NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 03 Chp 17

“AHH! Hakaru!” Mom moaned. “Harder… do me harder!”

“Are you sure you can handle it?”

“Y-yes… Hakaru… you won’t break your mother. Give it all to me!”

“Okay!” I went all out on my mother.

“Ahh! Ahhh! Yes… yes… right there… keep going… keep going… don’t stop!”

“Mother, I can’t keep up.”

“Don’t stop! Baby… don’t stop!”

The door opened and dad looked inside. He had creases in his forehead.

“Um… I just got home to find the two of you like this. To do this kind of thing with your son…”

“Shut up!’ Mom grabbed a pillow and flung it at him. “You haven’t touched me in years!”

“Ah! Th-that! Still…”

“Ahhn!” Mother cried out, “That’s it… that’s it, baby… it felt so good.”

Mother finally stopped, and I pulled away from her. While panting, she straightened her hair as if she had all the time in the world and her husband hadn’t just caught her in bed with her son. A moment later, the door opened another crack, and Maria glanced inside.

“What do you want?” Mom collapsed down on the bed. “We’re finished, are you happy now?”

“Ah… I heard you through the walls…” Maria blushed. “I want what mom’s having.”

The two girls turn to me. I threw up my hands.

“It’s just a foot massage!”

“Ah… Hakaru’s giving foot massages?” Maria’s eyes brightened. “Hakaru, come to my room and do me next.”

Mother snorted. “You think Hakaru should just give you a foot massage because you’re his sister? I had to bribe him well to get it this good.”

“I-I can give him stuff too!” Maria insisted.

“An inexperienced girl like you?” Mom shrugged. “You’re way too young to properly give anything, girl.”

“Hmph! Shows what you know… Hakaru and I… I mean…” Maria’s face suddenly went red as she almost said something.

Meanwhile, mom was shooting her a smug look, and dad just looked confused.

“Hakaru! C-come rub my feet! I’ll let you rub whatever you want!”


“Go, dear,” Mom reached out and patted my head, “You’ve satisfied me plenty for now.”

“We’re talking about foot rubs, right guys?” Dad said, scratching his head.

“R-right…” I decided the situation was feeling weird with the two women, mother, and daughter, shooting daggers at each other.

It was probably best if I retreated anyway. I got up and immediately headed out of the room.

“Eh? I’m the head of this household… Can’t I get a foot massage?” Dad asked.

“Go rub your own feet!” Mom slammed the door in dad’s face.

Sister grabbed my hand and pulled me into her room, the door shutting behind us. Dad was left in the living room, completely abandoned. Maria was fuming pretty bad about mom. She was never that jealous about Akiko or the other girls. I was surprised to see her being so competitive because of mom. In many ways, it was kind of cute. She insisted on finishing up with a blowjob after I rubbed her feet for a while. I didn’t complain as she sucked me off. Plus, because of the previous incident, even if weird noises were heard from the room, they wouldn’t raise suspicions.

Wait, was that mother’s plan from the beginning? By being loud during our foot rub, was she starting to condition the household to ignore her loud moaning sounds? That couldn’t be possible, right? Mom certainly wasn’t that nefarious. After finishing with my sister, I would have returned to mom’s room and possibly pushed our relationship a little farther, except dad was currently home.

As for me, I had to get my head into the game. As far as I reckoned, there were at least three gods I was fighting right now. There was the mysterious god who had sent Gina after me. There was Cuckold, who was subordinate to some yet unknown god or group of gods. There was also Netorase, who seemed to be going after and somehow manipulating Kira. Was she the head of this school blackmail conspiracy? Based on my previous interactions with her, somehow, I felt that didn’t fit. Netorase seemed almost protective of Kira, insisting on telling her the truth.

I dreaded to think what Kira thought about me now that she knew everything. I had seen the tears in her eyes. I had seen her turn away, unable to look at me. Somewhere, deep down, I realized that I wasn’t ready to face her again yet. The blow that had been done was too much for me. I couldn’t charge in like last time. That didn’t mean I planned to do nothing. Rather, I needed to start making plans. I needed a strategy on how I was going to deal with them. I wouldn’t be able to save Kira directly… but I could take down her blackmailer.

The biggest problem was that I didn’t know who I was dealing with. I needed to find some way to get into this group. The obvious choice would be to use cuckold. He could help me with everything. However, I didn’t want to use that guy’s help. I remembered Netorare’s warnings clearly. What I needed was an event, like the time when Eiko was used as a meat toilet, where everyone who might possibly be involved in the conspiracy would gather.

Okay, now I just needed to find someone who might be involved… I stopped pacing, and my eyes landed on my dad. He was out of his work uniform and sitting in a white tee-shirt and striped boxers, staring at the television. I checked my phone and found that it was a little past midnight. It was very close to bedtime for me, but it was also a new day!

My eyes finding their target, I sat in the loveseat across from the couch dad was on. Dad was a sexual deviant. If there was anyone in town who was up to nefarious acts, he was bound to be involved in it. He had been involved in that weird orgy thing at the hot spring resort. Now, I was betting he had at least a visitor’s pass when it came to this high school sex ring.

“What is it?” He asked, frowning.

I had been staring at him a bit creepily. I quickly coughed and organized my thoughts. “Uh… dad… there was something happening at school, and I was hoping you could help me?”

