Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 85


Midou Kenichi who became an official teacher at the same time as the power of the Incubus is saved, he acquired social power.

At the Ellis all girls high school, the chief director faction and the anti-chief director faction were fighting for a long time over the rights and the anti-chief director faction was predominantly superior until recently.

However, it was the leader of the anti-chief director group, since the attempted rape case of former vice-principal Hajime Usami who was reared by managing Director Kawano who was the leader of the chief director faction and who went for an offensive to recover his influence.

When Kenichi investigated the weak points of the board of director members using his super sense that powered up, he used it to drive them into a corner effectively. Their weak points were a secret disposition that can’t be said to someone, for example that they are enthusiastic about horse racing or embezzle public money, Kenichi told the weak points of the board of directors to Kawano who was his uncle casually.

Kawano rehabilitates his power by Kenichi´s favor now completely and became a strong support for Kenichi. Therefore the power of Kenichi becomes strong among all teachers and all staff members who sensed it sensitively are the same and came to ask for Kenichi’s complexion.

Now in the board of directors, it’s only Yamaji who is left in the anti-chief director faction. Yamaji-san manages a medium-scale building industry and because he was backed by the power of a certain gang, Kawano-san wasn’t able to start a fight, too.

However, if it goes like that, Yamaji confronting Kawano in the near future was clearer than to see a fire. The moving of this school was requested from Yamaji by a certain big name politician, therefore it was necessary to exclude Kawano-san who would oppose it at any cost.

Kenichi’s surroundings changed too.

The first big change was he himself. The power he got by fusing with the Inma was a confidence and his timid and gloomy part was hidden in the shadows. He didn’t change much from before and was still silent, but after he became dignified, his dirty appearance was refined by the coattails of Miho who lived together with him.

As a result, the reaction in his circumference changed dramatically.

When the students in his school looked at Kenichi in the corridor, they cackled and chuckled and even when there was no business with him, they came to the science preparation room. A huge amount of love letters were handed to him and he even get handmade cakes or other sweet things consistently.

At the downtown besides the school, the women walking there, were startled to see Kenichi´s face and it is quite common to say that they looked at him frequently and sometimes called out to him.

However, Kenichi was careful. Not jump at the feast in front of him in a hurry, there is no guarantee that it isn’t a trap from “SHADO”. Soothing the impatient Incubus inside his body, Kenichi must enlarge his territory carefully. According to the story of Noriko, his enemy is powerful and it is too early to challenge them to a fight frontally.

However, Kenichi made the two beautiful students who always followed Ruriko his property.

One person is Yuriko Morishita who is the student council president. Yuriko has excellent results and was a talented woman to the extent that she became a recommendation to a prestige university already. Her body is so white that it may come off and she was a beautiful girl who looked good in an uniform and has a delicate atmosphere similar to the earthenware.

Kenichi who had his eyes on Yuriko’s beauty since a while visited Yuriko one day who was alone in the student council room because of her student council activity and let her be in heat using his red tentacles. The beautiful girl whose aura was eroded by the tentacles was excited in no time, she had a red hot face so that she felt sorry and embraced him from herself.

While Yuriko who was a virgin shakes with fear and embarrassment while being raped, she spilled her love juice which dripped down to her butthole after Kenichi removed her uniform. Although this good-looking girl twisted her face from the pain of losing her virginity, she shook her whole body after being poured by Kenichi´s jelly-white liquid and reaching the climax.

Ayaka Kitashima who is the other girl is a beauty with wonderful big eyes. Even more than that in case of cuteness, Ayaka´s charm point were her huge melons, which were superior to anything.

Ayaka who was the ace of the rythmic gymnastic club had slim hands and feets, which were disproportionate to her delicate body and voluptuous chest. Her chest shakes intensely inside the tight leotard when she performs, so she became a suitable target to camera boys.

In substitution for Yamada-sensei who became the acting vice-principal, Kenichi took charge as the homeroom teacher of class 3-2 which is the class of Ayaka and as the advisor of the rythmic gymnastic department. In other words, every day at school, Ayaka would be revealed for a long time by the black wave that Kenichi emitted.

One day Ayaka called out to Kenichi with an couraged voice and handed him a love letter. A student with few chances of meeting the opposite sex even at freetime, it isn’t strange that she has feelings for this young male teacher. Because she is under the black wave for a long time, The waves of Ayaka and Kenichi resonate with one another as result.

