NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 01 Chp 14

“Ah, Kira?” I scratched my head nervously as I approached the top of the stairway. “Good morning?”

The person standing there was a girl with short strait hair tied up into a pair of short twin tails. Her eyes were a deep green, but they were covered with glasses that hid some of her beauty. She was a cute girl who was neither too busty nor too flat. She fit the averages very well, which was perhaps why she had become the student council president.

“Hakaru! What are you doing down there?” Kira huffed. “Don’t you know that area is out of bounds for students?”

“Ah, yes, Kira, sorry…”

“You should be…,” Kira raised her finger, but then she noticed the girl directly behind me, and her face flushed. “A-Akiko! Your girlfriend!?”

I let out a slight chuckle while Akiko looked away, blushing. Kira’s eyes widened as she noticed the pair of us together. However, the student president wasn’t stupid. A boy and a girl sneaking into an area they weren’t supposed to be, not to mention the noises she heard earlier, it was very clear what we were doing. Her eyes narrowed as she looked back and forth between the both of us.

“Hakaru, to think you’d be so sh-shameless.” Kira looked away. “And Akiko, I thought you’d at least have the sense to keep these things to your h-homes.”

“Sorry.” Akiko looked genuinely shamed, although it was tough telling how much of it was an act, given how shameless I knew the girl to be with public affection.

I clapped my hands together and lowered my head. “I’m sorry, Kira. If you could please forget seeing us, I’d be deeply appreciative.”

“I-I’m the student president!” Kira responded, looking flustered. “How could you ask me to overlook this?”

“Please! We were just discussing some things. I swear my intentions are purely honorable!” I explained, reaching out grabbing her hands unexpectedly. “Just overlook it once?”

“Ah!” Kira’s face grew flushed and she shot Akiko a look, who was still looking away herself and then sighed. “V-very well. As long as you understand.”

I let go of her hands and she gave a breath. After that, she shot me a strange look. Perhaps I had come on a little strong. Usually, I was the quiet type who kept my head down. However, I’ve felt myself gaining confidence of late, and now I didn’t hesitate to look Kira in the eyes confidently. Perhaps she was picking up on that. Kira nodded one last time and then walked away, half seeming to run. I watched after her until I felt my arm being pinched.

Akiko was still looking down, but she had a scowl on her face. “You still flirt with her even though you have me.”

“Huh?” I raised an eyebrow. “Kira? You’re not on about that again. There is nothing between us. We were childhood friends. I’ve barely spoken to her for years and you still get jealous.”

At this point, I barely spoke to Kira at all. We couldn’t be called friends in the slightest. If anything, you could say my father was closer to her than me. After all, he was banging her mom. If our parents were banging, didn’t that make Kira kind of like my sister? I shook my head, ignoring such stupid thoughts.

“Maybe it’s you who doesn’t understand women…” Akiko snapped, catching my attention.

“Well, you won’t have to worry about that much longer.” My expression turned dark as I remembered the futility of this conversation. “After all, we’re breaking up immediately.”

Akiko sniffed, looking strangely upset. Well, she could be angry. I didn’t really care about how Akiko felt anymore. Unlike her, I never cheated. Thinking back to the handful of times I had talked to Kira and Akiko had given me a hard time, it only caused me to grow even angrier. By the time we were both in front of the school, people were starting to flood through the gate, but both of us had angry expressions on our faces. I didn’t try to smooth out my expression as I might have once. The whole point was to argue with Akiko in front of the public eye.

“Akiko… as my slave, come to my house tonight. We’re going to have sex. I’ll use all three of your holes.”

Akiko shot me a glare. “The hell we will! Do you think I’m just a piece of meat?”

“Aren’t you?” My voice raised, putting on a dark expression.

“Y-you pig!” Akiko shot back looking hurt.

Although she hadn’t realized it, our angry voices had already carried, and we were receiving looks from at least a dozen students. I grinned inwardly at how easy this would be.

“Hmph, aren’t you the slut who just sucked my cock?” I laughed.

There were several gasps as Akiko’s mouth fell open in shock. Perhaps, she didn’t think I would fight dirty. However, I needed her to break up with me, so naturally I had to incite her rage. I needed to sell it.

“You… bastard!” She slapped me across the face. “We’re through!”

I grinned darkly, rubbing my cheek, as she turned and stormed away. That went well, but she definitely didn’t hold back. I wondered if she even realized this was part of the act, not that I didn’t say anything I didn’t believe. There were a group of people who had all stopped entering the school and were staring at me in shock. Some of them were staring at me with disgust having only heard my disgusting comments towards Akiko. Well, that was fine, I needed to be the villain for now.

“What are you all looking at?” I demanded, shooting a glare at everyone.

They started mumbling and moving away, although I could tell their discussion was still on me. How easy it was to ruin a reputation. Just like this, in a few short hours, I’d be totally the enemy number one of this school. In the past, I would have been miserable, but how a bunch of idiots at school saw me seemed so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Now, I just had one more thing to do.

“So, you see…” I explained to the girl next to me. “A girl who puts out and has sex with like five guys, how could I continue to date her, right? That’s why I broke it off with her!”

