NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 01 Chp 10

Iwas riding through the dark, gasping for breath as I pedaled as hard as I could. I knew the location of this party, it wasn’t far away. I willed every fiber of my being to go faster and faster, yet I couldn’t move fast enough. All I could think of was my girlfriend with some bastard flopping around on top of her while she was unconscious. Rage, fear, humiliation, all of these things surged through me as I willed myself to go faster and faster. I had to reach her, regardless of the cost.

“Why do you care?” The voice popped up right next to me, causing me almost to lose my balance and crash.

“Damn it, Netori, not now!” I shouted.

Netori was flying next to me, seemingly keeping perfect speed with my bike no matter how fast I pedaled.

“She’s that cheating whore of a girlfriend, isn’t she?” Netori continued. “Isn’t this perfect? She’s even betraying her beloved Derek! It’s the perfect karmic justice!”

“I said, shut up!” I growled, trying to pedal faster but still losing steam.

“You seriously confuse me, human.” Her words sounded angry this time. “This is a result of her own actions. If you leave her be, you might even have enough to earn another skill come daybreak. It’ll then be Derrek who must deal with it. Why are you doing this?”

“I don’t know!” I finally hit the breaks, stopping right in front of the house the party was at and turned to Netori, who paused in surprise at my tearful look. “I don’t know why… but I would never forgive myself! She’s mine! I won’t give her up!”

I kicked the bike away and ran passed Netori. I could hear the loud rumbling of music playing inside. All the lights were on too. This place seemed like it’d be getting noise complaints soon. Although, if I remembered, the parent of one of the kids was law enforcement, and so they likely had managed to make some kind of exception.

I pushed my way into the party. Fortunately, everyone was too drunk to notice a newcomer. Some were doing kegs. Others were playing a drinking game at a table. I didn’t hesitate to head up the stairway. It was almost as if I knew exactly where she was. I ran straight to the door, kicking it open. What I saw brought my white hot fury back to the surface.

My girlfriend was on the bed. She was naked from the waist down only. Her eyes were closed and she was whimpering. Her eyes were squeezed tight as if she was experiencing something unpleasant, even in unconsciousness. There was a guy on top of her with his dick hanging out the top of his pants. Even though There were wet stains on the sheets, there was no spooge. They must have cleaned her up in between uses, which was why I had enough time to get here. There were five guys in all looking down at her body hungrily. One was grabbing her boob through the shirt squeezing it. Another guy had his cellphone out and was filming the entire thing. As soon as the door opened with a thud, five people turned to me with surprised looks on their faces.

“Die, fuckers!” I didn’t even hesitate to punch the first guy so hard my fist hurt.

He slammed into a wall, causing it to crack. My next move had me lowering my shoulder and tackling the fucker with the camera. He let out a squeal like a pig, but he quickly dropped his phone and barely reacted as I smashed it into the floor until it was nothing but electronics. When I raised my head, it was only then the rest of the room started to react. No, they didn’t circle around me to fight. Rather, they all raced for the door, jumping over each other to run away. These cowardly pieces of shit were happy to rape a drunk, defenseless woman, but when push came to shove, they ran lick dickless pussies.

By the time I gave up and charged for the door, I was only able to snatch the last guy, throwing him against the wall. He held up his hands in front of his face, waving them excitedly.

“I did nothing! I didn’t do anything! It was them, I’m innocent!”

“You fucked her first!” I growled.

“H-how did you know?” His eyes widened.

“I didn’t…” His eyes continued to grow as I slugged him in the face again.

“W-wait… stop! My dad’s a cop! You can’t assault me, I’ll have you-“ I punched him again. “St-stop, I said, arrested!”

I punched him again. And again. And again. Soon, his threats stopped and his pleading started. However, I kept punching, over and over again. In my mind, his face turned into each of the other guys in this room, even though I barely got a look and probably couldn’t pick them out in a lineup. Then, his face became the face of Derrek. Over and over again, I hit and hit. I hit until he stopped moving. I didn’t know if he was dead.

Only when I had reached that point did I finally fall off his body. I collapsed to the ground, raising my hands to my face only to realize they were red and sticky and smelled of blood. Fuck… fuck it all. I wanted to scream. Somehow, doing this didn’t relieve my anger. It only made me angrier. It was Derek’s fault. It was Akiko’s fault. It was Netori’s fault. However, mostly, it was my fault.

