Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 89

Surprise attack

Today is Sunday.

Usually Chizuko husband plays golf on Sunday. Ruriko her daughter goes to cram school every sunday and their maid goes home on Saturday and Sunday. Thus, in these days all the time, Chizuko is alone in this grand mansion during Sunday afternoon. In the mansion where nobody is she is spending her free time by reading books.

However today in early afternoon when it was peaceful, a man invaded her mansion where the security equipment should be perfect and attacked Chizuko who was reading in the living room as always and brought her to her bedroom by force.

“Aaa…let’s stop here…”

Coming from behind, Chizuko’s body is groped. Her hair which was made up brings a refined sex appeal to her, so that the male’s long tongue crawls around her white nape. Chizuko closed her eyes and shook her body each time.

“No…. That place…”

To be held by a different man in her marital bed which is the love nest of her and her husband, Chizuko is seized with an intense sense of guilt. However, her sensitive body is groped by Kenichi’s skillful caress, so much that her resistance gradually weakens.

“…Not good…aa, release me…”

Putting skin on skin once, the other party plant extraordinary pleasure inside Chizuko, who can’t defy it.

“Aa…stop it…”

“Hey, Oku-san wanted it, so is it too ecstatic?”


The moment Kenichi pushed his really varicose penis to the crack of her buttocks from behind, Chizuko felt his desire for her body through her thin cloth and she raised an excited voice. Although she was treated cruelly just the other day so that her mind was out of order, his dick towered firmly in a manly way today. For the male breath that is far superior than her husband, heat extends slowly from the interior of her waist.

“Do you want this?”

“…Su, such a thing…”

She was asked for it and nearly nodded, but she rushed and wagged her head.

(Ah, great…so big…)

Actually, without the penis of her lover which she want to forget, her body ached and there was no help for it. Meanwhile, only once was she unusually towards her husband, who can’t provide such an ecstasy, while on the other hand her husband also is exhausted quickly, so that she need to please herself with her fingers.

Thereafter while thinking that it is vulgar, she cheered herself by using her fingers every day. However, the body of this noble lady can’t forget the sweet pleasure and the stimulation of her fingers isn’t satisfying anymore and her greed increases more and more.


As soon as Kenichi took her lips away from behind and rubs her chest, her head is absent minded and can’t resist. Next when he just groped inside her skirt, he knew that her body become completely wet.

“What is this, Oku-san. Isn’t it soaking wet”

“Noo…don’t say it…”

Her thin and elegant panty got wet with the hot liquid which overflowed from the inside. At the time Kenichi’s finger touched that part and the wet condition was checked, her head is absentminded for feeling embarrassed and comfortable. Pushing her hips out by herself, she clings to Kenichi’s crotch and feels his hot lump over her cloth.

She said that she disliked it but her appearance says something different. This ripe married woman really wants to be violated again.

“Huhu, you’re a horny wife. So, help me take it off”

“…A, Ah, yes…”

While being totally shy for the act like a couple, Chizuko answered and unclothes Kenichi’s remaining clothes. His huge weapon appeared after she lowered his shorts down and she stares with passionate and hot eyes at it.

(This…I wanted this…)

The greed that smoldered ignite and her body that ached painfully blazes up at a dash. In the next moment Chizuko grasp his thing to check its thickness and hardness and she became enchanted as soon as she remembers that it was inside her already. After she rubbed it, it became really huge and while she is looking at it saliva is spilling out from her mouth.

Then like snow equivalent to heat, her remaining reason melts away. Chizuko slightly opens her red lips when she swallow her saliva.

“Aah, can I lick it a little?”

“Go ahead”

Bouncing in front of her eyes, Chizuko kissed the rugged surface as if she is influenced by it. When she occasionally drinks the pre-cum from Kenichi’s dick her excitement increases and she cant stop herself from becoming more erotic.

(Aah…great…it’s intolerable…)

The mass and capacity that are far superior than her husband, let her learn a awe from the bottom of her heart. Her husband´s thin and short thing totally can’t be compared to it. A heavy male fragrance attacks her nose and her mind seems to fall asleep.

(Here also…it becomes tight…)

Furthermore, Chizuko sticks to Kenichi´s ball and licks the sweat from it. Although she is also using her hand, when she licks the root until the tip clean, she completely forgot that this is her bedroom and she is blinded by the sex with Kenichi.

(Aa…a, already unbearable…)

Looking up at Kenichi who is staring at her disgraceful behavior with cold-blooded eyes, Chizuko is thrilled with a subordinate joy and her cherry red lips cling to Kenichi´s thing.

After fully enjoying the hot fellatio of this noble lady and this noble lady begging him to have sex, Kenichi attacked her and broke in with a merciless thrust. In the bedroom of Ruriko´s parents, two people cling to each other and indulge into this hot intercourse.

Although this married woman is alone at home, she further burnt and went mad because of unpleasantness. She raised a delight when she is carried through by the strong teacher and enjoying herself like an animal, she expressed the pleasure with her whole body.

Ever since she got married, she only experienced a poor sex life with her husband. Her desire piled up like magma in a dormant volcano and this last experience instigated a fuse of her greed.

Having sex while still wearing her clothes, Chizuko is thrilled by a masochist joy and reached many orgasm repeatedly. Finally, a few stains are on her white plump hips and she is violated from behind with an appearance where her skirt is rolled up and she even begs for intravaginal ejaculation herself. When this happens and she reached the last height, this noble woman only fainted in agony on her marital bed.

