Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 86

Greedy Inma

“Aah, Kenichi-samaa…”

The weak voice which evokes the animal desire of the person who hears it told the man who’s bending over a beautiful woman from behind, that she feeling pleasure. The man long and stout meat spear warps manly and sinks deep into the secret hole of the beauty in front of him.

Although the connected part gets wet with a vast amount of liquid salaciously, it is performed with a full feeling of resistance from the inside walls which just coils themselves around from the waist movement and from the lewd water sound you can realize that it creates tremendous pleasure.

The beautiful woman uses her plump hips by herself to please the man who caught her from behind on a sofa while she is kneeing. To shake her hips and indulge in pleasure as if it’s naturally, it shows her lustfulness which doesn´t exist among high school students.


After rolling up her miniskirt and inserting his penis in the sweet honey pot from the side of her panty, that man violates this beauty’s huge breasts with his hands. The huge I cup melons which seem to break through the dark brown lace brassiere change forms freely every time the man´s hands move.

“What is it? Already cumming…. You’re sloppy, Noriko”

After the twitch from the small fold meat which is a prolog of an ecstasy is felt, Kenichi swears to Noriko coldly. In the meanwhile, he continues his waist movement and let a dirty tone ring in the living room.

“Af, after all…Kenichi-sama´s…great thing…”

“How is it compared to your boyfriend?”

“…Noo…don’t make me say it…”

“I’ll stop, if you don’t say it”

“No good! No good No good!! Don´t stop…. It…it…can’t be compared…but yours is better…. Kenichi’s one is preferred all the while!”

With her sexy and attractive eyes, Noriko glares at the devil who corrupted her indulgently, before turning around and spitting out hot breath. Her face finished being crazy about Kenichi who is her master and there is no hostility anymore from the time when she was a member of “SHADO”.

“Hey…Kenichi-samaa…kiss me…”

To the black beast fucking her from behind, Noriko holds out her rose-like lips and asks for a kiss. Without hesitating about it, Kenichi sticks to her and those two exchange hot and deep kisses while being connected with their lower bodies.


After Noriko understood the severe wave of ecstasy which couldn’t be tasted by any means by having sex with her sweetheart, she lets her body convulse fearfully. At the same time she shows a painful expression and the creature that seized her hole rose and promotes an ejaculation inside this indecent vagina.

(It’s a delicious pussy…)

With this violent pleasure an ordinary man wouldn’t be able to endure more than 1 minute and even Kenichi had a hard time to enduring his ejaculation impulse. The pleasure organ of Noriko is captivating so as to be terrible and it would assult him without stopping.

“Yours is the best, Noriko. My penis seems to melt away…”

Crowding in the deepest part of her honey pot Kenichi raises a groan from this fine structure. He tastes sweet convulsions completely from the tip to the root, while fully rubbing her big breasts with his hands, he bites her thin scruff.

“Aa…I’m happy…Kenichi-samaa. You can eat my body as much as you want…”

This beautiful woman who should be his enemy released all her hesitation and pleasure him generously.

“Then is it more likely that that fellow is an investigator of “SHADO”?

“Ye, Yes…perhaps…. Using some kind of method, I think that fellow is looking for the place where you seem to be…. Aa…it’s unbearable…”

After climaxing three times and enough love liquid was squeezed, Kenichi is still skewering Noriko from the back and hear talks of the enemy organization from Noriko. While getting wet with the indecent honey liquid Noriko was excreting, Kenichi´s huge meat pole repeatedly goes in and out slowly, while the air mixed with the viscous liquid attach to the root form into a white orb.

For the moment it is only Noriko who knew that Kenichi is the Inma. Kenichi who felt an abnormal sign in the library called Noriko at once to this hotel.

However the starved policewoman with enormous breasts starts leaning to Kenichi as soon as he has entered the room and asked for sex in a weak voice without giving him time to talk. While showing off her panty through her miniskirt and shaking her hips temptingly, Kenichi smiled wryly, before he attacked her.

“Does your imagination point out what kind of guy he is?”

“N..No….Even if I say that I was in “SHADO”, I was a new face who has just been assigned…. In addition, without the opportunity to talk much to the other members, aau…, be, because I acted almost alone…. Ahiii…”

According to the story of Noriko, there are a lot of mysteries inside the organisation which isn’t known to Noriko who has a small secret level and she also said that she doesn’t even know how many members are there in Tokyo.

