Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 87

Parent-teacher-student meeting

“Excuse me”

The door opened and a woman dressed up in a suit entered, while Kenichi who sat behind his desk stood up.

“Yes, you’re Mrs. Asakura, right? I was waiting for you”

While Kenichi flashed a glistening smile, this beautiful woman was invited to the meeting room at the Ellis all girls high school. The beautiful woman who is in her late 30s wearing a refined grey suit which is from a super luxurious brand, indeed has the air of a wife from the upper class. Right behind this beautiful woman, a beautiful uniformed girl follows.

“Ruriko is always under your care”

To the voice of Chizuko who is Ruriko’s mother, the beast inside Kenichi reacts twitchingly.

(Yes, I will fully take care of her)

With Kenichi’s semen collected in Ruriko’s vagina, Ruriko who is next to her mother looks composed and Kenichi grins in his heart. What kind of look would this upper class lady have, when she knows that her daughter was wearing dark blue see-through underwear worn by AV actresses.

Kenichi gestured toward the sofa, while he sits on a chair.

(Oh, he really is an attractive teacher as rumored….)

Chizuko heard the story from her daughter, that her new homeroom teacher is young and handsome, so her heart throbs secretly. Right after she got married to her husband and had a love affair, Chizuko who didn’t consider it an immoral act even now of course is happy to talk with a desirable male in this way.

“Ruriko-sans wish is the Hiroo women’s university. Because she is from a noble family, I think that it will be hard, but I hope that she pass”

“Yes, my husband and I want to grant the wish of our daughter somehow…”

“Excuse me, your husband is the director of five german silver lines. And you Miss are from a noble family right”

“It is a shameful and old story”

For Chizuko who feeling shy because Kenichi says so, something like an aura of the upper class appears and if it was Kenichi before he fused with the Inma this woman would be unreachable for his hand.

He assuming that with her glossy hair, when filmed up-close and her white scruff at which he stealthily looks keeps being brilliant. Kenichi guessed that Chizuko’s white and thin fingers never did chores because they were well-kept and a ring with a big jewel shines brightly.

With her oval face following her delicate neck and her noble beauty which is remarkable, she seem to be from a royal family if she wears a tiara. Ruriko also is an outstanding beauty, however Chizuko who is her mother is undoubtedly beautiful.

Besides having a slim body, her important points are developed, in particular her plump and ripe thighs which were wrapped in stockings and peeping out from her skirt, Kenichi licked his lips.

Chizuko and Ruriko who sat side by side, resemble each other closely. Both were refined and dignified, while giving off the atmosphere of the upper class from their whole bodies discernibly.

(Elaborately, the finest mother daughter bowl…)

They look so delicious but the mother daughter bowl of Miho and Risa is good too and he doesn’t even get tired if he taste them many times, while the simultaneous play of Chizuko and Ruriko must be particularly fun.

After the talk about Ruriko´s state and results at school, the parent-teacher-student meeting ended smoothly.

“Asakura-san can you leave this meeting for a moment? I want to talk with your mother alone”

“Then Mama. I´m going to visit the tennis club after a long time”

When Ruriko leaves the room while saying excuse me, Kenichi takes a look at this beautiful wife once again. Imagining her ripe and physical good flavor, the black wave spreads from Kenichi’s body.

“By the way, this is a consultation”

Without sending it on the belch including his wicked expectations, the talk was cut and brought to an end by Kenichi posing as a serious class teacher.


“Do you know that my uncle is the director at this school?”

“Yes, of course. Director Kawano is enthusiastic about education, I heard he is a wonderful person…”

While seeing here and looking a little doubtful, Chizuko responds with a smile elegantly. The pearl necklace bound around her neck, gives Chizuko a bigger effect of nobility.

“My uncle’s acquaintance is working as the director of Hiroo women’s university. So there is a connection for a long time with this school”


“In fact, it isn’t made public, but there is a small recommendation frame for that university”

“Is that true?!”

After her eyes and long eyelashes are opened big, Chizuko leans forward. The catch bit the bait.

“Please. Ruriko´s results are excellent and her family’s social standing is perfect, too. For me, I don’t think it is a good idea for Ruriko…”

“Se, sensei! By all means, please”

This beautiful wife looks at Kenichi with reliant eyes and begs desperately. Her daughter doesn’t have to study for exam until late night everyday and it hasn’t crossed over to that.

“However, there actually a problem…”

“…Wh, what kind of problem?”

