Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 92

Lover stealing another’s lover

The shrill chirping of cicadas assaulted the ear of Yuusuke for at least quite some time. At the end of summer, these insects are active, and the loud sound that they make shows off their liveliness.

(So loud…)

The still half-fainted Yuusuke frowns hearing their sound. The cicadas chirp just within striking distance. Their loud cries gradually awakened him from his deep slumber.


When he hesitantly opened his eyes, he found that he was in a dark room. In the center of the room where indirect lighting was turned on, Yuusuke saw a big white thing.


When he wagged his head, he felt a throbbing pain. The sound of the cicadas still continued, until he noticed that it seemed to only be ringing in his ears somehow.

(Wh-what am I doing here…?)

He tried to remember from his memories, but how he came here is unclear. A white haze seemed to appear in his head from when he had a dream until now, thus he is irritated and can’t think straight.

When Yuusuke looked at his body with vacant eyes, he wore dark blue clothing on both top and bottom and sat down on a sofa. These clothes belong to the section he belongs to and is a so-called battle uniform.

(Combat uniform…. Battle…. Enemy…. E-Enemy!! Incubus!!!)

His memory connected like a muddy stream, and he awakened quickly. Pain runs through his whole body immediately, and he groaned unintentionally.

(What happened to me…that time, that fellow…)

Yuusuke’s memory is vague. It is the aftereffect of a typical stun gun.

“Aahh… Kenichi-samaa…”

At this moment he noticed that the big white thing in the center of the room is a bed and a person was on top of it. A thin man is about to overwhelm a woman who is on all four from behind.

“Su-such a place… not good… again… cuummiinng againnn!”

The man and woman are connected in the rear-entry position. Because the entire room is dim, even if Yuusuke were to look from here, he could easily see the shining red eyes of that man, and he understood it clearly.

(Th-that’s impossible… impossible, impossible!)

The face of the woman gradually becomes clear, and his heart beat jumps up in an instant.

“Nhoooooo!! Iguuuuu! Nhiiiiii!!”

(No, Noriko!! Nooooriko!)

The woman who raised such an obscene voice is confirmed by his own eyes. Seeing that delighted expression on her face, Yuusuke feels as if all the blood in his body was boiling. This woman is his lover who he cares for very much, the Noriko Aoyama who went missing after fighting that man who hosts the Inma.

His dearest woman is being raped by that man named Kenichi, and she utters a cry of delight. Her voice is like the yell of a beast, something he had never heard when the two of them had sex.


Seeing the face of that man and confirming him as the host of the Incubus, Yuusuke tried to get up from the sofa.


However, power doesn’t enter his body at all – on the contrary, he can’t even talk. He isn’t particularly restricted, but he also cannot stand up from the sofa.

Although Kenichi’s face is swelled up, the degree is surprisingly small. If Yuusuke isn’t mistaken, he should have punched and kicked him with a lot of strength. However, the damage is very slight.

(Shit! Why can’t my body move!?!)

From the vagueness of his memory, the stiffness of his muscles and the pain in his body, Yuusuke could assume that he became unconscious from a stun gun somehow. However, time also passed since he received the electric shock. Without power entering his body, he is unable to raise himself from the sofa, and he doesn’t know why he can’t utter a word.

(Is, is this the result of that fellow’s magic?)

In the case of a lesser Inma, there shouldn’t be magic available to bind someone. However, even so, Yuusuke can’t say if Kenichi has some unknown powers.

(Kuu! Why can’t I move!!)

Trying to move his body somehow, Yusuke becomes desperate. However, not even one finger moves an inch. While he is here so in this way, Kenichi solved the rear entry position and sat down on the bed turning towards Yuusuke. Noriko who seemed to reach an intense climax and was wearing sexy purple lingerie just lie wearily on the bed.

“At last, you’ve woken up.”

The naked Kenichi sat down on the bed. There are traces of blood and bruises in many places on his body, which shows the severity of Yuusuke’s strong attacks. However, a typical human would be unable to get up from such wounds, and apparently, this Inma who will have scars left behind seemed to be extraordinary.

(The Incubus´s healing power…)

A human who became the host of an Inma it fused with, it is said that they offer an incredible resilience. This power is demonstrated clearly, and Yuusuke scowls at Kenichi. While taking such eyes to the margin, the Inma talks about the reason happily.