Ayaka who already has an recommendation to a famous female sports university came to the club to take care of the younger student. After club activities have ended, she was told to come to the physical education storage, while wearing her leotard to her sweaty body, she was hugged by Kenichi who took her first kiss away. The sweaty body was played with and licked clean, before she was robbed of her virginity while feeling embarrassment and fear, it was at the mercy of Kenichi afterward.

Kenichi raped Ayaka dressed in her leotard from behind while blowing out a rough breath, so that all men knowing Ayaka wanted to do the same, he rubbed and held her huge breasts with his hands as much as he desired. When his dick was tightened with the sphincter which was strengthened by rhythmic gymnastic, Kenichi forgot that Ayaka is a virgin and even the interior of her womb is a piercing ball, that is fully stained by his white semen.

“Aah, sensei…. We will be found out in such a place…”

In the library during class when no one is here, an erotic sound of water can be heard. The library which was soundproofed falls silent and the sound that those two beautiful girls raised gets wide in the thin air and is absorbed immediately.

“Uhu, bad teacher…letting a student make such a thing during class…”

As if hiding in the depths of the bookshelves, Kenichi who is dressed in a suit stands there, while two girls in a uniform kneel before him and bury their faces between his crotch alternately while chuckling.

“Ayaka became quite good, too”

“Is that true? I’m happy…uhuhuhu…”

Heroine Ayaka Kitajima from the rythmic gymnastic club and who was raped just the other day by Kenichi says so and cover his huge meat pole with her lips again. While looking up at Kenichi with her big eyes and double eyelashes, she crawls her pink tongue around his dick.

On the other hand, holding Kenichi´s huge penis from the front in her mouth is Yuriko who is the student council president. The pale-complexioned Yuriko wears glasses, which emphasizes her intellectual face more.

Whether Yuriko is going to show off her best technique in front of Ayaka, she tries to make Kenichi happy. However, his long and thick meat pole can’t be stored completely since the beginning and even though Yuriko swallowed it half, she let her tongue cling around the root.

Although it is during class now, Yuriko with her outstanding results and recommendation to a famous private university and Ayaka who got a recommendation to a women sports university don’t have to attend the class in particular this time. Using the little time that he has free, Kenichi who is a homeroom teacher fucks the bodies of his younger female slaves boldly in the library.

“Aah, today is wonderful…sensei…”

Yuriko’ jaw became tired and painful, so she releases his dick which is covered with muddy saliva from her mouth. A saliva string is attached stickily from the tip to the middle.

However, without minding the thick saliva of her classmate, Ayaka snorts happily and clings to the tip this time. Her virginity was just scattered, however this beautiful girl is completely used to such mouth service now.

“Hey, stretch your hips out…”

“Ah, do we really do it in such a place? Sensei…”

However, when Ayaka turns to the back joyfully, she put her hands on the bookshelf and stretched out her buttocks towards Kenichi. When Kenichi raises the short skirt of her uniform, her white lace panty which stuck to her plump buttocks appeared.

The hips of Ayaka which were trained by rhythmic gymnastic and are well-shaped faces Kenichi and let this middle-aged man become aroused.

“What, you are already wet…”

“Aa, I’m embarrassed…”

Kenichi doesn’t need to check it with his super sense to know that the secret part of Ayaka finished getting wet so that the bottom of her white panty is muddy.

Kenichi sticks between Ayaka’s crotch from behind and after he tasted the sweet-sour body fluid of this beautiful girl with his tongue exhaustively, he put her panty aside and pierced it quickly from behind.


Although she was violated almost every day recently, when she ordinarily slips and accepts Kenichi’s huge thing, Ayaka receives an impact in her body which seems to be dispersively. However, the expansion feeling that her vagina hole is enlarged to the maximum and the shameful pain carried through to the most deepest part of her womb are only to spice the coloring pleasure Ayaka received.


When it is carried through to the deepest part, Ayaka has a feeling that a spark was scattered in front of her and she faints momentarily. In the meanwhile Kenichi’s hands get inside from the hem of her uniform and grasp her huge breasts which are disproportionate for a high school student and furthermore, he corners Ayaka.

“Aah…don’t massage them so much…”

He holds and squeezes her melon hills, which can disturb a man, while this beautiful girl utters a painful cry.

“You have a really big chest for a high school student…. I’ll punish it”

While remaining grabbing her two huge breasts with his hands and rubbing them, her womb is in estrus and is attacked incessantly by his huge thing. Sniping at the uterus which dropped, he pushes his waist from the bottom up.

