Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 97

Collapse and Liberation

Arisa doesn’t remember how many times Noriko has clapped her hands. The only thing she remembers is that the pleasure storm which rages inside her body is increasing its brutality with every clap.

“Higiiiiiiii! Higuuaaaaaa!!!”

Forget about her G-spot and clitoris are already unrelated, if the interior of her womb is rubbed even slightly, a current of pleasure goes through every corner of her body.

“Hiiiiiiiguuuu!! Aguuuuuuu!!!”

Arisa’s white body flounders while she is fucked in missionary position. She bent her back and contracted her throat from the pleasure, an animalistic cry is heard. All muscles in her body are trembling from fear, and saliva flows out of her mouth. Her white skin flushed and is dripping with sweat.

(Aaa…already, it’s good already… that’s right, it’s good…)

If she does nothing, she will faint and be tossed into a pool of pleasure. Her self-respect, pride, and willpower melted like scrap iron in a furnace.

(I did my best…because I did my best, I give up…)

Who would be able to endure this torture? At last, she was overwhelmed by the pleasure and gave up.

As a noble but isolated soldier, her pride and guts were broken off at the end.

Kenichi, who sensed the change of her heart, sensitively stops his movement. When he did that and held still for a while, Arisa’s body which was writhing gradually becomes quiet. Patiently holding still, he expected Arisa’s breathing to be complete.

“Have you already made up your mind?”


Being asked this, Arisa can’t say it aloud, but there is no willpower left to counterattack. The sharp pleasure still runs through the encephalon from her crotch, and a colored spark scatters in front of her sight.

“How is it? Do you want to live soon? Hmm?”

It took a while to understand the meaning of this question, but when Arisa finally understood, she shook her head in disapproval while her body nodded. She will go mad from this unlimited ecstasy unless she reaches heaven instantly.

“Now then, the last revelation. I put you under two more hypnotism. One requires that you kiss me by your will and that you become my servant for the rest of your life. Even if the hypnotism expires, this will be a pledge inscribed on your soul. Well, this subordinate proof is a fact.”


Arisa knows its meaning and utters a cry.

“And the other one. Unless you kiss me on your own, you can never orgasm. In other words, you will suffer endlessly in pleasure hell in your present half-dead state.”


Arisa, who understands the aim of the Inma, shudders.

Next, he turned her body around and lay on the bed. In other words, Arisa sat astride on Kenichi on the bed.


And again when his waist moved she felt pleasure in her whole body. The tall and stout penis sinks deep inside her secret hole and hit her depths directly.

“Hey, move your waist by yourself.”


According to Kenichi’s order, she moved her waist. From there, when she used her waist slowly the most sensitive part was hit and rubbed by the intruder. Arisa raised a squeal similar to a roar while wagging her long hair.


(Not good! I want to live!! I want to live- I want to live!!!)

It doesn’t matter anymore because she already gave the Inma her energy. At this moment, she only wants to escape from the torture of this pleasure hell quickly. Every cell in her body is screaming for her to reach the apex of paradise.

(I want to live!! However, eternal servitude is unpleasant!!!)

Nonetheless, she still hates Kenichi. He is an enemy of humanity, and she cannot permit him to use his eyes against the three of them. Therefore she cannot permit herself to bow to the Inma, no matter what. Besides, she doesn’t want to live for eternity with this guy. It would be better if she died rather than doing something like that.

However, her moving waist produces strong pleasure, which accumulated steadily inside her body. Her body waits impatiently for the moment when the lust explodes like magma of an active volcano and adds enormous pressure to her vagina.

(Kiss… if I kiss… bu-but… I become… become…)

Arisa sees Noriko licking the naked upper body of Kenichi with her tongue joyfully. Her face shows the joy of subordination to her new master, while she begs and behaves like a baby in front of the Inma.

In biology, a male is stronger than a female in muscular strength. That’s the role allotment that God gave. The male defends the female against foreign enemies, and the female conceives and brings up the strong male’s child. This DNA-encoded plan has persisted since ancient times. Humans are following it without going against providence.

“Aaah, Kenichi-samaa…. I like you…my love for you is growing…”

Noriko, who lost her sweetheart and best friend, can only deepen her relationship with Kenichi now. She accepted her fate as a sex slave and found joy in doing it.

(I-I also will become like this…)

Looking at Noriko, Arisa feels hopeless.

She lived all alone until now. Arisa who lost her parents early created her fate. Many men approached her, but they were very thin or weak or frivolous.

Although she came to like Yuusuke, she only recognized him as an equal partner of his strength. His existence, more excellent than herself, was also liked by Noriko who was enchanted by the Inma. She should have made her wish come true through her own power.

(But that… did I actually wish for that?)

Her feelings increase steadily alongside the pleasure magma that rages in her body. Arisa who writhes from the pleasure hell, indulge in this thin cobweb.

(Aaa…I… I was defeated…)

Arisa cries like rain and as if she became a child again, behaving like a baby in front of her gentle parents. There is a small hole in her firm heart and something enormous flows from within.

At this time, Kenichi, who held Arisa´s body, draws her near. She almost turned her face away because she was so close with him, but both are staring into each other’s eyes at close range.

(Re-red eyes…)

The close face of Kenichi looked sorrowful for some reason, while his shining red eyes seem to reach into hers.

In the meantime moving her waist regularly, her secret place becomes muddy from the pleasure. The pleasure is like an unbearable pain and continues raging to liberate her body.


Arisa, who gave up, closed her eyes calmly and gave her first kiss to her enemy in front of her.

Her noble pride has died, and she became a person exclusive for Kenichi.


The moment their lips touched, an explosive delight goes through her body. The withheld magma roasts her whole body with hellish flames, and all her muscles convulse at once. A large quantity of dopamine is released from her neurotransmitters and let her reach this pleasure.


