, and you will know it’s all real?”

“No tricks?” I asked warily.

“I’m not in a mortal vessel anymore. This is a spiritual body. I have it appear like you remember, but in truth, I could wear any face.” Suddenly, her face looked like Kira, then Maria, and then Tiana.

I put my hand on her shoulder. “I want the you I know the most.”

Although Tiana was the mortal vessel of Netorare, who had resembled Netori to the point I once had confused the pair, that was no longer the case. Netorare was Netorare, and Netori was Netori. There was no confusion in my mind anymore. They were completely different women. Netori turned back to the form I was most familiar with, and only then did I gently kiss her lips.

She pulled away and then slowly fell to her knees, her hand stroking down my chest as she lowered herself down. Her other hand continued to move up and down my member, her finger dancing skillfully with the finesse of a goddess. I pulled my head back and moaned as my hands ended up in her silky hair. She didn’t hesitate to open her mouth and take it in.

She may have been a goddess, but that didn’t mean she could just engulf my cock in a single mouthful. She only fit about half the shaft in, but her tongue moved just as skillfully as her hands and moved up and down my shaft pleasurably. Her fingers had moved to my balls, which she stroked lovingly. Her head started bobbing gently back and forth, her lips stroking my dick. Using both of her hands, her lips, and her tongue, she brought me to new sexual heights.

It didn’t take long before my cock was throbbing, feeling the limitations that it couldn’t become even more engorged with blood, such was my excitement. Her lips were soft; her tongue was wet and warm and hit all the best spots. Her fingers were delicate and mischievous, teasing me. I might have been amazed, had I already recalled that she knew all the spots to drive me crazy. After all, I had a similar ability of my own.

Grabbing tightly on her sleek hair, I pulled her head away and then pushed her to the ground. She let out a cry as I pushed her body up and plunged myself between her legs. The sweet taste of her motherhood entered my mouth. I used all of my own skills on her, and soon she was painting as well. She let out light, haggard breaths as my tongue explored the cracks and folds of her nether region.

“N-no… fair…” She panted, grabbing tightly in my hair as she started letting out cute moans. “You’ve gotten too good.”

I chuckled. “Couldn’t I say the same about you?”

“You… I can’t take it anymore. Just put it inside me.” She moaned, writhing erotically.

Her words were never sweeter, so I lined up my cock. I was already as aroused as I had ever been, and she was wet and excited. I had wondered if the experience would feel different, considering neither of us existed within our mortal bodies. I was a spirit on my way through purgatory, and she was a goddess trapped there, yet the feeling and experience were just about the same. With a thrust, I pushed myself inside her.

“Ahhhn!” She cried out, her nails scratching my back as I plunged in deeply.

Netori was an animated girl, and even with me on top, she didn’t sit back and take it passively. Her hips rotated and gyrated as I thrust into her, adding to the overall pleasure for both of us. Her hands clung to me, and for every inch of her body I explored, she took an inch of mine. We were two thieves, stealing pleasure and delight from each other, and delivering it just the same.

Our lips met again, and her tongue darted playfully around my mouth. She was always teasing, always testing my boundaries. If I didn’t remain vigilant, I’d become lost in her at any moment. Our bodies continued to move, almost like a single unit, a writhing mass of flesh and sex in a sea of white. As waves of pleasure shot from my toes to my head, I continued to increase the pace. As I moved faster, so did she.

“Ahh! Ahh! Yes! Yes!” She cried out into the endless void.

There was no echo, and I couldn’t tell how far our voices could travel, but the only noise was the sound of our bodies and our moans. No, the only thing around us was our bodies. Netori was the only thing in my world, and I was the only thing in hers. It wasn’t even a matter of ignoring the world around us. There simply wasn’t a world around us. We were the world. We were the only thing. We were everything.

“Ah… I-I’m cumming! Hakaru… make me cum!”

Netori didn’t play games or mince her words. When she was close, she wanted me to finish her. I picked up the pace, my balls slapping against her skin with each rough thrust. Even as hard as I was going, Netori lifted her hips, pushing against my cock to slide it in a little deeper and make it penetrate her a little faster. As she climaxed, I could feel a sudden flow of energy. As her pussy tightened around my cock like a vice, her entire body became less corporeal. I started to slow down.

“D-don’t stop! Keep going!” She moaned.

