Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 94

The truth

Arisa Shinomiya laid on the bed in her simple bra and panties.

No, her expression doesn’t match this situation.

Arisa spreads open her thighs, making her crotch fully visible. It’s an embarrassing appearance, similar to a baby getting a change. She grasps at her plump thighs with her beautiful hands and holds her legs open.

Arisa’s bare pussy covered by a beige panty is clearly visible to both Kenichi and Yuusuke. Only that part is dirty from the love juices overflowing from the inside. From the side of her panties, Arisa’s black pubic hair peeks out erotically.

Of course, Kenichi gave her an order, and although the hypnotized Arisa has her consciousness, she can do nothing but be humiliated. Her red hot face twists from embarrassment, and she can only glare at Kenichi with angry eyes.

“By the way, I wonder, what kind of smell does a woman from “SHADO” have?”

While a thin smile floats onto his face, Kenichi moved his mouth towards her crotch. And, because she was forced to be in heat a little while ago, her pussy leaked a large quantity of honey against her will and a lewd female smell arose with a rich fragrance.

“Stooop!! Arisa, use your hands!!”

Yuusuke, who still has no strength and is still seated on the sofa opened his mouth and shouted. However, for Kenichi, these lines, are the BGM to enjoy the entertainment at hand.

“Hey, you. Yuusuke, do you want to have sex with her?”

Yuusuke, who briefly doesn’t understand what I asked for, is at a loss for words and was stopped instantly.


“I said, do you not want to have sex with this woman? There is such a good woman near, so it is stupid not to start a fight for her”

Being mocked with a thin smile, Yuusuke becomes like a demon in an instant.

“I-I can’t do such thing!! Arisa is an important friend!! Plus, she is Noriko’s close friend, therefore…!!”

Yuusuke objects in a loud voice. However, with the words Kenichi spoke next, he hardened again.

“Hoho…. However, this Nee-san, though you’re the boyfriend of her close friend, I think that she likes you very much.”


Yuusuke was about to open his mouth to argue, but when he see’s Arisa’s state he shuts up again. Watching her from here, her face is upset. Besides, she blushes to her ears.

If you were to see Arisa’s state, even a thick-skinned man would understand its meaning. What the Inma host said was clearly true.

“What is it, didn’t you notice? You are quite a cruel guy.”

“Ah, Arisa…”

Although Arisa’s face is a deep red, this strong beauty is staring at Kenichi. She expresses her anger at his ability to so baselessly play with her pure heart. But, because she is staring at him while holding open her vagina, her own body is like a comedy show.

“By the way, this girl is a virgin. She hasn’t had a boyfriend, despite being so beautiful? Talk about wasteful.”


This time, Yuusuke really was speechless.

Using his radar-like black wave, he saw through Arisa’s virginity long ago. This exceptional beauty is an ace in sport, and she has saved her virginity for 26 years to give it to her dream man.

The man who Arisa began to like was the very Yuusuke who can’t move at the moment. However, Yuusuke came to love Noriko, while she did not have the courage to confess. Thus, she locked her feelings away in her heart.

Arisa was sure it would come out one day, but now the person in front of her revealed it, and her face becomes a dark red from anger and embarrassment.

“To be able to protect her virginity so carefully so far, she is really lucky. Wouldn’t you think so, Noriko?”

While Kenichi laughs with a smirk, he draws Noriko who finally regained her consciousness near and groped her soft body. After Noriko’s expression was enraptured by pleasure, she clung to the scruff of her dear Kenichi and raised a weak voice.

“Noriko, make it so that she can also speak.”

“…Ye-Yes. Arisa, you can use your voice now.”

After Noriko had spoken, a small scream was heard from Arisa. However, she realized that it would delight the enemy if she spoke. Therefore, she bit her lips and remained silent.

“Now, shall I taste this virgin pussy?”

The moment Kenichi said so in a light tone, he put his face between her legs again. Pushing his nose against Arisa’s panties, he smelled her lewd scent.

“Umm, it stinks. After this smell is mixed with sweat and a man’s smell, it will have a great fragrance.”


Because Arisa is a virgin, nobody has touched this area so far. Even if she is so ashamed she wants to die, and even if it is in front of her beloved Yuusuke, Kenichi who is the enemy smelled her shameful crotch that Arisa herself showed him causing her anger and shyness to continue to amplify.

Although she could speak now, she cannot move her body an inch. Despite being enraged, despite wanting to refuse it very much, despite hating it deeply, she can’t stop Kenichi´s violence because she is still holding her thighs and spreading her legs, unable to move in such a condition.

“Now, it´s unveiled.”

“No!! Stopp!!”

When the beige panty is grasped and removed, a relative shy voice came out unintentionally. However, without being able to move her body an inch, Arisa is at the mercy of the witty Kenichi.

