NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 05 Chp 16

“No… please… no…” Kira was still out of it, but she was trying to deny the images that were appearing all around her, tears running down her face as she was forced to see all the horrors her body had been put through over the last year. “I’m sorry, Hakaru… I’m sorry… aahhhn…”

Her words were suddenly stopped and she made a strange noise.

“Haha… don’t tell me you’re getting wet watching yourself bang tons of strange men? Well, don’t worry, you’ll be back to what you love most shortly.” He chuckled as he sniffed her body lewdly before looking up at me. “Damn, Hakaru, I knew you loved used sluts, but she takes the cake!”

“F-fuck you!”

“T-that’s impossible.” She whimpered. “D-don’t smell…”

“Ah… but it’s true… you’re really getting wet.” He laughed and then winked at me. “Well, this aphrodisiac is literally made by a god’s skill. What girl could resist being turned into a slut?”

“I’m going to fucking kill you!” I cursed, taking a step forward.

He lifted a finger. “Ah… I wouldn’t do that. Well, you can try… how about it… do you want to give it a go?”

He reached behind himself and pulled out a knife. I tensed for a second, but he then ended up throwing it carefully forward. It hit the ground with a clatter and then slid across the slick floors until it stopped near my feet. I looked down at the knife suspiciously.

“One of the perks on working with a god of true power… if you kill me, he’ll just bring me back.” He chuckled. “However, you’ll instantly lose. Attempted murder takes you out of the game.”

“You’re still trying to pretend you guys are playing the game?”

Derek chuckled. “It’s all a game! Some of the best parts of playing games is cheating!”

“Please… stop… I don’t want this…” Tears were falling down Kira’s face as she cried.

I kept my clenched fists at my side, keeping myself from grabbing the knife. He was right. If I became a murderer, there was no chance that I would be able to stop them. I might as well be throwing in the towel completely. I couldn’t even imagine what they would do with my girls.

“You will stop this immediately!” Sasori finally had enough of seeing her daughter in pain and took a step forward. “I will be reporting this! Mr. Smith, nor will you get away with what you are doing!”

Derek let out a small laugh. “You really think your word means anything? You were already fired. Who would believe you if you suddenly came out now with slander against the man who removed you from your position? It’ll just look like a petty teacher who couldn’t handle losing her job properly. Besides, I think you’ll keep this little secret.”

“Why would I?” She snarled.

Derek rolled his eyes like it was obvious. “Because, if you don’t, I’ll reveal these pictures of your daughter. Her life will be destroyed. Not just her social life, but everything. We’ll, of course, paint her as the slut she is. I can also destroy Hakaru’s family… and if you think you’ll be spared from this…”

He clicked a button, and new things appeared. These were images of Sasori herself in compromising positions. Most of these seemed to have been taken by my father. Except, the last few depicted Sasori and I together. My face turned white, and Sasori looked like she was going to be sick.

“Proof you were actually fucking your student. You really should have checked your house after Mr. Fukumi left. He was exactly the kind of guy to have spy cameras to watch you fornicate. It was rather easy to sneak into your house and retrieve them. Cuckold would have betrayed depravity for you, but once he abandoned Mr. Fukumi, that man was all too willing to tell Depravity everything.”

“You… you bastard…” I felt weak, realizing just how behind I was in coming here. “I won’t let you take Kira…”

Of course, I’d be behind. For months, I walked around acting like nothing had happened. They had cheated to keep me from remembering, and then they had set up to destroy me the second I became a nuisance. They had months to prepare for my downfall. It was as close to a checkmate as possible. I didn’t even have Netori with me to help.

“Kira? I don’t plan to take Kira. I plan to take them all. Sasori, you’ll be my little sex doll, or I’ll reveal everything about your relationship with Hakaru. I’ll destroy you and your daughter unless you become mine.”


“It’s the only way to protect your Hakaru, right?” He chuckled, causing Sasori to look at the floor, not even willing to meet my eye. “And Maria… I’ll destroy your father, your mother, and your brother… unless you have pleased me with all of your effort.”

