Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 88


Erotic sound of water rang in one hotel room and the groan of a man and weak gasping voice of a woman are mixed in the interval. Occasionally you could hear rustling because this beautiful woman wearing clothes was shaking her waist.

While looking at Chizuko who’s leaning on the bed board and sucking his dick, Kenichi tastes the paradise. Anyway this noble beauty who has a noble appearance and inherited traits or talents from nobility cling around his meat stick with her charming lips . Her white pearl earrings which shake at her ear whenever she waves her neck individualize her beauty

Because she is a married woman that got married despite being virtue and 20 years passed already, a high school girl is no match for her cunning and small fellatio. Her tongue who knew every weak point of a man sticks to his vital part, she occasionally use her cheeks and teeth to stimulate it.

“Oo…. That’s the stuff, Oku-san…”

As having been pleased with Kenichi´s reaction who leaked a sigh of pleasure, this married woman continues her oral sex more and more eagerly. Her pink lipstick completely flakes off and she doesn’t seem to mind about the overflowing saliva making the area around her mouth wet.

“Aah…it is great…”

As soon as her chin became tired and couldn’t have the huge penis in her mouth, Chizuko separates from it, but still she licks his penis and smeared thick saliva on its dark surface. While stroking the root with the hand where her wedding ring sticks, her technique which rubs the scrotum with the other hand isn’t known by her husband.

With such a formidable fellatio which this lady of the upper class shows, Kenichi walks on air with his conquest sense asleep.


(Aaah…feel…I feel it…)

Chizuko performs her fellatio and also became a captive of an abnormal pleasant feeling. The thing which she felt when she had sex with her husband until now wasn’t her own pleasant feeling, but the mental joy to see her husband being pleased.

But this huge meat pillar was different.

Whenever this huge dick rubs against the inside of her mouth, she felt a clear pleasure from it. Her whole mouth seemed to totally become a sexual organ and rather than delighting her partner, Chizuko waves her neck intensely earnestly.

(Why…why does my mouth feel so good…)

It was an abnormal phenomenon. With oral sex he should be the one to feel pleasure, yet she clearly felt pleasure. The inside of her mouth totally become a sensitive sexual organ and couldn’t stop this indecent act.

Besides, whenever she is made to drink his pre-cum, her head grayed more and more and came to be fascinated. This is a love hotel and doing a fellatuo for her daughters teacher, Chizuko completely forget her head.

“Hey, Oku-san loves to have sex”

“Aaa…No, I’m embarrassed…”

Feeling embarrassed from being seen between his crotch, Chizuko blushed. However, this married woman who is starve, turns her crotch against Kenichi’s face and urged him to create a sixty-nine position.

“What is th, this…. if a person from nobility hears it, won’t they be disgusted”

“Aah, don’t say it…”

The dirtiness inside her skirt was beyond Kenichi’s imagination.

Her vaginal secretions which wasn’t able to be absorbed by her pink silk underwear drip down to the middle of her thighs and dirtied her garterbelt stockings. When her panty got soaking wet and squeezes, the honey liquid drips down from her greatly opened flower and waits for stimulation impatiently.

After tasting the heavy oral service from Chizuko for a while, Kenichi only stuck to her plump and soft thighs.


Chizuko who lays upside down raise a weak voice while having the meat stick in her mouth.

Kenichi shows an abnormal propensity and make kiss marks on her white thighs closely. Since Chizuko has weak skin from the start, dark red love affair traces are imprinted.

After Kenichi finished blaming most of her thighs, he groans like a wild beast and buries his face in the good meat in front if his face. Without minding Chizuko scream, he sips her body fluid from her high-quality silk panty and touched her secret spot with his tongue.

“Aah, in such a place…don’t inhale it…”

When Kenichi puts his sly tongue from the side of her panty, Chizuko can’t hold his penis in her mouth anymore and scream while grasping it. Having strained her thighs several times, she would reach a light climax each time.

As soon as he licks her vagina hole with his long tongue, Chizuko who should be virtuous discharges thick and muddy body liquid. When Kenichi moves his tongue slowly, she shake her body tremblingly while screaming. He sticks to one of her weak points which protruded like agate while Chizuko raises a high-pitched voice at the same time.

