Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 96

Solitary Figh


Arisa drops down on the bed this time after having been ejaculated inside numerous times inside her womb. Her best friend betrayed her, and she was raped by the enemy, her willful mind is struggling.


The pain of her heart is more severe than the physical pain.

Kenichi’s still-huge penis stayed inside her and caused Arisa’s body to burn from pain. However, the pain of Noriko’s betrayal is nothing compared to her fear that she would get pregnant with the child of that Inma.

“…It will be good soon…. I will come soon…”

Kenichi showed his desire. Arisa who wants this to nightmare end soon murmured so in a neglectful tone while being so tired that she can’t lift a finger.

However, Kenichi doesn’t show signs of stopping, while plunging deep into Arisa in the missionary position. Despite ejaculating so many times, his huge dick is as hard as before.

“What, you want a dignified order? Are you a fool?”


Calling her a fool, she wanted to rage. Arisa is a genius with an IQ of 180 and who graduated from Miyako Higashi university’s law department as the best, so there was no one so far who would call her a fool. Moreover, it was said by a man who is clearly inferior in intelligence than her, causing her head became red from anger.

“Didn’t you learn it in health and physical education class? A man can’t be satisfied with only one or two times.”

Saying so, Kenichi begins to move his lower back again slowly. The semen which he ejected into her vagina helps to lubricate her so that he can move easier than before.

“Your meat is clammy and better than just now…. It’s gradually improving.”

Kenichi rapes this raven-black haired beauty again while licking his lips.

Arisa, after having it pointed out, noticed it as well. Comparing to before the ejaculation, Kenichi’s movement inside her womb is different. Furthermore, although the devil sperm restores her torn vaginal walls in a moment and a dull pain is left, the violent pain from just before melts away.

(Aa…su-such a thing…)

She isn’t supposed to feel it while she is raped, in this situation it is immoral. Kenichi tells a terrible fact to an embarrased Arisa.

“Noriko. Tell her how often I had come inside you last night.”

Kenichi, who wants to hear how often he came, continues his sex with Arisa without removing his son. Arisa lost herself inside the red eyes of Kenichi that showed his wicked joy.

“Ye-yes…. He probably came 12 times last night.”

Noriko participated in that meat party. Kenichi had sex with all the sex slaves who were gathered in the hotel room that night. Noriko once again remembers the pleasant feeling from that time, and her body begins to ache again.

“It means, that even though I won’t cum inside you 12 times today because it is currently impossible, but 5 times should be achievable. Well, if I pour that much into you, you will know what is good about sex.”


Kenichi´s vitality differs from an ordinary human because of his magic power, even though it’s impossible to cum twelve times in one night. A common man only cums once or twice, the desire should be satisfied with that. Her back shivers from knowing the strength of his lust.

(After all a demon… attacking people and eating them…)

Arisa became a target and Kenichi is watching her while she chews on her back teeth.

“Oh, morning won’t come for a while, and if you like, I can skip school for you. How many hours will it take until you yield to me?”

“Kuu!! …Even if you do something like that, I won’t lose by any means!”

Taking her virginity away and ejaculating inside her vagina, Kenichi still declared resolutely that he will obtain her body and heart. It’s also interesting that he admires that she opposes him.

Her pride and rebellious spirit were so large as to be abnormal. One important weapon as a soldier of “SHADO” is to sacrifice your personal happiness; however Arisa who should be intelligent doesn’t notice. The evidence is the result that she couldn’t tell her feelings and have Noriko steal Yuusuke from the side.

“And after you said so somehow, you’ve begun to feel it, right?”

“…!! …So-something like that!”

Arisa, who starts to say ‘it’s impossible’ is shocked at the change of her body.

The inside of her body is getting hot, and something is welling up there. She hasn’t felt this before, but at the same time, she knows this sense very well. Arisa noticed that it is a real pleasure and denies it in hurriedly.

(I shouldn’t feel it! I´m not like that!)

Arisa had heard how dangerous an Inma was due to “SHADO”‘s education repeatedly.

An Inma snatches the energy of the opposite sex with intercourse, and it becomes its meal. It gives the highest pleasure, which cannot be provided by ordinary people as compensation. Usually, when the energy is taken excessively, the victim will become disabled.

However there are also Inma who keep their victims as sex slaves and form a colony. Someone who experienced the unimaginable and inhuman pleasure can’t be satisfied anymore by commoners, including a lover or husband, and they will depend on the Inma physically and mentally. These people will desert their friends, sweethearts, and spouses to offer everything to the Inma

(This fellow is obviously the latter…)

This science teacher is preying on female high school students and female teachers one after another because they are fresh. An all-girls school is the perfect hunting ground and place to start a colony. Beautiful girls will have their heart and body enslaved by the Inma to offer their energy through sex.


Arisa’s voice unconsciously leaks out from the steady ramming. The movement that only provided acute pain a while ago begins to become an unbearably comfortable and pleasant feeling now. The lacerations in her vagina hole have already healed and start to develop into a pussy of a ripe, married woman, which brings a hot stimulation to the glans.

