Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 95

Virginity loss

Arisa was tricked by her best friend. Her best friend, who she believed in, had stolen her first love with a dirty trick. To help this wicked woman, she took the risk of fighting against the Inma inside Kenichi.

Everything she believed until a while ago was an illusion. This pure and clear pain made a crack into her beautiful heart that was once as solid as a diamond.

Her heart was like a clear lake that had black ink poured in, polluting it. As the ink spreads instantly, it stains the Arisa’s emerald green lake, and this dirt can no longer be removed.

If it were physical pain, she could tolerate it without limit. Even if her arm were to be picked off or her bones were broken, Arisa can think only of the current pains in her heart.

Her first love and her first best friend, neither will say a word.


Arisa cries aloud suddenly. Yuusuke, Noriko, and even Kenichi were surprised by her loud voice. Arisa, who weeps bitterly and visibly, without opening her eyes, is still holding her legs to show her crotch. Her cries are the lamentation of her soul.

(Wh-what on earth is this?)

Something odd happened.

The blue aura which wrapped Arisa’s body changed color and darkened. From Arisa’s body, a flame of grudge erupts as black as her emotions.

(Did we resonate?)

Kenichi finds out that their wave motion resonates with each other in response to his black wave aura attaching to Arisa. After their mutual wave motion amplifies, the black wave spreads and fills the room.

(This is the same as in that hotel from that time…)

Just recently, Kenichi experienced something similar. On the night of Tomomi’s wedding day, he had just seized Tomomi’s virginity in front of her groom. When he was about to return home, he met Junko who was waiting for him in the lobby. While he hugged Junko who was weeping bitterly at his chest, both waves resonated with each other, and a blast of wind formed from the resonance.

(Thanks to the ever-reliable Noriko, I know that was a perfect wave resonance.)

The perfect wave resonance means exactly what it says; that a wave resonates with another’s perfectly.

Each human’s wave varies in frequency, amplitude, and timbre, such that no human has the same fingerprint or wave. Even in the case of an identical twin having the same DNA, the waves only resemble each other closely.

Usually, Kenichi’s wave and “SHADO”’s machine cause a partial wave resonance. Of course for the enemies, this is enough to have a mental or physical influence.

However, for two different wave motions to be able to resonate completely is extremely rare, but an experiment confirmed that the power of a wave is doubled by a wave resonance.

(This is the effect of a resonance…)

Normally, the black wave of Kenichi is not more than a few meters in range at a place other than school; now it spreads to cover this whole room. The precision of his wave radar rose, too and Kenichi knew exactly what is happening on the inside of this hotel.

After his ability had been strengthened by the resonance with Arisa, Kenichi realized that it was significantly different to his standard wave.

Briefly speaking, the Junko before, and the Arisa now, they both strengthened the magical power of Kenichi explosively by amplifying his wave.

Arisa’s cry ended as suddenly as it had started. The wave resonance also ceases, and Kenichi’s wave returned to its original size.Arisa’s aura became blue once again.

However, Kenichi’s super sense perceived that Arisa’s heart changed in quality. Her heart is no longer able to return to its previous self.

“By the way, will it be okay soon?”

After the other three people were silent for a long time, Kenichi bent over Arisa’s body again. Her enlarged crotch opened and leaked sweet juice from the inside.

Arisa’s face is like a noh-mask which abandoned all feelings. Watching Arisa who looks expressionlessly at the ceiling, Kenichi grinned.

“Huhu. If you close your heart in that way, can you still say that you feel nothing?”

Kenichi kept a close watch on Arisa’s pure and straight character which dutifully resists his advances – his masochistic and wicked feelings welling up as he desires her beauty even more.

“Look, it’s the second time today that I’ve stolen your lover. Surely there has never been a man who has had both his lovers stolen in one day, right?”

While rubbing his dick between Arisa’s pussy, Kenichi called out to Yuusuke who is still restricted.

“St-stoop… Stoop it…”

Yuusuke, who hasn’t recovered from the shock yet, can only whisper his rejection. Arisa’s eyebrows twitched when she heard his voice. However, she doesn’t change her expression at all, and her emotionless attitude remained.

“Now lift your legs more, so that you become accustomed to having sex in an easy posture.”