The girl’s eyes twitched. She was a quiet girl who had sat near me all year, and we had never really talked. However, while we were working on a math assignment, the two of us had been paired together. Immediately, I started talking to her all about my ex-girlfriend and our breakup earlier that day. Well, I gave my account of events.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” The girl said quietly, really uncomfortable with the conversation.

“I heard she broke up with him?” Someone behind me whispered to their partner.

“Shh!” The other shot back. “I heard he’s really violent. When his girlfriend didn’t put out, he raped her. That’s why she left him.”

I put on a grim smile. It looked like Akiko managed her end and spread those rumors as quickly as she could. Only a true skank like her could so easily claim her boyfriend raped her falsely. Well, thank the gods for a world that so easily believed a woman over a man. In this case, it only served my purposes. Despite my words being nothing but truth, and hers being fabrication, it was her who everyone believed. At that point, I realized the girl I was speaking to noticed my grim smile and was shaking visibly. I sighed and returned to my math work, although my partner was all but useless.

As class neared the end, I saw Derek standing outside the door. He was glaring bloody murder at me. Our class was going over by a minute, so he was waiting until it finished to come in and cuss me out. I could only chuckle at that. I decided to use my once a day ability, Dirt Scribe. Although, I could guess what Derek was thinking, I still hoped perhaps there was more dirt I could use to manipulate him even further.

Damn it. Damn it. Akiko comes to me balling her eyes out that Hakaru raped her? This is bullshit! I didn’t get shit last night and Hakaru fucks my side girl?

I let out a cough, covering the smile on my mouth as I looked to the side at him in disbelief. He’s not even really upset I raped Akiko. He was more upset that I got sex when he didn’t? Wait, he didn’t have sex last night? That was his date with Netori, right? The answer came next.

First, things were going great, but when I pulled out my dick, Tori pointed and laughed at it! It’s her fault I couldn’t get it up!

More juicy details! It wasn’t so much that I lucked out, but that this power seemed to dig out a person’s deepest thoughts. It also could be mentioned that Derek was a shallow person whose deepest thought could be said to be always resting on the surface. Thus, these kinds of thoughts were exposed easily.

I let out a snort, causing my teacher to shoot me a glance. I struggled to keep my humor in. So, after all, Netori and Derek ended up going nowhere. Why would she laugh at his dick though? It’s not that I couldn’t see her doing that, but it seemed to have come out of nowhere. She had seen Derek’s dick before, and was even impressed by it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t dwell on it, as more thoughts came through my brain.

Oh, well. I’m totally going to punish Akiko tonight. Maybe, I’ll get my dog to fuck her and take pictures. Fuck, it’s not as fun when she’s not dating Hakaru anymore. I’ll take out my stress on him first, and then I’ll turn his ex-girlfriend into a wreck!

“Hehe… you think things are going your way?” My expression had turned incredibly dark.

The people next to me were leaning away, wanting to avoid the guy looking angry and muttering to himself. Before it was too noticeable, however, the teacher ended his session, and the students all started getting up and leaving, some a little faster than others. The teacher was actually the first to leave the room, apparently needing to make a meeting. If he was in such a rush, why did he let the class run so late! I sighed and waited in my seat for Derek, who stormed through the crowd and immediately slapped his hand on my desk.

“What the hell, Hakaru?” He cursed.

“Derek? What’s up buddy?” I gave him an innocent smile.

“Dude… seriously?” His face turned ugly. “What did you do to Akiko?”

I let out a laugh, scratching the back of my head. “Yeah… she’s totally a hoe, right? That’s why I had to break up with her. She was cheating on me with like five guys at a party…”

Derek grabbed my shirt, “Don’t fuck with me, bro! I asked around. People said they saw you bring her out of that party. She says you raped her when she was drunk! A guy at the party even said he tried to stop you and you threatened to beat them up! One kid ended up in a hospital. He’s not speaking, but everyone is saying he saw you molesting Akiko and you did it to shut him up!”

At those words, I admitted my mouth opened a bit in surprise. The first part was what I had planned. I hadn’t considered those five would talk. After all, I had pictures of all of them raping Akiko. By admitting my presence, they were admitting their own misdeeds. It looked like I’d need to send out a few real threats to get these idiots to shut their traps. Well, as long as these were only unconfirmed rumors and not facts, I wasn’t in trouble. My eyes narrowed as Derek continued to cling to my shirt fervently.

“Didn’t you say I should make my move on Akiko?” I demanded. “Isn’t this my right? I dated her for a year. After all the money I spent on her, all of the time, aren’t I due a little satisfaction?”

”You fucker!” He punched me in the face.

I stumbled back in the chair, holding my eye with a grim expression. “What was that for? She’s my girlfriend, not yours!”

“She’s my g- she’s my friend too. Just stay away… from both of us.” Derek shook his head, finally backing off and turning away, heading for the exit. “I don’t even know you, bro.”

“Wait!” I said just as he reached the door, “Derek. Just one thing. Akiko’s mine. Unless some other man dates her, that won’t change. You understand? I ruined her, and now she’ll always be mine. No guy would want her after they hear about those rumors. She’s just spoiled meat.”

“You’re a bastard.” He shot back, turning and leaving.

“And you’re too predictable…” I laughed silently to myself in the empty classroom. “Too easy.”

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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