“Eh? School?” Dad shook his head. “Hakaru, I told you before. Men handle their shit themselves. You got problems with bullies or some teacher, step up and fix it.”

I nodded, even while compressing my lips bitterly. That had been dad’s motto. There was a time when I really thought he just wanted the best for me. Now, I knew it came from laziness. Even when it came to permission slips and things he was required to do as a parent, I had to take those things to mom or they wouldn’t be finished.

Amusingly enough, if it was my sister asking for help, he’d say that it was the responsibility of women to help women since women knew women best. In other words, she should go ask her mom.

“It’s something way illegal.” I continued before dad completely shut me down. “An ex-girlfriend of mine, I think that she’s being coerced into having sex. I think it may even involve some of the teachers at school!”

To a normal parent, this accusation would likely send waves of shock and fear and startlement. Some might dismiss it instantly as some kind of paranoia, while others might fly into a frenzy, wanting to protect their child. As for my dad, his reaction was nonexistent. I might have said something simple like water was wet for all of the worries that grew on his face. At that moment, I struck with Dirt Scribe.

Damn, this kid is irritating. Why did that bitch Sasori cancel on me tonight? She’s been weird since the hot springs trip. Ah, whatever, she’s the slut who banged some other guy. If she feels guilty about it now. That’s on her. I should teach that slut a lesson…

“D-dad!” I spoke passionately, bringing his eyes to me. “Do you think there is some kind of sex organization who is abusing students?”

I had limited time to use Dirt Scribe, and my previous question apparently wasn’t enough to have him focus on that. Plus, I really didn’t want to hear dad’s filthy thoughts when it came to Mrs. Fukumi.

Hehe… so Hakaru’s found out about the God of Lust Society, huh? Maybe I should throw him a bone and bring him along to the event next Friday. Naw, let the kid figure it out on his own. If he’s too dumb to get in on his own to enjoy free pussy, well then he doesn’t deserve it. Hey, actually, that gives me an idea, I think Sa-

I clenched my teeth and resisted hitting the table angrily. Why did dad have to be such a slow thinker! It didn’t matter, he gave me what I needed to know. The God of Lust Society. I had a name now. I also had a date. Next Friday there would be some kind of meeting, a meeting with free pussy involved.

“Hakaru…” Dad finally answered my questions. “You’re just paranoid boy. If something like that existed, it would cause a complete scandal. I mean, an organization the blackmails young women and turns their bodies into sex toys for wealthy older men? That would implode explosively in an instant.”

“Yeah…” I smiled forcefully. “I guess you’re right, Dad.”

Yet, you were oddly specific when describing such an organization. You weren’t even subtle at all. Did Dad do that so that I continued to look in on it and discover it on my own, or was he really so full of himself that he thought he was being subtle? Honestly, either option could be true when it came to father. He was an arrogant, selfish man who thought he was better than everyone else.

“It’s getting late, Dad… I’m going to head to bed.” I sighed, standing up.

“Yeah, see ya.” He didn’t give me another glance.

He’d probably look at me if I gave him my girlfriend to bang. Hell, he’d probably trade his own wife for some fresh pussy. I felt a bit sick, so I returned to my room. Once I got in privacy, I made a call.

“Hey… yeah… Gio? Find out what you can about something called the God of Lust Society.”

“The God of Lust Society?” Gio asked. “Wait… are they the fuckers who got Gina pregnant? Damn… that sounds like something dad is involved in. I got the impression earlier that dad might know more than he is letting on. He seemed oddly regretful like he might have played a hand personally into what happened to sis. He keeps talking about reevaluating his business prospects and moving in a new direction. I think he knows something.”

“Well, don’t pump the head of the Yakuza for information,” I said helplessly. “But, some discrete questioning, very discrete, might be helpful.”

“Haha… yeah, dad might kick my ass. I’ll be discrete.”

After ending the conversation with him, I called Akiko.

“The God of Lust Society? I’ve heard rumors, but never the name. I’ll look into it at school tomorrow.”

“Don’t get caught up in it.” I shot back. “I don’t want you to be their next blackmail target.”

“It’s hard to blackmail a girl who already has nothing.”

“I mean it!” I said, but then there was a silence that started to worry me. “Akiko?”

“Hakaru worried about my safety. It makes me feel so happy.” Akiko said.

“Your my slave, bitch!”

“Hehe… that makes me happy too!”

Click. I sighed after hanging up on her. After a moment, I looked up.

“I know you’re watching. Come out.”

A moment later, Netorare appeared out of thin air. She looked somewhat depressed and melancholy.

“You seem to have things worked out.” She said stiffly.

“Netorare…” I turned to her.

“I should have… I should help…” She suddenly broke into tears.

I lifted a hand and wiped a tear from her cheek. “Netorare, I have a question I need answered. How far am I from level 4?

Netorare lowered her head. “Barely any. Just over 100 points. You could easily earn it with your sister tonight.”

I shook my head. “My goal isn’t to reach level 4. I want 20,000 points by Friday. It’s time I got another skill.”

“That would need almost 10,000 points, how do you plan to get that by Friday?”

I reached out and grabbed Netorare’s shoulders. “I’d like you to help me reach my goal.”

I wasn’t sure how I expected her to react. However, it wasn’t how she ended up reacting. She looked up at me with watery eyes. A small smile formed on her lips.


NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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