(Everything piled up….)

There is almost no negotiation with her husband recently. While tasting Asakura-san who is showing such a reaction his tongue crawls into every corner of her flower while she sucks his meat pole.

Kenichi frees her after infringing her secret part badly and when Kenichi pressed down Chizuko on the bed and tear her expensive silk panty, he holds the tip of his dick against her vagina entrance.

“Receive it well….”

“Ah no, after all…after all, it is not good…”

Having a sense of guilt in the last moment of committing unchastity, Chizuko twists her waist and tries to escape. However, her movement became rather impatient and the huge tip slides into her vagina hole when she began to talk.


To the pleasure that her vagina walls was rubbed, this beauty had a feeling that a spark was scattered in front of her. Despite what was expected, she feels a different kind of pain then when she had sex with her husband.

“A, At least…at least use a condom…”

“What did you say, Oku-san. Such a fine pussy, didn’t we decide to go raw?”

“Noo! Release me!! Please!!”

Seeing the face of this beautiful upper class woman full of fear for pregnancy, Kenichi grins, he buries his meat stick into her secret flower.


To the enormous dick that is invading her, this married woman chirrups and suffers. Although Chizuko finished getting wet, her small vagina swallows this huge integral while creaking and giving the finest friction to her partner by herself.


Although everything was already certain when she swallowed her husband´s dick, however the penis of this young teacher invades her further without ending, so much that Chizuko imagine her body will be skewered and fear arouse inside this wife.

(De, deep…. A…a thing like this…)

It is so deep inside that even her husband didn’t enter so far yet and Chizuko is at Kenichi´s mercy since the beginning.

“Ahiiiii! Guuuuu!!”

With an impact, the depths of her vagina wall is attacked by the huge tip and she receives a scathing came very easily. On the bed of the love hotel while wearing her suit, she lean her body back and shivers. The inside of her flower twines inside and tightens to squeeze another penis beside her husband indulgently.

“Huhu, you have a good pussy, Oku-san. My penis seems to melt away”

“…Aaa…I, I’m ashamed…”

Being occupied with this huge meat pole wide inside her womb, Chizuko has completely given up. Without minding that her designer suit gets wrinkles, she opens her crotch to the limit to receive Kenichi´s son better.

“Hey, move your waist by yourself, like the time when you have sex with your husband”

“Aa, th, that…”

Although Chizuko resisted with her mouth, her heart and body are blinded by the pleasure completely and she moves her waist lewdly which even her husband didnt receive. To the ecstasy which let a white smoke arise in her brain every time, this noble lady seeks it absorbedly.

(Aaa…I´m feeling good…)

A white spark was scattered in front of her eyes when she went down hard and the dick passed through her hole. If this young teacher ejaculate here she surely become pregnant and unbearably pleasure is given by the huge whale tip.

(This…this is the first time…I feel so good…)

Because the number of times she had sex decreased remarkably for these several years, she didn’t notice it herself, but her body began to starve. Now that her mask of elegance and virtuous was taken off, Chizuko become a female, who is absorbed in the copulation with this strong male.

“Hiii! Again, again I´m cuuummming!”

Hot body fluid falls down from the tip and is strangled by the root painfully. Although it was expected from the thin ankle, the good structure of this lady is more than he expected, so that he releases his ejaculation impulse, too.

“Hey, I will also put it out…”

“Not good! That’s not good!!! I want you to pardon only this!! ”

However, because Kenichi held her down firmly in the missionary position, Chizuko can’t move her body.

“Hey, let’s make a younger brother or younger sister for Ruriko”

“Hiiiiii!! Iaaaa!! Nooot gooood!!”

While seeing the scared face of this pretty lady begging him not to cum inside, Kenichi shoots his sperm out of his dick and a lot of muddy semen is poured inside Chizuko´s pussy.

“Aa…so cruel…”

Catching the sperm of a man different than her husband in the interior of her womb, Chizuko´s presence darkens from the fear of getting pregnant. Ironically the pleasure with which the immorality sense is thrilled, Chizuko reached the first ecstasy on that day and lost consciousness slowly before long.

