NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 02 Chp 20

“Be careful…” A voice drifted into my ear as I walked down the street.

I didn’t take my bike. Kira only lived a few blocks away, and I wasn’t exactly in a rush to head into her home. That was when Netori decided to appear next to me.

“Be careful about what?” I asked.

“Kira…” She responded. “I think she might be a player.”

I stopped for a second, my eyes turning to the beautiful goddess floating alongside me. “NTR Crush? Are you sure? Can a girl even be a player?”

“Of course a girl can be a player!” Netori said with a pouting expression, “And no… if I was sure, the rules would prevent me from telling you.”

“It didn’t stop Netorare from telling Jack everything!” I shot back.

Netori winced. “You must play by the rules. You, especially.”

“What, why is that?”

“Because if you don’t, none of this will matter.” Netori almost sounded like she was speaking to herself.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I demanded.

“Ah! That… n-nothing!” Netori turned away, touching her smartphone while she avoided my eyes.

I sighed, recognizing there were some things the goddess just couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me. I decided to ignore it instead.

“How many points are left?” I asked. “I should have earned some this weekend, right?”

“Eight hundred,” Netori said.

I winced. “So many?

“You’re in a good position now.” Netori shrugged. “You just need to score things with Mrs. Fukumi.”

“Unless Kira is a player too… in which case, I might be falling right into her trap.”

Netori frowned for a moment. “Or… you can spring a trap for her instead.”

“What does that mean?” I turned to see that Netori had vanished.

She had grown more and more elusive lately. There was the time she had vanished for a week, and nowadays she gave off a kind of mysterious vibe like she always had something else on her mind. I wrote most of it off as goddesses were mysterious, but it still left me a bit uneasy. Why did she even start this game in the first place? It felt like it had far more purpose than me just becoming a popular guy who banged women. Furthermore, she had picked me for a reason. I couldn’t forget that.

I reached Kira’s house shortly, and earlier than I wanted to. I knocked on the door, and the person who answered was none other than Deacon. He didn’t even live at home anymore, so seeing him here caught me off guard. By the surprised expression on his face, it seemed like Deacon similarly did not expect to see me.

“Hey! What are you doing here?”

“Ah… that, it’s about your mo- ahem… I came to see Kira.”

I was going to say I came to see his mother, but that would be really suspicious and open up a lot of questions. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to notice the slip-up. If anything, he seemed to be in a great mood as he let me in and then sat on the couch. Kira’s parents were both Japanese, but unlike my mother, they embraced westerner culture a lot. Things like house slippers weren’t needed, and their atmosphere was a lot more casual.

“Ah… I knew you and my sister had a thing going on. So, she’s finally bringing you home to meet the family?” He said as he cracked open a can of soda.

“Yeah… something like that.” I didn’t really know what else to say, as I am pretending to be her boyfriend upon her request and couldn’t start denying things now.

“That’s cool man…” He put on an awkward expression for a moment. “But do you mind simmering down on the sexting? I think mom is catching on to it, and I don’t like glancing over my sister’s shoulder and seeing pictures of your dick.”

“Ah!” I blushed, even though this undoubtedly had nothing to do with me.

It seemed like Kira had an entire life I didn’t know anything about. It could actually be a lot worse than that though. If she was a player, she could be stringing along dozens of guys. Wait… did she fuck my father for points? That was seriously a possibility now. Seeing her as a player, suddenly, a lot of her actions made sense, and that only caused me more worry.

“Well, whatever dude, I’m not some creep who gets jealous over who his sister bangs.” Deacon let out a chuckle. “Rather, I’m way more interested in her classmates. Hehe… that file you let is amazing. I know I told you to look up some information, but I never expected you to be thorough. Although, a lot of the girls you gave me information on I couldn’t find the videos for. Ah, well, it’s still enough I can have a little fun.”

“I’m sorry, my file?” I didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“You know…” He leaned in closely, “The thing you left at the door. The names and identities of all of the girls at your high school who had visited our den of depravity. You even got stuff like who they were dating and what their interests were.”

“O-of course…” I put on a fake smile.

Of recent, I had become better at lying and faking things. He had caught me off guard, but I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t do things. In truth, the last few weeks I hadn’t really done much for the job. However, this list of his was very interesting to me.

“Speaking of which, I forgot to make a copy, can I see…”

“Haha… way ahead of you!” He laughed. “I’ve already scanned it all, here, I’ll send you an email now.”

He opened his phone and a moment later I felt my own in my pocket buzz. I thanked him in appreciation and then opened the mysterious document. It contained exactly what he had talked about. Each page contained a picture of a girl, followed by her name, class, age, year, likes, dislikes, sizes, and more. It was a treasure trove for any man, but for someone playing NTR Crush, it was practically a bible.

The list contained many faces, but only a few I recognized. It included girls in my school, but also girls from other schools too. I recognized a few girls who had come in and engaged in sex once or twice. In fact, many of these girls I recognized as women Jack had brought in. I began to have a sinking suspicion that this wasn’t a list of random girls, but specifically, a list of girl’s Jack had relations with.

