NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 04 Chp 17

Somehow during our kissing and touching, Kira and I managed to make it back to her room. I could barely even remember how, as all of my focus was on her. Her eyes held love and desire, and I knew mine looked the same way. I didn’t understand what had caused Netorase to lose her grip on Kira, but now that we started, I definitely couldn’t stop myself from finally expressing how I felt with her.

She started to pull at my clothing, loosening it one article at a time. I did the same to her, and soon the pair of us were naked. This wasn’t the first time I was naked in the same room with this woman, but the atmosphere felt completely different. There was a hint of desperation and need. If Netorase were to suddenly return at this moment, I wasn’t sure if I could keep my cool.

Tears fell down her face as the pair of us kissed, but they were tears of overwhelming desire and emotion. I was certain of that. It was almost like I could read Kira’s emotions, and she, in turn, could read mine.

There was no foreplay. We didn’t need any to become intensely aroused at the touch and feel of each other’s bodies. It was like each touch was filled with electricity. I could feel her heartbeat through her chest, her love through the moans of her throat, and her despite the scent of her womanhood. This heightened state of arousal was something I realized only happened when I laid with someone I deeply cared about and wanted to show them how much I cared.

With each of the girls in my life, Akiko, Maria, and Sasori… this had happened. It was a point where I was having sex with them not for sexual gratification or as some need to control and desire them, but because I was bursting with strange emotions and the only way. I could express them was by ravaging their bodies. This meant to me that I must have truly been in love with Kira after all. There was no way to deny it now. I absolutely wouldn’t allow her to walk away again.

As my member started to press against the outside of her lips, I looked her in the eyes. “You’re mine. Forever.”

Watery as they were and without her glasses on, her eyes looked like deep pools. She nodded up and down, showing no desire to resist in the slightest. Promise me.

“Always…” She panted. “I’m Hakaru’s woman.”  

I pushed my hips down and slid the rest of the way inside her. She let out a moan, but it showed no pain or discomfort. Rather, a smile formed on her face as we finally united as one. I had penetrated her as Netorase before, but only now did I feel like I had finally had Kira. The fact that she was mine wasn’t just a verbal agreement. There was a flash of energy, and I felt the power of Locked Promise taking hold. Yet, as the magic settled, Kira didn’t shy away from it or reject it in the slightest.

I didn’t understand it myself. Kira was a blessed vessel. With her connection to Netorase, it should have been impossible to use any godly powers on her. However, I seemed to feel a certainty that she was bound to me now. Of course, as I felt it, I realized that it didn’t matter if we had the magic or not. In any form, Kira would always be mine.

I started to thrust into her, and with each thrust, Kira would moan. Her arms and legs were wrapped around me, completely accepting my body while clinging to it. Our sweaty naked bodies moved almost as one, writhing orgasmically on the small dorm bed, dirtying the sheets with the stink of our desire and lust. The more I thrust into Kira, the more I wanted of her. It was like a positive feedback mechanism, never giving me enough satisfaction that I couldn’t take more.

Yet, as much as I wanted of Kira, she was willing to give it all. I took it from her, and she gave to me. And as I did so, I started to feel something else. As I thrust into her, I wasn’t the only one experiencing pleasure. As fucked her, I wasn’t the only one present. There was the two of us. She was taking from me just as much. As for me, I was happy to give it to her. In fact, I couldn’t stop giving it to her. I wanted her to have everything.

Kira took from me, and I gave to her. I took it from Kira, and she gave to me. Like that, it was no longer a matter of me pushing a girl down and having my way with her. It wasn’t just sex, or orgasms, or indulgence. It was like the two of us were one. It felt like the way I had felt with Netorare before she left. It was combining ourselves as if we were uniting to become one. We moved together, loved together, created sweet scents that blended together. It was as if we had become a single entity of sex and love.

I shared a piece of myself with her, and she returned a piece in kind. No one lost anything. In fact, everyone gained. It was not a game of stealing everything or gaining it, it was mutual satisfaction! My mind started to light up as if I was having some kind of epiphany. The thoughts were there, but it was like they were covered with a steamy blanket. My mind was abuzz with sexual satisfaction, and the gentle soft moans of Kira, whose lips were right next to my ears, was like the music of a succubus.

Without realizing it, I had already reached my limit. Suddenly, all thoughts of sharing, giving, or taking was obliterated. My balls were erupting, and I was going to give something to Kira alright.

“I’m cumming!” I panted.

“Give it to me! I want it all inside me. I want Hakaru’s seed inside me!” She cried out.