A feminine moan finally broke me out of my revelry. Akiko rolled over, closing her legs, her eyes still tightly shut as if she was trying to deny everything that was happening around her. She looked so peaceful just lying there. All of the anger I had for her cheating on me, for at least that moment, it disappeared like smoke. I found Akiko’s underwear and her skirt and I put them back on. As I pulled her underwear back on, looking at the dark folds of her pussy, I realized just how much I had changed in such a short period of time.

A week ago, this act would have been completely impossible for me. Dressing my naked girlfriend? I would have been too shy to do so, even at the expense of her further embarrassment. I used the bathroom to clean myself up, then finished dressing Akiko. I snatched the sd card lying on the floor next to the broken camera. This almost assuredly had the video on it.

I briefly checked to make sure the guy I had beaten half to death was still alive. He was still breathing at least. Part of me regretted that, as dead men wouldn’t be able to tell. Still, I didn’t think he’d remember my face very well come the morning. Telling on me was the same as admitting to rape, and I had the proof. Finally, I picked her up and started to walk away. I left the party like a ghost, no one noticing as I carried Akiko away with me.

With the unconscious Akiko in one arm and my bike in the other, it took significantly longer to return to my house than it took to get there. I was surprised that Netori didn’t bother me a single bit on the entire way home. She had disappeared wherever she went. Maybe it was to bang Derek. My hand tightened in anger. It was when Akiko made a moan that I realized my hand was cupping her buttocks, and I was, in fact, squeezing her. I could only lightly chuckle. With Akiko unconscious, her head on my shoulder and her breathing warm air against my neck, this was probably the most intimate the pair of us had ever been.

I carried her the rest of the way home. No one had noticed my flight from the house. Even the front door was still slightly ajar where I had failed to latch it in my mad dash. Mom was still passed out on the couch. My sister was still in her room, recovering from a rape that felt like ages ago. I brought Akiko into my room and laid her on the bed.

“What are you going to do now?” Netori asked hesitantly, seemingly worried by my dark demeaner.

I was growing used to her suddenly popping up behind me, so to my credit, I didn’t jump when she chose to speak. Instead, I calmly turned around and watched her out of the corner of my eye.

“There is not much I can do, right? What is done, is done. By tomorrow, the story will be all over school. It probably will side step the rape, and focus on her being a total slut. Either way, I’ll look like a cuck and a complete fool.”

“No one would blame you for breaking up with her,” Netori suggested.

“Is that your official advice?” I sneered.

“No…” Netori dropped her eyes. “I’m a goddess. If its questions about the game I can help, but when it comes to such human emotions, I admit I’m clueless.”

My anger at Netori dropped slightly at those words. I expected a goddess didn’t think like normal people. It was perhaps why she was always so biting with her comments. An immortal being could only pretend to care when it came to the plights of mortals. By admitting it, I could at least come to see she was being earnest in her lack of concern.

“I’m sorry… Netori. Thank you.”

“You’re thanking me?” Netori raised an eyebrow. “What did I do?”

“I wouldn’t have known any of this if you hadn’t told me. I wouldn’t have been able to protect her. I’m only angry I didn’t save her sooner.”

“I still don’t understand. Why did you save this woman? There were points and revenge out of letting it happen. Isn’t this what you wanted?”

I closed my eyes for a moment. “I don’t know. I thought I wanted revenge. However, I’m starting to realize revenge isn’t what I want.”


My eyes opened, looking at Netori with intensity. “I don’t want to make her pay. I want to make her mine!”

“Th-then… she’s right here. Take her.” Netori points down.

“It’s not about sex.” I shook my head. “You talk to me about cheating with women behind their lover’s backs… but you are the goddess of theft, so ultimately, this game has never been about cheating.”

“True…” Netori’s lips purse as she watched me carefully.

“It’s about taking. It’s about possessing.”

“What are you getting at?” Netori demanded, her eyes flashing, her breath rugged as if she was anticipating my words excitedly.

“I’ve realized the truth!” I declared. “I don’t want revenge! I don’t want cheap sex! I don’t want to rape women! I want to possess them. Every woman! My mother, my sister, my girlfriend, even my teacher. I will take their hearts and then I will take their bodies! I won’t be some beta bitch anymore. I’ve decided it! I will steal every woman, and I will make them mine!”

Netori broke into clapping, laughing excitedly as she spoke. “Finally! I had hoped you would come to understand me. I’m so happy!”

