Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 81

Wedding reception

Today’s november day is a day in the last stage of autumn. Partly because an auspicious day was piled up on Sunday, every hotel is booked by weddings and wedding receptions.

This hotel with a high formality isn’t an exception here in Tokyo.

Five brides and grooms called each relatives and friends here today, because the wedding banquet will be held. The married couples who meet their relatives after a long absence, exchange greetings. Children are playing with their cousins. Between such people, a person of the hotel walks around busily.

Inside a large banquet room, a wedding reception had started already.

Round tables covered with white table clothes are displayed neatly, while the participant enjoy the meals around the table, they celebrate the new connection of the bride and groom who held their wedding ceremony today. While sitting in a seat for invited guests on the bride side Kenichi dressed in a black formal suit smacks his lips over the full-course dishes along with Junko.

It is the wedding ceremony of Tomomi Honda who is the music teacher at Ellis all girls high school. The guest’s congratulatory speeches also end now and after Akitoshi Takada and Tomomi sit down on a tiered stand, they receive the greetings from their guests smilingly. The invited guests who held a beer bottle in their hands let it flow into the glass of the groom and they applaud to the beautiful bride, including envyings and teasings. ( Tl note: In Japan there is a tradition where the bridegroom sits on a tiered stand to imitate the emperor and empress of the hinamatsuri. )

Today’s Tomomi is completely dressed in a purple dress and she was more beautiful than usual.

She emits an aura filled with happiness from her whole body, though she seems to be a newly-married wife and feels embarrassed, she is smiling with a pleasant smile and with an expression that seems wonderful. Her pure white nape becomes bare, Tomomi who has little childish features always, has a bewitching atmosphere today.

The two people who reached the best day in their life, they seemed to really have fun and were happy.

When Kenichi sees Tomomi and others he laughs thinly and the english teacher next to him looks as if nothing had happened.

Though Tomomi is beautiful, Junko has an equally beauty.

Junko changed from the inside by Kenichi’s magical sperm and her beauty as a woman bloomed fully. This intelligent and cool beauty with silver-rimmed glasses seems to be perfect and she is sexy when she rolls up her bewitching lips lightly. Her brown hair is tied up together which matches the curve of her elegant face.

Following her thin white scruff, her black backless dress sticks to her body and she clearly stands out. Everything is slim except her chest and hips and her huge breasts push out forward so as to be disproportionate to her thin body.

Such an outstanding body is wrapped in a dress with a lot of exposure and spreads female pheromones. Kenichi came together with Junko today to this banquet and the eyes of every men glared at them, when they walk the corridor of the banquet room and Kenichi knows that they are glued to the beauty, chest and buttocks of Junko. The co-workers of Takada look only at Junko all the time since they came.

However, the english teacher who attracts the attention of everybody endured something desperately while looking down. Her long eyelashes shake and her white fingers grasps a knife and fork firmly.

Noticing Kenichi’s eyes suddenly, Junko raised her face with the expression that seems to be painful, she watch him with hot appealing eyes. Her cheeks blush lightly and her eyes are wet lightly.

It is her typical state of lust. Since a little while ago Junko was troubled by an intense sexual desire that rages inside her womb.

When Kenichi averts his eyes with a face that doesn’t notice her state, he looks to the front while picking at the hors d’oeuvre in front of him, while driving Junko mad with his red tentacles which come out from his body. The tentacles are around her breasts and crotch, because they concentrate around her sensitive erogenous zone and erode the aura of Junko in a venomously red.


Junko pants painfully. Spitting out a hot sigh from her bright red lips, dhr endures the wave of her sexual desire desperately.

“Are you okay? Yoshikawa-sensei…”

Vice-principal Yamada who sat on the other side of Kenichi talks to Junko anxiously. This tall man should be a lolicon, but when there is a beautiful woman who is this bewitching and sexy it seems like he can’t calm down. When he looked at Junko´s sexy expression, he swallowed his saliva.

Although Junko was questioned, she desperately controls her too strong sexual desire and cannot answer directly.

(Aaa…I want Kenichi’s cock!! I want to throw myself at him now and ravish him!!)

