NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 05 Chp 04

I approached the door to my motel room, my hand freezing as I reached for the doorknob. Behind the door was Kira, who I had slept with dozens of times. No, I meant, I had never slept with her before. I grabbed my head, feeling confused for a second. It was strange. I should be extremely nervous. I should be terrified of opening that door. However, I felt calm. That was the thing that was terrifying if that made sense. I should be worked up walking into the room of the woman I planned to have sex with for my first time.

Quit trying to freak yourself out, Hakaru! I tried to mentally berate myself.

I should just find it lucky that I wasn’t nervous and use that to my advantage, I should go in there and give her the time of her life. It was that simple, wasn’t it? With one last breath, I reached out and grabbed the doorknob. At the same time, I used the old key to turn and unlocked the door. I ended up slipping into a dark room.

I could see Kira’s form under the bed. I could only raise an eyebrow, as she was on the bed under the sheets, and only her lower half was exposed. I couldn’t help but fight back a smile. She was so nervous, that she didn’t even want to be seen. Well, it was so dark, I could barely see her anyway. For some reason, seeing her bare-naked pussy the shadowed form of her spread open legs in the dark caused me to relax, and I pulled out my dick and casually approached her.

I grew hard in an instant, but before I stuck it in, I licked my fingers and then began to explore her lips with them. Her body shuddered, and I heard cute whimpering noises as my fingers first played with her clit, and then slipped inside her. I added a bit more spit, tasting her sweet scent before pushing my fingers inside her. With one hand wrapped around my hard cock, stroking it excitedly, the other hand pushing my fingers in and out of her.

She whimpered and moaned, and my fingers slipped inside her easily. I might have questioned if she was a virgin, but something in my mind said that this was natural, and not strange at all. As my fingers danced inside her, I could feel her growing wet around me. My dick was also growing a dull ache, eager to feel deep inside her womb. This all felt incredibly natural like I had done these dozens of times. Even as my fingers explored her, I felt a familiarity, instantly targeting the part I knew would drive her excitedly.

“H-Hikaru…” I heard her muffled moan come out from under her comforter.

Her voice sounded a bit off, but I was already extremely aroused, and so was she. Her hips were thrusting up gently against my fingers, clearly wanting something a little bigger inside her. I was happy to accommodate, so I shifted over and pushed my dick up against her clit. Her hips rose up, trying to get her pussy penetrated all of the way, but I pulled back slightly, teasing her by denying her penetration. Instead, I rubbed the head of my cock gently up and down her wet crack. At this point, she was so moist it slid the whole length with ease. I could hear her panting excitedly under the sheets.

Finally, taking a hard hold of my member, I put my hands on her pelvis, lightly running my fingers through her coarse black pubic hair before sliding inside. I couldn’t help but let out a moan of satisfaction as my cock slid into her soft pussy. She felt really wet, gushy, and warm, and the feeling was both incredible and somewhat nostalgic. I had never been in a woman before, so I didn’t know why I still had such a sense of familiarity.

As my dick filled her up, I could feel the movement deep inside her through my palm. Using the grip to stabilize myself, I started to slide in and out of her crotch. I should have started slow for a virgin girl like her, but those kinds of thoughts did not occur to me. I pushed down, pinning her pelvis to the bed, and then began to thrust into her roughly, treating her pussy as my own detached sex toy. With each thrust, she grew even wetter, and I could tell with a slight twitching feeling that she came.

However, she was trying to be really quiet under the covers, and thus I only heard an occasional whimper or moan. In some ways, it was kind of sexy, since I was using my girlfriend like a toy. On the other hand, it wasn’t terribly romantic. I kind of wanted to kiss and play with her. I wanted to see her expression, touch her breasts, and feel her naked body against my own.

However, she seemed to have the blanket around herself tightly, and I wasn’t able to pull it away easily without disrupting the current groove we were in. With her whimpering softly and me slamming it into her snatch with one wet thrust after another, I didn’t want to ruin things. So, instead, I decided to talk.

“Hey, Kira, how is it?” I asked.

“Wha-what? Kira?” A confused voice rose from the blankets.

The girl under me suddenly moved rapidly, managing to pull her head out from the top of her blanket. As soon as I saw her, my mind froze for a moment. I wasn’t staring at Kira, my girlfriend, but Akiko, my ex-girlfriend. My dick was still inside her, and I had even thrust a few more times into her. Realization slowly started to dawn on me.

“A-A-Akiko?” I said in a strained voice.

“Hakaru!” She cried out as well, looking just as confused.

“What are you doing?”

“Wh-what are you doing?” She shot back.

None of us were moving. I still had my dick in her, but I was staring in disbelief like I couldn’t even come to terms with what was going on.

“This is my room? I gave the key to Kira!”

“No! I was given this key by Derek! I definitely was!” She cried out, and then her eyes widened. “And he said… when you get ready, cover your face and body tightly and don’t say anything. It’s a little game, okay?”

When her words finally sunk in, I started to realize exactly what had just happened. When Derek had taken both of our keys, he gave the wrong key to the wrong girl. Basically, he played a switch on us, just like he had wanted to do at the beginning of prom! Anger started to fill my mind.

“That bastard!” I cursed, starting to turn to leave.

I actually didn’t know which room exactly was his. I had a rough idea, but I didn’t have his key. He could be playing with my girlfriend at this exact moment. He had said something like he had told Akiko to tell Kira the same. So, if she was in a similar position, she was being taken advantage of by that son of a bitch! I couldn’t believe that he had so shamelessly screwed me over. I was so angry I wanted to punch something.