“I’m glad…” I took a sudden step toward Netori, grabbing her arm and pulling her too me. “Because when I’m done, I’ll take you too!”

My lips pressed against hers, as I forced Netori into a kiss. Part of the reason I did it was that I was still angry about the date she had gone on with Derek. She claimed to have done things with him. Naturally, if I kissed his girl, it was retribution. However, mostly I did it because I wanted to. I expected my attempt to fail miserably. What I didn’t expect was for her to fall into my arms with ease. She pushed against my chest, trying to move away, but her hands seemed somehow week.

At any point, she should have been able to teleport away instantly. Basically, this form of nonresistance only confirmed that Netori wanted this. In the past, that might have emboldened me to move forward, perhaps seeing how far her limits were. I didn’t want to push it. Rather, I only wanted to give her a taste. So, our kiss barely lasted a second, my tongue exploring her mouth, before I pushed her away from me.

Despite the kiss being brief, Netori was gasping for breath. Her face went through a myriad of emotions. Surprise and shock twisted to anger, but a moment later that was overblown by an emotion I never expected to see on Netori. Shyness.

Netori turned away from me, her face turning pink in blush, “T-that’s not fair… I wasn’t ready for that.”

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow at Netori. This was a woman I had already slept with once before. For her to claim this kiss was unexpected, it wasn’t something I’d tolerate. My gaze only seemed to cause her to blush even more.

“E-enough… if you want me, you have a long way to go! I don’t even l-l-like… you…” Her voice grew distant for a moment, her eyes glancing down before she spoke with renewed vigor. “Besides! You have to decide what you’re going to do with Akiko here!”

“About that… I-if I slept with her…” I smiled wryly, testing the waters. “Would I earn anything?”

Netori shrugged, finally recovering her usual demeanor, even if she still wouldn’t look me in the eyes. “5 or so points. Barely worth it. However…”

Just as I was putting my head down, Netori added that last word. “However?”

Netori flushed again, seeming somewhat angry. “You’re… at 5000 points. You may accept a 2nd class skill.”

“What? Five thousand points!” My eyes narrowed. “Before I left, I had barely 1900 points! You’re suggesting I’ve gained 3100 points in the last few hours. Even if everyone at the party screwed Akiko, that would be impossible.”

“Technically… even though she’s your girlfriend, you stole her, quite literally, from a group of five guys. In a way, you cucked five men at once. F-furthermore, she has a slight awareness and woke up for a bit when you were carrying her here. Her affection for you has grown as she assigns you a bit of white knight envy. That… that also earned points…”

“You can earn points in such a way, huh?” I considered, but then frowned again. “That still doesn’t add up to me.”

“T-true… those points were only about ¼ of that. The rest was earned more recently.” Netori pushed her fingers together, still not looking me in the eye. “To think… y-you would do th-that… with a goddess.”

“Hah? The kiss? It was just a kiss though…”

Netori’s face flushed red and she shot me an angry look. “I-I’ll never forgive you! Pick a skill now or I’m leaving!”

Even though she gave that ultimatum, she was already looking like she was starting to disappear.

“W-wait!” I called out, “Tell me more about Locked Promise!”

For a guy with trust issues like me, naturally, the ability to bind someone to a promise is probably the most tempting. Besides, there were ways I wanted to use it.

Netori stopped disappearing for a moment, but she crossed her hands over her chest and still looked pouty. She shot me a glare, but finally calmed down and started talking.

“Locked Promise binds someone to a promise.” She responded stiffly. “The person must agree to the promise. The promise can only be sealed with a consensual kiss. The person must say the words ‘I promise…’ followed by what they promise, and then immediately kiss you. Only one promise can exist at a time.”

I made an annoyed tsk sound. “So stingy.”

“Hey! You’ve already seen the power that a single ability can do! Now, are you going to take it or…” Netori raised her finger as if she was going to snap.

“I’ll take it!” I raised my hands out towards her.

“Very well!” She snapped her finger. “Your points are back to 0. Earn well!”

I could only stare as she disappeared in a rush. Her behavior had certainly turned odd near the end there. That kiss… that wasn’t genuinely a surprise for her, right? I shook my head and looked back down at my girlfriend. I didn’t have time to dwell on Netori, not with Akiko unconscious on my bed. Looking at her, my hands began to tighten. It was time to start my plans, not to gain vengeance, but to gain everything!

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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