Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 76

Half devil


The crotch of Kenichi who sat on the bed,still towers after ejaculating more than two times and the tip is held again inside the red lips of this beauty who also strokes it lewdly. Shiho who is soaked wet and wears sexy black underwear on her snow-white body continues her work without getting tired at all this whole time.

While tightening the lips tightly, she is using her mouth skillfully and twines her long tongue around his fat meat stick. Her waist swings according to the pleasure, when she sucks it strongly and pleasure runs through her backbone from the stimulation when it is bitten lightly.

Her ten thin and white fingers climb all over the remaining crotch and fondles it strongly and gently to spin pleasure. She doesn’t make it intense. With her feather touch that sometimes irritates Kenichi, Shiho’s skill was superior to everything Kenichi experienced until now. In comparison with Shiho, Ayumi’s skills are equal to a child’s play.

“Ooou…ag, again…it goes out!!”

While rubbing his testicles kindly, when her small fingernails played with his back door, it was his limit. Moving his waist, it is the third time that he puts out his semen in the mouth of this beauty at this night.

His huge penis makes some noise, while pulsating.

Holding that meat pole in her mouth tightly, Shiho catches the released amount of semen completely though she smiles with her narrow eyes. When Kenichi almost finish putting everything out her white and thin throat is moved up and down without hesitating and is swallowing it again.

“Uhuhu…sensei, you fully put it out. Being the third time, my throat is slimy”

Her long tongue licks the remaining semen from the corner of her mouth and this twenty year old beauty who is in a hurry laughs loosely, before putting the weapon in her mouth again. It’s sucked up hard with a loud tone and the liquid is even slurped and drunk completely.


His body energy is deprived and while his penis which became sensitive is sucked up skillfully again, Kenichi waist becomes numb. In succession, he is made to ejaculate as many as three times one-sidedly and as expected, Kenichi became dead tired. Before he fused with the Incubus, the state that Kenichi rules over 11 beauties isn’t considered.

(Hey…she still continues…)

However, it is from here that Kenichi is afraid of this beautiful woman.

While drawing up his dick skillfully which Shiho lets ejaculate and was about to lose strength a little, she stimulates it using her ten fingers skillfully again. Then after a hot desire rises from the inside of his waist and blood begins to be collected in his cavernous body.

As if it was magic his penis warps in a manly way again.

“Aah, it is still so energetic. Then, I’ll suck it once again…. Because our time is unlimited, teacher’s semen may be put out in my mouth more often…”

The cool beauty who has long slit eyes when she laughs and smooth her raven-black hair upward with her, started her full-scale oral sex again.

After that, Kenichi ejaculated two more times inside the mouth of Shiho. A total of five times were indeed wrung by her mouth. Though Kenichi who puts that much out is also terrible, against Shiho who kept holding it in her mouth and shaking her head up and down in the meantime he has no chance.

Kenichi was dead tired now and lie on the bed. Shiho holds his penis in her mouth as usual and wave her neck slowly. Without the eagerness being slightly reduced since the beginning, she seems to have the cunning of an expert prostitute and the passion of an lover.

(…Wh, what a fellow….she is too amazing…)

Being played around by a 22-year-old female university student, Kenichi has completely lost his former confidence. He was blinded by the power of the Incubus and let him realize that he is the top of the world.

However, it wasn´t as one-sided as Kenichi thought.

To the thing inside her mouth, Shiho becomes crazy about it unconsciously.

Every time she drinks this male semen, she gets excited and gradually found out that she is having carnal desire. At first she still had some room, however holding it inside her mouth this time, a pink mist appears in front of her eyes.

Anyway this huge meat pole is overwhelming and completely occupies her small mouth. The size is really overwhelming, so she came to have great pain, when she opened her chin. Furthermore, every time it rubs against the mouth wall, she clearly feels pleasure spread from there and spreads through the whole body.