“N-no…” Maria gasped, covering her mouth while her eyes turned watery.

“You have nothing on me!” Akiko responded, tossing back her hair. “Even if you have images of me having sex, I don’t care if you reveal them. At worst, it’ll just make you look like a pervert. As for Hakaru, he means nothing to me.”

“Haha… Nice try.” Derek laughed. “The first rule of war, know your enemy! You may not remember right now, but you’ve played the devil before to protect Hakaru. I know the truth, that you care for him more than yourself! If you submit, you may be able to make things easier for Hakaru. However, in truth, I’m not interested in a skank like you!”

“Y-you… ahhh… ahhh…” She suddenly made a noise, her knees tightening as she bent, like she had abdominal pain.

“Is something the matter?” Derek grinned.

Kira had calmed down since the slideshows had ended, but she was panting hard, and there was a puddle under her that was likely lust. She was completely under the effects of some kind of aphrodisiac, and it showed. However, looking at Akiko’s flush cheeks and hard breathing, I realized something was up. Derek had a smug expression on his face, and a quick look at Maria and Sasori showed a similar expression. At first, I had thought they had been angry, but their expressions were too similar to Kira.

“The aphrodisiac is airborne!” I let out a gasp.

“Look at you, finally catching on.” Derek chuckled. “Like I said, it’s a godly thing. Only works on a woman, perhaps my greatest ability. Gina couldn’t spread her legs fast enough. I’m sure all of your women will do the same.”

“Girls,” I turned to them. “Get out of here!”

The three gave worried looks at me and Derek, but they knew they couldn’t stay. The feelings were growing more intense by the moment. Sasori ushered the two other girls, who were practically walking with their legs squeezed, back to the doors. However, when they tried to open them, the doors were locked.

A clapping sound turned everyone’s attention back to the stage where Derek was applauding. “Ah… this is really fun. To watch you squirm like insects, it truly was a wonderful idea to side with depravity.”

“Just stay close to me.” I whispered to the girls. “What is it that you want, Derek?”

“I’m going to fuck Kira, here, right in front of you. She loves you the most, so she’s worth the most points to break. Well, you understand that, don’t you? You can watch while your girlfriend loves every moment of my cock… and then the rest of your girls…”

“Heh… Even if you tried, I’m a pro at pleasing women. I can satisfy all of my women and be up there to kick your ass before you even get to second base!” I snapped.

Thankfully, the aphrodisiac didn’t seem to be geared specifically toward him. It was more like a generic thing that brought out their eroticism. With enough time, they’d become delirious with lust, but I was confident I could satisfy all four women, and not allow Derek to touch a single one of them. However, he let out a laugh and then pressed a button, and the lights in the auditorium turned on. I had been concentrating on him and the slideshows, so I hadn’t seen anything in the darkness. As the light appeared, and the bleachers on the side became available, my expression twisted.

There were around a hundred men, all sitting there in their underwear or less, their dicks out as they stroked themselves. The girls let out cries, looking away, but I caught Maria looking back, unable to control her body’s swelling feelings. It was like a thirsty person suddenly seeing an oasis. Even if you could see dead animals all around and knew it was poison, it’d be difficult not to take a second look. With enough time, you might even drink, even if it killed you.

Two dressed men who weren’t a part of the crowd moved to the center of the auditorium and unfolded a chair. Then they started moving toward me. I acted instinctively, reaching down and grabbing the knife.

“Back!” I cursed.

The men stopped for a single moment to look at each other and then kept approaching. They were larger men, thick enough that even if I stabbed them, I wasn’t sure I could cause damage. It was obvious they planned to hold me in the chair and make me watch. As I backed away, Derek made some gestures and all the men in the group started getting up. They were moving toward my three women, with dark, malevolent grins on their faces. Sasori grabbed the two other girls and put them behind her, trying to use her body as a shield. However, with that many men, it was basically useless.

