NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 01 Chp 08

It was dark out now. Mom was drunk on the couch passed out. Father had already called claiming he’d be out even later. My sister was in her room listening to loud music. There was literally no better time I could think of. If I burst through the front door of her room, Maria would assuredly suspect something. The only way to be truly hidden was to come through that window. I peaked in on her from outside, keeping hidden. Maria was no longer crying, rather, she was lying on her bed while reading a magazine. It looked like she was trying to ignore something bad that had happened earlier that day.

Part of me wanted to protect my sister, but it was a rather small part. If anything, since Maria fantasized about rape so much, wasn’t I cheering her up by doing that? Agh… I hated this! I kept going in loops all day trying to justify my actions. I was going to rape my sister, and there really wasn’t any way I could make it seem like I was the good guy.

Well, nevermind that. No matter the reasons, what was important was that I did this right. If I just pushed open the window and jumped in, Maria could react many different ways. She could attack me with a bat. She could run out of the room screaming. She could speed dial the police. There were too many possibilities.

Thus, changing my mind from earlier, I decided to act like her boyfriend. If I got her to open the window and stick her head out, then I could grab her and push her down as I entered her room. I’d cover her mouth as quickly as possible, shove her to the floor, tie her up, and then have my way with her. My heart was beating so fast I seriously feared I might have a heart attack, but I made my way into the position, picking up some small gravel stones and throwing them at the window.

The clicking and clattering could barely be heard over her loud music. Thankfully, Maria noticed it after the third throw. She glanced at the window as I tossed another stone. She wasn’t the considerate type to go turn off her music. Instead, she left it playing as she dropped her magazine and went to the windowsill. Maria was wearing nothing but a pair of pink pajamas. I recognize the pair. Mom had purchased them for Maria and dad had flown into a rage that they were too slutty. It took mom explaining to him they were just pajamas and she’d only wear them at night in her room before he finally calmed down.

In his defense, they were very erotic, the chest had no buttons, separating at the top and showing some pleasant cleavage. The bottoms were loose fitting short shorts, so tiny that when they rode up her crotch they resembled a thong, and when they hung loose they always were a slight breeze away from revealing her underwear underneath. Her belly button was completely exposed and if she stretched you could see the entire length of her body. I had always ignored it before, but now that I was looking at Maria in a sexual light, she looked easily as seductive as mom had earlier. I gulped, visibly shaking as Maria opened the window to the night.

“Hello?” Her voice broke into the darkness, barely heard over the sound of a pop band blaring in the background. “Ronnie…”

I moved but remained in the shadows. I had positioned myself so the light would keep her from seeing me. My biggest fear was that she would be able to see my face. Even with the ski mask, this was some worry of mine. She noticed my form in the darkness and squinted with her hand up, looking out on me with a completely unsuspecting face.

“Ronnie?” Her eyes furrowed more. “You have guts showing up here after you told the school I was a slut! You asshole, if you were thinking of ever getting into my bed again, you can forget it! I trusted you!”

Was this the reason she came home crying? If this Ronnie guy got jealous of her pursuing that other guy, maybe he spread those rumors to get back at her and destroy her chances with him. That seemed a real possibility, but I couldn’t dwell on it anymore. Her window was open, her head was poked out. Her eyes were blinded. Her music was on. This was the start. I felt it. Once I did this, there was no going back. I could either leave and be a cuck for the rest of my life or move forward and take what’s mine.

I took in a breath and then started running towards the window. I was only a few feet away, and there was a stack of wood placed there by Donnie or Jack to previously make their nightly rendezvous. Thus, it was no problem bridging the distance and stepping up to the window. The sudden burst of movement caused Maria to gasp, but her mind was too blank to respond as a dark figure in black emerged from the shadows. I looked like a bandit or a home invader.

My heart thumped quickly, my sweat fell profusely. All I could think about was getting a hold of Maria and into her room as gracefully as possible. I grabbed Maria, but a moment later she tried to scream. My hand immediately blocked her mouth while my other grabbed her arm to hold her in place. A moment later, she bit down hard on my hand. I wasn’t wearing gloves, which I realized was a stupid stupid thing as she bit into my flesh hard enough to draw blood.

However, I barely noticed her biting me because I was way more concerned about my second mistake. I had grabbed on to my sister, but that meant both my hands were consumed. I had absolutely nothing to pull my lower body through the window. I now had my hand on Maria through the window, with my legs still hanging out the outside of the room. I kicked desperately, causing a ton of pain in my abdomen, but I feared if I let go of Maria for an instant, it’d be all over.

She provided the solution a second later. She leapt back with all her strength, trying to escape my grip. The force was enough to pull me the rest of the way into the room. Had Maria instead tried to grab the window with her free hand and slam it on me, I might have been hopeless. However, she brought me into the room with her own power. I quickly caught my footing, breathing only slightly easier as I used my feet to push Maria back.

