Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 91



The voice of a man whose end was near. However, it was a voice that Arisa always heard even when she closed her eyes.

“Yu, Yuusuke!!”

Yuusuke falls down slowly in front of Arisa the moment she opened her eyes quickly. In his dark blue battle outfit, this huge tree knocks down sideways.

From his back, a silver shining wire extends. When Arisa moves her eyes to the direction, the figure of another person stood there. Looking at the person who wrapped his body in a dark blue battle dress, even the always calm Arisa raised a surprised voice.

“No, Noriko!!”

Behind Yuusuke who should have been her lover was Noriko who is also a member of “SHADO” with a stun gun. The person who they were looking for appeared now and attacked her friend in this situation, so that Arisa is confused for an instant.


However, when she grasps the situation immediately, she attacked Noriko. She moved her long leg to set a kick to Noriko´s head.


However, the moment Noriko blocked it with one hand, a kick has been thrown out by herself without spare movement. It was a so-called simple front kick, however the speed to kick up from the bottom with her knee is surprisingly fast. The tiptoe invades Arisa´s abdomen at high speed.


Barely dodging with her body, Arisa avoided a direct hit. If she was even an instant too late, she would be hit directly in her stomach and would faint.

(Such a speed…. When did Noriko…)

In the past Noriko had an uneven speed and ordinary skills. Arisa is surprised at the kick that is equal to a first-class martial artist.

As soon as she looks at Noriko again, her face isn’t calm anymore and became ferocious with the brutality of a fierce animal from the jungle. In Noriko’s eyes is intense hatred for Arisa reflected.

(She went mad or what!!)

Supporting this Inma is an impossible act. Her close friend who became senile, let Arisa´s anger increase.


Breathing out short to cut down a chance, after slightly moving her left hand, Arisa payed out her right fist from an invisible angle. Mixing speed and the angle which normal humans can’t see, this is Arisa’s deathly technique she uses for combat.

Her fist flies up from the lower left blind spot, which can´t be captured as an ordinary human. Moreover, because she made a feint first, Noriko can’t dodge in time. With this skill, Arisa has defeated many opponents in training many times until now, even Yuusuke.

(I got her!)

Perfect timing and speed. Not missing everydays training until now, Arisa enabled a surprising jujutsu for woman. Like the former Heavyweight champion from Canada Razor Ruddock, her right smash can bring sure death with a single blow. (TL note: )


However, her fist was dodged. Her fist which believed an impact just makes a sound and cut thin air.

(Damn it!!)

Arisa is astonished. Her right side which became almost empty is pierced by Noriko´s left hook.


A shock runs through her body, but Arisa escaped with just a roll. Avoiding a direct hit because she twisted her body, her side still aches. Several ribs might be broken. A highly-destructive and heavy punch.


Arisa takes distance to Noriko, when she stood up. Looking calmly around both Yusuke and the host of the Incubus are lying on the floor and don’t move an inch. Both of them might be unconscious.

“Noriko! What are you doing!!”

Shouting to her close friend, while raising her arm, takes a moment. Only raising her right arm, let her side ache. As for a human’s physical pains, they are only a chemical reaction that a nerve causes in the brain. In front of Noriko now, by no means it’s necessary to win.


However, Noriko silently glares at Arisa with glittering shining eyes. This wasnt seen when they trained together and since she appeared now she is full of hate and hostility. Her hateful aura blows like a wind around her.

“…Kenichi-sama…I don’t forgive those who injure Kenichi-sama…”

Noriko finally utters some words. Hearing these words, Arisa knows that Noriko is charmed by the Incubus´s host and she felt hopeless, however she recovered immediately and encourage herself again.

(That’s the determination….)

She wont be reserved anymore. When her opponent is fanatical from the magic of the Incubus, she will knocks all hate inside Noriko out. That’s the justice she has.

(However…can I win…?)

Even though they trained together until now, Arisa was never defeated by Noriko. However Noriko´s moving ability incredibly improved.

(It is slightly dangerous…)

Noriko who showed a fighting power far superior than her so far, the progress of the battle is calmly analyzed. Her right side is still painful and she scream by small movements.


This time Noriko has started. After she thought that Arisa’s movement was dull, she cut down a chance at a stretch and pay out a punch.

(Qu, Quick!!)

Fists are paid out left and right with small spare movement and they were sharp and accurate so Arisa can’t believe this is Noriko. If she relaxes even for an instant, she would receive it directly.

Twisting her body right and left skillfully, Arisa avoided the punches. She feels pain in her right arm even when she doesn’t raise her arm, however she cannot pay attention to such a thing now. If she get punched, it will be the end for her and Yuusuke. Complaining about her bones broken and having pain, she should say it after this fight comes to an end.

The fists which fly without time to think are avoided by moving right and left. Fortunately, because her footwork is still usable, she can avoid without being hit. The moment she can’t avoid anymore, though she will block with both arms, but when the acute pain runs through her side her reaction will be late for an instant.

(Da, Damn it!!)

Happening now, while she avoided the repeating blows from right and left, Arisa was cornered in the corner of the room. Noriko who hits formidable punches drove her into an blind spot s she can’t evade.

“Haa, Haa, Haa…”

“Huu, Huu, Huu…”

Both of them breathe heavily. Sweat oozes out to a sum and the dark blue battle uniforms get wet.

