NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl Vol 01 Chp 07

“Rope… duct tape… what else… a knife? I’m starting to look like a serial killer.” I muttered to myself as I walked down the store aisle grabbing various goods from the corner store.

“Need help?” Netori popped up from behind.

“You… don’t you have a date with that fuckface Derek?” I snapped at her.

“Ooo… jealous much?” Netori laughed. “Well, I don’t dislike jealousy. Jealousy is simply a form of desire. It’s a great motivator for theft. No worries though, my date with Derek is on for tonight.”

“I bet…” I tried to ignore her, snapping my fingers. “That’s right! A ski mask… man, I feel like I’m going to get on a watch list with this purchase.”

Netori put on a pout, clearly unhappy that I was ignoring her. “What are you buying all that for? That teacher is all but putty in your grasp.”

I nearly dropped the items in my hands as I gawked at Netori. She put on a pleased expression, having regained my attention.

“You know about Misses Fukumi?” I asked the obvious question.

I had barely even managed to process the event myself. I had passed the test by inadvertently blackmailing my teacher. However, what did that have to do with NTR Crush? Wait… Netori wasn’t suggesting that?

Netori chuckled. “Of course, I am a goddess, how could I give you a power and not know when you’ve used it. It was quite an exciting find, that your scum of a father has been carrying on an affair with your teacher.”

“She’s not the only one he’s sleeping with.” I shook my head. “What are you suggesting? You want me to steal my father’s women?”

Netori shrugged. “She’s married. The points will be good. I can guarantee she’s an anal virgin!”

I coughed, lowering my voice as I looked down the empty aisles to make sure no one was listening. “You think I could bang my teacher? I’m a teenager. Admittedly, Misses Fukumi is young, but this kind of thing-“

Netori waved her hand across my face. “Details… details. That’s your problem, you think too small. Why not steal your teacher? Steal her from your father, her husband… it doesn’t matter! Her being unconventional only means more points for you. The more points you earn, the more likely you’ll be able to get your final revenge on my boyfriend.”

I lowered my head, thinking about the words Netori just said. Banging my teacher, huh? Of course, this act could only be performed with blackmail. Blackmail could only be obtained with evidence. With what I had now, I might be able to cheat on a quiz, but convincing my teacher to put out would require a bit more. If I just went at her, she’d probably deny it and break things off with my father. However, there was another way.

I needed to know father’s schedule and her schedule. If I could figure out when they were meeting and where I could get evidence of them cheating. Only with pictures could I truly blackmail my teacher. I put thoughts of this in the back of my mind. Tomorrow, I will assuredly work towards that goal. However, for tonight, my plan was to fulfill my sister’s sexual desire. I would take as many opportunities as I could to increase my NTR points. I didn’t want to watch Derek bang my girlfriend anymore. That meant I needed to take risks.

“Tsk…” I let out a sigh as I looked down at the stuff in my hands.

“What is it?” Netori asked, tilting her head.

“This stuff is going to wipe out my money for the week. I’ll have to go hungry. That sucks.”

Netori laughed. “Hmph… you dare pay for something in front of Netori?”

I blinked. “What do you suggest?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I am the goddess of theft! Shouldn’t you steal what you want!”

I looked around again for any listeners. “This… stealing women and stealing supplies are two different things! I could be caught.”

“You could be caught raping your sister.” Netori shrugged. “You could be caught blackmailing your teacher. There is always a chance to be caught. However, if you don’t have the guts to make the attempt, you’ll never have anything!”

I looked back down at the small cart of supplies. There really wasn’t too much there. I could probably fit it all under my shirt or in my pants. Did I really want to go this far only to falter now? A better question, did I want to leave a paper trail where someone could find a ski mask or rope purchased by me? In that way, it might actually be safest to sneak it out.

“I’ll help…” Netori winked. “Just this once, the security camera’s may be having a malfunction. Quick… stuff them down your pants.”

“Ah, my pants!’ I wasn’t prepared for Netori to grab the stuff and put her hands down there.

“Isn’t it fitting that the ropes you’ll bind your sister with were stored against your cock?” Netori winked. “Quick, leave!”

“Wait, where are you going?” I noticed her heading the other way.

“Watching you steal it makes me horny. I need some relief.” Netori winks.

“You better not be getting horny and then heading toward that dickface Derek!”

“I’m innocent!” Netori whistled, but a second later her body disappeared.