Safety First was a newly acquired ability of mine. Although I was certain Locked Promise worked, I still had the feeling that any other abilities I used would fail. Would that include Safety First, I wondered? Would Kira end up becoming pregnant when I released my seed in her? There was a possibility. I suddenly realized that I didn’t mind at all if that was the case.

Her thighs tightened rhythmically. Kira was no stranger to sexual intercourse, and as a result, she had strong inner muscle control. She managed to squeeze my cock, urging me to cum even while I myself briefly went through that internal struggle. Although I had a moment of doubt, it was clear in her eyes that she didn’t. I realized with the look she was giving me that she wouldn’t hesitate to bare my children. After all, she was mine, forever.

I squeezed her tightly, trying to hold her as close to me as possible. Meanwhile, bursts of hot cum shot out into her womb. Using her vaginal muscles, she milked my cock with her pussy excitedly, sucking in the cum and making sure it all ended up in her womb. As she did it, she whispered sexy words into my ear gently.

“Hakaru’s filling my womb. I love you so much. It’s okay. Feel me up. I’ll only ever be Hakaru’s. Only Hakaru’s seed may enter ever again.”

We remained like that, naked and in each other’s arms for some time. There was noise outside of the room. It was move-in day. New boys would be coming to the school and become part of the Principal’s strange experiment. However, for us, the noises were ignored. We had each other, and that was all that mattered. The door was locked, and no one bothered us, so we spent our time in each other’s embrace, sharing each other’s company. There was a flash when I thought that last part. What was that about sharing? I ended up having an orgasm and my thoughts and revelations seemed to go out the window. Ah, who cared? I was happy. That’s when a thought came to me. This had felt a lot like with Netorare! Did Netorase…”

“Kira… about Netorase…” I spoke anxiously, even though my naked body was still pressed against her, and my soft cock was still being squeezed by her vagina.

“She’s inside me,” Kira said, glancing away. “During the argument, you had caused her a great shock. She actually lost control. Had I not been awake at the time, I would have assuredly collapsed on the ground unconscious. Instead, I just got control of my body again for a brief time.”

Perhaps this was why Locked Promise was able to work, although I didn’t know what shock she received that would have caused a goddess to lose consciousness. She was waiting for a response so I gave her a nod. Realizing that while we were close like this, I could finally find out the answers to some of the mysteries I had about her, I decided to start asking some questions.

I got off of her, allowing my dick to finally leave her womb. However, I kept my arms around her. I was sweaty, but she didn’t seem to mind at all. If anything, she seemed to want my body as close to her as possible and we rearranged ourselves until she had her arms wrapped around my chest, her legs wrapped around mine, causing my outer thigh to grow wet with her juices, and her head buried in my neck.

“What is it like, having her there?” I asked a more indirect question, not wanting her to shut down or worse, have Netorase return.

“She is the goddess of sharing, so she didn’t take my body like the other two sisters. Instead, she demanded we share. Sometimes, it’s scary, because she takes control of me, and makes me do things I’d never see myself doing in a million years, like stuff with other girls.” She blushed as she said this.

“So, you’re just a victim that has to watch…” I responded bitterly.

“No… if I want to be asleep so I don’t have to see something, she does it for me.”

“But still, all of those guys, the basketball team…” Those thoughts were painful, so I closed my eyes.

“I’m so sorry you had to see that,” Kira said, touching my chest softly. “But… Netorase didn’t use my body then.”

“What? How is that? Hasn’t she been using your body to do all kinds of things? I mean, what about the women?”

“While she does use my body to… to do that… with women… that’s different!” She protested. “I… sometimes watch. She’s conditioning me… so that I can… well, you know!”

Kira suddenly turned red and started hitting my shoulder.

“Eh? Why are you hitting me?”

“You’re who you are! With all those women! Naturally, the previous me could never accept that.” She relaxed after a moment, stopping her weak attack. “Hakaru, Netorase isn’t who you think she is. She’s been… helping me.”

“How is that possible? Those men…”

“I said… she never touched men with my body. I can’t tell you I’m pure. Since we’re being honest, I will tell you the truth. I was in a bad place. A man was making me use my body for his excitement. He’d been doing it for some time. He’s a dark demon in my past. It was to the point I was considering taking my own life. Then Netorase came, and she broke me free of his chains. I owe her everything.”

“…” I was speechless, not sure what to say at all.

“Hakaru!” She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. “She used illusions with those men. When you came in and rescued me… actually, it wasn’t me at all. They were jacking off on a bunch of blankets. Netorase had to switch places so you didn’t suspect anything!”

