Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 74

Junko’s change

Friday two days later.

Sitting on the sofa of the fifth-floor science preparation room are Kenichi and the trainee Ayumi Momoi. The penis that warped from the side of black shorts fits into the secret hole of Ayumi perfectly and both his hands crawl in her blouse, before he rubs her breasts which are held by her black bra.

“Hiiiiii! Ke, Kenichi-samaa…”

After the meat pillar which is so grand that it isn’t believed entered her secret pot, it blames this beautiful female university student to repeat small explosions incessantly since a little while ago. Her sweet mucous membrane shrinks sharply each time and follows the male organ which became familiar with it recently. A thick body fluid discharged by Ayumi overflows from their connection sloppily and changes to a white heavy soup, which is drooping down the root muddily.


Two faces are buried under them, which belongs to the music teacher Tomomi Honda and english teacher Junko Yoshikawa who are kneeling before the sofa and drink and suck the viscous liquid which drops down continuously. Otherwise the pants of Kenichi will get wet with Ayumi’s love juice.

“Huhuu, Ayumi opening your entrance in this way, a large thing is held in it…”

“Since a little while ago, dirty soup is overflowing…”

“Not good…. Don’t look at it, Yoshikawa-sensei…Honda-sensei…”

Ayumi is embarrassed of her having sex with the science teacher been seen by these two female. However her greedy body reacts sensitively to the given stimulation from the tip that fits in stirs the inside up and rubs against the sensitive wall.

“Ahiii! Cum! Cuuuming!”

Tomomi sticks to the swollen clitoris that squeezes the swallowed meat pole by an incredible power, because Ayumi bends her body remarkably from having convulsions fearfully.

The living energy ball that Ayumi spitted out is adopted to his body and drawn in by the black bruise. The sense of his whole body improved immediately and he feels that the world begins to shine like a crystal. His super sense spreads through three dimensions like a radar and he can understand the situation in the vicinity very clearly.

Looking with his super sense, on the schoolyard third year students are amusing themselves in a group game at the time of physical education. Among them, there is the figure of Ruriko Asakura who has already been bitten by the poisonous fang of Kenichi. His magic sperm was spread many times in interior of her womb, so that Yuriko’s limbs give off an sex appeal so as not to think she is 18 years old.

Other than Ruriko there are some other beauties who are noticeable. When he sees a chance sometime soon, Kenichi intends to make them his own.

(Huhuu, wait…soon these beauties are all mine‥.)

After Kenichi declares so, he sticks to the scruff of Ayumi who leans back by herself and is in agony. The taste of this female university student’s sweet sweat spreads in his mouth and he is attacked by a fierce drive to squeeze her breasts with full force.


Her breasts are caught so that there is a red handprint and while learning the pleasure of an masochist and feeling shiver with pain, this 22-year-old woman tastes the climax that let the inside of her head becomes blank.

Kenichi violates Ayumi’s body, while watching the beauties who are jumping around on the school grounds in his head, he yields to the sweet vagina wall that coils itself around his thing, before he releases his semen in Ayumi’s uterus and overflows from the gap thickly.

“Aah, you put it out….I’m afraid…,”.

“Uhuhuhu…a lot of thick liquid overflowed…”

The sperm which runs along the meat stick is licked by these two female teachers joyfully. A large quantity of sperm overflows and Junko and Tomomi attach their mouths in turn directly and take a sip and drink it with an hard smell.


Even when her shameful part is licked by the same sex, Ayumi makes her body lean on Kenichi from exhaustion and is robbed of her lips from behind and receives heavy saliva. If taste can be put together for all these pleasure since yesterday, who shall blame her from becoming this male’s captive.

“Huhuu, I won’t finish this tonight…Ayumi. The happiness that you were born as a woman, prepare yourself because I let you realize it to your heart’s content…”

“Aaaaa…, ag, again…”

Last night she was brought to the apartment where Kenichi lives in and her sweet body was played with the whole night. She was ignored and pierced over and over again, before she writhed from the pleasure around forever so that she thought she becomes insane.

The man who still shows immeasurable greedy desire is feared as well as the thought that her heart and body which is thrilled by female joy is ruled by the power of this overwhelming male.

Though she should have a date with an young businessman tonight, she doesn’t care about it anymore.

“Huhuu, this child is still so bold, bad child…”

After almost sucking up the semen that overflows and goes out Junko slides her pink tongue in, while Kenichi’s thing is piercing the crotch of Ayumi. Without his penis becoming weaker once, it occupies the shameful hole of Ayumi with an overwhelming size.

“Come to think of it, Tomomi’s wedding is in two weeks”

“…Ah, yes, that’s right”

While burying her face between the crotches of two people, Tomomi answers with an muffled voice.

This beauty who marries her fiance soon experienced the dick of Kenichi who let her go crazy and let her virgin hole ache since a little while ago. Because up to now Kenichi had anal sex with her, Tomomi is still a true virgin.

(Well, what shall I do, I need to think about it…)

Both Kenichi and Junko are invited to the wedding ceremony as a guest. In a once-in-a-lifetime fancy place, Kenichi wants to make it an unforgettable day for Tomomi. Although he has sex now with Junko, Ayumi and Tomomi, there is no help for it, that he is looking forward to it now.

(Within next week, I have to get all trainees…so who is next?)

He pierces the sweet pot of Ayumi from behind and massages her huge breasts, while holding them, Kenichi thought about the measures to obtain his next prey.