“Noriko hypnotized you. Thus, you can’t raise your voice or move your body.”

The Inma tells a shocking fact plainly.

“She is incredibly valuable…. Though she almost caught me…”

While laughing happily from the depth of his throat, Kenichi drinks canned beer which he took from the side. In this opportunity, Yuusuke notices he is at a love hotel.

“To cure my body that was injured by you, energy was necessary… So Noriko and I have been doing it since a little while ago, however, is it possible that she is at her limit already?”

Due to that point, Yuusuke looked towards Noriko, who is gasping for air, for an instant. She reached the height of climax many times, and a lot of her energy was given to Kenichi. She is utterly exhausted, and that’s shown on her sweaty face.

“Hey, wake up! Noriko!!”

When Yuusuke said so, Kenichi clasped Noriko’s plump white buttocks, and she raised her body slowly. Next, she snuggled up to Kenichi, and she embraced him and spoke in a weak voice.

“Ah…excuse me, Kenichi-sama. However…it was great. That was incredibly great…”

While minding the body of the badly-bruised Kenichi, Noriko still behaved like a baby. From the affair Noriko had previously in front of him with the enemy, Yuusuke’s head became hot and explosive anger erupted from his body.

(Stop!! Noriko!! He is the enemy!!!)

“Hey, clean it.”

“Ah, yes…”

The bulgy meat pillar that towered between Kenichi’s legs is full of Noriko’s love juice. It was wet and shined from the viscous liquid. The size was unbelievable, and Yuusuke stared wide-eyed at Kenichi’s dick in that way.

“Aah… great… But still, in this way…”

After coming to this hotel, 2 hours would have passed. Meanwhile having sex all the time, it towered without releasing once and warped so that it also touched the belly now.

To the penis that had her love honey stuck on it, Noriko brought her face near after lying on her stomach from the side. Her face finished being enraptured by the pleasure and is now enchanted with an expression that was bewitching and so lewd that Yuusuke hasn’t seen it until now.

(That’s impossible… however it is indeed her…)

“Yaan~, I’ll suck it…”

Having the root of the erection in her hand, she raised it. In that way, after licking her red lips with her tongue, she traced his erection with her tongue from the bottom and worked herself up to the tip. Her charmed expression is as beautiful as ever.

(Noriko! Stop! Stop it!!)

Noriko doesn’t seem to be worried about the white love nectar she spat out, and she served Kenichi slowly and thoroughly so that Yuusuke was amazed. As for the circumstances, Yuusuke recognized that he was defeated and is in the enemy’s hand, The inside of his head seemed to boil from intense jealousy and anger.

“Look, your boyfriend is watching us with utmost attention.”

As if he read Yuusuke’s mind, Kenichi said it with canned beer in his hand.

“Noo! Don’t look! Yuusuke!!”

Noriko is shy. That’s also natural since she is seen by someone else doing fellatio. Besides, the one who is watching her is her boyfriend.

(Noriko! Stopp! He is the Inma! Stop it!!)

Yuusuke complained desperately. His bloodshot eye glared and scowled at Kenichi and Noriko. Yuusuke would throw himself between those two and strangle Kenichi if he could move his body. As if to forget of that reminder, his blood vessels swelled up.

“Please don’t be lazy and hold it in your mouth quickly.”


Look at her lover glaring at herself with a fearful look, as expected it was Noriko who hesitated, but when Kenichi urged her, she still opened her red lips timidly and swallowed the huge meat pole from the tip.


Holding this huge size in her small mouth, Noriko still tried to put it as far inside she can. However, of course, she can’t swallow the whole stout thing, and when ¼ of it was inside, she sucked it and made an erotic wet sound. Meanwhile, her white fingers climbed all over the root and rubbed it lewdly with a slow rhythm.

Pulling out this bold meat stick from her mouth from time to time, she used her nimble tongue to stimulate it. Using her whole mouth, Noriko stimulates the sensitive part. With her deep desire, her movement was slow and showed her deep loyalty towards Kenichi

(Noriko… you, since when did you like it…)

Yuusuke felt ashamed of himself because Noriko disliked mouth service. However, the woman who is doing a hot fellatio plainly wasn’t like the Noriko he knew and loved so much.

