Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 99

My unknown wife

(She is slow…)

Junko, who has left to go to the restroom, didn’t return so quickly. Endo is already influenced by the atmosphere of the circumstances, and in a slightly excited state, his throat is entirely dry. He calls the waiter for a second round because his glass was empty.

He glanced casually at the couple doing fellatio. He can see them because they are right in front of him.


The first thing Endo saw was the penis of the man which had an amazing size, an enormous thing, tall, stout, and towering vertically like a sculpture. Endo is a bit disappointed comparing sizes with his. The huge meat weapon in front of him is wet from saliva.

The woman is doing her fellatio eagerly from the side so that it can be seen that her red lips swallow this huge thing. Even Endo is impressed with what a joy this woman is doing her fellatio to please that man.

(Aa…great fellatio…great quality)

Endo can’t see that woman’s face because her long brown hair is hanging, but he can see the splendid movement of her mouth. Her mouth and tongue movements are so skillful that prostitutes would be jealous. And her service is different because it contains the passion and love for her partner.

(It’s intolerable, how she uses her tongue… I also want to have this…)

This woman is licking and sucking with such a passion, she doesn’t get tired. Her white fingers twine around the root, rubbing it gently, while on one of her fingers, a ring is visibly shining.

“That couple has also come today.”

“Isn’t that woman a housewife?”

From the edge of the room, Endo hears these whispers. This couple seems to be famous in this bar, and he notices many other couples paying attention to them.

Endo also sees the ring that is sticking on her finger.

“The waiter mentioned that some days ago they even had sex immediately when they came here.”

“The other day, didn’t he cum inside her?”

“Great… ejaculating inside the wife of another man, aren’t you scared?”

This lady is doing her fellatio eagerly without minding the surrounding eyes, like a child that received a delicious candy. Her saliva was attached from the tip to the root.

“Miki., everyone is watching you.”

While sitting on the sofa and enjoying the fellatio, the man whispered so in a low voice.

“…Not now… I’m embarrassed…”

The woman called Miki glanced at the face of that man bashfully, before immediately continuing her fellatio. She looked down, an erotic sound is heard while she strokes the root.

(Shit, it would be comfortable. As for others they cant do it in that way…)

Accidentally because it was the same name as his wife, Endo was surprised for a moment.

Originally he got to know Miki who worked as a model through work. Endo urged her forcibly for a date, and he reached the goal by marrying her this spring. He knew that many men aimed for her because she was a model. She has an outstanding body which is slim, her important parts are developed, and her long legs are white as milk, causing everyone to sigh by seeing her.

She would be such a perfect wife if she didn’t have one negative point. Miki is really negative about night life. Of course, if Endo demanded it, she accepted it, but she was like a dead fish when they had sex. The reason for that was her ex-boyfriend who was also like that in bed. Therefore, it is hard for her to come out of her shell.

At first, it was really nice, but even after half a year she still was like a doll in bed, and so Endo gradually became disappointed. She hardly reacts regardless of where he caresses her, and even when he insert his son, she shows a small and neutral reaction. When Endo demands his wife to do a fellatio, she will do it, but it is so sloppy because she isn’t knowledgeable about it.

(I hope Miki also becomes so aggressive…)

Remembering everything about his wife, Endo sighed a little. Of course, he intended to train her from now on as long as he has time.

The long hair of that woman in front of him obstructs herself so that she sometimes correct it. At that moment Endo could see her beautiful face a bit.

(…Eh? …Eh, Eh!! … th-that’s impossible…Mi-Miki?)

It can’t be concluded that this is Miki because he only saw a similar face and he remembered the face of his wife a few moments ago.

(That’s a lie…it must be an accidental resemblance…)

Endo denied the thought that appeared in his mind immediately. Because the length of the hair is entirely different, that cannot be Miki. Miki’s hairstyle has been a short bob for a while now.

At the time Miki was a model she was approached by many men, but her behavior was hard which was liked among her friends. Therefore his wife wouldn’t have an affair with another man.

(…Bu-But those clothes are definitely…)

Endo notices a chill is running down his back and his heart beats faster. He isn’t 100% sure that the clothes this woman wears are similar to the clothes his wife wore when she was a model.

(Th, that’s impossible…bu-but, other than hair, she looks just like her…)

Now the suspicious cloud becomes bigger in his heart. Endo thinks more and more that this woman is his wife.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Endo stood up to find it out, but the waiter who brings his second round suddenly came, and he sat down again.

“Customer, it is a violation of the rules if you approach a couple in the middle of their play.”

“…Ye-yes…. I understand…”

The tough-looking boy gives a warning to Endo who was about to stand up and answered with a low voice. His intent has been discovered, and he only nods while drinking his whiskey on ice. He becomes thirsty, and his heartbeat palpitates intensely.

Now Endo can’t see the face of that woman anymore because her hair is hanging down again. He knows that she really resembles his wife, but when he sees her body his eyes became sharp.

(These long beautiful and thin legs. That…that is Miki!!)

Her long, white legs make a perfect line with the miniskirt she is wearing. Endo’s wife was famous for her long and slim legs in the model branch, so could there really be another woman in the world who resembles Miki so much?

“Hey? Hey? Would it be good soon?”

Endo who is in mental agony sees that the woman looked up to the man who sat down and raised a begging voice. Such a voice hasn’t been heard from his wife, but again the tone of that woman´s voice is similar to his wife.

“What would you like to do?”

The beauty snorts and pressed against the man who is teasing her by asking this.

“Noo…. My pussy…my pussy…put it inside…”

This married woman begs with a seducing voice. Her voice is like sweet honey that would raise the greed of every man.

Endo was really shocked when he heard this words and hit his head. Such erotic words were never said to him.