While canceling the living body wave that she gave off so that she isn’t noticed, the breath from the beauty who was seeing how things fall out in the science preparation room from the roof is thrown out.

(There is no doubt any longer…)

Having been parasitic by the Inma, it must be Midou Kenichi who is the science teacher of this school. The data of her apparatus at her side recorded the energy that was uttered, when Kenichi ejaculated some time ago and shows that it is the pattern of an Inma.

(Moreover, there is a gain to die…)

She also investigated who is poisoned by the poisonous fang of the Inma inside this school and at least she was able to confirm that Junko Yoshikawa and Tomomi Honda are under the influence of the science teacher. She used Momoi Ayumi as bait and as she thought the Inma caught her.

“Well, this Inma seems to love women…”

Spreading pheromones throughout a year, Junko’s erotic appearance is recalled.

When this beautiful woman puts away her equipment, she walks to the entrances of the roof. She was wondering whether to report this to the department, but with her opponent being too easy with no caution, she judged that it isn’t necessary yet.

(If the department comes out here, I would go to a delicious place by Arisa)

This beauty also remembers her rival who is her close friend and feels complicated.

Even after being assigned during the training, her rival has done more than her and has already achieved bright results. After pressured by it, Noriko wanted to catch up with her somehow, so she accepted this case. (Tl note: Noriko is the SHADO agent with the alias named Kyoko)

Unlike an devil who sometimes causes even murder with brutality, it is a relatively safe target called Inma and which is inferior than her, it is impossible to lose. Judging from a conventional example,with an enemy of this degree, it’s possible for a new face to beat it without fail and it is possible to leave it to her whose results hadn’t gone up yet. Her original duty is scouting, but of course when there is a chance it may be erased by each judgement.

(After that Incubus is erased here, I have made some results…)

Comparing herself with her big love and best friend, Kyoko isn’t happy. Whenever they meet each other, she feels inferior which can’t be wiped at all. From these two who were on good terms, Noriko feels like being left behind and can’t catches up with them, so she went all out this time.

The following week.

As ever raping his high school girls at daytime, the mother-daughter duo and Junko at night and sometimes summoning Ayumi and Rena to his apartment, Kenichi notices that Junko’s state becomes strange a little.

Up to now she was obedient in the bed, when he thrust his thing in her and she agonized herself eternally, but when he saw her face suddenly while making her feel good she looked calmly and patiently. After he doesn’t mind it this time and throwing his dick into her anus, he let her cry so that her honey juice and tears dried, valuing this for some reason with his eyes it caught his heart.

“Aaa…Ke, Kenichi-samaa…”

He becomes frenzied by Junko’s look now and he reverses her body and violates her plump white buttocks intensely. A flesh colored dildo stucks in the front gate of Junko, because Miho violates it and she moves the dildo lewdly using her lower back. Ayumi just snuggles up behind Kenichi and put her voluptuous breasts on his back.

The luxurious bedroom in Kenichi’s apartment becomes stuffy by the pheromone that these young women emanate. On top of the sheet which hangs on the huge bed, the bodies of a man and woman intertwining with each other let it get wet slimily.

Also an body oil is applied on these four and every time their skins rub against each other, an intolerable pleasure has begun to spin. Therefore while Kenichi deals with more than one beauty, he enjoys this erotic and heavy oiled sex fully.

“Pa, pardon me…hiii!”

Junko raises a sad cry and asks for forgiveness, however Kenichi attacks her body without taking notice to it at all. To increase the thrusting, he uses his hips to extend the tip in the small asshole with force and his meat lump with the black bruise occupies the intestinal wall. Together with the stimulation of the dildo in the front gate, Junko was made to taste pleasure that set sparks flying before her eyes.

“What is with your eyes since a short while ago! Say it! Junko!”

It’s so intense that Junko thinks that her anus may split and Kenichi covers her white nude body like a black beast, before grasping her slimy breasts and biting her scruff.

“Aa…it, it’s nothing…”

“Junko-san to have a secret isn’t good…”

Miho who turned around attacks Junko from the bottom using her waist and saying so enchantingly. Every time the dildo violates her meat pot, Miho grinds into Junko’s breasts which became clammily with oil to let her suffer.

“Ah, Kenichi-sama… Junko-sensei is broken…”

While rubbing her slimy body on Kenichi’s back, Ayumi gropes around Kenichi and spit out hot breath. Whenever Ayumi rubs her chest and sharp nipples against his back, she receives a sweet ache. With his hand moving ahead, Kenichi rubs her stiff nipples.


Junko is continually blamed during this one hour. In this situation her energy is turned down according to Ayumi’s indication exhaustively and Junko might break from it.


When Kenichi clicks his tongue, he pulled out his tall and stout penis from Junko’s rectum. Putting Junko aside, he lets Ayumi crawl up instead and goes through her anus with a violent thrust.


The female university student who has already been robbed of her back gate virginity by Kenichi indulges in dazzling pleasure, while leaning back for a shameful ache in no time. Miho adjust her dildo with her hand to Ayumi’s bottom and violates her honey pot cruelly.


Having two things in both holes and bathing in richly colored pleasure and considers to be sandwiched is this female playboy student who led many men by her nose.

“Higuuu! Aaaaa…”

Ayumi shed tears from her eyes, because she realized that she can never go back to a normal life. The reason is that a cold-blooded Kenichi stares at Junko who is dead tired on the floor and he let his groundless anger out on her.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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