Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 71


Finishing today´s school affairs and the three trainees, Kenichi sits down and face Yamada again in the drawing room. In the same manner as in the morning, Kenichi, Junko and national language teacher Egashira-sensei who are the instructors assemble.

“How was it? The appearance of the first day… “

“Yes, it has ended somehow. The first day is still tense”

The oldest Egashira-san answers on behalf of us instructors. Unlike the lecture of the university, there will be many consideration and trouble in various ways at the place of the teaching practice. These three trainees are liberated from the tension and thoroughly have a relieved expression.

“Well, two weeks to tame them is enough…”

While Yamada laughs with a smile, they talk how to ease the strain of the trainees. Yamada who really pretends to be a good vice-principal, no one would imagine that he has a loli complex which means that he is a pervert who actually likes young girls very much.

“Well, it is fine for today. Tomorrow with the teacher in charge, you will see the club activities…also, since there is a welcome party on Wednesday, please take time for it”

Seeing off the three trainees who give their greetings and leave, Kenichi violates their hips buttocks with his eyes and he stands up, too and comes back to the staff room. While passing students in the middle of the corridor, the back of Junko who walks a little in front is seen.

She was wrapped in a plain suit and even from here he can grasps the outstanding proportion of the english teacher. Her waist has only 56 and her chest 96, which brings a difference of 40cm and is about the ideal object of envy of men. Whenever her hips are stretched out, when she walks, they shake in a way that is seductive, even if this is an all-boys school, the pheromone which is scattered from her she will be the target of rape.

“How was she? Utsunomiya-san”

Kenichi formally asks Junko while starting queuing up and Junko stares with wet and hot eyes for an instant, before she answers flawlessly.

“Ye yes, she is very serious and a good person”

Walking side by side, they continue their conversation without any nuisance, and wait until no sign of life approaches the staff room and Junko draw her mouth near Kenichi’s ear. An high-quality perfume which is spread from Junko is smelled and rises around Kenichi.

“Huhuu, I want to eat the breast of that girl. Kenichi-sama… I heard, that this girl has an I cup…and she encounters a pervert every morning…”


“The other two seem good, too….. Ah, Kenichi do you intend to eat them all? Uhuhuhu…”

“You say the same thing as Aiko….”

“Moreover, when the number of new girls increases in Kenichi’s slave harem…. aah, I want to torment the big breast of that girl, too, so when you rape Kyoko, can you let me join too…”

Junko who is also a lesbian and has a sadistic intention to Kyoko put out a hot sigh. Junko has a double dildo between her legs, since she has a masochist site, when she violated Miho and Rio to satisfy her dark abnormal sexuality.

After Kenichi confirms that there is nobody around while smiling wryly, he brought Junko to the staff restroom. Of course he confirmed before that there is nobody inside with his black wave.

“Ah…dirty…To do in the restroom…,”.

Junko laughs joyfully and sit on the toilet of the clean restroom, before she takes off Kenichi´s pants slowly. When she removes his trunks and his met pillar embarks strongly, she brings her charmed face close and begins to lick it.

“No, it has an dirty taste….you played with an high school girl at lunchtime again‥. bad teacher …”

Kenichi´s thing which made an beautiful mother-daughter duo and this female teacher cry last night and after Aiko and Rio were also driven mad today at the health-care room it does not decline at all.

“Ah, I let you have it…”

After school Junko laughs loosely in the restroom and opens her lips which are wearing lipstick, she swallows his erection. These beautiful lips which every men who long for Junko would like to kiss are tightening Kenichi´s gun and her tongue is wriggling like a creature all over it.


Junko even tries to swallow the too tall and stout meat stick using her whole throat, but only the tip enters. After some time she gave up and tightens the tip with her lips and strokes it, meanwhile, she doesn´t forget to use her tongue either. Even if she is fired as a teacher, she seems able to manage sufficiently as ann prostitute.

After enjoying the mouth of this female teacher in that way for a while, Kenichi overwhelms the upper body of Junko to the wall of the restroom and covers her like a beast from behind.


When his meat pillar is put in from the side of Junko’s purple butterfly panty, the secret hole which has finished getting wet swallowed his thing which ordinarily came off without pain. Since it’s tightened up like a sea anemone when it’s put inside her womb, Kenichi really is invited to the inside. Junko’s eyes which look through her silver-rimmed glasses are enchanted and in this abnormal situation that the english teacher is raped in the restroom of the school, she understands that her body flares up.

