NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 04 Chp 31

“Ha-Hakaru!” Vienna gasped, taking a step back in surprise.

“Hello, Vienna.” I chuckled. “What? You were expecting someone else?”

She made a bitter face, looking away. “I wouldn’t have guessed that you had such strong feelings for me.”

“Hehe… well, perhaps I went a little overboard.”

She sniffed, crossing her arms. “What is it that you really want? We have a deal.”

“Well, what can I say?” I held out my arms. “I altered the deal. Pray I do not alter it further.”


“Come here!” I moved forward and grabbed her, causing her to let out a yip.

It was very unlikely, but I feared she might bolt for the door. Since I now had her in my hands, there were no more worries. Rather, I could enjoy myself.

“Hakaru, don’t…Mmm!” She tried to fight back, but I locked her with my lips immediately.

She managed to get her hands up to my chest where she pushed, finally getting her lips free. She turned her head away, still avoiding my advances.

“Hakaru… after the meeting, you can do whatever you want to me.” She panted, but then she grinned. “At least, you can try.”

“Hehe… I think you’ll find the guy who came all over your tits to be vastly different from last time.” I snorted.

“Hmph… don’t all little boys just cum on mommy’s tits?” She responded.

As she realized she couldn’t escape by acting innocent and pleading, she started to switch strategies, now she was trying to goad me with criticism and demeaning words. She wanted to make me angry, perhaps even sloppy. However, I didn’t plan to fall for it.

I reached up and grabbed her blouse, tearing it open. She exhaled of breath in surprise as her large breasts were once again freed from their restraints. Her clothing, which was always confining, hid a sensual body that demanded to be free. As her chest bounced out of her torn blouse, I dived right in, grabbing her breasts. Vienna didn’t stop me from pawing at her, but she did have an ugly expression on her face, clearly unhappy that I was doing this.

“Well, you are a young boy.” She finally sighed. “I suppose it was too much to expect you to hold it in until after. Very well. Since I still have time, I’ll get you off. Fifteen minutes is more than enough time to leave you happy.”

“You’re still looking down on me.” I chuckled rubbing my face in her cleavage.

Of course, I hadn’t used my pressure points yet. In fact, I was intentionally acting like an inexperienced high school boy on purpose. Putting all my efforts into playing with her tits, I came off like your typical kid who didn’t know how to touch a woman. She already had the impression I was just too young to satisfy a real woman, so I was simply reinforcing it. In truth, I had long graduated from that level even before my training with Netorase. It was just bad luck and admittedly my own hubris that I had failed to properly satisfy her during our first encounter and came early. Sasori and my mother were both also mature women, and I had left them satisfied. Adding to that my training under the guidance of two insatiable goddesses, and I could be said to be at my prime right now.

As I sloppily sucked her nipple, I could feel Vienna touching my hand, stroking it in an almost motherly, or perhaps condescending way. I could feel her body relaxing in my grip. Her guard was starting to drop, as well as her physical and emotional defenses. She thought she was going to take control, make me climax, and then go about her business.

The expectation was a hard thing to overcome, so it was easy for her to fall for this trap. It was one of the first things the goddesses taught me. First appearances were hard to shake, and if you give someone an impression, it’s much easier to reinforce it than to destroy it. Even had she been warned by her god to be wary around me, an adult woman would struggle to see a boy as a man. She was treating me like a puppy dog when what she really had in her arms was a dragon preparing to devour her.

Well, suckering her in was easy. The tricky part was to destroy her misconceptions. It had to be done swiftly and absolutely, not giving her any time to recover until she was nothing but putty in my hands.

“Ah… ah…” She let out light moans as I played with her chest.

They were carefully calculated to excite my blood and push me over the edge. Now that I could see the signs of this woman’s attempts to manipulate and get what she wanted, they became all the more amateurish.

“Hakaru… please… stick it in!” She begged.

Naturally, she intended to drive me over the limit. There had been a subtle degree of impatience as I sucked on her tits. She clearly wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible so that she could return to her event and whatever her grand plan was.

That’s why I allowed my eyes to flash with excitement, my mouth opening hungrily as I stared at her. My capacity to act deserved an award. On the other hand, since this was all being recorded, her request would be another chain that would bind her. She didn’t realize it, but while trying to deal with me, she was only adding to her own humiliation and defeat.

I pawed hungrily at her body, grabbing at her ass as someone like Matt might. My expression said that all I wanted was to unwrap and savor this body, like the horny teenager I was. Vienna had completely fallen for the illusion, grabbing my hand from her butt and leading me to the edge of the porch. She slowly unzipped the side of her skirt, allowing her ass to pop out the top as the tight material slid down. I gulped down saliva. It added to the effect, but the gulp was genuine. She had a perfect bubble butt, and I was genuinely taken aback for a moment until I got back control of my body.

She knew just what she was doing, and she reached back and spread herself, “Come… please… I want it inside me.”