As if to support her own words, her hips wildly started humping my cock, savagely stretching against the muscles of her climaxing pussy forcefully. Liquid squirted out wetly as she came all over my cock, but even then, she didn’t stop. I recovered my own pace, determining to leave a piece of myself inside her before she was gone completely. Her body was slightly transparent, as in I could see the whiteness beyond through her.

As that happened, the closeness between us grew. I could feel her love, her mind, her emotions, all flooding into my body along with vitality and strength. Netori was becoming a part of me, and also a part of the sisters inside her. As we became one, so did she.

At this point, my hips were moving at a blazing rate. Even as Netori grew weaker and weaker, she tried to keep up, tried to fuck herself into oblivion. Her tongue was loose now, and freely let out cries of ecstasy, as the orgasm she had started became a continuous wave of pleasure. Even as she sacrificed everything left of her soul, she could only feel delight and contentment.

“Hakaru!” She gasped loudly. “I love you! I’ve always loved you!”

“Netori… you’re mine! Always!” I said back, kissing her roughly as I slammed my balls as deep into her as they could go, even lifting up her hips to drive them deep into her womb.

At that point, I started cumming, releasing hot seed deep inside her. Netori, who was still climaxing herself, began to shake and spasm as the feel of the heat inside her and the throbbing cock deep inside became too much to bear. More power flowed in, waves and waves of it. It was an unceasing storm. My lips connected with Netori’s. We looked into each other’s eyes. She faded away.

The storm inside me stopped as quickly as it started. I was lying in purgatory, completely alone. Even the seed I had just planted inside her had disappeared. The only thing left was a splattering of her own sex on the floor that dripped down as she came. The writhing energy inside me stopped coming, but I felt bloated like I had more energy than I knew what to do with.

My cock finally softened. My breathing returned to normal. Netori was gone. I sat there on my knees amongst a sea of infinite white for I didn’t know how long. Time in this world wasn’t like time in the mortal world. I could have been there for five minutes. I could have been there for a hundred years. The clock didn’t move, and neither did I. I was waiting for something, although if I was asked what, it’d be difficult to give an answer.

Naturally, I was waiting for Netori to return, along with Netorase, and Netorare. Yet, as time drifted by, there was no change. All that was there was me, feeling fattened with an energy I didn’t understand. I lowered my eyes. My hands tightened in aggravation. If it ended like this… if the process to put her back together failed, then all of this had been for nothing. Even if I became a god eventually, I wouldn’t want it without her by my side.

Was my body not a good enough vessel? Had I not gained enough NTR points? Were there too many leaks to patch? All of these fears went through my head, yet still, I waited. Just as I had enough and went to stand up, did I feel a sudden pain explode in my stomach.

“Ahhhh!” I screamed as I collapsed back down onto the white floor.

Energy began to flow out of me at an alarming rate. If Netori’s power had been a waterfall, then the power now was like an avalanche. It was a natural disaster, and my only option was to hold on and hope. Once again, time seemed to move by agonizingly slow. All I could feel was pain and loss. Energy left like a deflating balloon, yet I couldn’t lose consciousness. Time passed by, and it wasn’t clear whether it had been days, or minutes.

At this point, I became vaguely aware of a figure growing in front of me. It was a bright light of pure energy. It burned my eyes, but I couldn’t look away. When the last drop finally left me, the pain subsided, only to be replaced by a sudden pressure pushing me down. I felt like I was about to be flattened by something far more powerful than myself. That feeling went away quickly, ending as the very ground of purgatory trembled as if speaking out in protest over what was happening within it.

When the bright lights, the trembles, the pain, and the pressure all finally disappeared, I was left on the ground, gasping for breath. I was slightly surprised I was still alive. I was alive, and I had my wits about me. At that point, a flutter of white, seemingly whiter than even purgatory, caught my vision. I looked up to see a mysterious girl standing there. I didn’t recognize this woman at all, and yet I did as well. Her face was never a face I had seen, and yet I knew instinctively.

She was a stunning beauty, with long black hair, perfectly white skin, and a slender, yet curvy body. She was at the same level of beauty as marriage, perhaps even more beautiful. As for the three sisters, she was a step above all of them, but perhaps that was because she was all of them.

“Hello, Hakaru.” She said in a silky voice. “I’m glad we could finally meet. I am the goddess of sexual affairs. You can call me NTR.”

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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