Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 80

The abnormal daily life has returned

In the town greeting December soon, the people put on a coat because of the coldness and are walking around. The leaves of the roadside trees fell too, therefore the town is ready to completely greet winter. When it is night it becomes colder, too, in spite of such an cold outside, in one room of a high-quality apartment overlooking the cityscape, a party of meat is held tonight.

The room overflowing with heat is filled with a heavy smell and it is slowly stirred by the circulation machine that makes a small sound. When furnitures and the carpet are seen, the resident is living a graceful life and you can say that the life in the city is enjoyed fully. In the center of the wide living room where the soft carpet was spread a huge mat which seems soft is put there and three young beautiful and naked women are lying on it.

“Aa…there, noo…not good!! Stop it!!”

“Huhuu, when you say so, but I want to torment you more…”

“The truth is…, she fully love it…”

Three young women with exceptional beauty wear lingeries of different colors on their bodies and wiggle their bodies as if competing against each other.

A large-breasted beauty who seems to break through her white bra lies on the mat and the two other women torture her. The age is the same for all three probably around 20 years old. They are young and beautiful.

The beautiful woman who put on red underwear sticks to the huge breast of the woman in white underwear and stimulates the nipples which broke out of the bra. The other woman wearing black underwear buries her face between the crotch of the woman lying down and sticks between the crotch from the side of the white panty.

The figure which is indecent and tortures this large-breasted woman with two people is like an immorality-like view.

“Aa! It is not good, here! Cuuuum!”

A cry is raised by the toyed beauty, which was a cry of joy. Tighten the fingers who crawled into her meat pot, she spit out a large quantity of love juice.

“Uhu, Noriko-chan is completely alive now…”

The beauty in red who played with the huge breast until it was enough looked up and kisses the woman in white underwear who is blowing out a rough breath and becomes soaked with sweat. Drawing up the pretty tongue immediately, she snatch it away skillfully. Noriko who is the woman in white blushes with her cheeks and looks like she has finished being excited from the core of her body.

“Since Kenichi has made love with her, she became very sensitive”

Clinging to the secret hole of Noriko who spitted out vaginal secretions, the beautiful woman wearing black underwear buried her face between it while laughing loosely. Torturing this beautiful woman by two people for nearly 30 minutes, the number of times that she is driven to the top arrives the two digits in that time.

“Al, already forgive me…Ayumi-chan…”

Noriko let her sweaty chest go up and down, while ask for forgiveness with a face which seems to grieve at the beauty in red underwear. The expression which this pretty woman shows is excitement that she is seen so by males and even by women.

Looking upward to the chest of Noriko, her huge I cup breast are tightly inside the bra, which makes the size stand out further. The tips of her erect nipples are swelling out from the bra cup firmly.

“It’s useless Noriko-chan. This is the punishment for infiltrating and investigating us using a pseudonym. Right, Shiho?”

Ayumi demand an agreement from Shiho dressed in black.

“Uhuhu, it is so. We don’t know whether she investigated around the rape events or something else, but the crime to trick us is heavy…”

Sipping the love juice from Noriko’s entrance, Shiho let her long raven-black hair flutter while she gave an answer, before she sticks again between Noriko’s legs.


Her secret garden that already developed sexual feeling was stimulated and the active policewoman makes her body which is covered with sweat bend back again, while screaming. Ayumi in her red lingerie is holding the pink nipples of Noriko’s inside her mouth to torment her persistently.

Ayumi becomes excited while doing it, so that her red panty when seeing from behind is vastly wet. These two beautiful women with the technique that is cunning like a devil, drew out screams of their poor victim.

Inspector Noriko Aoyama from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department special section anti-demon defense also known as “SHADO” lost just the other day a fight against Kenichi and was considered to be his sex slave now. Noriko is confined in the apartment where Kenichi lives in and since then, she is fucked by Kenichi many times to hammer an abnormal pleasure inside her and his devil sperm with the magical power of the Inma is poured in the interior of her womb.

Noriko is exposed to a far superior pleasure than the sexual intercourse with her lover many times and her body becomes really sensitive, so that she willingly tightens Kenichi’s dick daily. Even if Kenichi doesn’t use his red tentacles, Noriko has been changed to a woman who gets soaking wet from just seeing Kenichi’s face.

What Kenichi obtained by having Noriko isn’t only an exceptionally good body. Noriko was sent to erase the Inma who lives inside Kenichi by “SHADO”, so her knowledge about “SHADO” was also very important.

According to the story of Noriko, “SHADO” is a devil defense organization existing in the whole world and Japan exists as jurisdiction of the National Police Agency in the organization and she said that there headquarter is inside the Tokyo Police Department. However the National Police Agency is a top secret organization with hardly someone knowing about them.

Their mission is the erasure of the evil spirit body energy from devils. And the humans who became a host of an devil are either protected or removed. The mental body of an devil is deflecting and cannot exist in this material world, but with parasitizing humans and animals they can consume their mental energy as meal.