Arisa, who was given an order, started to lift her legs unwillingly according to Kenichi’s instructions but maintained the posture. Her face seemed to warp in vexation subtly for an instant.

“Noriko. You put it in for me.”

Noriko, who was sitting on the bed in silence, was startled to hear Kenichi’s voice. Since her betrayal was revealed, she cannot look into Yuusuke and Arisa’s faces directly, but rather stared downwards. Servicing her personal greed, she guiltily told her lover and best friend a lie. She was trembling with fear now.

“Do it quickly! It’s rubbing too slowly!!”


Kenichi ordered it with a cold voice and Noriko raised a groan. However, the same moment she turned behind Kenichi and grasped his bold penis, she pushed it against Arisa’s gaping virgin pussy.

(I’m sorry… I’m sorry…)

While desperately apologizing to Arisa in her heart, she applied Kenichi’s dick to the wet and indecent hole with her trembling hands. The virgin hole that no one has entered before forced apart by an unreasonable size.

Kenichi watches Arisa’s face and condition for an instant. This beauty is staring at the ceiling expressionless, and she seemed to be a living love doll.

(This is wonderful…)

Kenichi remembered the willpower of Arisa who showed no fear or entreaty since they came here. However, as soon as he thinks he can obtain such a beautiful woman, a dark and thrillingly intense excitement wells up in his body.

In response, black blood flows into his meat weapon, and since before when he was inside Noriko, his bizarre and ugly meat stick grew one size bigger.

Kenichi used some of his strength while licking his lips before he began to slowly rape Arisa in front of Yuusuke and Noriko.

Next, his huge glans crept into the narrow vagina by force, almost seeming to burst. But Arisa´s hymen resisted for a while, until with a faint sound and a sense of lost pressure, it was destroyed by the tip of Kenichi´s penis.

(As I thought, she has a good hymen…)

Kenichi reached the paradise that displayed the finest clamping he had yet felt. Arisa´s vaginal sphincter which was trained by martial arts and special movements wound around the intruder to the very limit and gives an intolerable stimulation.

Although Arisa should feel the pain, she doesn’t go pale. With her superhuman self-control, she endures the pain, the disgrace, and the fear. Only the sweat that is dripping from her forehead shows her duress.

(Her heart didn’t fall, so let her body fall first…)

Still grinning, he pushed forward more slowly and broke the tight hole apart as if tearing it open. Kenichi felt something had torn, but the real evidence was the fresh blood that flowed from Arisa´s vagina.

“The flesh inside is hard because you protected it for 26 years…”

Kenichi laughs with his smiling face dyed in wickedness.

The muscles inside her vagina caused convulsions because of fear, hatred, and pain, nevertheless Kenichi´s huge lump advanced by force. This is the first time that Kenichi raped a woman who didn`t become loose beforehand, which aroused his desire.

“From now on, I will violate you every day, until in a short time you have mushy and tender flesh like this girl.”

Kenichi declared so while looking at Noriko for an instant. Arisa twists her face from the pain felt as if tongs were jammed inside her secret hole and she still tries to remain calm desperately.

Kenichi, who stopped his waist, tasted the feeling of her pussy once more. The surprisingly narrow passage gripped like a vise tightly as if to block the intrusion. However, that only awakens his sadism further.

“Look, I will put an end to it!”


The last gap closes with a ferocious wild thrust and Arisa issues a scream of acute pain unintentionally. Arisa´s hole is congested, and becomes sensitive, draining juices from the pain, before sparks appeared before her eyes.

(Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouuccchh!!!)

Arisa´s heart is almost discouraged from the unbearable pain while feigning peace desperately and not yielding to Kenichi. The huge meat pillar is rubbing her sensitive meat wall and the severe lacerations. There, Arisa nearly fainted away from the absurd pain. The acute pain that she became familiar with from the inside ached more than the wounds on the outside.

(Painful! Painful!! …Ho-however…Guuuu!!!)

Normally, you would use enough lubricants to let the woman relax and to relieve the pain from the loss of virginity. However, Arisa is given nothing, and the pain is severe.

(Aaaah, I overdid it. If she knew that this would happen, what kind of face would she have?)

Arisa feels every touch with her entire body, straining her muscles and sweat while still connected with Kenichi. Kenichi´s super sense conveys to him the pain that Arisa endured – even if she is calm, how long can she endure it?