From Noriko´s state, Arisa can realize that there isn’t much stamina left. A short-term decisive battle has begun at a dash, so she can give a decisive blow. She also saw that blood thirst went up like a black heat wave from Noriko´s body.


Being driven into the corner where she can’t dodge, Arisa finally prepared for it. Probably Noriko should decide the fight here. If it is herself, she would do so surely.


Noriko who measured her chance by the breathing of her opponent finds the chance instantly and made a kick with her left leg. It had the perfect speed, because the whole force of her body lays in this kick.

(Good aim!!)

For the attack that aim at her broken right side without mercy, Arisa praises Noriko in spite of being her enemy. Attacking the weak spot of the opponent, Arisa would also do the same.

(For this reason!)

It is easy to read the attack. Though the surprising speed, Arisa saw the leg that expands in the expected angle and she cuts down distance before it can reach.

The kick accelerates more and more and therefore the destructive power increases too. Conversely, it is said that if it goes up from the root of an leg, the destructive power is attenuated remarkably.


However, Noriko´s fast knee struck Arisa´s right waist straight. The pain explodes and Arisa´s breath almost stops unintentionally.


However, she ignored the pain again and released her accumulated energy with a left smash while rotating her body. Her extraordinary eyesight leads her fist to the pinpointed location.

In this case Arisa could read Noriko´s evasion movement. Her punch that seemed to have aimed at Noriko´s right cheek, but passed through it and hit the chin.

The smash was effective.

Both woman fall down to the ground. Arisa made a crushing blow even while feeling so much pain on her right side and Noriko´s head shakes so that it has caused brain concussion.


Standing up after a while was Arisa who held her right side. While looking at Noriko who has brain concussion and doesn’t stand up, she raised her body somehow while blowing out rough breath, while staggering.


It was finally settled, while thinking that it was dangerous from the bottom of her heart. If her timing was a little too late, she would have received that kick directly and it would be her who is unconscious.

(Even though by all means…?)

Remembering the quick attack from Noriko just now, Arisa can’t believe it. When both participated in the intense special training, she hasnt seen such an strength from Noriko.

(This is also the power of the Incubus…)

The Inma has various influences on his partners. The abilities of the slaves who the Inma preyed increased, this Inma might be like an Inma from the past who could enhance everything remarkably.


Her broken ribs ache intensely. The secretion of enkephalin in her head stops and the acute pain recurs and attacks her body.

(With this…it was over…)

Anyway, she was able to catch the Inma and was able to find Noriko who went missing. If Noriko recovers as she was before, the case will be settled.


Feeling a chill on her back, her vitality was pulled out from her body. Like she is in a cage together with a large carnivorous animal, instinctive fear arise.

Arisa turns around instinctively and the cause is found.


Red shining eyes stared at her. Being tied up to a chair and lying sideways on the floor, the red eyes of Kenichi stare at her. The large amount of magic power accumulated in his body is released just now.


A huge electric current flow through her body immediately and her whole body became numb. The severe stimulation is no match for the pain of her side and goes through her whole body in a moment and roasts her brain.


Noticing that the stimulation depends on her body pleasure didn’t take so much time. After the magic of the Incubus is released, Arisa´s body reacts to it as if it is tossed around.

(Why…does the wave motion counterbalance machine not work!)

After she looked at her waist, Arisa was able to understand the reason.

(That guy aimed for this from the beginning…)

The kick of Noriko who she thought that she slightly avoided a little while ago hit the bag with the wave canceling machine that she added to her belt and shattered the machine. In other words, the wave that protected her body disappeared now and she receive the influence of the Inma´s magic.


Receiving pain from her side, intense passion rages within her body. Arisa´s 26-year-old body which bathed in the magical power of the Incubus react promptly and fall into an intense sexual excitement at an increasing tempo.

If there is something to see now in this place, she would turn her face away from this strange scene. Huge red tentacles come off from Kenichi´s body and attack the body of Arisa who drenched her battle uniform with sweat and blows out breath rudely. It glitters so that the blue aura appearing from her body occasionally resists them, but in front of the tentacle with overwhelming power, it only can submit.

The explosive magic power of the Incubus. Fully releasing his magic power, Kenichi showed it for the first time. From his whole body magi power leaked out with the power to cause a wind.

(Ya, Yamata Orochi…!)

Noriko who finally recovered from the brain concussion sees an unbelievable scene while waving her head. The wave of the incubus which she shouldn’t be able to see normally is clearly seen now for some reason.

The figure coming out of the mythical world is like a monster with eight heads. Look at the tentacles on Arisa´s body, Noriko shivers.


A voice affects her mind. Obviously it is Kenichi´s voice. When she looks at his direction unintentionally, his bloody and swollen face stared at her with his bright red burning eyes.


Being influenced by the voice that sound in her mind again, Noriko holds the stun gun which she had on her waist. After that Taser was remodeled, even an elephant would fall down unconscious.


The voice repeated for the third times. Being led to it, Noriko who became like a sleepwalker half stretches out her arm and squeezed the trigger without being at a loss. Two probes that adhere to the silver wire dash out by the gas pressure and pierce the back of Arisa who gets down on her knee, while agonizing.


The electric shock of enormous voltage goes through her body at this moment and with the pain that her bones were broken, her strong will to resist the Incubus reaps with surprising swiftness.


Arisa who should have become the ace of “SHADO” in the future lose her conscious slowly, while continually calling for the name of the man who she loved.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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