Did Netori do this? Netorare had told Jack all of this information about me. It was considered completely cheating. Netori said she wouldn’t engage in that kind of stuff. However, if she just happened to leave a file lying around and it happened to come around and end up in my hand, how could anyone know? I felt a bit of warmth in my heart. She was still looking out for me after all this time.

Maria showed up on the list, and so did a girl I recognized from last week. Then, a certain name popped up, and when I looked at her information, I couldn’t help but gasp.


“Ah?” Deacon looked up. “That’s right… that girl. I saw your video. You didn’t even go all the way. Was it because she told you who she was? Well, whatever, just be thankful I deleted that thing. I bet you had no clue when you were sticking it in her that she was the sister of a Yakuza boss.”

“The… the Yakuza aren’t as strong since the American’s cracked down on them…” I responded nervously.

How could I not know this important detail? She had seemed like a completely random girl, but in the end, she had a boyfriend. Was he Yakuza too? I had a feeling he was! The guy gave off a bit of a severe attitude Jack seemed to know the guy and he had some gang connections himself. The Yakuza controlled the underworld. Any high school gang would at least have some ties to them.

“Yeah, whatever man…” Deacon shrugged. “I just wouldn’t take my chances sticking my dick in crazy. Eh… no worry, I won’t tell sis.”

“Won’t tell me what?” A voice suddenly came from the stairway as Kira walked down the stairway.

“Ah! Kira!” Deacon let out a noise and stood up, nearly spilling his drink. “Is mom home?”

“She’ll be home soon. You didn’t come to beg for more money, did you?” Kira asked.

“What? Th-that…”

Kira turned to me. “You’re a bit early. Let’s go to my room.”

Deacon grinned. “Ooo… Kira is so daring.”

Kira blushed slightly but otherwise ignored her brother as I followed her back up the stairs. I had been in her bedroom, but that had been many years ago. Now, upon entering, I could see she opted for a cleaner and plainer room. Everything was tidy. The bed was made. The desk was organized. She used to have a thing for pink, but now the colors were fairly basic white and tan. It’s exactly what I would have thought a student council president’s room would look like.

She gestured for me to sit on her bed. I was feeling a little weird being there. The more I heard, the more I was aware that there was a bit of a wild side to Kira. I needed to figure out if she was playing the game, though. She went into her desk and pulled out a folder, handing it to me. I opened it up, and then immediately slammed it shut. The folder was full of obscene images.

“What is this?” I demanded.

“After we parted ways, I returned to the spring and snuck into their party…” Kira explained.

“Se-seriously? You were in a gangbang?”

She shook her head. “The event was catered. They were short someone, so I got them to let me in as a caterer. I wore a disguise so I wasn’t recognized.”

“So, you saw your mom and my dad some more…” I finally opened the folder, noticing this time that there were various images of my dad wearing his mask while in various positions with different women.

“Mother… she left that morning after getting into a fight with your dad. She didn’t remember the previous night, but she didn’t want to get involved in any more of that stuff. Your dad claimed he’d leave too, but then he stayed.”

“So… this is just images of my dad then…” I realized, noticing a lack of her mom collaborating this evidence; her not remembering was why my points were low. “Why are you giving this to me?”

Kira sat down in her desk seat and shrugged. “If you show this to my mother, she’ll become enraged by the betrayal. It’ll make her more malleable to your desires.”

“And why would you help me there? Are you a player?”

Kira shook her head. “I don’t sleep around.”

“No… I mean…” I stopped myself, not sure what I meant.

Even if I asked her if she played NTR Crush, she could lie. On the other hand, If I asked, she’d know I played without a doubt. So far, she hadn’t mentioned points or anything like that. I was going purely off of Netori’s guess at the moment.

“What?” Kira asked.

“What if… the woman I want to be with is you?” I came up with that question instead.

Kira didn’t blush or grow flustered. In fact, her expression was strangely one of sadness and regret. Her mouth twisted and for a moment she looked hurt.

“I… it’s too late to be with me. I’m already ruined. You’d be better off chasing after someone else.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Someone else like your mother?”

“I’ve thought about it for some time,” Kira responded. “My mother needs to be taught a lesson. Her actions have consequences.”

“And I should deliver them?”

“As her student and the son of the man she loved, it would be the most devastating coming from you. Plus, you’re a sexually active boy, and wouldn’t reject the chance to be with a woman like her. I know you were already blackmailing my mother, so this is just an escalation. Finally, there is also Akiko.”

“Akiko? What about her?” I asked, frowning.

“I have my sources,” Kira said. “I know that she broke your heart… but I also heard you retaliated. I don’t know how, but somehow, you punished your old girlfriend severely. You made her suffer.”

“Ah… that…”

Kira stood up and suddenly bowed her head low. “Please… punish my mother. I-if you do… you can have me too!”

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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