Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 73



Unclothing his suit and stripping Kenichi of all his clothes, after this lewd female licked the whole body of the science teacher throughout clean, she sticks fast to the hambone that has reached the navel by erecting again. She repeats her quick movement persistently for her own pleasure and not to make her partner happy.

“He, hey…sensei…isn’t it comfortable?”

As expected, Ayumi becomes uneasy and asks Kenichi. She continues carrying out her lewd activity, without the man in front changing his expression and seems to enjoy her service in a calm and composed way.

Anyway Ayumi not only uses her mouth, but also her hand and breasts to stimulate Kenichi’s penis, while the breasts sex was really pleasant. With such an fine pleasure, an ordinary man would already entreats the insertion and should lose his consciousness transiently and spout out cloudy liquid.

However, when Kenichi holds the head of Ayumi instead of answering, he thrusts his dick to the inside of her throat cruelly using his lower back. Although breathing becomes painful, Ayumi has watery eyes and her cheeks becomes hollow desperately, but she lets Kenichi do what he would like to do. To taste such an male strength for the first time in her life, the pleasure of a thrilled masochist is remembered.

(Th, this…this shouldn’t be so…)

It is different from Ayumi’s expectation, so that she was puzzled over herself going crazy about this timid man.

After this man is made a captive of her body by calculation, he should have falsified this training results like the results at her university. This science teacher is normally an easy opponent for Ayumi, but she didn’t think that he is good in it.

For her to advance towards this middle-aged man and serve him on her own, she remembers joy and even feeling shivery in being subordinate.

(Aaa, I can’t withstand anymore…)

The secret flower between her legs greatly opens and has convulsions twitchingly, so that the inside of her uterus aches and she can’t help wanting to have something in her mouth. However, what she demands from herself isn’t permit by her pride, which means that she withdraw from this man.

However, the hot flash burns her reason and she ignores such shrewd expectation and spread rapidly.

(When it’s put in….I put it in, this thing …)

When the former men entered Ayumi, all of them groaned to her complicated structure and released semen suddenly. Therefore, as long as the dick of this man is also hold in her mouth, Ayumi is certain that she can get the initiative back. With her head going crazy about this lust, she is convinced by herself.

(However, on the other hand, what if I go crazy…)

On the other hand, she imagines the feel of the penis with its thickness and length, therefore Ayumi shakes her body. Uneasiness passed through her head for an instant and she can no longer stop her body from running out of control.

“Sensei…, you can enter…”

The moment she tells so, Ayumi sits astride on Kenichi’s waist and put her wet secret part against his weapon steadily. After she fully enjoys the length and touch of its hardness, she insert it from the side of her high quality lace panty.


As expected, her small vagina hole is enlarged to an unknown size and she squeezes her throat to scream. Ayumi feels fear that her body may be torn off for an instant, so she shrinks her sphincter and the size is actually felt even more.


The touch of the penis that fits in, let’s Ayumi get goosebumps on her whole body and let her feel it. When her narrow hole is torn by the tip of his soaring, dark joy which is thrilled with an sweet pain is being tasted. Pain and fear when she lost her virginity is remembered for an instant.


A unusual dick is swallowed in the interior of her womb and this beautiful woman warps her white throat. When her sensitive vagina hole is attacked directly, she feels an shameful ache that let sparks scattered in front of her eyes and spills semen intensely and excitedly.

(Painful! Though it is painful, I feel good…)

The opened vagina wall shrinks again and climbs all over the meat stick persistently, thereupon this meat lump rises here and there in her vagina and entertains Ayumi.

“Ahiii! Cum, cuumming!”

She is swallowed in no time by a wave of orgasms and although having just finished turning down the penis that she swallowed sharply, Ayumi is drenched with sweat and trembles. Letting her body shrink, she tightens this weapon.

Ayumi has confidence in her honey pot, because of its shutting condition and good structural complex, her pleasure organ is a super-first-class item. Ayumi doesn’t know that half a year passed since Kenichi fused with the Incubus and trained his sexual experience with his female slaves, so that he couldn’t finish counting. Unlike his inexperienced figure, you can call him a veteran about it now.

Although Ayumi is also good at sex, she has only something to do with common human. Without resisting Kenichi who has the power of the Inma, she is swallowed in no time in a muddy stream of pleasure.

“Hiii! Again, again I´m cuming! Not good!”