Her own crotch began to create a wet sound. That’s the evidence that her body is going to bow to the pleasure and climb around Kenichi’s son for that.

(Bu, But still!!)

Like pain, pleasure is also only a chemical reaction of her brain nerves. In reality, only 153 nanograms of dopamine are released by the neurotransmitter which creates a state of excitement.

“Shortly, you will twine around me…. Will you be comfortable, too?”

According to Kenichi’s words, this lovely policewoman who has just lost her virginity begin to completely melt away from the devil sperm of the Inma. While twining around the penis and wrapping it up with her flesh, unbearable pleasure started to spin inside her.

“Kuu!! Su-such a thing… Guu!”

Arisa, who tries to object like usual, holds her tongue. While she talked, a weak squeal almost leaked, but she bit her lip to prevent it.

(Aaa…no, not this…no way, Aaaa!!)

Kenichi lets Arisa’s rational face warp from the pleasure of a different dimension from when she masturbates. This body which was a virgin until a few hours ago will be a ripe body soon that is suitable for giving Kenichi an unimaginable pleasure.

This kind of pleasure germinates inside her, and the stem develops so that the root of her entrance opens and melts.

“Look, is this your weak point?”

A bit above of her entrance is her weak point which is the so-called G-spot, which is then rubbed by the tip of his meat stick.


This part, unknown to Arisa until now is stimulated, forcing Arisa to deny that her face blushes from the pleasure. Her whole vagina heats up and gives her an intensely unbearable feeling.

Once again, the penis was rammed inside quickly after the G-spot was stimulated several times. This technique is called 3 shallow and 1 hard blow.


This grand meat sword thrusts through the deepest place of her body, and her voice leaked again from the pleasure and stimulation. Until a while ago, whenever Kenichi thrust, she felt a deep pain, but this changed into a pleasure that spread to every corner of her body.

Kenichi wasn’t impatient to roast her meat, but rather he proceeded carefully with low intensity and slowly raised Arisa’s sexual feelings. He continued to tease her carefully and precisely while looking for weak points with his super sense. He moves his waist skillfully and slowly to reform her undeveloped and immature vagina into the best pleasure organ.

As for the devil sperm inside her womb, a part of it gather around the uterus, and the rest of it spread through her secret hole due to Kenichi’s piston-like movement. From every inch of his devil sperm, his black wave spread and erodes Arisa’s blue aura.

This is the source of pleasure that this Inma brings and the women who know it can never escape this devastating pleasure.

(This… This is me…)

Indulging in this pleasant sensation to her fingertips, Arisa feels hopeless. In this situation, she will reach climax through Kenichi’s penis sooner or later. Her sexual feelings rise steadily whenever his waist is thrust forward.

(Not good!! I can’t bear it!! I don’t want to give this fellow my energy!! To be violated and to enjoy it, such a thing can’t be permitted!!)

Arisa fought a hopeless war with a pathetic face. However, Kenichi pursues her more, making further attacks.

“Noriko, go tell her about the special hypnotism.”

Kenichi grinned and continued his attack on Arisa while enjoying himself. Kenichi, who is still connected with Arisa in the missionary position, commanded Noriko who lay beside him in her purple lingerie.

“From now on, I will clap my hand. When I clap once, Arisa’s sensitivity will double.”


Noriko didn’t answer Arisa’s question but rather clapped her hands together.


As soon as she heard that sound, pleasure inside her body erupts suddenly. It’s a more frightening than before.

“Look, look~.”


Nonetheless, Kenichi shakes his waist so that his huge meat weapon rubs her G-spot, and Arisa can’t suppress her voice gushing out. Her sweaty body shakes, and she still tries to endure desperately.



And now that her twisting hips are pressured by his dick, she starts to faint away towards paradise, sparks appearing in her view. Her body has already succumbed to the pleasure, her thighs convulsing and warping so that the pain even enters her toes.

(This! This is…)

Arisa feels it completely now, and her pure white body is wrapped in a hot stimulation. The joy of a woman is instilled inside her body that melts away from the pleasure.

(Go-God…pl-please help me…)

Of course, God won’t appear, and this devil will continue to violate her.

“You didn’t fall yet? Oh, that’s fascinating.”

Kenichi looks at Noriko, signaling with his eyes to help him.


This sound echoes throughout the hotel room.


Her lust doubled again through hypnotism. At that moment Arisa cries aloud.

If her sensitivity were 10 before, it would be 100 now. The pleasant sensation burns through Arisa’s mind who is still trying to endure.

(Nooooo!! By all means! Noooooo!!)

Arisa refuses despite that. She is tough, and her stubborn will refuses to bow to Kenichi. Even if this pleasure is torture, her noble spirit chooses this hopeless war.

Like a rowboat drifting in a raging storm, Arisa was resisting the destructive pleasure only with her mental power.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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