(Oh, in that case, can she withstand and tolerate it?)

Kenichi has a wicked smile like that of a predator.

“Then, show me your real conviction. The joyride begins here!”


When the meat spear which Kenichi rammed inside is pulled out gradually, Arisa’s waist is raised wildly without mercy again. A spear of meat flung forward with a great sound.


The internal organs lift together with the uterus, and painful cries are heard, following acute pain and a shock. When Kenichi pulled it out, the sensitive mucous membrane of the laceration rubs against Kenichi’s penis. The pain causes the vagina to swell when hit, and the sensitive uterus is clapped. Arisa is enduring the severity he knows of only for her dignity.

“You do not need to use that leg anymore.”

Because Arisa held an unnatural posture the entire time, her arm is numb and felt nothing for a while. Furthermore, the leg stops being held up with her exhaustion and opens with the heaviness naturally when she loses hold and opens weakly on the bed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“…Hii! …Guu! …Guuu!…”

Arisa is feeling the pelvic thrust directly as much as possible in this posture, her voice leaks with every stroke, pain and impact. Whenever the depths of her hole is touched by the tip of Kenichi’s thing, a quiet voice assails her mouth while exhaling.

“How is it? Is it painful? If you want to cry, you may cry.”

Kenichi asked from the top of the missionary position.

“Who is crying…? Nothing comes ouu…guuuu!”

The acute pain breaks her whole body, so even tears flow when she gets pushed. However, Arisa knows that she can’t lose to such an unreasonable assault.

Meanwhile, it was hard to loosen up, and Arisa´s honey pot gradually coiled itself around the intruder softly. The vagina meat which crushed the dick changed so that the viscosity was totally soft and shifted form to slowly become familiar with Kenichi’s penis.

Soon after that, even her honey flows out and gradually moderates the friction. Arisa´s virgin blood and nasty juice mixed, creating a pink soup that stuck to the root of the intruder.

“Oou… I feel like coming…”

Kenichi felt the ejaculation impulse because Arisa´s vagina wrapped around his meat pole further. More than two hours passed and so far he hadn’t release anything since Noriko´s sweet body. The desire for Arisa´s body accumulated and became like magma that looked forward to the eruption.

“No, Not good! Stopp!!”

Arisa, who heard Kenichi´s words opened her mouth in a hurry. She tried to resist desperately, but she lost her freedom to the hypnotism and can do nothing.

“Stopp! Stopp!! Stopp iitt!!!”

Arisa remembered an important thing and panicked.

Because her menstruation period is irregular, she took basal body temperature for treatment. When she checked her temperature this morning, she found she was in a high-temperature period. Not to mention it, but it means that her ovulating ovum is defenseless. In other words, she can become pregnant with the sperm of this devil, and there is a high probability that he will ejaculate inside her vagina.

“Not good!! Don’t come inside! Don’t come inside!!”

Arisa is frightened by the fear of pregnancy. She doesn’t want to become pregnant with the child of this Inma. However, Kenichi began the preparations and Arisa, mercilessly drunk from the pleasure couldn’t move her body away.

“Stop!! Don’t! Take it out! I-I will become pregnant!!!”

Arisa who lost her calm and rational mask has fallen in a hopeless situation at last.

She never was supposed to give birth and didn’t even wish for it. However, abortion is a taboo for Arisa who is Christian. In other words, she must give birth, even if it’s a child with the devil.

“After you say such a thing…. I’m already at the limit…”

Ironically, the shrinking of her vagina stimulates his ejaculation even more. Arisa´s cervix coiled itself around Kenichi´s penis tightly and tempted him to ejaculate now. Her pussy waited impatiently to receive the ejaculation while ignoring the owner.

“Stopp! You bastard!! Stopp!!”

Arisa is crying desperately. Even when she looks like a female demon, her beauty is unspoiled.

Touching the best part inside her pussy, Kenichi pulled the trigger and released his piled up semen.



Feeling the excitement from ejaculation or the fear of pregnancy, both spat out a long breath from their mouths. Tens of millions of devil sperm rushed to the cervix and invaded Arisa’s uterus in search of the ovum.

That’s the irreparable mark of Kenichi.

(He came inside… I was polluted…)

Arisa´s pride and will were trampled on mercilessly, and tears were shed from her beautiful eyes.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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