While I was being forced back into one corner, the girls were being forced back into another. Once these two men had a grip on me, I knew I wouldn’t be getting away. As for my girls, it wouldn’t be rape, because in a few moments, they’d be wanting it. Derek was War. He had created an army, set up a trap, and in a single maneuver he was ready to destroy me. It was as simple as that.

“H-hakaru…” Kira panted. “Save me…”

She sounded very similar to a phone call she had once sent my direction long ago. It caused my heart to throb painfully, but there were two large men in my way, and all I had was a small kitchen knife.

“I’m here…” Derek said, somewhat mimicking my voice.

“Hakaru?” Kira asked, somewhat delirious.

“Of course…” He winked at me, pulling out his dick and wagging it in her face. “Put this in your mouth. It’ll make you feel good. Hakaru promises.”

His dick was actually a lot bigger than mine. He had clearly used his own points to increase the size, but where I stopped, he kept going, and he now had a 14-inch cock. I might have been able to make a comment about his own insecurity that he wasted points in such a manner, but with him pushing it in Kira’s direction, I bit my tongue.

“R-really?” Kira seemed to buy into his words.

“Damn you! Kira! Don’t!”

“Hakaru! I-I’m sorry.” Sasori cried out as the men finally cornered her, reaching out to start pawing at her until she couldn’t take it anymore.

Kira opened her mouth, hesitantly grabbing Derek’s member.

“That’s a good girl. Open your mouth, give him a good show.” Derek laughed.


“I can take you away.” A female voice suddenly broke out a few meters away.

“M-Mary!” I called out, my eyes dancing to her, “Please, help!”

Mary shook her head sadly. “I can’t interfere in this. Not with them. Only with you.”


“I can spare you the sight. I can take you away from here. You should have listened to me when you had a chance. It only would have been Kira. She would have endured.”

“Endured… and hundred men?”

She looked away sadly. “It’s the best I can do.”

“Shut up, bitch!” Derek screamed.

Kira was now stroking his dick, and it was getting hard. She was moving her mouth to it now. Sasori had been stripped down to her underwear. Guys were stroking their cocks at her and she was starting to lose herself.

“The best you can do?” I hissed. “Netori… she wouldn’t have allowed this. She’d have given everything to stop it.”

Her expression turned bitter. “Netori was a cheat and a thief! I play by the rules.”

“She’d have given everything! She took everything, but she gave everything in return! That’s what it means. NTR isn’t about stealing or losing! It’s about giving it your all for what you desire! It’s about going all in, and following your heart, damn the consequences!”

“Well, she’s gone!” Mary yelled back angrily. “She’s not coming back! She’s in a place only the dead can enter! You’ll never see her again!”

“Dead…” My back hit the wall.

“Yes…” She reached out. “Please… come with me. You don’t have to feel pain anymore.”

“Pain… is a part of love. You don’t get it, Mary… no one can be perfect. You just have to give your all.” A smile formed on my lips.

“Hey! Hakaru,” Derek looked at me, “Damn, she can only fit the tip!” She had his dick in her mouth.

“Hakaru…” Mary made one last gesture.

I lifted the knife, causing the two men to freeze for a second, and then I plunged it into my chest.

“No!” Mary cried out.

“Hakaru!” Sasori let out a blood-curdling screech that even caused the surrounding men to flinch and back away.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The person who screamed the loudest was Derek.

Sasori’s scream had caused Kira to gain lucidity for just a second. Just as her lips wrapped around Derek’s cock, her eyes fell on a dagger entering my chest. All thoughts of anything else fled her mind. She instinctively closed her teeth as hard as possible. She ended up biting the tip of his cock right off.

As my blood splattered across the two shocked men, Derek’s blood splattered across Kira’s face. Grabbing his groin, he fell off the stage screaming, while she spit out a pink thing in disgust. Mary was running toward me, the auditorium had broken into pandemonium, and I was collapsing to the ground. Darkness flooded my vision, but it was quickly followed by a white light.

As I breathed my last breath, a voice suddenly whispered in my ear. “Where do you think you’re going? I keep what I steal.”

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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