“That would be a problem…. A person who seems to be doubtful, is being investigated one by one…”

Although Kenichi was quick witted to leave Noriko at school, but doing that, it’ll inform his enemies that the Inma is in Ellis all girls high school.

Fully pushing and rubbing the huge I cup hills and changing the angle and shock from the bottom, Noriko bends her white throat and her body is in agony. New floral honey blows out and spills onto the sofa.

“Aaa…, it is deep…”

While sobbing from the pain that her uterus is feeling, Noriko’s body is wrapped by a soft meat fold from a grand arched point to the base and give Kenichi exceptionally good pleasure.

“How many people do you know??”

“Ah, only a little. But this investigator, may not be my acquaintance…”

With Yuusuke Nagato who is her lover there is only Arisa Shinomiya who is a close friend appearing in her mind.

“Speak a little….”

“..Bu, But…”

Noriko falters. The unkind Kenichi stops moving his waist and tries to pull out his son.

“Aah, Noo…don’t stop…”

Noriko who is in a much more comfortable state was only one step away from heaven and snorts out unintentionally and pester Kenichi to continue. To the size of her lost pleasure, she waves her plump buttocks with a sad expression.

“Then, talk. Everything you know”


When she is stared by his red eyes, she couldn’t defy Kenichi anymore. While she is being violated from behind again, Noriko´s heart and body were influenced by Kenichi.

“Say, Noriko …”

“Y, Yes…”

After hearing everything, Kenichi asked her in a low voice.

“As for Arisa, is she a beautiful woman?”

“Y, Yes…. Arisa-chan is more beautiful than me and her results are very good too. In our synchronization, without mistake she is our next ace candidate…”

Hearing Noriko´s words, Kenichi’s wicked face warps with a broad grin.

“I have to get her by all means….is that okay?”

“…Aaa…you’re a terrible person…”

After she failed her mission and knowing the immeasurable greed of Kenichi, Noriko shivered in fear.

If he were a common devil, he would try to back away from his enemy who tries to erase him as much as possible. However, rather than the fear that he may be removed while fighting “SHADO”, Kenichi choose further pleasure.

He is reckless and thinks that he has the looks, however it can also be said that he is standing to his reasons. Now at least Kenichi obtained information from Noriko, which is a sharing profit for Kenichi to know his enemy. If they clash with each other sometime soon and both having little information, Kenichi would have the advantage for now. Before his real nature comes out and he is able to operate the amount of resources, a wise policy would be to think that the opponent is a malfunction for a preemptive attack.

(This idea……he may be a demon king)

While remembering the phenomenon that she saw the other day in the hotel lobby, Noriko imagines that Kenichi is the strongest worst existence among the devils, that’s why an electric current like lightning runs through her body.


After she finished squeezing the integrity inside her hole all too well, Noriko falls into the depths of the dark ecstasy. The depth of the jet black is endless and Noriko is taken away just like that into the world of darkness, where she won’t be able to return anymore, because she saw an illusion.

(Demon king…)

When she turns around and look with wet eyes, she felt like having seen huge black wings on Kenichi´s back, right before she lost her consciousness. Noriko who gave all her energy to her dear master and gotten tired, the door opens and someone entered.

“Ah, they already had sex. Noriko is so sneaky…”

“No, Kenichi-sama. Have sex with Shiho too…”

Wearing body-conscious dresses that stuck to their bodies, Ayumi Momoi and Shiho Fujiwara who are also sex slaves of Kenichi like Noriko protests against Kenichi and Noriko connected on the sofa.

Kenichi slips away from the exhausted Noriko and to poach the Incubus inside him, immediately after putting their purses away, both female university students crowd between Kenichi´s groin who sat down on the sofa. These beautiful female university students who are famous on the campus of each university, grab the huge penis, that was inside Noriko a moment ago and is stained with an lewd smell from both direction.

“Aah…it’s so sturdy…”

“Kenichi-san´s thing is wonderful…”

Two pink tongues dance and every time the arch shakes right and left between those, Noriko’s smell is erased and the saliva of Ayumi and Shiho is applied on it.

It is still early in the night. It is again different from high school girls and imagining the good flavor of these young female university students, Kenichi smiled and enjoyed the mouth works of his slaves.