“Hou…. After all, you don’t care for it, the hair is shaggy…. Aah, after your entrance opens, the juices inside can be seen.”


Kenichi who sees her secret part, which not even her parents have seen directly, describes her vexation openly causing her to become more embarrassed. However, until now Arisa desperately refuses to speak, and she chews her lips to endure it.

However, her will and feelings don’t matter, her 26-year-old body bathes in the magical power of the Incubus and shows a physiological reaction.

According to Kenichi, she was a woman who is in heat. Her open flower gets wet, and her hole twitches wistfully. The messy black pubic hair surrounds it and is so wet with indecent honey, that her skin is slick with it. Her clitoris which erects slightly exposes the agate-colored insides.

Moreover, the white viscous liquid which she released in large quantities sticks to her crotch, and it looks like she dripped yogurt. And when her beige panty is further removed, a silver thread develops between it and the entrance. It is totally like an insect that provokes a carnivore of the south seas.

“Although you’re a virgin, you spat out so much… I will clean it for you.”

In no time, Kenichi licked clean her pubic region with his tongue, and he is like a hungry bear after hibernation who clings on to flower garden to receive honey.


Arisa has already been struck by the electric pleasure many times. Her body quivers from the too-sweet thunderbolt, and she her body, which received a male caress, melts gradually.


She hadn’t uttered a cry until Kenichi´s long tongue entered her secret spot and tasted her maidenhood, breaching her limits. Arisa screamed like a young girl in a horror movie from the horrifying touch that wriggles inside her.

No one needs to touch her to show that it was literally virgin territory. The ferocious tongue of Kenichi repeatedly infringes upon her secret parts, and each time, her vagina is sucked into his mouth.

“Even here, I have marked you.”

Dark red kiss marks are scattered, showing Kenichi´s pervert play on the root of Arisa’s thighs. With that, he declared that he conquered this and marked the fair skin of this beauty.

Arisa endured it desperately each time, but occasionally she couldn’t and leaked a small gasp. Kenichi doesn’t use the incubus magic, but rather only with his caress he raises the sexual feeling of this 26-year-old body.

(Su-Such a guy, I can’t yield to him!!)

With only her tough will and reason, Arisa resists the pleasure. She was determined to oppose him with all her might, even if she were to die. Restricting a weak woman with hypnotism, who doesn’t succumb to a pervert who pleases you with his play.

However, Arisa is a virgin, and with her ignorance, she doesn’t notice the greed of Kenichi. As for her resistance, it stimulates Kenichi´s sexual behavior. As long as this woman resists him, his greed will burn, and this is a thought circuit beyond her understanding.

(Despite protesting, isn’t her body already completely ready?)

Kenichi confirmed that the sexual lust of this cool beauty melt away her rationality gradually while showing an expression of regret and he grins while tasting the pubic region with his tongue.

Of course, he caused her to be in heat using his red tentacles right now and wanted her to ask for it herself. However, Arisa becomes interesting now. Her pride as a woman is strong, and she endured Kenichi´s assault with all her might.

“Don’t endure it. Aren’t you feeling good here?”

While saying so, he licked the inside of her vagina. A sharp electric current of pleasure immediately flows, and Arisa´s body reacts unintentionally.

“Did you masturbate while always remembering this man? Look, your clit has already become hard.”


Trying to deny it, Arisa becomes silent. Even if nothing is said now, Kenichi only becomes more delighted. Moreover, what he said is a fact. Arisa occasionally consoled herself while remembering Yuusuke’s rugged body.

Next Kenichi stuck to Arisa´s weak point. He caressed that part with the most suitable strength and speed while checking the sensitivity with his wave. Kenichi’s tongue provides a better pleasure than her finger, and she cannot stop her own deepening pleasure.

(I-I can’t yield to this…)

“Hey look. Without enduring it, aren’t you feeling good? Despite being in front of your sweetheart, you show him your usual self.”


Although Arisa is played around with by the precise caress, she almost doesn’t mind it, much like these words. However, she is still in this humiliating pose, and therefore Arisa refused to indulge in pleasure desperately. And even if she can reach an orgasm she refuses to yield to the pleasure that Kenichi creates, fighting this devil as a member of “SHADO.”

If she reaches an orgasm, she will give this Incubus sex energy. Eliminating Kenichi by herself is her duty, she can’t become the battery that gives him vitality.

(I will never lose!)

Her self-control is superhuman-like. So far all women who became the prey of Kenichi didn’t show such a tough and strong will. Her superhuman will controls even the reaction of her body that receives so much pleasure all this time.

This futile war bears no fruit. But since Arisa has bet her pride and will, she continues to not to succumb to this man.