(Kuu… why… but… )

A human who became the prey of an Inma becomes a captive of pleasure. Such basic knowledge is taught by “SHADO” from the beginning. Everyone knows this to be fact. However knowing it as fact is still different from seeing it personally. Besides – the one who is possessed by the Inma is his beloved sweetheart.

While Kenichi enjoys such oral service while drinking canned beer, his other hand stretched out inside Noriko’s bra. Kenichi now rubs her huge breasts like it is his possession. Until now, Yuusuke hasn’t looked at Noriko’s underwear, but it has a design which arouses the animal passion of males. Although it is only several weeks since she went missing, even such a place of Noriko changed.

“Nooo, don’t rub it so much… I can’t serve…”

Noriko separates her mouth once because she can’t endure Kenichi’s hand and she complains about it with a painful-sounding voice. This voice containing sweetness, sadness, and pain hasn’t been heard by Yuusuke before, but it is clear that the pleasure is enrapturing her.

“Would you like to do more?”

As soon as Kenichi said so with a cold voice, Noriko looked up at his face with endearing eyes.

“Aah, I want to do… more, I’d like to suck more…”

Separating her mouth just now, Noriko moved her hand skillfully and stimulated the bold penis.

“Even… even if it seems painful stroking it so tightly… I’m so pitiful… because I’d like to do more…”

While saying so, she brought her lips close to Kenichi´s son and kissed it thoroughly. As for the circumstances, Noriko’s head seems to have blotted out that her lover is watching in front of her and her eyes are looking only at Kenichi now.

“Hey? Shall we do that?”.

While Noriko smiles teasingly when he asks so, she raised her body.

She just crawls up on her knees to Kenichi´s crotch and put his dick between her excessively large melons while still wearing her bra. This act is the so-called paizuri.

(Noriko… su-such a thing…)

Her large and voluptuous hills appear bigger because of the purple bra she is wearing. When she caught Kenichi´s weapon inside her deep valley, she pressed her hands from both sides against it, and the huge dick inside was suddenly surrounded by soft meat.

Noriko drips a fair amount of saliva from her mouth, and she begins to shake her body slowly.

“It’s solid and hot…. Ah, so much…”

While checking the touch, she braves a hot sigh. Kenichi´s hard meat stick is petted like steel with her soft milk breasts.

“Amazing, it isn’t even entirely wrapped…but that…that much remains…”

A normal size would be buried easily. However, from Noriko´s valley, the tip of Kenichi´s dark meat pillar looks out. Next Noriko stretched out her tongue towards the tip to lick it, and she has begun to use her tongue immediately because it was unbearable.

“Muhuuu… Amuuuh…”

While sucking the huge dark red tip that stuck out, she makes a lewd sound with her huge melons, and she became addicted to the son of her beloved Kenichi. Saliva is slowly overflowing from the edge of her mouth, and her breasts become more lubricant, improving the slipperiness.

This police woman shows skills like a prostitute. Noriko is unbearably happy to serve Kenichi that she works hard to show her affection for him.

“Hot… it is hot and hard… Becoming like this…you’re a bad child.”

Feeling the blood vessels and the hardness of this huge and tight dick, which is still wrapped up in her huge melon valley, Noriko felt like a mother of a difficult child. This meat weapon that makes her so happy that she would die for, strangely let her think dearly about it from her heart.

“It’s unbearable…. Did you do such a thing with your boyfriend too?”

“…Yah. I haven’t done such a thing with him… I´m doing such a shameful thing only for you…”

(Shiit! Shiittt!!!)

Noriko speaks with a too dependent voice. Hearing her voice and seeing her figure, Yuusuke scowls with bloodshot eyes. However, he still can’t move his body at all.

Of course, Noriko is influenced by the magic of the Incubus. When the magical power disappears, such a man wouldn’t be looked at. Her behavior could be understood with such a reason.

However, with only saying to cut off the magical power, Yuusuke can’t be calm because it is shown off in front of him that Noriko has a new lover.

“Aah, great… but I’m nervous… Hey, I can’t wait anymore…”

When Noriko says so with a dissolute expression, she raised her body slowly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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