Enjoying the reaction of a fish which caught on a hook, Kenichi measures the timing to catch her. For the rose on the way, it is necessary to hook it.

“Yes…to tell you the truth, my uncle was already asked by other parents. Well, if it’s judged from my eyes, Ruriko suits them much better…. Anyway because my uncle doesn’t know each student well, he seemed to undertake it without knowing anything”

“Th, then…”

Looking at Chizuko who was almost disappointed, Kenichi sticks his tongue out in his mind.

“Well well…. Because I have the trust of my uncle, if I talk to my uncle, he will agree to recommend Ruriko and not the other child”

“Th, then, please ask by all means. Midou-sensei, please ask director Kawano”

Lifting her face suddenly, Chizuko sees Kenichi’s face with an upward glance. Confirming that the prey hung to the hook solidly, Kenichi begins to raise the fishing line slowly.

“However, there is a condition”

“…Co, Condition?”

After standing for a while, Kenichi sits down on the sofa suddenly next to Chizuko. Her body odor that mixed with a high-quality perfume stimulate Kenichi’s animal desire remarkably.

Chizuko was drawn in to Kenichi’s eyes, because of his glance.

(Red…his eyes are red…)

The next moment when the black wave influenced this married woman, a light yellow aura appeared from her body as if it was called out by Kenichi who grinning.

(It is true that the wave motion is similar by blood relatives)

Kenichi remembered the story that he heard from Noriko.

The wave that a human gives off in other words, the wavelength of the life-force aura is said that it resembles when they are blood relatives. For example the Kurasawa sisters Natsuki and Rena as well as the mother daughter duo Miho and Risa. Therefore, when he saw Ruriko’s aura, he supposed that it is the same for Chizuko and now he proved it right.

Red tentacles appeared from his body smoothly and gathered around the body of this virtuous wife. The yellow aura was resisting in order to stop the encroachment, however it has begun to turn red immediately.

“Is, Is it money…?”

While being puzzled over her physical change in this moment, Chizuko answered with a weak voice. Her body which has finished ripening through her married life reacts sensitively, which can be shown by her nipples that became stiff in her bra and her secret spot that opened.

“I don’t need such a thing, Oku-san”

Finally she was liberated from his piercing glance, however when he whispered gently in her ear, she felt shiver and stimulation from it. His left hand on her knee before she was aware, a hot energy envelops her as if oil was poured into the fire of her womb.

“Hey, how about you do me a favor? Oku-san”

“Aa…th, that…”

Chizuko´s reason sounds an alarm desperately, however her body which has finished melting away betrays its intention and is going to indulge in the sweet pleasure. Her erect nipples release a pleasureable electric current straight to her head, when she twists her body and rubs against her bra.

(Wh, what’s wrong with me…. Aaa…)

In the reception room of her daughter’s high school she is tempted by this teacher who she just met and far from resisting him she can’t withstand becoming more lewd. If this is her husband, she would already cling to him and ask him to have sex together.

“It’s for Ruriko-chan….”

“Aaa…my daughter…”

Chizuko who kept her reason which nearly breaks from leaving desperately, nearly lost her last dam because of the good reason for her daughter’s purpose.

“Hey, touch it”

Kenichi takes Chizuko´s hand and invites her to the swelling in his pants.


She fought back several times now, but when she was made to grasp it once, she couldn’t release her hold anymore.

(Wh, What’s this! It is very large…)

The male organ felt over the pants is incredible huge, so much that Chizuko who is a married woman, reels. For Chizuko who knows only her husband’s is feeling nothing but astonishment.

“How is it compared to your husband?”


Chizuko remembered the foreign pornography shown by force by her husband, so that she was confused intensely. The black dick on the screen was incredibly huge and violated the interior of the blond beautiful AV actress and Chizuko remembered the excitement which she feeled at that time.

She was told that it’s a special one for an pornography actor by her husband’s explanation, however, Chizuko has such one in her hand right now and it seems better than the one from the black actor. Of course, it can’t be compared with her husband poor thing.

“Hey, you can thrust your hand inside”

“Aa, it’s hot….”

Kenichi lowered the zipper of his pants and this beautiful lady advanced by herself and grasped his dick with her right hand where her wedding ring stuck directly. Feeling the touch of hot steel in her palm, the penis throbs progressively.

“Huhu, then, I will also do without reservation”

“Not goo…”

Being robbed of her lips in the place where she was going to protest, Chizuko tried to shake him off desperately, however her movement rather helps his tongue to invade her mouth. With his muddy saliva is in her mouth, she is made to drink it and after three times she can’t resist anymore.