(Aaa, what is…this. Strange…I feel it in my mouth…)

Her jaw gets tired and she also feels thirsty, but she still enjoys when the inside of her mouth is scrubbed, so she can’t stop ´her indecent swing. She waved her buttocks which she raised in a moment and Shiho who feigned casualness approached her limit soon. Her obscene secret spot opens its mouth and floral nectar overflows from it so that her panty and her thighs get wet which she can´t stop.

It is already the limit of her patience.

“Hey…sensei…shall I put it in?”

The moment this lovely woman university woman separates her mouth from the penis as soon as she says so, she rise and hugs Kenichi´s body. Her figure is like a pale white snake climbing all over her prey.

When they kiss intensely, she becomes thirsty, so she drinks the saliva of Kenichi joyfully. Her slim tongue gets into the mouth of Kenichi and the inside is tasted around all over. Meanwhile, her fingers crawl around the upper body of Kenichi, before she rubs them over his pants steadily.

“Uhu, are you ready?”

At the time Shiho says so with a enchanted face, she puts her silk short aside and put her wet petal on his meat stick.

“Aaah…thick…it’s thick and comfortable…”

In that way at the same time as she checks the hard feeling of the penis, she easily cover it with her vaginal secretions to receive this huge thing better. To the immeasurable lecherousness of this 22 years old beauty, Kenichi feels the desire that the depths of her head is frizzy, too.


When he hooks the tip in her meat hole, Shiho stopped her waist at once.

“Uhu, would you like to put it in? Sensei…”

Kenichi nods obediently, because he wants to put it inside her hot and wet meat pot as soon as possible. However, Shiho moves her waist slowly, so that she never tries to put it in deeply. The moment Kenichi tries to push up his waist, Shiho immediately evade it.

“Then, please say that you want my pussy…”

“Shi, Shiho I want your pussy… ”

“You want my lovely pussy?”


“Fine…, besides other women prevents you from being satisfied…”

Being satisfied about Kenichi words, her waist is lowered while she licks her lips.



To the pleasure that each other begins to spin, groans of pleasure is emitted from the mouths of Kenichi and Shiho at the same time. Shiho´s hole is hot and muddy so that it is the best meat pot which god or satan gave.

(A really good pussy…in, intolerable…)

A little before, we would burst into laughter in no time. The performance that is far superior for Kenichi than with every woman he had so far, he desperately controlled his ejaculation impulse. It is so, because of Kenichi’s obstinacy as male.


To the extraordinary ecstasy tasted for the first time, Shiho makes her body warp and agonizes herself. It is only the beginning that they were able to afford, however she suddenly noticed that she falls into a difficult pleasure hell, too.

Her body drives recklessly while not knowing, that her sight disappeared like snow ahead of this dazzling ecstasy.

(What a great penis…)

Though she had expected it since the time she held it in her mouth, she felt that a spark came out of her eyes whenever her sensitive vagina wall rubbed against the huge tip.

(It, it is unbearable…)

When she placed it in and her vagina is opened mercilessly, it is pushed up directly to the uterus and her internal organs rise. After it is pulled up, the tip rubs against the sensitive interior and erects more. Enjoying the matched taste by every touch, both have convulsions fearfully while being drenched with sweat from head to foot.


Because she swallowed his erected penis, the tip of it rubs against her G-spot directly and a terrible pleasure goes through her body. When she endures it further, her mind seems to collapse.

“Cum! Cuummiinnng!”

If she give up at once, she will be crushed by an avalanche of pleasure and monkeyed around. Shiho is pressed by a height that she has never tasted up to now suddenly and she let her vagina wall shrink with all her might to reach it.


Kenichi starts his ejaculation valve which has piled after enduring it to get pleasure of a different dimension, he drives a large quantity of sperm at the high speed like a bullet into Shiho. At the same time, the pleasure that hasn’t been tasted so far carries through his body and a rainbow splashes in front of his eyes and he feels that his brain melts away.

The Incubus and the snake spirit intertwine each other’s bodies and continued climbing the spiral staircase of pleasure together.

“Nooo…sensei is wonderful…”

Having sex in the meeting sitting position on the double bed, Kenichi and Shiho use their waist and enjoy themselves so that a mutual pleasure may be tasted in every way. Up to now, both use their waists intentionally intense in the same way.

