NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 02 Chp 13

If I thought Jack’s taunting was over, I was mistaken. Each day he would bring some other girl in and rent a room at the gaming store. He’d then bang her silly, making sure to leave his used condoms and various other disgusting fluids behind for me to clean up. I kept my eyes down and my head lowered. I was just a beaten player who had nothing left to fight with. That’s the impression I wanted to give him. I was biding my time.

A week went by in a flash, and I finally received my first paycheck. Considering I was working more than my boss, I actually made a pretty good bit of money. It was 25k yen. It was the most money I had ever received in a single lump sum. I was ecstatic.

“Don’t be too excited, you’ve been doing nothing for an entire week. You haven’t earned a single point.” Netori said with a pout.

“I told you… I needed to wait for this weekend.” I said, still looking at my paycheck. “I’m going to go get a camera now.”

Netori followed me to the electronics store, but it was clear that she was invisible to everyone except me. Well, she was floating, her nice rump in the air as she moved gently beside me, her eyes seemingly always on me. If she was visible, I think we’d be attracting more attention. Since her week of near absence, Netori seemed to be trying to make up for it by being constantly on my case. She’d appear two or three times a day, always nagging me to lay the next woman. Meanwhile, my mind had never been clearer. I had a goal, and I would obtain it.

“How many points do I need to reach your goal,” I asked.

“Over that week, you took the virginity of a girl named Gina,” Netori spoke lazily, glancing at her cellphone only half-seriously. “That netted you some points. She seems to genuinely like you a bit. However, you also gained some points for nailing my sister. Good job on that, by the way.”

“You want me nailing your sisters?” I asked, my mouth twitching slightly.

“Why not? How else can you win the game, if not by forcing my two sisters to submit to you?” Netori shrugged. “Watching you pin her down and mount her roughly, it made my panties wet just watching. Stealing my sister’s virginity is the best.”

“You were watching!” I swatted at her, but she casually dodged.

“Hey! If I didn’t let you finish, who knows the ramifications. You wouldn’t have gotten as many points, at least. Even if they were less than the cost.”

I let out a sigh as Netori’s familiar teasing expression returned. After a week of absence, it really felt like she had returned to me completely. I still remembered her holding me and crying against my chest. I wanted to ask her what that was about, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t appreciate the answer.

“Did I also… um…” I bit my lip. “With Maria… a few times.”

Netori nodded, an uncharacteristically sympathetic look in her eyes. “Yes… you earned a lot of points with Maria… before.”

“You were at 9230 points… but then you also spent a thousand, so it is at 8230.”

“Wait, seriously?” I shot Netori a look. “I paid those points to bang you!”


“Why should I lose 1000 points? I didn’t even get the goddess I paid for! I demand a refund!”

“You can’t get a refund!” Netori sniffed, blushing slightly. “One-time standing time offer!”

“What did you say? One-time offer?”

“Mm!” Netori nodded. “You paid for it, you got it, you’re never getting it again!”

“I’ll pay 1000 points, right now!” I snapped, grabbing for her.

“Nope! Don’t think I’ll be chained by a goddess’s word! As I said, it was a one time offer, it’s been used, no refunds!” Netori crossed her arms stubbornly.

“You… so those chains were your word?”

“Of course. When a goddess gives her word, she is bound by it. When I said a thousand points for my body, I couldn’t break my promise.”

My eyes narrowed, “Then why did your promise chain Netorare? Your promise is shit!”

“Th-th-that’s a secret!” She cried out. “It has nothing to do with you! Rather… get your stupid camera and earn those last 1800 points. You know the skill you must have. You have no time to spare!”

With that, Netori vanished in a huff. I could only smile wryly. Apparently, my questions seemed to have hit a nerve. With Netori gone, I looked through the store. The girl there came to help me. She was a bit pretty, but I didn’t recognize her from school.

“Reconnaissance? You mean, like a spy?” The girl asked, giggling as her hand rested on my shoulder.

“More like a private investigator.” I frowned, trying to frame it in a way that wouldn’t get me too many suspicious glares.

“Ah… I have a few cameras with good distance. This one has a great night vision.”

I wanted to just get something cheap, but the girl was cute and she kept smiling at me, and before I knew it, I had spent my entire check on a really nice camera. The girl rang me up herself. Just as she went to hand me the receipt, she stopped and then pulled out a pen and wrote something on it. When I glanced at what she wrote, it was a phone number.

“It’s mine.” She said. “In case you wanted to… get some practice with that camera.”

My eyes widened, and I realized that the girl hadn’t been manipulating me for a sale. In fact, now that I recalled, this place was commission free. She had actually been flirting with me. My status had been increased. I was better looking than I used to be. Nowadays, it was good enough that I attracted certain women. Perhaps my current confidence and direction also had something to do with it. The girl touched my hand and smiled.

“Do you… have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“N-no!” she denied it emphatically, her expression grew even more excited. “In fact, I have nothing planned-“

“Forget it then.” I turned around and grabbed my bag.