“At last I found him, that guy!”

With her own wide area radar, Arisa looked at the graph sent by the machine that measures wave motions and combine them and uttered a low cry of delight in her car. She was able to identify the Inma of district M at last.

“After all it was that fellow”

Arisas car parked at a time rental parking lot near the love hotel where Kenichi and Chizuko. She followed Kenichi to this place.

The monitor in the stopped minivan measured the wave pattern of Kenichi clearly. It was at the moment when Kenichi threw his devil sperm inside Chizuko.

(Now, how shall I do…,).

Although she was able to identify him, Arisa doesn’t yet know the whereabout of Noriko. She was able to identify the apartment where Kenichi lives in, but this science teacher lives together with a beautiful wife and daughter there and there was no sign of Noriko.

(Should I keep him on the short leash to find Noriko´s whereabout…?)

However, the time that she had left for herself, is only 3 days. Meanwhile, there is no guarantee that this Inma had contact with Noriko. A wise policy should be to secure this Inma as quickly as possible.

She need to secure this Inma to question him about the whereabout of Noriko. Because it’s a lecherous Inma, she wouldn’t kill him and only makes him her prey.

If she doesn’t obtain information even when she questions him, she should just remove him. When an Inma is erased, the wave motion stops. As for the women who became a captive of this Inma, gradually regain their sanity. It takes time, but she will contact Noriko before long.

(But where do we fight? Is it at school as expected…?)

However, the school was quite difficult. If an outsider like her approaches, the other party will watch her. Furthermore, a lot of high school girls who became sex slaves will become the Inma´s eyes and may watch her. If it’s 1 to 1, she is quite at a disadvantage because of numerical inferiority.

“I’ll lure him somewhere…”

Arisa has begun to make a call to someone after she thought for a while.

“Su, such a thing, please give this only to me…”

The beautiful woman dressed in a white dress that is good despite being a housecoat is held from behind on this luxurious bedroom. The moment Kenichi buries his face into her scruff and kissing it, he turns his hands forward to grasp her chest on top of her dress.

“We will also do a fun thing today, Oku-san”

“Aa…I’m afraid…”

With the sense of guilt to have sex with her young lover in their marital bed, this virtuous wife filled her heart with dark feelings. Her heart throbs and she feels dizzy.

“What do you say? You were really happy the other day…”

While rubbing her rich chest from top of her dress, Kenichi whispers so into her ear to tease her. And from her white and thin scruff, female pheromone rises.

“No! Please don’t say it…”

Remember the foolery that she exposed in front of Kenichi just the other day, Chizuko blushed.

“I will cherish you a lot today”

“Aaa…I will be scolded by my husband…please stop it…”

However, her voice of refusal is removed indulgently.

After the parent-student-teacher meeting about the entrance of her daughter into a university was over, she was called by Midou-sensei who is her daughter´s homeroom teacher here, so she can offer her body for an recommendation. When she really look at this young homeroom teacher, she has carnal desire for him so that even she can’t believe it and the truth is she advanced by herself when brought to this love hotel and opening her crotch.

She also can’t believe that she calmed down now and she surely longs for having sex with this teacher, so she opened her body.

When it is carried out and she is absorbed in enjoying herself to this far superior weapon than her husband blindly since the beginning, she indulged to the given pleasure. After receiving the first sperm in the interior of her womb and blamed in this bed until she became dead tired, she received the second ejaculation while raising her buttocks and her body and heart were melted by the ecstasy by which Chizuko can’t think it’s from this world.

However, Kenichi isn’t satisfied with that alone and brings the dead tired Chizuko to the bathroom and after playing in the bathtub together, they made an indecent lotion play using an attached mat.

At that time, Chizuko becomes completely addicted and held out her ripe body to Kenichi who expected that. Kenichi bends over her soft body to his heart’s content and thoroughly enjoys the slimy lotion sex play.

Finally when Kenichi spit out his semen into the depth of this lady´s throat, Chizuko completely became a captive of Kenichi, while she drank his semen.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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