Now only the stout penis of her dear lover remains in her mind. When she obtains it, she will open her legs for him right now.

“…Mi, Midou-sensei…”

Junko who wasn’t able to endure it talks to Kenichi with a seductive expression, while wiggling her body. Her sweet voice, expression and gesture are those of a woman that is full of lust, which heat up the crotches of the men who were looking at Junko all the time.

“Mmm, what is? Yoshikawa-sensei”


When she mutters so with a whispering voice, she stares at Kenichi with erotic eyes.

(Ouou…she exposes her erotic face…)

In a place like this, there is a reason why Junko is in heat.

One week passed since Kenichi was about to be removed by Noriko who was a member of “SHADO”. From that during until now, Kenichi didn’t embrace Junko as punishment.

Of course Junko is also a victim, but it is a fact that she was about to kill him though she was hypnotized. Thus, this mean master gives a punishment to his sex slave.

While he is enjoying himself with other women, Junko has been left alone. Because masturbation was prohibited during this one week, Junko was frustrated. Furthermore, Kenichi let her sometimes be in heat with his red tentacles in this way and left her like this, before repeating this cruel act.

Kenichi grins and stands up with a beer bottle in one hand and whispers something in her ear.

“Look at those men…they are itching about you. Let these men have your pussy”

While saying so and puffing air into her ear, he points at the invited guests of the groom. They are people from the same advertising agency as Takada and all of them ignored the bride and groom and only glare at Junko who is shaking her body sexily.


Receiving those men’s glances, Junko who has reached a light stimulation from her ear, shakes her body while letting hot honey liquid gush out of her secret spot. However her blazing lust isn’t settled with such a thing, rather her desire becomes deeper.

Kenichi leaves Junko alone and advances to the groom and bride who sit down on the tiered stand briskly. While having a smile on his whole face, he presents a beer to the groom.

“Congratulations on your marriage. I’m a co-worker of Honda-san, I’m Midou Kenichi. Thank you for inviting me today”

“Ah, thanks for that…and thank you for always taking care of Tomomi”

Takada who has already drunk several cups of beer, isn’t strong with alcohol at all. Having a red-hot face, he still presents his empty glass to Kenichi who is pouring sake into the glass.

“No, I´m always indebted to Honda-san…. To a teacher like me she variously guides me always till late night”

“Is, is that so…”

Kenichi who says so shows a carefree smile. To his wicked real face hidden behind this smile, no one in this banquet noticed, except for Tomomi and Junko.

Tomomi wears a flower hair ornament in her hair which she gathered up to a chignon. Seeing from every way, she is a bride filled with happiness and the passion that was said that it is muddy inside her body burns like cinder.

Needless to say, whenever she is included in the range of Kenichi´s power, he give off his red tentacles and let her heat up.

If there is a person with the same power as Kenichi, they hardly would believe their eyes to this strange scene. Innumerable red tentacles come out from the body of Kenichi who is talking with the groom smilingly and they coil themselves around the body of the bride sitting down alongside her groom on the tiered stand for dolls. She becomes senile to see the face of Kenichi.

(Aaa…I’d like to do it…I want to have sex…. Kenichi’s dick, I want to suck it…I want to put it in my hips…)

Two days ago Tomomi also served Kenichi until late at night with Miho and the others. The hot penis was entertained with her mouth and back gate. This dear ruler didn’t take Tomomi’s virginity away until now and only her asshole is violated all the time.

(Noooo..I want to do it, I want to do it…. I want to have sex…)

Whenever the red tentacles wriggles, her aura becomes red as blood. Usually Kenichi doesn’t let her be in heat so long, but this time Kenichi wants to know how long she can tolerate it in this situation today.

He grins and confirms the weakening state of Tomomi, before giving her a beer too.

“Congratulations. Honda-sensei”

“…Th…thank you very much…”

The hand with the glass of beer is trembling little by little. After her lust was accelerated too much neither a conversation nor a movement can be done properly. When Kenichi sees that and grins, he weakened the power of his tentacles on purpose a little, before maximizing it.



Tomomi slips and drops her glass. The unfinished beer spills on the table. When she just get up, a female staff came and helped her.

