NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 05 Chp 15

The girls could see the worry and fear in my expression, so they didn’t have to ask. I wanted to leave them behind and go on my own, but right after making a speech about how we were all in this together, I feared being cautious would cost me in the end. I didn’t know what I would face at the school, but I knew I’d be able to face it better with the girls beside me. Thus, we all ended up piling into Sasori’s mini-van and leaving for the school.

It wasn’t so odd for Miss Fukumi to need to return to the school, especially with her daughter there. It’d be less odd for her to take a group of kids, rather than drive around with a single guy. All in all, it was probably for the best that I decided to bring all of the girls.

On the way, I began to give the girls the cliff notes version on what was going on. I decided it was too late to hold anything back from them. Whatever rules there might have been at one point involving the game, they had been obliterated the second they had taken Netori away from me. I explained my death, the appearance of the goddess NTR, the game, in very rough terms, and the relationships I had with each girl.

I was shocked to see them nodding their heads in acceptance. I had expected them to think I was lying. Perhaps their repeated exposure to that world had already desensitized them to the idea. Perhaps, their trust in me was just that great.

They weren’t exactly pleased to hear that our sexual encounters ended up being scored by invisible points from the gods, but they didn’t hold it against me. I was actually a little worried they might blame me personally for it. I was afraid they’d feel manipulated or cheated out of their lives. Akiko was the one I had used my abilities on the most, so I really was afraid of her thoughts. I ended up asking if she was okay with it.

“Hakaru is still Hakaru…” She responded simply. “You… killed yourself because of me?”


When she said that, I suddenly felt super embarrassed. There were several factors that led to me killing myself, but at its simplest, seeing her cheating on me was what spawned the start.

“Never do it again!” Akiko said, her face suddenly flashing with anger. “I will never do that to you ever again! I know your feelings for me, and I reciprocate them!”

“D-don’t act so pleased! You made Brother kill himself! If that had actually happened…” Maria teared up.

“I-I’m not pleased!” Akiko blushed, trying to hide the somewhat happy expression on her face that broke through the angry look she had worn.

“I agree!” Miss Fukumi responded. “I feel like I failed as your teacher. That you were driven to such a state and I didn’t even know… I should have… I could have…”

“Become my lover earlier?” I asked, a grin on my face as I reached over and fondled her breasts.

“Y-you… naughty… I’m driving!”

I pulled my hand away, as I really did want her to hurry. However, my expression grew serious for a second.

“The boy who killed himself was me a long time ago. Back then, I was weak and scared, and I ended up losing everything as a result. That same kind of situation won’t happen again. However, make no mistake, I would die for any one of you.”


“Saying that now…”

The girls were all flustered to speechlessness. I hadn’t meant it to entice them. I had spoken the simple truth. I wasn’t willing to lose them again. I would give anything, even my life, for the women in my life. As I thought those words, I realized they were the truth. The mini-van finally descended into silence. However, it wasn’t a long trip overall, and we didn’t wait long before the school was in sight.

By the time we got there, the sun was starting to set. My mind started thinking about Kira once again. I hadn’t felt this anxious since I got the phone call from Kira begging for help. I had called her phone twice and texted her on the way, but she still hadn’t returned my calls.

When the mini-van pulled up in front of the school, I practically leaped out. Akiko was the boldest, and followed after me without a thought. Miss Fukumi was a little slower, and Maria still felt a bit awkward being here at all. It had only been a day since we had started to form a relationship in her mind, and now she was suddenly being tossed into a world with gods and magic.

I didn’t feel ready for a final confrontation with Depravity. I only got my memory back and realized he existed a little bit earlier that day. Now, things were brought to an end. He was holding Kira and making his move. Perhaps he was afraid of what Mary would do if he waited any longer. After all, she was a wild card to him. Either way, he had made his move, and I had reached a point where I wouldn’t give up what was mine without fighting. So, I was here, and I had no clue what I was going to see, or how I was going to deal with it. For once, I was going in without a single plan.

When we reached the doors, however, a person stepped out and I found myself stopping short. Akiko ran into my back, having been hot on my heals. The other two girls were farther behind, and they slowed down as they noticed her.

“Mary…” I said shortly. “Where are they?”

“You don’t want to go in there.” She responded, biting her lip.

“Is that more of your manipulation?” I demanded.

“No…” She looked down shamefully. “It’s my wish to protect you.”

“Kira is in there, yes?”

“Kira… has been through worse.” She spoke slowly, causing my hands to tighten. “She can… still take it. You can claim her back when you’re ready.”

“I won’t let him have her!”

“You’re not ready for Depravity! He’s not a man who plays by the rules. He never has been. When it comes to a sexual relationship, he can be exciting, but he is also chaos incarnate. He will break your girlfriend, and any of these other girls too. Take them home, protect them. Kira… her mind is already protected a bit thanks to Netorase. With time, you can win her back.”