“Hey, sensei…. Forgive me today…”

Stepping over the face of Kenichi who is sitting on the sofa, a uniformed beautiful girl whose secret place is seen by Kenichi now begs him. The girl cannot see Kenichi eyes because of her skirt, however they flowed into the black cloth covering her secret spot in just several centimeters ahead.

“Mom is coming to school soon…. Therefore forgive me today, sensei…”

The beauty who was called a great flower in this school is called to the science preparation room at lunchtime and she appeals Kenichi now who is thrusting his face inside her skirt..

Because of her dear lover who she gave her virginity to and fucking her like a beast always so that a dirty smell arouse, Ruriko gets wet recently just to have felt a rough breath between her crotch. However, because there is a parent-student-teacher meeting today, she cannot have the scent of an male on her body.

“Please, sensei…or it will be discovered by my mom…”

“While saying such a thing with your mouth, is it likely that you already got completely wet, Ruriko.『Ellis’s butterfly lady』I was amazed, when I heard it”

“Noo Noo, don’t say it…sensei…”

Ruriko Asakura whose virginity was seized in the locker room of the swimming club by Kenichi is pointed out by him that she became shameful, before he sticks his nose against her secret hole again.

She is violated every day and this virtuous young lady was completely dyed by the poison of Incubus and without her parent knowing it either, her body became completely dirty. If this appearance that Ruriko voluntarily opens her legs for a man is seen, what would the underclassmen who adore Ruriko like an idol say!

“And what is with this underwear? You are like an eroticism model, when you wear it”

After he says so, it is no wonder that Kenichi makes fun of her. What Ruriko who should have been pure and innocent wears is a see-through black panty without pressing cloth and Kenichi understood clearly that something with light nylon is captivating the ark shell which held the wet entrance inside.

“No well, Ayaka said, that sensei seems to be pleased with this…”

Ruriko who feels embarrassed, so that her ears are getting red.

“A lie, a lie. Ruriko chose it by herself. She said that she makes sensei happy with this…. Right Yuriko!?”

“Uhuhu, thats right. Ruriko bought only this very bold one and even the sales clerk was ashamed to stare at us…”

At the lower part of Kenichi´s body staring between the legs of Ruriko, two beauties who are not inferior to Ruriko are doing fellatio.

Those two are Ayaka Kitajima the ace of the rhythmic gymnastic club and Yuriko Morishita the student council president. Both are wearing their school uniform while licking the enormous meat stick of Kenichi with their tongues from left and right. When one holds the tip in her mouth, the other tastes the root, so that these two show a good combination.

“Why did you bought such erotic underwear…?”

“Aah, because…. Sensei, because you said that you like naughty children, I gather my courage and bought it…”

Putting the face of the science teacher between her wet crotch, the idol of this school behaves like a baby and speaks with a wet voice. Pushing the area of her clitoris against his nose, Ruriko seems to enjoy this stimulation.

To delight himself, Kenichi imagined the scene where this young lady buys this bold designed panty and his dick pulsates fearfully. The raging lethal weapon is fondled by Yuriko who looked at it silently and her stroking technique puts prostitutes to shame. Yuriko who knew nothing until just the other day, polished her techniques eagerly, so that she became skillful like a crafty prostitute.

When the pre-cum is spitted out, Yuriko catched it with her tongue and furthermore, it is unbearable for her, therefore she crawls her tongue on the tip of Kenichi´s penis.

Kenichi raises a groan and clings between the immediate wet thighs.

“Nooh, sensei…. Please don’t breathe in so much…”

Hearing an intense wet sound, Ruriko protests with a weak voice. Although it should be unbearably embarrassed, she can’t help feeling intensely excited.

This young lady who is pure and innocent and was possessed by Kenichi remembered the joy of the fac-riding position and exposes her abnormal nature.

“Aah, not good…”

A long tongue invades the crotch and when she begins to experience the secret tear that became like a figure pomegranate, Ruriko raised a voice without hesitation at school. When the incredibly good tongue is in her vagina, she only squeezes her throat and screams.

Ruriko just reach the climax lightly and released hot love juice.

Letting two pretty slaves serving his dick and after Kenichi slurped and drank the floral honey which has overflowed, he felt his energies revive in his body. His senses are sharpened to an abominable degree and his internal power station raised a growl.

As for the energy balls that these beautiful girls spit out, it is the energy source of the Incubus.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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