My mouth fell open, but I didn’t doubt what she was saying. It suddenly made sense. Netorare had used similar acts with Jack. Having sex for goddesses ran the risk of them losing a piece of their divine power. Although, unless their heart was open, it was a small piece, it still meant that they typically used illusions to have sex with mortals. I still suspected the first day that I fucked Netori, it had also been an illusion. By my reasoning, she was still a virgin. However, she denied it.

In other words, it made perfect sense that Netorase would use illusions as well. The moment I learned she was in Kira, I should have realized this. I suddenly felt like an idiot. I had been resenting Netorase and hurting over Kira, and it turned out it was all a lie. Kira noticed my bitter expression and she reached up and kissed my chin.

“Hakaru… it’s my fault. I’m so sorry for pushing you away. The person who captured me is powerful. Netorase was afraid you lacked the strength to deal with him. Even we lack the strength to deal with him. That’s why I fled here. We wanted to sharpen ourselves on a weaker opponent before we go after him.”

“Who is he?” I demanded.

She put on a reluctant expression. “Please… don’t make me say. We’re not ready yet. Just trust that Netorase and I both want what is best for you. We both love… I mean… I love you…”

She finished with a blush, but I still felt complicated. Netorase was a cold, calculating person. It was possible that Kira was just being manipulated by her. Even though Kira believed it, it didn’t mean it was true. Netorase was my opponent. I couldn’t accept that she was on my side.

“I know why you want to help, but why would Netorase help me?” I finally demanded.

Kira winced as if this was the question she had been fearing the most. She gave a breath and then sighed.

“I have to tell him.” She appeared to be talking to herself before looking up at me. “The truth is, Netorase is actually madly in l-“

Her words suddenly froze. Her expression turned cold. All of the love and affection dissipated, and a sort of strength and power started to resonate from her. My expression fell as I looked down at her. It was like she was another woman. No, she was another woman.

“Netorase…” I said, frowning.

“Did you enjoy your time with my host?” She said, a bitter expression on her face.

“You shouldn’t have come back!”

“Hmph!” She pulled away from me as she sat up. “I’ll have you know that I made sure to leave this body while you two were doing that so you wouldn’t get a single sliver of my divinity! Since I only share her body, I’m able to leave it temporarily when I need to.”

“You… if it’s the last thing I do, I will free Kira from your clutches!”

“Hehehe… you think it’s so easy?” She asked. “I still plan to have fun with this body some more. There are so many more women to taste!”

“You bitch…” I growled, ignoring most of what Kira had claimed.

How was this goddess a good person? She had made Kira say all those nasty things to me. She broke us apart. She tricked me with illusions and didn’t reveal the truth. Even now, she wanted to use Kira to engage in lesbianism. Most of all, she was the goddess of sharing. She had no problem sharing Kira with everyone! Just because she had stuck to the illusions so far, didn’t mean she wouldn’t change her mind one day. She was training Kira, after all. She was probably using women so that Kira would put her guard down before she switched to men.

Kira was mine, and I would win her back from this bitch. Unfortunately, the only way to do that was to steal this woman’s divinity until there was nothing left. I went forward to push her down. As soon as I grabbed Kira, she suddenly gasped and disappeared. When I sat up, I realized she was on the other side of the room, fully dressed, and turned away from me.

“It won’t be that easy! You think you can just push me down!” Netorase responded snidely.

“That’s not what you said when we last met in this room!”

“I was only doing that for Kira!” She shot back, her cheeks turning slightly pink. “Naturally, the thought of you touching me repulses me.”

“Fine, it’s on!”

She spun back, a confused look on her face. “What’s that?”

“You’re here to defeat that Principal, right? You want to get stronger and prove that you have what it takes to defeat Kira’s demons! Well, I’m going to prove to both of you that she doesn’t have to be! I’m going to handle it myself.”

“What are you saying?”

“Hehe… aren’t I in a school of women? I will earn points and seduce women. I will turn that Principal into my sniveling little love slave. After I win, you’ll know for certain that I’m strong enough to care for Kira and protect her. After that, I will make you leave her body, even if I have to be forceful!”

Her eyes narrowed and an amused look formed on her face. “Oh, is that how it’s going to be then. Do you think you can outperform a goddess? In that case, I’ll take you up on that offer. If you can defeat Principal Vienna before me, then I will give myself to you and leave Kira in your care!”

“Then, let’s get started, shall we?”

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NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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