Her legs hit the side of her bed, and with a yip, she fell back down on her blankets. At this point, the bite on my hand was growing unbearable. However, Maria was like a lizard, unwilling to release her grip even as blood poured into her mouth. Any other time, I might have admired my sister’s resilience, but right now her brother was trying to fulfill her fantasies, so Maria needed to act like a good sister and let me rape her!

Pinning her to the bed with my knees as she tried to claw me with her hands, I grabbed them and pinned them under my knees. I reached out with my free hand and twisted her nipple hard. This caused her mouth to open finally, and I pulled back my hand with a relieved grunt. Just as she tried to scream again, blood running down her chin, I grabbed a nearby blanket and wrapped it around her head. I could hear her muffled screams, but I kept wrapping until I could barely hear it.

Was I suffocating her? I had no clue. I was long past following a plan. Of course, I had built up the fantasy in my head. I’d have pushed her down and removed her underwear and used her underwear to stuff her mouth while tying her hands up with her bra. It was the classic sex play that ran through my inexperienced mind. I was quickly learning that true rape was far less fantastical. It was loud, messy, and scary. I likely had a permanent expression of horror on my face, but I couldn’t back down now.

Grabbing my sister, I wrapped her arms up in more blankets, thankful that she was such a blanket hog and had to have a dozen of them on her bed. She soon looked like an uncut sushi. As to anything regarding her beauty, it was all obscured. Her lower body, which hung off the side of the bed, was the only part free from the bundle of blankets. The rope I had in my back pocket didn’t even come to mind. The truth was that I didn’t really want to use them, even if I had thought of them. The blankets hid my sister. I didn’t want to see what she looked like at the moment. If I saw her terrified face, maybe I’d stop.

Thus, I only could push forward. She still fought, kicking with her feet, but my hands were able to get them under control. I pulled out my dick, surprisingly still hard despite all of the shit that happened just before it. I lined it up with my sister, shoving her skimpy pajama pants aside. She wasn’t even wearing underwear. A second later, I let out a moan as my dick went inside her. I could feel my sister’s body shake for a second under me, likely frozen in shock at my act. Her legs stopped kicking, and I took a deep breath of relief.

I started thrusting into Maria. My dick went in easy, easier than it did with Netori. Well, my sister wasn’t a goddess and she had her fair share of sex before now, so she was probably looser. Then again, she felt really tight to me. So, maybe it was a different reason. Maybe Maria was really turned on by this and was extra wet. Was she wet and excited? I really couldn’t tell. It felt wet. It must mean she really liked this.

I grunted as I picked up the speed. I wasn’t trying to win any awards here. I just wanted the points. I was raping my sister right now all so I could get my revenge on my girlfriend. If a week ago someone told me I’d be fucking my sister before I fucked my girlfriend, I would have thought them crazy. Look how much changed in a few days.

A third problem emerged just as I was nearing my climax. I wasn’t able to buy a condom earlier. My original thoughts were that I was going to power fuck my sister until she was just a cum guzzling whore and I’d make her swallow it all. Naturally, those plans died the second I broke into her room. I wouldn’t risk undoing her blankets and eliciting another scream. I definitely wouldn’t put my dick anywhere near her mouth after what she did to my hand. Thus, I needed to do something with the cum. If I came inside her, or on her, couldn’t they trace that stuff back to me?

As much as I was enjoying the feel of her pussy, my heart still felt like it was about to burst from my chest. Any second, I feared someone would burst in and my life would be over. I wanted to get this done as fast as possible. I paused for a moment, rubbing my sister’s clit while I pulled out so that I could yank off her pajama pants. I was already really near to cumming, so I grabbed my cock and jerked it a few times while my thumb pushed against her clit to keep her from thinking she could move.

I had put her pajama shorts on her thigh, and I came on them. Maria’s entire body seemed to shiver again as she felt hot semen land on her thigh. Even though most of it got onto her pajama pants, she likely could still feel it through the thin material. I used the pajama pants to wipe up the rest of it that didn’t make it on her shorts. That would have to be the best I could manage. I looked down at my sister’s glistening vagina one last time, slightly agape after I brutalized it with my dick. I had done it. I had raped my sister. As for Maria, she lied there in the blankets, her body no longer fighting. She was completely limp.

Did she pass out? I had no clue. I was too frightened to pull the blanket off. Instead, I ran with her cum-drenched shorts in my hand. I didn’t jump out the window. I went out the door of her room. Her eyes were covered anyway. Closing the door softly, I went straight to my room, closed the door, and locked it. I immediately collapsed to the floor, gasping as if I hadn’t breathed in a year.

“What have I done…” I moaned weakly, tears falling down my face. “I’m fucked.”

“Actually, I think it was your sister who was fucked…” a voice came from my room, causing me to look up.

Netori was standing there, a mischievous grin on her face.

“What do you want…” I asked, my voice dry and defeated.

“Congratulations on leveling up!”

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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