“Ke, Kenichi-samaa…wonderful…”

After goose bumps appear on her white hips, Junko looks at her lover who embraces her from behind. Her plump hips which peeps out from the skirt which is rolled up has finished ripening and in a lewd state that her lace panty cut into her body, so as to help provoking the low passion of Kenichi.

Every time it’s rammed inside an erotic sound can be heard in the restroom and a sob follows it. Whenever Kenichi pushes up the firm uterus, Junko’s vagina has convulsions pathologically and is attacked intermittently since a little while ago by an orgasm. When he tries every measure and clenches her huge breasts from the top of her blouse he makes Junko gasps like a goldfish who is exposed to air and let her suffer.

(Who do I eat first…..?)

Coveting the beautiful body of his sex slave who winds up sharply, Kenichi remembers the face of the three trainees. Their sprightly young bodies which were in their early twenties are all delicious dishes.

(All three of them, will become my slaves…)

He imagines the scene that he has sex with the three trainees and Kenichi drew the trigger to attack Junko. Releasing his sperm at high speed like a bullet in the interior of her womb, Junko is swallowed in the whirlpool of ecstasy and blinds her eyes. In the restroom of the school, Kenichi turned his aim to his new preys suddenly.

『They have come. Be careful』

Somebody mutters so in the dream. The voice seems to be high and low, as well as small and large. It isn’t a real voice clearly, but a voice that affects the mind directly.

『Who is they?』

Kenichi cried, but no one answers. However, the voice belongs to the Incubus who contracted with Kenichi and it is revealed by intuition that “guys” are the people who stared at Kenichi from the roof .

『Let’s do it!!』

In the dream Kenichi shouted so while his thing erects hard.

“What is with you?”

When he woke, Junko was looking at him. In the bedroom of his new apartment, Junko who is up earlier lies beside him and wore a light make-up.

“You seem to have had a nightmare, are you okay?”

“Aa, it is nothing”

Thereupon Kenichi raises his head and Junko kisses him thinly. Becoming a deep kiss immediately, they exchange thick saliva in the morning. A pleasant stimulation begins to spin between his legs and his morning erection presses against a soft part.

At the time Kenichi moves the bed sheet; a primary school child dressed in underwear performs a fellatio absorbedly while showing an indecent smile.

“Aah, good morning…papa…”

The beautiful girl who calls Kenichi daddy separates from the wet penis and shows her beautiful enraptured eyes full of passion. Her face is clean like an angel, but her mind is doubtful, while she has a penis in her hand..

To awake every morning in pleasure by the fellatio that this elementary girl performs, Kenichi lets his gun tower even more.

Risa Ito who lives with Kenichi and her mother closes her long eyelashes again, before she push her glossy pink lips to the dark meat stick. This cute girl who was robbed of her heart and body by Kenichi uses her tongue skillfully by putting even adults to shame, she serves this middle aged man who made her his captive.

The shock that her real father was arrested and her parents divorced haven’t been felt any longer. That’s why she gradually calls Kenichi daddy and withstand it completely. Being violated every day by Kenichi, Risa’s reputation at school has been polished and even with her beauty and sex appeal no one thinks that she is a primary student.

Risa has the expression of an angel, when she pleases Kenichi using the technique that is not inferior to an american porn star. Next she stretches out her slim tongue and trace the surface of the rugged black bruise and licks the the tip to drive the sexual feeling of the science teacher up.

“Uhuu, Kenichi’s willie, you really have no dry time…”

Junko is right and he only gives a bitter smile.

If there is a chance even if it is in school, the sweet hole of a high school girl or female teacher is tasted and when he returns home, Miho and Risa ask for sex and of course Junko also wants Kenichi’s meat stick for her sexual desire. On the weekend everyone throngs it in the morning and demand Kenichi to live with them madly as if they regain something.

“Hey Risa, come here”

“Ah, papaa…”

Risa who is dressed in a lovely underwear gets down on all fours on the huge bed, she presents her small hips. Although she had intensely sex last night, Risa waves her hips eagerly, because she wants this stout weapon. The bottom of her body gets wet from the liquid that she spitted out and is dripping down.

Kenichi strips off Rio’s cotton underwear with a strawberry design, before he pushes his morning wood to the secret hole of the primary student and his huge meat pillar is being thrown in without completely pardoning it.