The girl blinked, but couldn’t say anything else as I walked out of the store. I just wasn’t interested in single girls at this particular moment in my life. I had points to earn and women to steal. Well, she probably wouldn’t understand, that’s why I cut it short.

That night, I had to let my mom know I’d be out for the weekend. I pulled on my shaky alliance with Derek to make this happen. He’d claim I was at his place if anyone called. Mom was a little disappointed, but I promised to make it up to her after Halloween was over. Well, Mothers are used to their sons leaving home, so I didn’t feel too bad about it.

Finally, I was heading out. I didn’t have too much money left over; I could barely afford the bus fare. As to the destination? That was the hot springs I had advised Mrs. Fukumi to visit. That was right, my destination was my teacher and father’s rendezvous. I had considered many different options. Gina wasn’t in a relationship and there wasn’t even a guarantee I could get into a relationship with her. Attacking Maria right now could make the situation worse. Attacking my mother could have any of a number of outcomes.

I knew Mrs. Fukumi was afraid of me. I knew where and when she’d be carrying out an affair with my father. If I got evidence, I could blackmail her. Dirt scribe had been used on her twice. I had the distinct feeling she’d do anything to keep her current life the way it was. She was most terrified of anything changing. She neither wanted to leave her vice-principal husband, who supported her children and gave her money nor did she want to leave my father, who made her feel special and loved.

With two men she’d be cheating on, not to mention the taboo of a blackmailed teacher, I should be able to earn the 1800 points I needed by next week. This weekend would start with evidence gathering. On Monday, I would lay out the evidence and start the blackmail, and then we’d see where things went from there.

It was dark out when the bus pulled up to the hot spring. Of course, I had no interest in entering the hot spring myself, nor did I have the money after spending it all on the camera. Hiding in a nearby shadow, I put on the mask and jacket I had once put together for raping my sister. Very carefully, I crept around the hot springs, heading toward the back. There were high walls that blocked the view of the baths. I was looking for any hole in them that I could align my camera through. I’d even be willing to go so far as to climb a tree.

The night was pretty silent with only the sounds of distant insects filling the night air. As I drew closer, carefully moving through the bushes, I could hear a few noises of splashing. There were also a few noises. A girl giggling. The soft voice of a man talking. This must be the co-ed bath. I glanced around the wall, trying to find any crack that could get me some eyes into the pool. Of course, I didn’t even know if Dad and Miss Fukumi were in the pool yet, but I wanted to find out.


The sound of a twig breaking came a few feet from me. It wasn’t my own foot that created that noise. I looked up, and there I saw another person similarly crouched down, trying to peak into the hot spring. Was there really a peeper out here? I thought that sort of thing was just a joke, but apparently, there really were people who came to try to sneak looks at naked people. Why did I end up right next to some pervert?

They hadn’t noticed me crouched a few feet away from them, so I started to back up. However, when I had only taken a few steps, they turned their head. Their eyes immediately locked on mine, and then they jumped back, landing on their butt noisily.

“Ah!” A voice cried out.

“Shh!” I jumped forward, grabbing them and tackling them to the floor, trying to cover their mouth.

If we were caught trying to peek, we could get in serious trouble! I expected better from a peeping tom! He could at least keep his mouth quiet. However, he immediately started struggling. It was only at that point that their long hair parted and I was able to see their face clearly in the faint light. Immediately, my eyes widened in shock.

“Kira?” I voiced the name.

Kira Fukumi, daughter of my teacher and a vice-principal, she was also the student council president and a former childhood friend. At first, I wondered how a student council president could end up as a peeping tom, but it didn’t take too much thought to realize the truth. She was here for the same reason I was. Her mother was cheating on her father, and she had come here to prove it once and for all.

Upon calling her name, the girl herself stopped struggling and looked up at me questioningly. To keep her quiet, I pulled off my mask. It was her turn to shoot me a look of surprise. However, realization also dawned on her.

“Hakaru… you know?” Her words came out lightly.

I nodded, not saying anything else.

“How long?”

I grimaced, “Last week.”

It wasn’t a lie. I had only learned about this particular affair last week. Although I knew my dad slept around with many women, Mrs. Fukumi was merely one that I was surprised about.

She nodded. “I found out my mother was cheating on my father a few weeks ago. I only learned it was with your father a few days ago. It was only a prediction though. I needed to see it for myself, but since you’re here, I suppose I don’t have to. Was that why I ran into you near the love hotels last week?”

“No,” I chuckled wryly, “I was really just looking for a job. I appreciate your help.”

Kira blushed slightly. I didn’t typically notice, but she was actually a very pretty girl. With high cheekbones, smooth skin, and short dark brown hair tied into twin tails. She had deep green eyes and a pair of rectangle glasses that gave her a very forbidden vibe. Her glasses were disordered at an angle and there were leaves in her hair. In fact, with her blushing, and her body on the ground, the student council president released a great deal of eroticism.

“Hey! Is someone back there?” A voice yelled out as a flashlight shined in our direction. “Come out with your hands up! You peeping toms! I’ve already called the police!”

Shit! We ended up making too much noise after all. We were caught.

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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