Ayumi has repeatedly been attacked in the woman-astride position, that she needs to tighten her meat pot each time and is occupied by the meat pillar without being shaken really. On the contrary, it swells more and more in the interior of her womb and makes the female university student with an outstanding body confused. Letting her whole body enraptured by pleasure and fascinated by a fingertip, this beautiful sacrifice advanced from herself and became the captive of Kenichi.

With the fifth or sixth acme was taste by Ayumi a great deal of reason, love liquid and scream were squeezed and she was so tired that Kenichi needs to hold her. However she still hooks his bold lump between her legs and she enjoys a lingering sound and occasionally turning her waist.

“Aah, sensei…it’s nice…”

When she whispers that to the science teacher who let her go crazy with an charmed face, Ayumi stirs as having given all her energy in a way that is languid.

(Aaa…this is…unbelievable…)

Her harsh clamping can’t stop Kenichi’s penis from continue raping her and toss her around so that her voice was exhausted. Who can defy such an wonderful male organ.

“Ah, sensei isn’t it comfortable?”

Forgetting her partner as soon as they were connected, she satisfies her desire and used her waist madly. She keeps coming and her partner hasn’t released his semen even once yet, she noticed it now after recovering her reason.

“Hey, isn’t my pussy good…?”

However, without Kenichi answering her, he pushes her waist up slowly from the bottom.

“Hiiii, I want to rest a little…”

However, Kenichi reveals his true character soon to Ayumi who is thinking that he realized her nature exhaustively, before attacking her incessantly to make her taste the true profundity of sex.

“Nooo! There! There is not good! I go crazyyy!!”

The ring of her uterus is rubbed hard directly and Ayumi tries again to take a rest. However, when her G-spot that developed for 22 years is crushed by the tip of Kenichi’s thing, Ayumi reaches the orgasm while shaking her whole body shudderingly. If it isn’t such an grand meat pillar, this trick won’t work.

“Ahiiii! Oh, noot aagain! Cuuuming!!”

Kenichi is grinning and tasting pleasure,from violating this pretty trainee.

(Th, this…this is impossible…)

Ayumi who has never met such an man before, becomes the prey of this terrible man herself and she understood it.

After that, the height is taste how many times. It must be 10 or 20 times.

Ayumi is swallowed by a big wave of pleasure and writhes and kept screaming. Her soft body is bent and her legs are expanded, even if she is violated in every position, without resisting the pleasure that the man gives, she receives a strong joy.

“Look look, it is untidy….”

“Aa…al, already let me take a little rest…”

After posture was changed several times, Kenichi holds the hips of Ayumi out now and keeps hitting her sweet pot to his heart’s content from behind. The university student with the pretty face opens her mouth now and hanging slaver down, she still is played around by the wave of pleasure so that she can’t lose her mind and her vagina hole narrows his meat stick down greedily like a creature who became independent.


Kenichi changes the angle and rams his waist against Ayumi’s body who is putting out hot liquid again is twitching timidly. Breathing in the energy ball of this female student through his penis, Kenichi feels that his vitality wells up without running out from his body. Now he catches her huge breasts from behind and grasp them tightly, before biting her scruff.

“Higiiiiii!! Iguuuuu!!”

Squeezing her throat, the female student raises a cry of pain and pleasure. Being violated like an animal and treated like a tool, she trembles with a female joy that wasn’t able to be tasted by the sex with her former men.

“Heh, what do you want? Come on, say it!”

“Aaa…al..already…forgive me…”

Waving her neck shakily and her mind becomes numb, the greedy body of Ayumi reacts to the given pleasure sensitively. Like she said before she becomes crazy and instinctive fear is remembered.

“Do you become my woman? Heh?”

“Aa…I will…I will be your woman…”

“Huhu, then let’s complete it finally…I’ll take it out in the inside…”

“…Do as you want…”

Kenichi twists her erect nipples and takes away her lips from behind, before her body is tightening more morbidly. Thereafter Kenichi drives his cloudy liquid that has finished piling up inside Ayumi’s body who is pushed up by the best height this time and stiffens the muscles on her whole body and indulge in this richly colored ecstasy. Her body wriggles to the pulsating weapon and one male and female taste a melting pleasure while being connected.