After both tasted an orgasm at the same time first, Kenichi and Shiho are reaching the climax once again at the same time. Coveting with intensity as if they do a double suicide, the energy is given to each other and pleasure is shared, so they finally can relaxed for the time now.

After some time Kenichi pokes Shiho’s anus with his finger, so that her vagina shrinks and twines around his dick.

“Ah, do you want to eat this place of me?”

Shiho laughs seductively and assumes it with her slit eyes, before she smiles eroticly at Kenichi.

“Shiho’s asshole is very firm….”

“Huhuu, then I keep it until the next opportunity”

“Uhu, then, keeping you waiting…makes me happy…”

After Shiho says so laughingly, she bites at Kenichi’s neck and kiss it afterwards. Her thin snake tongue gets into the mouth of Kenichi, where it is running wild and receives pleasure freely. His throat is stirred by her skillful tongue and his head’s core starts to fall asleep and to become numb.

“…By the way, what about the picture? ”

“Eh? What picture?”

Shiho who came to have arisen already looks at Kenichi with sleepy eyes and gradually increases her waist movement. At this moment, Kenichi understood everything with his super-sense.

His super sense tells that Shiho doesn’t tell a lie. Without Shiho knowing the person who took the photo, she was only here to have sex with Kenichi. Kenichi is stunned by this fact.

(Th…then, why was I called here?)

“Uhuh, sensei is totally like it was told to me…”

“!!…Who told you!”

Kenichi startles and asks her reflectively, while Shiho moves her waist slowly, she answers with an enchanted expression.

“Eh? Hmm, actually a mail came from a friend yesterday and in it is written that I shall come here today because Midou-sensei comes here too…. and it also said that sensei is very good at sex, because he made Yoshikawa-sensei and Momoi-san his captives…”


“Though I thought it was strange, my friend helped me variously up to now with mails‥.. Hey, will it be fine already? Let’s do it once again, okay?”

Kenichi stares at Shiho who is coveting pleasure using her waist by herself intensely and still remembered a shiver to his invisible enemy.

On the same floor of the hotel where Kenichi and Shiho are. In room 1402 on the other side of Kenichi’s room, a lovely woman was watching the screen of her notebook.

(After all, it’s impossible…)

Originally it wasn’t expected, that her enemy is an low-level Incubus. Midou-sensei is a “half devil” after all, however she wasn’t able to make his energy run empty.

He was wrung many times by Shiho and the energy of the Incubus has decreased obviously compared with before he came to this hotel. With that alone, it is well worth the trouble to hit an “half devil”

When fighting against it, its energy isn’t threatening even enough it’s apparent for that person who reduced it beforehand to increase the win-rate.

And in these 2 hours she was able to completely grasp the wave pattern of the Incubus.

(All data has been collected with this…)

While reading “Analysis Complete” and the displayed data on the display, this beauty took a break finally. Now all the characteristics of the Incubus are stripped off, so she only need to kill it based on this data now.

This newly radio sensor device which is prepared in this hotel room catches the pattern of the wave that rises from Kenichi exactly, digitizes it and send it to her notebook. Noriko reserved a room at the other side of the same floor to ensure her safety, however it was unnecessary and she seems to have worried about nothing.

Unlike at school the size of the wave in the hotel only covers one room as far as the data say. At this rate without the possibility to look for its state and form it doesn’t seem to be needed.

(After all, this Inma is only low-level and its original power isn’t really strong. Its wave motion excels and is strong at school, but only there it is so…)

She has to check it in detail, That height of the girl might be in the place where negative energy gathers. A lot of negative feelings that people release is gathered in this big city, which is the same vector, so that it is easy for the energy to flow like a river. In the circumference of this school in Shibuya or Shinjuku, a people’s desire whirl exist.

(After all it is a good plan to fight at any place other than this school. The living body energy is decreased, which will help me to win tomorrow night!!)

All the preparations are completed. After luring the Imma, I will eliminate it.

Noriko Aoyama was making her chest throb with expectation, excitement and anxiety.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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