By the time she was gone, I’d abandoned the cart in the middle of the aisle. My pants were stuffed, looking like I had a giant bulge in my pants. I felt like everyone was looking at me as I B-lined for the exit. I was relieved the alarms did not go off. I kept moving as quickly as I could and didn’t stop to take a breath until I was more than halfway home.

“No police… they really didn’t notice.” I murmured.

I had managed to successfully shoplift. The cost was only about ¥2000, but still, I had taken it. I had a complicated feeling deep inside about walking away with all of this stuff. Somehow, I had convinced myself that raping my sister wasn’t a real crime, because I had heard her fantasy. However, I was really doing it, wasn’t I? I was really going to bang my sister. I gulped some saliva and then walked the rest of the way home.

I unloaded my pants full of stolen items under my bed and then walked out. My sister was usually home about an hour after me. I had only spent about thirty minutes in the store, so I snuck into her room to plan my attack. I immediately felt scared the moment I closed the door behind me.

It was a standard girls room, with flowery stuff, pink curtains, and stuffed animals. I casually unlocked her window. And opened it just a crack. I slipped a piece of rolled up paper into the crack, so even if she tried to close it, she couldn’t. My sister was often lazy, and after making one attempt at something, she’d often put it off until later. Thus, I knew that even if she saw the window, she’d only try to close it and lock it once. Otherwise, she’d give up and tell dad to fix it tomorrow.

However, tomorrow would be too late, and my sister’s body would already have been taken by me. The thought of this started arousing me. I was lost in these thoughts until I heard the front door open. I ran to the door and got out. I barely managed to make a few steps away from her room when the very woman came storming by. I paused a moment as I realized that she had tears streaming down her face.

“Maria? What happened?”

“None of your business!” Maria shoved passed me and then slammed her door in my face.

I was stunned by the sight, and for a brief moment, I considered canceling the whole thing. No… I had to do this. My future depended on it. Besides, the end of dirt scribe had suggested this might even be something she’s waiting for. This was just part of the game. My sister was just a valuable piece.

“Hakaru… cook something!” The door opened again, and I heard a shout.

That would be mother getting home. I let out a sigh and ran to the kitchen. This time, I cooked rice, eggs, and miso soup. Mom didn’t sit at the table. In fact, she already had opened a bottle of wine and was on her third glass by the time I put the food down. Naturally, dad was late again. I wondered if he was meeting with Misses Fukumi right now. I’d have to somehow discover her schedule if I wanted to learn more. For the moment, my dirt scribe ability was empty.

However, it was shaping up to be a pretty nice ability. The first time I used it revealed that my sister had a rape fetish. The second time I used it revealed my teacher’s affair. I wondered what other secrets I could ferret out using this ability of mine. I prepared a second helping and sat at the table eating silently while my mother turned on the television and watched her soaps.

This was my normal life. Usually, I would try to hang out with Derek or my girlfriend around this time. However, Derek was going out with Netori tonight and Akiko was so distraught over it I wasn’t even going to suggest hanging out. If I kept her busy, she’d be less likely to spy and possibly interrupt their date. Even if I had wanted to hang out with my whore of a girlfriend, I had reason to reject it.

So, this day was like any day I had no plans. Mom would demand food, drink until she passed out, and I would be left to eat alone. Mom never asked Maria to cook, mostly because Maria was a bad cook. Maria also liked to spend most of her time held up in her room, and only came out to get the dish I cooked and return it, although she didn’t appear to do that tonight.

Whether she snuck a guy through the window for hanky panky or not depended. I had the distinct feeling based on those tears that today wasn’t going to be one of those days. Good… I wouldn’t have to experience sloppy seconds.

My feet tapped nervously and I realized I had been staring at my empty meal for some time now. I busted the dishes for my mother and my meal, washed, and put away the dishes. Then, I walked over to mom to put a blanket on her. I stopped as I stared down at mom. The thing that caught me off guard was the position mom was in. She had passed out on her stomach, but somehow her skirt had risen up. Now, her entire buttocks were exposed, a pair of lacey black underwear which rode up into her butt crack was the only thing covering those parts.

Mom… was a woman in a relationship too, right? I was talking about cucking dad anyway with Misses Fukumi. However, there was an available pussy passed out on my couch. Mom had finished five glasses of wine. She was completely asleep. I gulped.