“SHADO” observes devils and when they are judged to be evil, they will be removed or eliminated. There seems to be approximately 50 members in Japan, but Noriko doesn’t know the correct number of people at all. Though she said that the director seems to know everything, it’s impossible for Noriko to know all details.

It was Kenichi who shuddered when he heard this story and luckily Noriko attacked alone, so he was a little relieved to hear that it wasn’t reported to her director that an Inma is inside Kenichi. Of course he couldn’t slept, but still a human who knows that he fused with an Incubus is at present only Noriko.

Therefore, although he get a rough position of “SHADO”, Kenichi thought that they can’t pinpoint yet that he is parasitic by the Inma. But when Kenichi also keeps living as he desires and uses his wave motion from now on they will find him sooner or later.

There is a huge sofa in the front of the mat where Noriko and the other two coil themselves around and a naked Kenichi sits down on it. Because they have the penthouse in the rooftop, the urban town light is fantastic and shines through the window to create a slightly unrealistic atmosphere inside the room.

However, Kenichi doesn’t like such an scenery, while seeing the obscene lesbian play in front of him, his bold gun towers. The weapon warped so that it is unlikely for an ordinary man and arrives the navel suddenly as to be proud of the overwhelming hardness and volume.

The size is several cm long and when you look on the surface of the meat pillar there is a thing like a bruise, which is the trace that the Incubus fused with Kenichi. Like a bat which opened its wings it exposed a weird figure on the dark surface.

A beautiful woman dressed in purple lingerie sits down before Kenichi and performs a hot service to his huge penis. This beauty sits down on the carpet with her back against the erotic show and have Kenichi’s thing in her mouth absorbedly. Her pink tongue dances around the bruise and licks the surface clean joyfully.

Tomomi Honda who is the music teacher has hollow cheeks from breathing Kenichi’s penis in skillfully and her mouth is squeezing it from the inside tightly. The fellatio technique of Tomomi which completely improved is splendid and Kenichi seems to cum by accident to this sweetness.


The hot mouth of Tomomi is overflowing with saliva, while she climbs all over the tip with her slim tongue persistently and stimulates the sensitive part around the seam. She uses both hands to the fullest to stroke his penis and she doesn’t forget to stimulate his scrotum and asshole with her slim fingers skillfully. Indecent sound of water is heard whenever she shakes her head and slimy saliva overflows from the gap of her mouth.

As time passed considerably since she did so, Tomomi’s both hands are between Kenichi’s groin and Tomomi vomits white foam and saliva.

Tomomi who is now completely precocious likes oral intercourse so as to be abnormal. Originally besides her paranoiac propensity, she is charmed by the magical power of Kenichi and she silently sucked Kenichi’s meat pillar for 2 hours now. She continues having it in her mouth recently for a little less than two hours at the time she had free at school, by now she received Kenichi’s semen twice in her throat.

“Isn’t your wedding soon?”

“Noo…I expected that Kenichi will call me…”

“What you said is, that you ignored your fiance by an email to come to another man to cheat on him”

“Yahyah, don’t say it so loud…”

While saying these words reproachfully, the bride who is close to her wedding ceremonies licks and sucks the penis of a man other than her fiance joyfully.

Leaving the service between the crotch to Tomomi, Miho Ito who is the true owner of this house and her daughter Risa snuggles up from right and left on Kenichi who is sitting down on the sofa with an enchanted face.

“Aah…here… feel my tits…”

“No, no, don’t touch my nipples…daddy…I’d like to kiss…”

Both are wearing captivating lingerie and cling to the scruff of Kenichi and lick it clean, while stroking his stout chest. Sometimes both are showing an expression that seems to be painful, because Kenichi goes into mischief at their chests with his hands.

Since the divorce from vice-principal Usami who is her husband, Miho and her daughter live with Kenichi. Meanwhile the 35-year-old Miho received Kenichi’s energy so that you can’t finish ranking it as a matured body, because it ripens even more. Her rich body is soft so that she may melt keeping the tension and luster as you doesn’t think that she has a child. Especially, her chest is a round growing and it becomes a G cup now.

On the other hand 12-year-old Risas beauty polished too, so that she is called out by many men, when she just walks in the town. When she went to Shibuya with her friends, she spoke with more than 10 people certainly besides talent scouts always approach her. If she will, she may easily become a reader model of that kind of magazine. Her hands and feet are long than her thin body which hasn’t finished developing yet and even if Kenichi doesn’t have a Lolita complex, his body is aroused sufficiently by her sex appeal that she obtained from Kenichi’s semen.

(At that time, if there was no blackout, I would be parting with such a life…)

Thinking so, this current life becomes more valuable now and while entrusting his whole body to the hot caress of three beautiful women, Kenichi falls into a pleasure cloud in this moment. Letting six beauties serve him from a junior high student to a married woman in this room of his apartment, Kenichi enjoyed Paradise today.