Arisa, who forgets everything, devotes herself to the torrent, while at the same time her face displayed supreme joy, like a baby who slept on his mother’s chest.

– – –

One week later.

In a meeting room where a general staff member of the Tokyo Police Department cannot enter, an emergency meeting was held. Approximately ten people attend and sit down on a コ-shaped desk.

A beautiful young woman sits in the chairman’s seat. The expression of this long-haired beauty was fierce, and distress she felt seemed to ooze out.

“Are you able to restore the data with that?”

There is no helping it, but her tone is sharp even if she is irritated. She doesn’t want to show such mannerisms, but because she didn’t sleep yesterday, she does it reflexively.

“Ha, No, the main database and backup system were thoroughly removed and can’t be restored. Moreover, every individual’s PC has been infected by the virus, and all recoveries are in an irreparable state.”

The young man makes the IT report while sweating profusely.

“Aren’t there any backups? Because it is an emergency situation, shouldn’t we have a hard disk and some storage medium?”

A different man asked this time, but the young man waved his head weakly.

“A, Actually…the backup data was taken by someone, and is completely missing. From security’s statements, nobody should know the place, and it is impossible to rob it from there…”

All who hear the report fall silent at this report. The executives who participate in this meeting can imagine how much impact that has for this organization.

The database of “SHADO” was hacked by someone one week ago, and a virus was mixed in. The virus also spread over every PC and crashed the entire network yesterday. Also, because the backup drives disappeared, all data has disappeared.

“An internal crime…”

Reiko Arisawa, the chairman and director of “SHADO,” asserts calmly. It is impossible that a person outside the organization who knows enough about the internal circumstances to destroy the database thoroughly.

The database included all devils who exist in Japan at present and the information about half-devils and devils from the past. Up until now, it was improved steadily, but the accumulated intelligence of “SHADO” has disappeared completely.

“There seem to be members who we can’t contact recently.”

“Ye-yes. 6 members who were in charge of the Kanto area disappeared in succession. Noriko Aoyama, Tetsu Ezawa, Arisa Shinomiya, Masako Takefuji, Shuu Morimoto and Eichi Yada. In each case, the communication broke off a week ago, and there was no communication afterward either.”

A thin head man reports while looking at the memo.

“There should be a criminal or a person knowing about this. Among those is there someone who could do such a thing?”

“Ye-yes. Among those six, Arisa Shinomiya has excellent programming skills, so she is able to create such a virus.

(Arisa… that girl…)

Remembering the intelligent and beautiful face of her niece, Reiko creases her beautiful eyebrows.

However, when she reconsider that her niece has a strong sense of justice, Reiko knows that she didn’t do such a thing. And it is normal to check her in such an emergency. No kind of protection is permitted as the head of this organization.

“I got it. Check the whereabouts of these six people promptly. Arisa Shinomiya, in particular, thoroughly. Divide the members who stayed to reform the database of devils. Begin with the particularly high-priority devils and intermediate devils, and then the low-priority and low-class devils, Inma, and half-devils. Begin the work promptly.”


Most members run from the meeting room like a gale, along with the young member of IT who reported first to the head. With work piling up, no one has time to idle even for one second.

“Shall we ask for help from the headquarters?”

A man with dark hair that is streaked with gray asks Reiko.

“SHADO” is an anti-devil defense organization. All members fight against devils that appeared in each country in cooperation with the state organ of each country. The data from all over the world is collected by the headquarter in the suburbs of London, and various machines and tools have been developed based on that information. The training of new members is also carried out in the headquarters.

“London’s data seemed to have been destroyed, too. But they managed to recover a backup.”

“We have no choice but to restore as much as possible based on that data.”

“Even if we do, the loss is enormous. And they only have data from past devils, the data from new devils are lost…”

The two people remaining in the meeting are the director and the deputy director who both have a sad look. With such damage, their function is completely paralyzed – it is the biggest event since the beginning of “SHADO.” Japan has been exposed to the threat of the devils.

“6 people disappeared at the same time…. How did this happen?”

The deputy director showed a distorted expression while asking.

“Among these members, are some related…? But still, there is no motive for them to do something like this…”

All members who belong to “SHADO” received a severe aptitude test. Their thoughts cleared using hypnotism, so there are no possibilities that a disorderly thought gets mixed up, That’s why it is challenging to imagine that there was someone who would betray this organization.

“Or were they captured by a devil…. I heard that last year a member in China was brainwashed by a devil…”

“Did this guy became a victim of an Inma? Inma transmits pleasure sometimes like drugs. We cannot abandon the possibility that they became a tool of an Inma.”

“That’s also possible…. an Inma is scarier than a devil with their ability…”

Devils are existences who harm humans to receive their fear and hatred as food. Anyway, a devil threatens, injures or kills an innocent human to get its energy. Inma commit sex crimes and damage the society to the extent that they have influence over other members. Thus it is rational to set the priority to the threat of devils instead of Inma in such a situation.

The master of devils who have appeared is Nobunaga Oda who introduced himself as “The sixth heaven demon king” of his own accord. It’s said that Nobunaga murdered 100,000 people equal to 1% of the population at that time. On the other hand, it is thought that Dokyo Yugeno and Grigory Rasputin were Inma. Both made women their captives through the power of sex, and it is said that both controlled their government from the shadows.

Normally “SHADO” watch the outbreak of devils or Inma, before they become a harm to the society. The technology, physical strength and the intelligence of the members are instilled by hard training and for an individual to erase a devil they need to have a strong sense of ethics.

(Six members disappeared…. Who or what caused that…?)

Tokyo is approaching a cold midwinter. Reiko felt a chill run through her back inside this deserted meeting room.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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