I had said it… hadn’t I? Anything for NTR points. I was already talking about raping my sister. My mother wasn’t an ugly woman. Far from it, she was a Japanese beauty with dark black hair and dark brown eyes. She was the kind of woman that looked amazing in a Kimono. She had long legs, a great butt, and the typical slant eyes of a Japanese beauty. As for my father, he was half Japanese, half westerner, and both me and my sister had lighter hair and eyes as a result.

Dad would be cheating for at least another four hours. My sister was in her room probably for the rest of the night. My mother… was literally showing her naked body to me. I could move her underwear to the side, slide my cock in, and earn NTR points just like that. My hand began to reach out. I slowly put my hand on her buttocks, feeling the warmth of her surprisingly tight butt. I was groping my mother’s naked butt. I couldn’t believe it. However, she was completely unconscious and unaware of it.

If anything, like my sister, I’d be doing mom a favor. After all, she was a woman who had needs, and dad had long since stopped providing them. I knew this first hand. One morning a few months ago when I woke up, I saw a recently used vibrator sitting on the table that she must have enjoyed during the night and forgot. Of course, I threw it into her room and hiding it in her blankets like a proper son, but it did mean my mom got horny. I could do this… the more points, the better. I had to take risks!

I put a second hand down, and then, ever so slowly, I started to spread mom’s buttcheeks. She wasn’t at her freshest having worked all day, but she was surprisingly clean and slowly unveiling her crack was very appealing. Of course, she had underwear blocking the view, and so I could only see the hint of a butthole and pussy.

“Mm…” Mom moaned as I opened her up.

I jumped back as mom suddenly started moving. I nearly ran out of the house as fast as my legs could carry me as mom turned around. Shit! Please… no! Don’t tell me mom felt me groping her butt and spreading her. That would be the worst thing ever!

Mom started talking… “Please, stick it in, Elzo, I need it.”

She spoke in a pouty voice, her lips parted in a sensuous way. It took me a solid minute to realize that mom was still asleep. She must be in a dream and took my machinations as something father was doing to her. I gulped down relief three times. That’s when I noticed the new position she was in. If before, mom looked quite revealing, now… she was completely scandalous. Her legs were completely spread open. Basically, she was open in an ideal missionary position. Her underwear was even loose, being an old dirty pair she had worn the whole day, and they didn’t properly cover her front half.

In other words, I could see her pussy out the side of the underwear, as well as her hairy patch on the top and sides, black and course. My cock was completely hard, and I couldn’t even excuse it. My mother was turning me on! I really wanted to fuck her! Now, it was even easier than before. She was right in front of me. Her skirt was up, her underwear was so loose I could slip my cock in just like this! My hand was already reaching towards her crotch before I could stop myself.

I could… couldn’t I? I could just fuck my mother right here. More NTR points! No… it wasn’t even about the NTR points at the moment. I was just horny and she was so open and tempting! Somehow, a piece of my brain must have changed after I decided to rape my sister. My fingers just barely touched her. I could feel the crack of her pussy. I slowly pushed hard, a finger starting to slide in.

“Do me…” she muttered in her sleep.

I was going to do it. I was going to- no! I couldn’t! I fled like the coward I was. I ran back to my room and slammed the door. This was more than I could handle! Raping my sister was one thing. Pushing down my sleeping, drunk mother was another! I already had one rape planned for the night! I couldn’t get distracted.

After catching my breath, I put my mother out of my mind and started concentrating on getting everything ready. That was way too dangerous. I was still a rookie and that was more high tier stuff. Don’t look down on me too much. I may not have the balls to ball my mother, but I’d be balls deep in my sister tonight!

Of course, because I stormed off to my room, I missed a small scene that followed after I left. As the door to my room slammed shut, a single eye of my mother opened.

“Tsk… you’re as dickless as your father.” She grunted.

Mom rolled over, readjusting her underwear to cover herself again. She let out a fart and a burp, and then went back to sleep unsatiated with a frown on her face.

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl

NTR Crush : I Will Steal Every Girl
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2018
Hakaru's life wasn't great. His family was broken with a cheating father, a drunk mother, and a slutty sister. The one thing he had going for him was his best friend and his beautiful girl. That all came crashing down when he found her cheating on him. Thus, he committed suicide, only to find death stolen from him by the Goddess of theft, Netori. She's enlisted him into her own personal game, NTR Crush, where a player can gain strange abilities and skills as long as they can take the women that belong to other men. This is a game where you steal every thing you want, or you lose everything you have. Let the game begin.



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