“Hakaru!” Akiko seemed to see the emotions dancing over my face, and as I tried to leave, she had finally managed to get her hands free, so she reached out and grabbed my arm.

“Derek did this!” I snarled back at her. “He had his eyes on Kira all along. That bastard wanted to turn you girls into his harem or some shit. He said so earlier. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do this with you.”

She looked down, her cheeks turning slightly pink. “Even if you say that, I’m not angry, since it’s you.”

“Akiko, Kira might be having sex with him right now?”

“It’s okay…”

“How is it okay?” I demanded. “She could be being raped right now!”

“It’s okay because I wanted this to happen!” Akiko cried out, her eyes watering. “I’m sorry I didn’t say anything, but for the last few months, all I can think about is you. That’s why I don’t do anything with Derek anymore. I wasn’t sure, I kind of expected Derek was going to pull something. That’s why I was willing to do this. I didn’t think… well… I hoped…”

I shook my head in confusion. “Wait… wait… you said my name earlier! Were you in on this?”

I suddenly recalled she had called my own name. She had known I was the guy giving it to her from the beginning! Before the anger grew, she was violently shaking her head, looking at me desperately.

“No! Not at all! I didn’t know! That was…” She looked away, blushing. “I accidentally called your name instead of his. I thought it was him, so I was afraid he heard or would say something. That’s why I didn’t show my face and stayed so quiet. I was afraid it was him. When I saw it was you though, I realized it was fate that we ended up together.”

“Akiko… we broke up… I’m with Kira now.”

“I don’t care!” She responded stubbornly. “I want you!”


“Kira can stay! You can just have her and me! Derek didn’t succeed! I’m going to break up with him tonight. As for Kira, she’ll definitely not go that far. I didn’t tell her what Derek told me. So, when he went into her room, she definitely would have seen him. She might have even slapped him. So, it’s fine, okay? It can just be you and me for now, okay? I won’t even tell Kira. I can just be your side girl. I just don’t want you to throw me away, okay?”

As she spoke frantically, she pulled aside the blankets and tossed them away, revealing her naked and aroused body entirely. She was a beautiful young girl, and the room was barely lit, giving her body a dark and romantic appearance. It was an alluring sight that was difficult for me to look away from. I really did want to push her down and have my way with her. My thoughts about Kira started to get jumbled, and I found myself leaning down, pushing myself back into her and then kissing her lips. The pair of us lay like that, kissing for a solid minute.

I still wasn’t sure if I was going to keep fucking her. My mind was still trying to make that decision. However, a moment later, it was made for me. The door suddenly was unlocked and opened. It flew open with an elaborate bang, and a hand shot for the light and turned it on. In an instant, our naked bodies were filled with light. Standing in the doorway was Derek and Kira, both fully dressed. Kira had watery eyes and her hand over her mouth as she looked at the pair of us, who were in each other’s arms. Even though we hadn’t continued having sex, it wouldn’t look like that given our positions.

Derek was wearing a smug expression and crossed his arms. “Wow… I can’t believe you’d do that with my girlfriend. Some friend you are! We realized we got the wrong keys right away, and I went to the office and got them to give me a spare to get into your room. I would never have imagined you’d take the opportunity to cheat on your girlfriend and fuck my girl. Damn!”

Although his tone was slightly admonishing and angry, it was clear to me he had done it all on purpose. Was this really his plan? Perhaps he planned to rape Kira first, and then do this after. Maybe Akiko had prevented that from happening by not spreading the word to Kira. Either way, we were exposed, and there was little we could argue.

Akiko shook her hands frantically. “You… I mean… you set us up!”

“Set you up?” He put on an ugly face. “All I did was swap keys. For you to claim anything else, it is disgusting! Come Monday. We’re no longer together. As for you, Hakaru, whatever comes of this is your fault!”

He spun and left, not giving anyone else a look as the door closed behind him. This left me naked in a room with Akiko and my own girlfriend. She suddenly started crying, covering her mouth as she let out soft wails. I felt like complete trash. I had hurt her. Sure, Derek had done all of this on purpose. I couldn’t even imagine why he hated me so much. What had I really done to him that he set me up in this way? At least, that was the thought running through my mind.

“Kira… I love Hakaru! I’m sorry!”

“Heh…” Kira suddenly stopped sobbing and made a laughing noise.

“Kira…” I reached out, and she took a step back, causing me to feel a bit of pain.

“H-Hakaru… Akiko. This is so messed up.” Kira said softly, almost to herself.

“I know… I didn’t mean to-“

“I’m so happy!” Kira suddenly giggled, more tears running down her cheeks.


“Seeing you two together, I’m not angry. I feel relieved. I feel happy. I don’t understand it. I’m really messed up, aren’t I? My boyfriend is with another woman, but rather than angry, I feel really excited.”

Kira bit one her nails, looking back and forth between the two of us. However, her eyes didn’t hold any pain or unhappiness. Rather, she looked intrigued and slightly aroused.

“Kira, I don’t think I understand what you mean?” I gave it one last go.

“C-can you two continue?”


“Mm…” Kira blushed, not able to meet my eyes, “I suddenly got really excited over the thought of watching. Hakaru creampie Akiko. Can you continue? C-can I watch?”

Her eyes were eager and didn’t hold a single hint of unwillingness.

“Okay…” I called out, “Then please continue to watch.”

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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