Kenichi finished his long caress and separated his mouth from her flower, and Arisa´s white body was dripping with sweat. She still did not yield to the lightning of pleasure running through her body and somehow she endured the temptation of her body.

While Kenichi looks down at Arisa, his wicked face twisted in smugness from the bottom of his heart.

(As for pinning this strong-minded woman to the floor, it’s too much fun…)

The female high school students, university students, the female teachers, and married women, they all disliked it at the beginning, but yielded to the pleasure immediately and became madly in love in no time. It is fun for Kenichi to experience a woman that resists for the first time so as to be obstinate and a black impulse that wants to ruin such a pretty woman springs out from the depths of his body.

(Look. This determined, strong face, I will make it distort from pleasure!)

Kenichi´s weapon is brandished by Noriko´s hot mouth again. It wants to enter Arisa´s virgin pussy in front of it. Therefore pre-cum overflows slowly from the tip.

Almost all bruises on his body are recovered using the magic of the Inma, but with only the energy that he took away from Noriko, he hasn’t been able to re-supply his loss yet. To completely recover, Kenichi will prey on his finest target.

(Eat! Eat her up!)

From the Incubus who lives inside his body, a selfish, black desire arose. Being moved by his inner voice, Kenichi who hold his dick in his hand pushed it on top of Arisa´s virgin hole.

Arisa´s eyes are burning. Actually, she is full of fear in being robbed of her virginity, but without showing such behavior, she scowled at Kenichi who is about to rape her.

“Look, I will take your virginity that you have protected until now.”

Arisa´s vagina, which is slimy from vaginal secretions and saliva has Kenichi´s dick pushed against it. However, Arisa who was an elite cadet of “SHADO” refuses to break her resolution even now.

“Do what you want, but I will never yield! I won’t be defeated no matter what!!”

She cries while vomiting blood. Her determination and courage are the proof that Arisa is Arisa. She will never hand this pride over.

“I never forgive you! One day… one day, by all means, I will erase you!!”

She still declared it loudly without being able to move due to the hypnotism. She is going to lose her virginity in a humiliating pose. However, her heart was as cool and clear as the water of a waterfall.

(Great determination…. She isn’t an ordinary woman…)

Looking at Arisa, Kenichi admired her will, rather than ridiculing her. He remained silent for a while, but opened his mouth soon.

“Well, well, I will tell you something interesting.”

Saying so to Arisa, he looked at Yuusuke and her each in turn.

“Because this man and Noriko are lovers, you hid your feelings and endured it right? You liked him since you met him for the first time, but fell silent without speaking of your feelings because he was the boyfriend of your close friend. How reliable.”


It became evident from the conversation a while ago, but saying such a thing now, Arisa and Yuusuke have expressions of anger, humiliation, and perplexity.

While looking at their faces slowly, Kenichi continued his talk.

“I will tell you guys the truth. This man really liked you from the beginning. To tell you the truth, you both loved each other”


“What did you say?”

Arisa and Yuusuke are at a loss for words without understanding the meaning. However, the talented woman with a large intellect found her answer from Kenichi’s grin.

“Th-that’s impossible… Noriko…”

Noriko who was called turned her face down and didn’t show her expression. However, did her body shake subtly from shame, or was it Arisa´s imagination?

“Noriko who didn’t want to have this man stolen, hypnotized this fellow so that Noriko became his lover and not you.”


While Yuusuke hasn’t understood it yet, Arisa was suddenly stunned by this fact.

“Wh-what do you mean by this?”

Yuusuke who is stupid asks this question. Kenichi turned around and tell this shocking fact again while smirking.

“I say it once again. The person you really liked is this Arisa Shinomiya in front of you. But Noriko, who wanted to go out with you, hypnotized you and replaced your feelings secretly so that you would like her and not Arisa. In other words, you and Arisa were deceived the whole time by Noriko.”

He was able to finally understand it, and he had an expression of disbelief on his face. It was hard for him to accept that his feelings were replaced by Noriko’s hypnotism.

“Remember. The time when you met Arisa.”

The hypnotism that depended on Yuusuke is solved at this moment and his past feelings revive.

The memory from when they trained together with youths gathered from all over the world is brought forward. This pretty woman with beautiful raven-black hair came across him, and they fell in love immediately. Though this beauty was intellectual and cool, she was a gentle person with passion in her heart. Yuusuke fell in love with her and intended to confess his feelings. Until that day when they had the hypnotism training.

“Ah… Ah…”

Yuusuke is shocked. His memories revive at after a stretch, and he is stunned. He faces the bed where Noriko is and who fell silent the whole time.

“No, Noriko… you…”

From Yuusuke´s and Noriko´s state, she understood that what the Inma said is the truth. Arisa understood, now remembered the illusion that appeared in front of her.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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