“Are you okay? Do you feel sick?”

“…Ye, yes…”

“Oh she seems nervous, that happens a lot to newlyweds. How about resting in the waiting room slightly??”

“You’re right…Tomomi, how about you take a rest?”

“…Ye, yes…, Akitoshi-san…”

While hearing the voice of her husband and the staff member who are worrying about her, Kenichi returns to his seat slowly. To the abnormal intense sexual desire that wells up in her body the whole time, Junko tries to endure it desperately while washing down her greasy sweat. Bearing her weak voice that almost leaked out, she wiggles her plump body attached to the black backless dress windingly.

(Today seems to be a happy day)

Kenichi pours beer into his glass by himself and give a toast to himself. For the good times.

Opening the door of the dressing room without a sound, there doesn’t seem to be a person in charge of it now.

A beautiful woman in a purple dress who sat down on a sofa raised a gasping voice. Kenichi laughs thinly and closes the door from behind his back and approaches her straight.

“Aaa!! Kenichi!? More!! I want you to do it more!!”

The bride who is today’s important person hides in the dressing room to masturbate intensely. Change of clothes are put here and there in this narrow dressing room and without being able to endure her lust she uses her fingers while calling the name of her lover and not the name of her groom.


The beautiful woman who was absorbed in her masturbation finally noticed Kenichi and gave a small scream, because she understands that it is her dear lover who she looked forward to and stand up from the sofa to hug him.

“Aaa! Kenichi! I cummm!! Aaa!!”

Embracing him with her beautiful dress, she exchanges intense kisses with him. Kenichi only held her delicate body lightly, while Tomomi closed her eyes tightly and spitted out hot breath because of an orgasm. Without minding that her lipstick blurred, her lips are put together deeply with Kenichi and saliva is exchanged intensely.

When Tomomi separates her face after a while, a bridge of silver thread is built between the lips of these lovers.

“Kenichi…quickly…quickly hold me…”

Tomomi stares with wet eyes at Kenichi. She is already sexual excited to the maximum and driven to the corner so that there is no postponement for this moment. She was made to be in heat by the red tentacles and her face flushes red for excitement and desire.

“…Aaa…this…I want this…”

When she withdraws trailingly and gets down on her knees with her dress, she runs her fingers around the swelling in his black formal pants.


Only lewd words come out of her mouth. She still opens the front when she take down the zipper and the weapon which she wanted is taken out.


The tall and stout penis which has begun to erect a little is held in her mouth immediately without wavering with her red lips. The bride who dressed up like a princess sucks the black meat pole of a man except her husband and she is in agony with an burning expression.

“Hey hey, is it good? In the middle of your wedding ceremony sucking the penis of another man than your husband”

While teasing the bride, Kenichi pushes his hand through her dress to reach her chest. Like the other pretty women who became a sex slave of Kenichi, Tomomi´s chest also seemed to become one size bigger and its elasticity now is comfortable.

Even though Tomomi didn’t answer him, she moves her neck more eagerly. The lethal weapon which was obtained at last is sucked up by her elegant lips absorbedly. The inside of her mouth is hot and full of saliva.

Knock Knock

They hear a knocking from the door.

“Hey Tomomi, how do you feel?”

It might be the person in charge of the dressing room who came to see after Tomomi. Kenichi and Tomomi hear the voice of a woman who was worried through the door.

“…Pua! …Ye, yes…let me rest…a bit more…”

Saying that much, Tomomi buries her face between Kenichi´s groin again. His meat stick is clenched by her 10 thin fingers and it is stroked by her hands skillfully according to the movement of her mouth. While breathing it in, she stimulates the huge tip using her upper jaw, cheeks and tongue skillfully. Tomomi hasn’t done a fellatio which is better than a prostitute to Takada who was her husband now yet.

(Well-well, I may leave my husband, dad and mum alone-)

Disregarding her groom and parents who are waiting in the banquet room, and having the meat stick of another man in her mouth in the dressing room, Tomomi is absorbed in her fellatio earnestly. While looking down at the indecent service of this bride who dressed up beautifully, Kenichi enjoyed this luxurious pleasure.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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