“Isn’t it a secret to your husband, that you have sex with another man?”

“Aah, that’s fine…that person…told me that he will be late because of work, but I know he plays with other women…”

Endo´s heartbeat becomes faster again. That not a metaphor, but his heart nearly goes out from his mouth already.

“Hee…is it so?”

“Be-besides he is very unskilled…. The person seems to think that his technique is good, but I never felt it at all…”

To hear the story of this married woman, laughter leak out from the seats of the circumference. However, Endo became stiff from the shock, and his face became pale.

“Is it frustrating? Would you like to divorce?”

“…Uuh…. Well, he is good-looking, and the income is good, too…. As long as I endure it at night, he is the perfect husband…”

“Then, shall I take the place of your husband?”

“Yaah, such way of speaking…. But you’re better…. it’s so wonderful with you…”

This beauty is issuing such a voice while looking at the penis in her hand.

“If such a wonderful thing is tasted, every girl will be in a daze…. You are a ladykiller…”

They occasionally kiss to show their love, and slowly their bodies became unbearably hot. This pretty woman who looks like Endo´s wife with the hairstyle being different is shaking her hips arousingly now.

(It is really Miki…Miki? Is it you?)

Endo can’t see her face anymore because she faces the other man.

Endo has the impulse to find out, but he also fears that it really is Miki. Therefore he only sits on the sofa while staring at this couple in front of him.

Next, the man whispered something, and the beauty stood up. Seeing the back of that woman now, Endo still thinks it is his Miki, even though the hair is longer.

When the beautiful woman steps over the waist of that man, she kissed him intensely. She moved her waist lewdly when she sat on his crotch. Next, her red miniskirt is rolled up, a T-back panty is revealed from beneath. Her stockings are already rolled down her thighs, and she only needs to move her panties aside to insert it.

(Ju, just a little…just a little!)

“Aah, can I insert it already…”

This married wife is holding the dick against her secret hole already and is asking with a sexy voice now.

(Uaaaaa!! No stop!! Hey Miki, stoooppp!!)

No matter how much he wants to, he can’t touch this couple, while being frustrated. And he just sees how this woman inserts that man’s son inside her secret hole.

“Aaa… unbear… unbearable…”

At this moment the married woman released a delighted cry from a dick other than her husband in public attention. And her skirt is still rolled up so every couple can see their connection clearly.

(Wait! Waaaiitt!! Stoopp!! Noot goood!!!)

The biggest problem for Endo is that he sees everything because they are right in front of him. This meat spear pierces the vagina of this beauty slowly.

“Aaa, amazing…Kenichi-saan…”

While the beauty calls the name of her lover, she moved her waist slowly immediately. Everyone can conclude that with her movement she feels the finest pleasure. Of course, Endo never had sex with Miki in this position where she moved her waist so lewdly.

(Su, Such an idiot…. But…, no, that’s impossible…Miki…?)

The man again whispers something to this woman who blushes, before she raises a voice so that everyone can hear it.

“Miki´s frustrated pussy, please punish it with your stout penis. For this lecherous wife who hides her affair for her husband, please pour your semen inside…”

“Mi, Miki…you…”

Endo was disgusted at this moment and wanted to say something.

Until now, he had used condoms all the time when he had sex with his wife. That’s because Miki wished for it because she didn’t want to make a baby. Miki hated it and forced condoms even during a safe day.

However, this woman in front of him now, who resembles Miki, is having raw sex. Moreover, she even seems to permit the ejaculation inside her vagina, judging from the couple’s talk a short while ago.

“Aaaa! Gooodd!! Goood! Intolerable!!”

Miki moves her waist steadily and begins to have real sex in the woman-astride position now. This erotic and charming appearance is clearly different from the image of his wife who is normally neat and clean.


Endo stood up unintentionally and called the name of his wife, while the woman called Miki in front of him stopped her movement and trembled. All the other couples around are looking at Endo with a questionable face.

At that moment, the waiter appeared and seized Endo.

“Guest, you’re in trouble now. Didn’t I say it a while ago? It is rule violation to call out to other visitors.”

“Ho, However…That is Miki…its Miki…”

Endo who is convinced that this is his wife cries so out unintentionally again. However, he hesitated for a while because he was dissatisfied with the people laughing at him.

“What are you talking about. Your partner returned because she felt ill. This store refuses people entering alone. Hey, return quickly!”

When the waiter says so, he tries to bring Endo to the front door so that Endo’s body is dragged with terrible power. However, Endo tries to resist and remain there somehow.

“Pl, please wait a moment…please!! I only want to make sure if that is my Miki!!”

“Don’t joke with me or I will kill you!!”

“Mikii!! Miki, is it you? It is me! Yuichi!!

The beauty is still in horse riding position with the man and stopped her movement again.

“Miki! Hey, Miki!! Turn this way!! My Miki!!”

Looking at these two people while being dragged away, this long-haired beauty has begun to move her waist again. She begins to raise a voice of joy, while totally ignoring the voice of Endo.

“Mikii! Mikii!! Mikiiiii!!!”

“Shut up! Be silent!!!”


A strong-looking waiter hits Endo’s stomach so that he has trouble breathing and is unable to talk further. Other waiters also come near, and with 3 people they drag him away.

Endo is thrown outside and knocked down. He falls down on the asphalt while wearing his high-quality suit.

“Is this fellow dense? As it is, may he wait for that girl all the while outside the store?”

“Ah then, after he’s taken to the office, lightly persuade him.”

“Miki…Aaa, Miki…”

Tokyo in cold midwinter. While lying on the cold road and being surrounded by three muscular men, Yuichi Endo continued calling the name of his beloved wife.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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