In addition, Kenichi´s hand on her knee invades her skirt and gives a deadly stimulation by stroking her smooth thighs. His other hand crawls from her shoulders to her chest and rubs her big swelling over her blouse.

(No No…you…help…)

Her whole body to the rampaging violence pleasure, without any possibility this married woman can`t endure his technique and she melts like snow. Laying emphasis on her legs, Chizuko tried to resist desperately for the last time, but when the finger of Kenichi touched her secret garden over her panty, it was her limit.


To this unbelievable thing, Chizuko only petted with the young teacher and has reached a richly colored ecstasy. Her whole body was convulsing fearfully and her tongue is absorbed by Kenichi´s tongue, she spits out a large quantity of energy and vaginal secretions.

“Huhu Oku-san, you’re very sensitive. Did your husband neglect you for a long time?”

“Aa…su, such a thing, I can’t say it…”

The ecstasy that she just tasted is several times stronger than what she experienced in her long married life with her husband until now and this ripe lady remembers surprise and intoxication from this ferocious pleasure.

(Aaa…what’s this…great…great, it is comfortable…)

The pleasure that she received from her husband was very little until now and when she wanted to taste a bigger climax, her greedy female body can’t stop running out of control.

“This is only the beginning. Because I will have you taste a greater and more pleasant feeling than this”

“Aaa…th, that’s…”

As having detected her heart, this handsome teacher words of corruption are placed inside her ear. Meanwhile, her vagina is caressed over her panty and her erected nipples are teased inside her bra, so much that the pleasure made her want to cry sneaks into the wick of her body.

(I want this….)

With the feeling of starvation for this dick that she grasped in her hand, this beautiful lady is driven mad. Chizuko learns new carnal desires that she hasn’t experienced with her husband and far from fighting, she yearn for it and her mind is filled with it.

(I want this to be mine…. Ah, I want this big and fat thing…)

These words that appeared in the mind of this elegant lady is like a dialogue in a doujinshi. However, instead of being embarrassed, she is merely absorbed in pleasure now without thinking about anything.

Kenichi confirmed the state of Chizuko who completely gave up, while smiling and deepening his caress.

After having her mind run wild, Chizuko who feeling shy is put in a car and Kenichi brought her to a love hotel in the downtown area in the evening. It isn’t a city hotel deliberately, because it’s fun to collect a lady at such an obscene place.

The moment they entered the room, the essentially virtuous Chizuko blushed and was shy, but when Kenichi hugs her and robbed her lips, she also exchanges a kiss aggressively trying to forget such shame.

“Huhu, Is there a thing which has come to the love hotel?”.

“Aaa…It is not so…”

“As for this here, It’s quite fun,”

Chizuko is dragged up to the bed and covered just as it is and she embrace Kenichi by laying her arms around his neck. Her first purpose to come to the school of her daughter has already been forgotten and she is faithful to her own lust.

“Huhu, it already become like this”

“Aa…do, don’t say it…”

Kenichi gropes the depths of her silk shorts and it indeed became dissolved, deformed and muddy. Her vagina spit out honey liquid, because it want to have this male meat stick inside so that it has convulsions twitchingly.

When Kenichi stands up once again from the bed to take off his suit and become naked. His dark body is muscular and Chizuko seems to be dazzled seeing it.

After she took a breathe, the huge meat weapon appears before her and she gives a small scream.

“Now, take it in your hand”

“Aaa…su, sugoi…”

At the bottom which is lighted up she stares at Kenichi´s thing and as expected it is similar to the black one, but only more frightful. Besides, the head of the cobra is incredibly big and Chizuko began to feel dizzy by just imagining that it would be inside her.

“Hey hold it”

When it is whispered so by Kenichi who leaned on the bed board, this upper class wife grasped his penis timidly. Something like a strange energy flows from there and the depths of her uterus begins to ache.

(A, a thing like this…. Ah, unbelievable…)

Becoming harder in her hand and increasing the capacity, Chizuko rubs it absorbedly. The sex smell of Kenichi arouse and when she inhales it her head’s core is unsteady.

From the dark tip muddy viscous liquid overflowed. Chizuko look at the liquid as if she fell into a daze and her mouth felt dry.

When she looks up at Kenichi who says nothing and only suggest the next act to Chizuko, she saw Kenichi´s cold eyes patiently. The married woman who closed long eyelashes and is moved by the greed that well up in her body, pushed her rosa lips to the tip and opened her lips slowly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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