NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 02 Chp 18

Kira’s words certainly caught me off guard. I really didn’t think that she’d be willing to go so far. I had considered the idea of tricking her into father’s bed, but this was something she was doing of her own volition. It wasn’t entirely one-sided either. Not only would Kira be with my father, but she also indirectly gave me permission to take her mother. She had to know that I’d at least be touching her and seeing her naked body.

I pulled Kira aside to whisper. Dad didn’t seem to mind. We were supposedly a couple, after all, so this was a decision that needed to be discussed between the both of us. He did have a smug expression on his face though. It was clear he thought he was trading up, and was getting the better end of the deal. The fact that my supposed wife had been the one to voice acceptance to the deal also suggested she was eager to be with him, making Father act even cockier.

“Are you sure about this?” I whispered to her.

“I’ve been taking sips of the sake the last hour just trying to build up the courage to do this,” Kira whispered back. “I don’t plan to sleep with him, but this is the best way to get images and get revenge, right?”

“What about your boyfriend?” I asked, feeling a bit awkward.

“He’ll never find out about this.” She shot me a look as if to add a bit of a threat that I also should never say anything.

I raised my hands defensively. “Of course, of course…”

“Hey, we gonna do this?’ Dad demanded in a slurred speech.

The pair of us looked at each other and then nodded. I walked over to Mrs. Fukumi and helped her up. Meanwhile, as soon as Kira came within Father’s reach, he grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap. One hand immediately cupped her breast, and the other kissed her neck. Kira’s lips were tight, wearing a fake smile that dad was too drunk to notice while he pawed at her. I gave her one last look, but she motioned a nod with her head that I should move on. We’d come this far, right?

My teacher ended up clinging to me as we walked to the door, stumbling as I had to half-drag her out of the room. How would Mrs. Fukumi’s attitude change if she knew that her beloved man was now feeling up her daughter? How much shock would she be in knowing she was going to bang his son. She even offered a student in her class a chance to stick it in her ass! Alcohol was a pretty scary thing. I was glad I was the sober one in the group.

“You’re a bit cute.” She spoke up with her arm wrapped around me while we heading down the hallway. “I saw… it earlier, is it as big as it looks?”

“Hah…” I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away from my crotch. “That’s great. I’ll show you in your room.”

“I’m… sorry…” Suddenly, she burst into tears, pushing her head on my shoulder as she cried. “I’m just doing this for him. I don’t want him to leave me. I saw how he looks at that little bitch… just because she’s younger and her tits are still perky…”

“Uhh… right…” I could only shake my head as she ranted drunkenly about the horribleness of the woman that was her daughter and rival.

“Th-that’s right… she’s your wife… well, in that case… I’ll show you how much better an older woman can be. Okay?” her mood seemed to switch again as she pushed her cleavage together and winked at me.

We finally made it to her room and stumbled in. She nearly fell down onto the futon, grabbing me and pulling me with her. I ended up on top of Mrs. Fukumi. Her mask was gone, and she was looking up at me with watery eyes and pink cheeks. Her eroticism was through the roof, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to end up in this situation with my teacher. Well, maybe it wasn’t that easy. However, ,all the guys in class had fantasized about having her, and I was in a situation where I could actually do it.

Reaching out, I pulled open her robes and exposed her breasts. They were larger than her daughters, large things with big, light nipples. Her skin was fair, but she also had the signs of an older woman. There were stretch marks on her stomach from where she had two children. Her breasts flopped down, begging for me to lift them up, one in each hand. She made a cute noise as her body was exposed to me. Looking down, I saw her dark fur patch. She had shaved to create a perfect landing strip for her clit, which was slightly engorged and clearly aroused.

“Wh-what do you think?” She asked, blushing shyly.

“H-how many men have you been with since you married your husband?” I suddenly found myself asking.

“Other than Elzo?” She blushed. “No… actually, you’re the third man I’ve ever been with.”

“Ever?” That would mean her husband was her first!

“Hah… this weekend was my chance to keep things going with him, but it turned out this way after all. D-don’t worry. I still have lots of experience!” She seemed to be breaking between wanting to cry and wanting me to continue.