“Hiii! Ikuu! Cuming!”

After the squeal of death is raised at the silent library, Ayaka reaches the stairs of ecstasy with the intensity that puts a mature woman to shame. Kenichi buries his excellent weapon in the meat pot of this high school girl and tasting her sweet clamping while licking his lips. No matter how much he tastes it, this taste of this beautiful honey pot which was forged by rhythmic gymnastic is the best.

Yuriko crouched down to the part where Ayaka and Kenichi are connected with one another to lick the slimy love juice that dripped down from there. When Yuriko’s tongue tasted the connected part of those two, Ayaka was pushed up further to the climax and she squeeze Kenichi’s son to the utmost by pressure, so that she can’t believe there is something inside her secret garden. She raised a groan with excessive pleasure, while at the same time Kenichi bites her white scruff from behind.

“Hiiiii, aguuuuu!”

Being raped and violated by the dark pleasure like a beast, Ayaka faints easily. After enjoying the convulsion of this beauty for a while, Kenichi pulls out his meat stick and Yuriko who licked the joint place clean sticks to it immediately.

After fully enjoying the mouth service of Yuriko, he raped her in the same way as he did with Ayaka, but he had an unpleasant hunch somewhere in his head faintly.


While cold-bloodedly raping the panting Yuriko, his super sense conveys something to him.

(Somewhere ahead…)

When he thought so, Kenichi remembered the time when he was watched by Noriko before.

(Someone is watching….)

At this moment someone watched him from somewhere.

However, Kenichi ignores it at once and prevented himself from investigating who watches him. He could find it out using his super sense´s radar and he expects that it tells him exactly what he wants.

Sometime ago, Kenichi has used his magical power without any restriction, so that his wave was discovered easily by Noriko and his real nature too. However, he is more cunning this time and more careful, which is necessary to meet his enemy. Anyway this powerful enemy who is higher than Noriko, probably must aim at Kenichi in the future.

“Noo, sensei…please don’t stop…”

Yuriko doesn’t know Kenichi thought and fret about Kenichi who stopped his moving, while turning around and demanding that he continues. After this excellent beautiful girl became a captive of pleasure it results that she aspires a hot and intense intercourse.

“Huhu, there there…”

While teasing her sweaty breasts with both hands, Kenichi put his meat stick which paused for a moment at her entrance slowly. With the sense to break and open her hole which closed tightly, it seems that his whole body is being filled with the energy.

“Hiiii! Aaa…Cuuuuuuum!”

Without using his magic now, he hold his breath to find out who is his opponent and this time he certainly attack him or her first. While declaring war against his unknown enemy, he thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful flower of Yuriko to his heart’s content.

“Is it that man…”

While a beautiful woman with long hair drinks coffee, she muttered something. The leaves of the roadside trees completely died and fell down in preparation to greet the winter outside of this net cafe and create a wintry scenery.

Arisa Shinomiya who is a member of “SHADO” discovered that the Inma she is searching hides in this Ellis all girls school, so she observe the campus with an surveillance camera since a little while ago. Using a software made by herself from the PC of an net cafe, she hacked the security system of the school, because she is a genius with an IQ of 180.

When she looks at the camera which doesn´t operate only at night, she discovered that a male teacher rapes two students in the library of the school. Arisa observed him carefully, but that man doesn’t use anything like the Incubus magic as far as she can see it.

(However, a teacher who has sex with two students at school isn’t okay…)

It is a situation that isn’t thought to be normal, but Arisa thought that it might not be particularly rare recently. An office love affair is popular in a company or a drama that a married woman has an affair wins popularity and it is the time when even a high school student and a junior high student sell themselves under the pretense of compensated dating.

(When thinking so, an Incubus lives in such an society….)

When the human morales decrease, it is an achievement for an Inma who doesn’t stand out anymore then. Meeting men such as Kenichi in the middle of her investigations, Arisa was slightly disappointed at the action of the stupid animal called human. This beauty twists her face so that she may gnash and she was lost in her thoughts for a while.

(Would I like to look for that man for now…)

When she make sure that this male teacher ejaculate in the interior of one of the two beauties, Arisa begins to beat her keyboard again. To check the identity of this male teacher who she just saw on the screen, she hacks into the intramural teacher system of administration.

(It’s this one…luckily, a picture of him is also included…)

When she searched out the document which she aimed at, she has begun to check that document thoroughly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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