After he kept Ayumi who fainted intact, Kenichi left her apartment and walked to a black sedan that stopped at the side alley of Ayumi’s apartment. When Kenichi approaches it slowly, a door opens as having been waiting for him and he sits down on the driver seat.

“Huhuu, how was it? The taste of that trainee…”

Junko Yoshikawa says so laughingly with a smile and puts her hand between Kenichi’s legs who is driving the car and strokes so that she makes sure of the bulge.

“She is decent…. When she is used for a long time, she will become better”

“Uhuu, then you have increased your sex slaves by one again…”

When her body is brought near beyond the low console, Junko lowers the zipper of Kenichi’s pants and takes his weapon out.

“Huhu…it has the smell of that girl….disgusting …”

Attached with the body fluid of the female university student and his sperm, Kenichi’s dick is put inside the mouth of Junko without hesitating and she begins to move up and down slowly.

Cutting the night darkness with the headlights, Kenichi gets excited by Junko’s skillful tongue use and steps on the accelerator. There is still no ending for Kenichi tonight.

(Good evening, it’s negative energy is strong…)

Looking at the screen of her notebook, a beautiful woman confirms the data in a room of an apartment. The data which an instrument observed and sent is displayed as a graph on the notebook and the numerical value is clearly higher tonight than some days ago.

(Did it get a new prey…?)

The negative energy is confirmed as the specific energy amount which reacts to the Incubus and appears more than usual, so that this beautiful woman felt that the depths of her silk lingerie was wet. When the Incubus finds a new prey, it is said that a great deal of addicted sperm is put out usually and its partner is certainly killed .

“After all, the teacher called Midou is doubtful…”

The beautiful woman remembers Midou-sensei who looks ordinary and his manners seem to be good, she remembers that she occasionally feels a wicked sign from him.

(When tomorrow comes, it’ll be certain whether he’s the Incubus…)

In case of this time, Ayumi is the bait. When she is eaten and she seems to come with plain feed and nothing is thought, she is either concerted or overconfident.

Missing that Ayumi who is a commoner is sacrificed for the Incubus, it wasn’t her originally plan. However, with the state that this Inma makes a woman addicted to it, it is thought that there is little risk.

(However, tasting the sex of the Inma, even a virtuous married woman or a naive girl becomes narcotic and seems to be crazy, if she doesn’t help before it is too late…)

Now, she imagines the scene, where the science teacher violates Momoi Ayumi and let her body become hot.

Her thighs are rubbed nervously and matched, while this beautiful woman lets her imagination run wild. Suddenly the very thick penis of the science teacher aims at her.

(After all, the devil is dressed like a beast…)

Kyoko gets down on all fours and imagines that the hambone of Kenichi pierces her from behind and she feels that muddy white liquid overflows from her womb.


The next moment she rubs her wet nipples and huge breasts with her fingers, so that pleasure runs through her body and body fluid overflows hurriedly from her secret hole. Thereupon she pushes her hand through the side of her flared panty, were another great flood was.

“Aaa…I feel it… ”

As for this beautiful woman, when she begins her indecent masturbation act it can’t be stopped and while rubbing her sharp nipples, she raises her sexual feeling by herself steadily. Kenichi’s penis wastes the interior of her womb in her imagination, before she blows out a rough breath like a beast.

(Aa! I want to have more sex…!)

After she put two of her slim fingers in her meat pot which was boiling hot, she shakes her whole body from the pleasure and she has convulsions fearfully. At the same time as her vagina wriggles incredibly her fingers which were put in clings to the inside. Furthermore, her vagina wall swells up and wriggle, so that a rough ceiling touches the edge of her fingertips. The entrance shuts down immediately and she can’t remove her fingers from it.

“Aaa! Hiii!”

Being in agony for a while from this gloomy pleasure of her masturbation, she recovers herself from the deep water of pleasure and she twists her sweaty face painfully. To be absorbed in masturbation with the Incubus, although she is herself, it isn’t believed. (Tl note: her corruption has started ^_^)

(This…this….to imagine the Inma for my masturbation….something is wrong with me…)

Kyoko gets excited from the scene that she is violated by the man who is her enemy. However, she understands the reason for that, too.

(That I become like this…. it’s the cause of the wave motion of the Inma which influence me at daytime…)

To wash her body that became dirty from sweat and honey liquid which began to smell, she takes off her silk lingerie, before she begins to walk into the shower.

On the desk the LCD screen of the notebook continues showing measurements.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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