That was apparently the kind of drunk she was. Although she said she was experienced, I actually had more sexual experience than she had. Maria, Akiko, Netori and Netorare, even if you didn’t count Gina she would be my fifth while I was her third. How could such a pure housewife and teacher go down such a bad direction.

“Do you really want to be involved in that sex party tomorrow?” I asked, starting to feel bad for my teacher once again.

True, she was devoted to my father to a scary degree. She was willing to do anything, even seduce another couple, to continue to feel loved by my Father. However, a lot of that seemed to stem from her own naivety. Of all the women I met, Mrs. Fukumi, an older woman, was the most innocent! Maria was into sex and status and had slept with many guys. Akiko was a manipulator and a liar. Gina was a punk with daddy issues. Mrs. Fukumi’s only problem seemed to be that she encountered my father.

“D-do you have a condom?” She suddenly asked.

“Eh?” I stopped as her words caught up with me.

“I…um… didn’t take the pill this last week and I’m not safe.” She blushed.

My eyes widened as the girl looked away futility. “Seriously? You went to a sex orgy weekend like this?”

“I thought it was… n-nevermind.” She blushed, “Just be careful and pull out.”

Now that Mrs. Fukumi, no, I should call her by her first name, Sasori, Sasori was acting more hesitant now that she didn’t have her boyfriend to impress. It was clear that she was starting to have second thoughts, and while she was drunk, she had enough of her mind to reason out the consequences of her actions. The longer I waited, the more doubtful she’d become until perhaps she’d talk herself out of this.

Of course, I didn’t miss the implications of her words. She had come on this weekend hoping my dad would knock her up. With his baby in her belly, she probably figured that he could never abandon their relationship. Of course, she didn’t know how little he cared about his kids. He had apparently left many children behind. Why had my mom even caught his interest in the first place? Why were we the kids that got his money and support?

“I’m going in.” I declared, deciding to push forward with her.

Sasori gasped as my dick slid inside her. She wasn’t as tight as my sister or Gina. Rather, she felt more soft than tight. The feeling was like sticking my dick into a warm honey pot. My lips found hers, and I started kissing her. This was my teacher, and now I was fucking her. She spread her legs open for me, offering no resistance. However, her kiss was weak, and she closed her eyes and just sort of let me go. It was exactly the picture of a woman willing to only go as far as she had to.

However, I knew I wasn’t here to enjoy myself either. I repositioned myself so I was on my knees. My hands grabbed her breasts and I squeezed them a bit. She was moaning sexily, but she kept her eyes closed as if she could pretend it was with my father. Reaching over carefully, I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures. I kept my hips moving, and with her eyes closed, and her breath coming out in moans, she didn’t realize anything. I made sure I got some pictures of her head and tits, of my dick in her vagina, and it took a bit, but I got a picture that made sure to include her face in said penetration picture.

I hastily stashed the camera under the sheet just as Sasori’s eyes opened. She looked up at me, her expression a bit calm, yet encouraging. Perhaps she was too drunk to lose her head.

“Your dick is really big. I’m going to cum soon.” She said lightly, more mater of fact than sensual or erotic.

“Turn around. I’d like to do you from behind as you cum.”

Sasori nodded and then rolled over. Her knees climbed up and her butt rose. Soon, I was behind my teacher who was in doggie position, her butt up in the air and her pussy and ass exposed for me. I put my dick back inside her. I was really able to get deep, and it felt amazing. Her pussy didn’t suck me in like Maria or Akiko, but it felt so soft and welcoming, that I pushed my dick down to the root wishing I could get even deeper inside her. I’d need to order a longer dick when this was done. As it was, my dick was a bit big for Maria, and the last inch or two wouldn’t fit, but this girl took it all gracefully into her womb.

“Ahh… I’m almost there…” She moaned, her finger moving up between her legs and fingering herself as I rode her from behind.

I carefully pulled my camera back out and snapped a few more images. Well, her face wasn’t in any of these, so perhaps they would just end up in my own private collection.