“Ahiiii…painful! It is painful! daaddy…”

However, Kenichi and Junko know the sweet sound that has mixed with the voice that Risa raises. Risa who is pretty like an angel is impressed to be raped incredibly by the owner of abnormal sexuality.

Although the sweet pain is remembered by dividing her narrow vagina hole and being torn off, even that’s only a spice which adds to the indecent pleasure that Risa feels.

“Ahiii! Daddy! Cum! Cuuumming!”

Risa is pushed up in no time by the top and she painfully tightens Kenichi’s dick that she swallowed. To the fresh air in the morning, tasting the childish vagina of an primary student, it becomes the recent daily work of Kenichi. The intention that Risa vomited through his meat pillar enters into his body and Kenichi feel that energy wells up from the inside.

(Today, I will do my best…)

While Kenichi rapes this lovely girl like a beast, he felt that greed is running out ran through his whole body.

Wednesday night, the welcome party was held for the trainees in a small way. Vice-principal Yamada participated with the three trainees and the three teachers in charge of the trainees. Junko who is charge of Kyoko Utsunomiya participates too.

However, Yamada-sensei and Egashira-sensei went to a bar, where jazz sounds and they can calm down. Therefore only the three trainees, Kenichi and Junko remained.

After they toast again, Kenichi without expressing the fond of these female university students he observes those three beauties with his eyes.

Kyoko Utsunomiya is quiet for an born senhorita, so she often takes the role as listener. Today she wears a subdued suit, that let her I-cup chest push out proudly. She gets drunk from liquor slightly and seeing her pretty and sexy flushed face is unbearable.

On the other hand, Shiho Fujiwara with her long black hair is a cool beauty, who is drinking quietly while smiling. The sake should be strong and without a little being disturbed to continue drinking since a little while ago, she doesn’t turn pale at all. The mole on her lips is sexy and it will become an unbearable lewd expression, when he lets her have his penis in her mouth.

Talking among these three people exclusively is Ayumi Momoi. She seems to have an character that is brisk brightly, but her expression occasionally is shocked and dissolutely. Her eyes are staring at Kenichi for some reason and show a suggestive gesture letting him expect something. Her legs are wrapped in a miniskirt, which give a vivid feeling between his crotch frequently, while Kenichi pretends not to notice on purpose.

“Even though Kyoko’s chest is big….”

Ayumi says so casually and Kyoko shyly covers her huge chest.

“Very different, right? If it is so big…aren’t you assault in the train?”

“Ye, yes…there is a person touching it almost every day and I’m quite troubled”

“And what do you do when he touches you?”

“Eh, I’m afraid, so I fall silent…”

Teasing Kyoko about her huge breasts being touched in a crowded train, Kyoko stands there patiently with a deep red face, which let Kenichi’s dark desire imagine this scen

“Not good, Midou-sensei looks naughty”

The moment Ayumi says so, she stares brightly at Kenichi with mischievous eyes. Therefore Kenichi smiles wryly and declines it and says to everyone that he goes to the restroom.

When he comes out of the men’s room, he meets Ayumi in front of the restroom. Ayumi looks at Kenichi and changes her atmosphere completely to a lively state, before she approaches Kenichi and laugh dissolutely.

“Hey, Midou-sensei…sensei, are you interested in my body?”

An unexpected thing is said suddenly and he falters unintentionally. Unless he knows what Ayumi thinks about.

“Huhuu, do you want to touch it? I know that my chest and legs were seen a little while ago with hot eyes by you”

Ayumi laughs like a small devil and wiggles her plump body, before she draw Kenichi close to her. The fragrance of an sweet perfume and the body odor of this female university student spread around Kenichi and stimulate the animal desires in his body.

“Wh, what is it…?”

“Uhuhu…you can’t conceal it, sensei…. Ayumi also takes an interest to sensei…”

Ayumi laughs thinly and runs her fingers between Kenichi´s pants. When she checks his dick that has begun to fill with power suddenly, she whispers so with an charmed voice.

“Aah, as I thought after all, sensei seems to be great.… Hey, when this is over let everybody leave, so we can deepen our friendship more…..right??”

After Ayumi disappeared to the restroom, Kenichi violates her plump buttocks with his eyes and walks to her box. Tonight seems to be an exciting night.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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