When a soprano voice of delight sounds through the room, Noriko on the mat makes her whole body be excited like a caught young sweetfish and she tastes the first top on that day. The policewoman who was an enemy until just the other day was violated since then many times by Kenichi and she completely learned profound pleasure that cannot be provided by her lover. Noriko completely suffers from pleasure dependency.

“She will be ready to be eaten soon…”

After Kenichi says so he pulled his dick out from Tomomi’s mouth who still want it and stand up from the sofa and approach the exhausted Noriko.

When Shiho who buried her face between Noriko’s legs raised her face, she stepped aside and handed over this place to Kenichi. The crotch of Noriko reflects in the eyes of Kenichi, because it became sticky and gets wet including the pubic hair. Her pink flower opened with all her might at the center of her crotch, this view is unbearable in contrast to her face which seems to be pure and innocent.

“Ah, Kenichi-sama…it is wonderful…”

Shiho says so while being enchanted and grab the tip as not having been able to endure it. When she put his thing inside her mouth to do a fellatio, she spits out a large quantity of saliva and stimulate the sensitive tip. Saliva overflows from the edge of her mouth, however without minding it to drop on her breasts, Siho licks and sucks it absorbedly.

“Hey, Noriko is waiting impatiently…”

While stimulating the seam with her tongue, Shiho casts a side glance at Noriko on the mat who stares at the penis of Kenichi with veiled eyes and shaking her lower back erotically. While swinging her big I cup breasts wrapped in a white bra, she opens her legs with all her might to invite Kenichi.

“Okay Okay…. Huhu, she becomes completely dirty…”

“Hey, what do you say Kenichi-sama?”

Being made fun by Shiho and Ayumi, Noriko entreats desperately while blushing.

“Aaa…Kenichi-san…please give it to me, Kenichi-san…”

As if half rising to her feet on the mat slowly, this active police woman does a shameful demand to Kenichi who should be her enemy. When her vagina mouth tightens, white muddy body fluid overflows from it and her expression and gesture isn’t that of an policewoman who believes in justice.

“Isn’t it different? Noriko-chan. As taught the other day, say it to Kenichi clearly”

When Ayumi says so in a way that is ill-natured, she giggles while staring at Kenichi.

“Ee…ag, again…such a shameful thing… ”

“If you don’t say it, only we receive this wonderful thing…”

Showing off in front off Noriko who is looking at this with a sad face, Ayumi and Shiho stretch out their tongues from right and left to lick the huge meat weapon.

“Aaa…cru, cruel…”

Looking at it, Noriko is so hungry that she can’t help wanting to have something in the interior of her womb, which troubles her completely and she says these shameful words.

“No, not good… I, I say it! …No, Noriko…ho, horny pussy… wants Kenichi’s whole penis inside…. Th, therefore…therefore, with Kenichi’s big willie, eat Noriko’s horny pussy…”

While even her ears become red from embarrassment, Noriko lost control over her desire that boiled from all over her body and she opens her legs the moment she says so. Kenichi can’t endure anymore and bend over her.

He sticks out his thing without boiling the opened secret hole from the side of the white shorts and buries his weapon with a cruel thrust at a stretch inside and breaks Noriko’s small vagina.

“Hiiii! Ouch! Painfuull! It is painful, but gooood!!”

She says this whenever she was made to have it in her mouth and felt the parted pain. She wraps up the male sex organ that invaded and squeezes it with the wet vagina wall, however Kenichi without showing mercy uses a wild thrust and is getting pleasure from the beauty’s pain.

“Ahi! Aaaaa! Hiiiii!!”

She indulges in pleasure of a different dimension that is provided by Kenichi and Noriko is played around while letting her whole body feel the pleasure.

“Ah, ah, there, there is not good!”

Just fitting the root inside, when Kenichi thrust his tip in the uterus roughly, Noriko enjoys it really. Noriko who could tell that the pleasure of intercourse with Kenichi is not from this world tastes her first orgasm now.

“Iku Iku Iku!! Cuuumming!!! Aaaaaa!”

To the good flavor of the vagina of the beautiful woman who coils herself around Kenichi, he groans to say that he seems to be satisfied. The vagina of the policewoman is terrible narrow and when she squeezes to the utmost steadily as if she bite his thing off it is unbearable and delicious.

Furthermore, when Kenichi hangs over her, while opening her crotch so that it can’t go further, he makes a stout pelvic thrust and Noriko clings to him who is her hateful enemy immediately. Her brain is roasted and her reason is evaporated, so that her mission and sweetheart become worthless when she has sex with Kenichi.

“Ah…, I want you to work for us…”

Risa, Miho and Tomomi who sat down on the sofa gather around Kenichi and Noriko clings to Kenichi as if she says he is mine. The others lick the juice from the joined part or place their tongues at the back gate of both to make their ruler glad.

(At last, I have recovered to my previous level…)

The energy that became zero overflows in his body once more now. Kenichi who is dealing with 6 beauties raised the power of darkness even more.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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