“C-cumming!” She cried out.

Her body contracted and her back arched, but I kept on moving my hips anyway, determined to give her a good ride. She cried and moaned as I fucked her from behind nosily, my cock slapping inside of her with each thrust. I finally pulled out and gave her rump a slap.

“Come on… suck my cock.” I said, standing up.

She didn’t hesitate to roll over and take my cock into her mouth. She looked up at me with dewy eyes as I filled her mouth full. She could taste her own lust on my dick, but that didn’t cause her to hesitate for more than a moment. Her mouth moved up and down, making lewd noises as she tasted my cock willingly.

Feeling bold, I took out the camera from behind me and then snapped a picture. Her eyes widened, but with my cock in her mouth, she couldn’t say anything. As the moment of shock passed and she continued to suck my cock, I snapped more and more pictures. To my surprise, Sasori really liked the camera. In her drunken state, she didn’t hesitate to pose for the camera. I took her from position to position. Some made her shy, but she always posed just how I wanted. Finally, my cock erupted while she was sucking on it. Most of the seed ended up on her face, which I pictured perfectly.

I had wanted to creampie her, but she looked so cute with her tongue sticking out that I couldn’t help myself. Plus… I needed more face pictures than crotch pictures. She licked up the mess before exhaustion started to overtake her. With the alcohol plus the extremely late night, as soon as I finished, her body started to shut down like a switch had been flipped.

She collapsed back down on the futon, her eyes closing without a care that she was in a room with a stranger she just fucked. I laid down next to her, grabbed her and pulled her into my embrace.

“You’re going to become mine,” I whispered.

“Mm…” She responded, not really hearing me as she closed her eyes and started to sleep.

After a few more minutes, I checked on the pictures and nodded in satisfaction. These would be more than enough to blackmail her into anything. Just to finish things off, I removed my mask and took the most alarming pictures yet. These were pictures with me and my teacher. She didn’t wake up as I posed her with my cock in her mouth or her pussy in mine. She only murmured a bit and then fell back to sleep.

When I finished getting every picture I felt I would want, I left the room and closed the door. I considered if I should head back to the room I had with Kira. I really didn’t want to encounter my dad in the middle of… well… whatever happened. However, I felt I should at least stop by. I headed to the room and as I turned the corner I saw Kira sitting in the hallway with her mask in her hands in her street clothing. She had a tired, complicated expression on her face, and all of her drunkenness seemed to have been scoured away.

“Did you do what you needed to do?” Kira asked.

Her voice was stiff, and she didn’t look at me as she asked this question. She unconsciously played with the mask in her hands, sometimes looking like she wanted to break it in half.

I nodded. “Yeah, I’m done.”

She reached behind her and dropped a bag at my feet, and I realized it had my clothing in it. She stood up, and then I noticed that there was a white glob on her pants.

“You missed some…” I said carefully, pointing.

She looked down, tsk’d with annoyance, and then used a napkin to clean the stain off.

“Between you and my father… did you?” I asked cautiously as I threw my clothing back on.

“I did what I had to do.” She responded stiffly and then shot me a look. “You and my mother?”

I bit my lip. “What I had to do…”

I supposed, after sharing almost everything together this weekend, we ended it by agreeing to never tell each other what happened in those rooms. Except, I planned to use what I got to continue to bang her mother, whereas Kira would just return home and try to forget this weekend ever happened. I felt for a small bit that we were growing close again after years apart, but at this moment, the distance felt farther than ever before.

We checked out early, leaving a maid to kick dad out of our room. The old couple looked disappointed that we wouldn’t stay for the next nights festivities, but the pair of us already had enough of this lifestyle and just wanted to go home. It may be NTR, but when it came to these couples, there was no emotion to it. I’d earn nothing if I banged women at that party.

We left just as the morning light was starting to crest the horizon. We parted silently without saying another word to each other. I headed to the train station, where she got a ride she had prepared.

I had completed my mission, but I didn’t feel like celebrating. This was just step one. Come Monday, that was when the real test began.

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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