Her voice was drenched in honey, but I was one of a few people who realized how venomous it actually was. Of course, it was part of my plan to depict Vienna as the aggressor. I hoped the camera got a good view of her begging a student to penetrate her. I stepped forward, grabbing her ass greedily, even letting just a hint of drool fall from my face. She smiled at me with a seductive smile. She really thought I couldn’t see the hidden scorn in her expression.

Well, even a promise made under Locked Promise couldn’t change a person’s hidden feelings. She may have agreed to offer me her body, which was exactly why she couldn’t reject me right now, but that didn’t mean her attitude and behavior changed. That sort of thing would come next.

I lined my dick up with her pussy. Even though she was an experienced woman, my dick was big enough to cause her to gasp. Compared to that councilman and his pencil dick, this beast would definitely need to be pushed to fit into her caverns.

I worked on forcing my dick into her, continuing the charade of an inexperienced and over-eager guy. I even popped the head into her ass for a moment.

“Ah!” Her cry was genuine this time. “Wrong hole, Hakaru… naughty boy…”

Her voice wasn’t angry but teasing. Had it been me from even a week or two ago, I might have just forced it into her ass and had my way with her. I would have enjoyed her yowls and screams as I fucked her roughly in the butt. I would have fucked her until she collapsed, her ass sore and her eyes filled with tears. More embarrassingly, I would have walked away thinking I had won.

But the truth was that acting that way would have been a defeat for me. My goal wasn’t to gain satisfaction or revenge. It wasn’t to demean or embarrass her. Rather, I was here to make Vienna mine. I had to warp her body and mind until I was the only thing that mattered. I had to fuck her so good that she handed me her heart. Thus, after re-fixing my dick, I finally slid it into her pussy.

“Oh, Hakaru… so big… you’re making me cum…” She moaned, gyrating her hips on my cock.

Even though her body was leaning over the rails and she was bent over, she was using her body to satisfy my dick, rocking her ass back and forth. The floodlights shined off of my wet dick as it slid in and out of her tight, waiting snatch. I didn’t even need to thrust like this, as Vienna was doing all of the motions herself, using her skill as a woman to satisfy my dick.

Sasori had occasionally become aggressive like this too. At the time, I had grown flustered and all but let her have her way with me. Any attempts to take control looked like the pouts of a child who didn’t know how to best satisfy his own dick. Just letting go and letting the girl lead had some merit, but today wasn’t a day for that kind of thing.

With her butt facing me and her face the other direction, she didn’t see the dark grin forming on my lips. Had she seen it, she definitely would have grown more cautious and stopped trying to work my shaft to quickly get me off. Of course, while she was doing this, I wasn’t being useless. Although my skill allowed me to instantly ascertain the sensitive parts of a woman, every woman was different and carried her own nuances. The longer I studied her body, the more attuned to her vices I became. Thus, when I began, I would touch her in every way that inflamed her body.

Of course, I also used Inner Desires on her, further determining that she actually secretly liked being dominated. Then, excuse me if I stop being gentle. As far as Dirt Scribe goes…

Get off already… I have things to do…

Yeah, it told me what I already knew to be the truth. She was just going through motions, convinced that she had the upper hand. All she had to do was finish me off and then she could follow through with whatever her plans were. I wasn’t convinced she didn’t still have something up her sleeve, so naturally, this next part was necessary. As far as how close I was to losing it, the answer would be not at all. If I went by Netori’s rating system, my own sexual stamina had increased to 25/100, nearly doubling in the last month.

Sexual stamina related not just to how long you could last, but also how long you could go, which were similar, but also quite different. As a typical rule, every 10 levels you could cum and then keep going. So, at 10, you could bring a girl full satisfaction with just your penis and climax at roughly the same time, on average. Someone less than ten might have to depend on fingers, toys, or tongue.  At 25, I could creampie a girl twice and still have the stamina to keep going a little bit longer. That was a rough estimate, naturally, and also depended on the woman’s sexual stamina.

While my success might seem like a middling amount, most professional pornstars only sat at around a 40. According to Netori, the 60s was reserved for sex-obsessed nymphomaniacs, people who literally had a mental illness. As for higher than that? In order to have higher sexual stamina, you’d need higher stamina, and that exceeds the limits of what a human can do. Only the sex gods are that rambunctious.

Yeah, this is enough waiting. It’s time to bring her into submission.

I reached out and under her body, cupping her tits. She made a pleased moan as I grabbed onto them. Then, I squeezed the part just under the fat, attacking the most sensitive part of her chest which I previously ascertained while I was drooling on them. Her gyrating hips froze for a second and her hands tightened on the rail of the patio.

“Ahhhn!” She cried out in what was clearly the first authentic moan of the night.

I went back to mindlessly pawing her breasts, and a moment later she regained her rhythm, trying to work my cock until I came. If I could see her face, there would probably be a slightly confused expression. She was probably thinking that even a blind squirrel stumbles on a nut once in a while. It must have been an accident that I hit a sensitive area.

No, Vienna. I have all the nut. And I’m about to give it to you!

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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