“Why not?” Mary’s face flashed with a bit of anger, and for just a second, I felt some kind of indescribable pressure push down on me, which had to be the might of a goddess.

However, I was completely unphased. “Because I love her!”

Mary blinked, as if she didn’t understand the words.

“NTR Crush isn’t a game to me. It’s a life. I take what I love, and I hold on to it, because I love them all! I won’t let anyone I love suffer! I won’t let anyone I love regret! If I’m not good enough for them, to hell with letting them go! I’ll become someone good enough for them!”

As I was yelling, I had closed the distance between us, and I realized I had been shouting right in her face. Our lips were only centimeters from me, and she was looking at me with teary eyes, her entire body shaking.

“Hakaru… I can’t let you be hurt either…”

“It would hurt more doing nothing… I’m just a man, I can only do so much.”

She bit her quivering lip. “Are you sure about that?”


She lowered her head, “He has her in the gym. He… hasn’t done anything yet. It’s no fun without an audience. That’s what he believes. He’s expecting you.”

I nodded and walked past her. Mary could only stand there with her head down, saying nothing as the girls walked by. When Maria passed her, she put out her hand.

Mary glanced at it in confusion. “I… can’t do anything to help here.”

“You can be there for him too. Sometimes, being there is enough.” Maria responded.

Mary cautiously reached out and grabbed Hakaru’s sister’s hand, and the pair entered the school together, following the rest of the group.

I charged forward without caution, pushing my way into the auditorium. It was dark, except for a single spotlight. It illuminated someone in the middle of the room. That person was Kira, still in her school uniform, although it looked like it had been roughed up a bit. She was sitting in a chair, and she was bound to it with ropes that were tied behind her back. Her face was strangely flushed, and she looked a bit out of it like she had been drugged.

“Kira!” I immediately called out, the word echoing across the room.

She jerked, looking up, but her eyes were unfocused. “Ha-Hakaru…”

I started running toward her, but only made it half way when I started hearing clapping. A form stepped out into the light, but it wasn’t Mr. Smith, like I had expected.

“Hey, Hakaru…” Derek smirked.


He stretched, laughing to himself. “Are you really surprised? You had to know I was playing the game, right?”


“I’ve tried to hurt you a few times already. Fiddling with Gina, getting her pregnant, and getting her to blame you… that really should have worked. Destroying your relationship with Kira and Akiko. That should have worked too. I had to admit, I was growing really frustrated when you kept worming your way out of these situations.

“You see, my god is War… but not the War. He’s more like the God of battling for love. Wouldn’t he be a perfect fit for NTR? He thinks so. Thankfully, Depravity doesn’t mind. As long as War becomes his subordinate, Depravity will let him have NTR.”

“And what do you get out of it?”

“Riches? Fame? Power? What else is there? You were too naïve, Hakaru. All you thought about was playing with women. You don’t realize the truth. Women mean nothing. With those other three, you can have any woman you want. While you fight in the trenches trying to steal slutty housewives from their husbands, I’ll be having my pick of beautiful supermodels. You’ll spend months convincing a woman she loves you to get her to suck your dick, I’ll just snap my fingers, and a man will willingly hand me his wife for the hopes of a promotion. That is the life I envision. I’m not going to steal a small slice of heaven; I’m going to rule the entire place!”

“Then, why bother with me at all?”

“You? You’re more personal.” He chuckled. “Depravity wants you to fail.”

“Where is Mr. Smith, after all? Using another proxy again, like Mr. Fukumi?”

“Hehehe… why does he need to get his hands dirty when he has already won?” Derek asked, “Besides, I practically volunteered when I heard what he had planned for tonight’s little game.”

“Derek… we don’t have to be enemies. Just give back my girlfriend?”

“Your girlfriend?” Derek smirked. “Is that what she’s calling herself? It’s so hard to tell, she’s had so many…”

Derek reached up and clicked a button. Suddenly, a screen appeared. Kira was naked, and there were several men having her. I heard a gasp behind me. That would be her mother, Sasori.

“You… bastard…” I cursed.

“Me? None of this was me! Kira had become Depravity’s favorite plaything long before NTR came along. She had been used by countless men… even those you know…”

He clicked a button, and another video popped up next to the first one. This one caused Maria to let out a cry, covering her eyes. It was Father. He was plowing away at Kira from behind. He clicked another button, and Mr. Fukumi was there, watching his daughter get fucked by a stranger while jacking off. He ended up cumming on his daughter.

“N-no…” Sasori let out a wail, falling to her knees.

Click. Click. Click. Video after video started until the walls of the auditorium were filled with Kira. Sometimes she was crying. Other times, her face was full of sexual bliss. There were at least a hundred different men. Every position, every hole, with varying numbers of partners. There was no sound, but that made the whole scene even more chilling. I had known something bad had happened to Kira because of Mr. Smith, but I had never dreamed it had been to this extent. I felt like my heart was being stabbed.

On the stage, Derek grinned malevolently. He was just getting started.

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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