Chizuko only had two times sex with Kenichi and already became corrupted. Even as for the fear to become pregnant, she became a woman who is thrilled when her head becomes numb.

Lying now on the bed between Kenichi´s legs, Chizuko´s intense love affair is settled. The muddy penis of her lover is lick clean with an charmed expression, while Chizuko´s hair is flapping on it.

“Aah, wonderful…”

Although it spitted out a large quantity of semen a few minutes ago in the interior of her womb, Kenichi´s weapon is still huge and occupies the small mouth of Chizuko.

(Aaa…great, after all it is this…. I already already become his captive…)

With the sturdiness that is far superior than her husband, Chizuko completely adores it. Even if the meat stick of her husband is inside her there is no response, because it cant invade so deep. And after five minutes when only he was satisfied, he sleep quickly. Of course he only came one time. While being the same male genitals, it is totally a difference like an adult and a child.

Even as for such a difference, she wouldn’t know it if she did not meet this man. Chizuko felt now that the encounter with Kenichi was destined.

“Wonderful…I like it very much…”

Taking a sip and drinking his semen, Chizuko insistent again to include her tongue and to give a caress with full emotions as if she has no husband. Her long tongue crawls on top of the butterfly like bruise on Kenichi’s thing.

(Still so much…more…I want more…)

Showing the greed of a married woman, her fellatio is obsessive. They still continues their sex until afternoon. This is the common daily life for Kenichi and the Inma.

Then suddenly at the door of the bedroom, Kenichi heard a gutter sound.


Kenichi who jumps up raised his body instantly. With his black wave radar he can’t find anything.


A warning resound in his brain, that this a clearly abnormal situation.

The moment, the door is opened with a bang, two shadows who are wrapped in black clothes jumped into the bedroom. These two people wear a black vest on top and dark blue clothes on the bottom, while they hold something like a handgun in their hands. Their faces cant be seen because they wear ski masks and it’s obvious that they aren’t robbers.

His appearance is like that of the SWAT team.


When the tall man shouts so, he turns something like a pistol which he held in his hand to Kenichi to threat him. However, it does not have a hole such as the muzzle and a yellow square part turns to this place. From the lower part, a red beam like light is prolonged straight and aim at Kenichi´s chest.


Seeing the heavy appearance of the sudden intruder, Chizuko screams in fear. With Kenichi being naked on the bed, she froze while kneeing.

(St, Stun gun!)

Understanding what the gun is from the form, Kenichi shudders.

Though it isn’t adopted in Japan, stun guns are used at many national police. Aiming at him now is a short pistol. Attached with two electrodes needle with the wire that is shot out with high-pressure gas,it lets its target get an electric shock of tens of thousands of volts strong.

(Wh, what shall I do?)

Two people gradually cut down Kenichi´s chance to escape while aiming the stun gun to Kenichi suddenly. Stopping Kenichi’s escape way, the tall man stands behind the window. She small one crawls up to him on his or her knees from the door.


Chizuko who woke up from her first shock sees the intruder getting closer so she covers her naked body with the bedsheet and tries to escape to the inside of this room. However she loses her balance and falls down from the bed to the floor because she rushed.

Dong, and the floor vibrated from her fall.

Kenichi understands that the two intruders are distracted by Chizuko so he tries to ran to the telephone.


For this chance of several seconds, Kenichi turns toward the short person, who cut down his chance. He tries to kick the bed and shorten the distance quickly while being stark-naked.


The next moment, the stun gun in the surrounding made noise.

The two electrodes are shot out with high speed by the gas pressure. When the yellow cover flies up it clings to Kenichi´s chest immediately.

Because it was only a distance of several metres, if it is an ordinary man, he cannot avoid this from point-blank range. The blitz of tens of thousands of volts immediately hits.

(Good! It can be avoided!)

However, Kenichi´s red shining eyes catch the trace which cant be usually seen exactly. He brush off the probe approximately 5cm away from him at high speed by a smallest movement of his hand.

Kenichi bang into the short person who shot out the stun gun by the momentum.


The voice raised by that short person belongs to a woman clearly. Both fall on the floor just as it is and get entangled with one another.


Kenichi who took the top goes to the door in order to escape from this profitable posture just like that. Even though his opponent has a weapon, her character is unclear. Anyway, the first thing he do is to escape from here. Kenichi can see the exit that s right in front of him.

The distance is only 1m.

The moment when he just got up and was going to go out of the opened door, a electric shock attacked him and he felt acute pain.


Kenichi whose muscles stiffen, just falls down on the floor. He shakes his body and has an expression of agony on his face timidly while being stark-naked.

On his naked back, two silver metal pierce him and red blood flows from there. A long wire expands from the metal and leads to the stun gun which is held in the hand of the tall man.

“Target secured!!”

The short woman who said this words suppress the agonizing and naked Kenichi on the floor, before handcuffing him.


After their target was secured, removed the man his finger from the trigger and finally breathed out slowly. The electric shock that continued until now stops immediately and the stark-naked Kenichi lost all his strength and all stiff muscles become relaxed.

And he lost consciousness for the high-pressure electric current. He doesn’t move and lies naked and suppressed on the floor.

Meanwhile, this only took several seconds. The intense practice of “SHADO” and the sequence of movement was so smooth that they might flow.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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