Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 70


When November comes, three university student will come over for their teaching training. The acceptance of student teaching is often in june, but it seems to be an exceptional measure this time. Although there seems to be some circumstances, anyway, it is said that three women are coming. And Kenichi takes a look at the documents which are distributed at the morning gathering and memories the names and face of these three women.

(Everyone is a beauty…)

After he checks the photos in the documents, he grins and drinks his coffee. Although the inexperienced fruits of the high school girls who he taste every day are delicious, the body of a female university student like Rena is fresh and also difficult to throw away. Between a child and a mature woman, it is the perfect age to shine most as a woman. A black desire swells up inside Kenichi and he imagines the young body of these female college students, before chuckling to himself.

“Emm, the three instructors for them are Yoshikawa-sensei, Midou-sensei and Egashira-sensei. Thank you in advance”

Yamada, Yamada Genji tells so. Yamada who was appointed in a hurry as acting vice-principal after the former vice-principal was discharged, he is sincerely pleased to become the vice-principal even though it is temporary, he is so excited that others gives a bitter smile.

The nominated 3 people nod respectively.

Aside from the experienced Egashira who is exceeding her 40, as for Junko and Kenichi, the experience as a teacher is still shallow. These two been chosen as an instructor is the dogma of the gamble omen which the vice-principal stead entirely and is the instruction of Kenichi who knows Yamada-sensei’s secret. Of course other teachers who worked as an instructor, because there is no one except the trouble, that in that state they were saved without objecting really.

“Then I introduce our three trainees. Please enter”

“Good morning…”

Kenichi heard some unfamiliar voice and three beautiful women entered the staff room. It looks like they were nearby and waited.

“Good morning!”

Kenichi put up his face and say hello, to the pretty female university students lining up in front of the table. Though for his former self they are only flurry beautiful women, the current Kenichi who completely has confidence toward women since the contract with the Incubus, he looks at these three so that he may observe them carefully and calmly.

“Then please greet everyone”

Three female university students say hello while being tense a little.

“Yes, I´m Kyoko Utsunomiya from the northeast Kyoto University. Thanking you in advance”

The beautiful woman with a lovely face is feeling nervous and lower her head lightly. Her brown hair waves a little, but it matches to her elegant atmosphere well. With a gentle expression, she really seems to be a graduate from this school, because of her senhorita like expression.

However, in above all pulling Kenichi’s eyes away from her pretty face are her huge breasts which heaped up Kyoko´s blouse. Even from her plain suit and blouse, he can grasp the upheaval of her body clearly. Her huge chest which doesn’t match her cute face arouse Kenichi´s animal desires intensely.

“I’m Shiho Fujiwara of Shinkai University. Thanks for having me”

This beautiful woman with bright eyes and long black hair says hello with a clear voice. She is a beautiful woman who a quiver comes to and her face is regulated well so as to look cold at a glance. She seems like a slim physical flower which Kenichi dislikes, because when he hugs her, she seems to break. The color of her skin is pale white and a transparent feeling is given like she didn’t live the last few years. Her lips are bright red and are rolled up a little, so that Kenichi felt unbearable.

“I´m Ayumi Momoi who came from the Asahi University of Education. Thanking you in advance”

Ayumi who laughs thinly has a loose atmosphere which makes Kenichi’s heart stirred for some reason. Her hair which is lightly wavy seems to be experimented with by this girl perhaps she usually dies it brown. Her beautiful eyes and her slightly large spout are her charm points and her popularity seems to just appear as an hostess if she thickens her makeup.

Kenichi doesn’t use his wave now, after he assumes that an suspicious light twinkles inside Ayumi’s eyes and seems to be issuing an aura to which a man is invited. Her plump and ripe body, if she is stripped off her plain suit, it seems to be an captivating body.

At the time Ayumi sees Kenichi’s face incidentally, she started laughing with her eyes. It rather is an friendly feeling, than an smile which found something fascinating. When both look at each other for a while her mouth was opened small and she licked around with her tongue. Like a prostitute that totally tempts her visitor.

Their introduction continued for a while, meanwhile, Kenichi was going to hold down his animal desires that welled up desperately. To see these appetizing female college students in front, he pacifies his greed that often almost swells out.

Being worried about the dream that he had yesterday, Kenichi hasn´t yet used his wave this morning. To use it once, the desire that he wants to get to know them more is endured.

(They can be eaten anytime, so don’t be greedy…)

The black brute rampages inside his body.

Originally his timid heart completely changed in quality and it is dyed to wicked lust now. No, the truth is that this character, might be Kenichi’s original character.

He used Yamada to trap Usami and remove him as vice-principal. Besides, Kenichi took the english teacher who was Usami´s lover and seized his beautiful wife and daughter and make them his slaves. He had confidence to his “power” that he got and became ecstatic.

(Look…if we use the “tentacles”, they will change to our exclusive meat toilets)

Thrilling his heart ahead of the new sacrifices, Kenichi plays a serious teacher in front of the trainees. Observing Kenichi calmly, they haven´t noticed yet.

After having introduced these three trainees to the other teachers at the morning gathering, The teachers in charge moved to a free room and had an interview with their trainees respectively. For Kyoko Utsunomiya who wants to be an english teacher, Junko Yoshikawa is her instructor. Egashira-sensei is in charge of Ayumi Momoi and for Shiho Fujiwara, Kenichi who is the science teacher is in charge.

“Then, teachers, thank you in advance”

“Okay, vice-principal…”

Junko seriously answers Yamada and left the free room with Kyoko. When she passed in front of Kenichi Junko, so as not to be found out makes a wink casually. Junko and Kenichi don´t want to reveal their sexual relationship at school, so they keep it a secret to their co-workers.

“Now, do we also go then?”

“Uh-huh, thanks for having me, Midou-sensei”

The voice of Shiho who answers so is cold like her beauty. From her long hair a good smell that nobody knows drifts.

When they line up next to each other and walk along the hallway, their hands came in contact incidentally.

(A cold hand‥.)

Shiho´s hand is surprisingly abnormal cold. There is no body temperature at all and she seems to be a poikilotherm. After Kenichi’s face is seen, Shiho grinned for some reason. ( TL note: )

At noon, after her waist hangs on the last bed in the health-care room where no one is, Kenichi thoroughly enjoyed and melted away from the double fellatio. Burying their faces between his legs are first year Rio Hasegawa and second year Aiko Kawashima who can usually meet only at school. All two of them rise on the bed and get down on all fours and put their faces on the towering pillar from right and left.



Aiko and Rio lick Kenichi´s penis clean with tongue skills so that they doesn’t seem to be high school students and make it slimy with their saliva. The pink tongues which knew all weak points of the science teacher increase the sexual feeling like a middle-aged prostitute skillfully.

Rio covers his thing with her pretty lips from above and stimulates the tip which grew in her mouth skillfully. She sometimes sucked it strongly and raised it, as well as she didn’t forget to screw her tongue around the tip. Rio who is usually quiet makes also Kenichi happy silently with her aggressive lewd service.

“Ah, sensei…it is great today…uhuhuhu….”

Aiko leaves the gun to her kouhai and clings to Kenichi’s head, where she licks his scruff clean and whispers so in his ear. Aiko who associate with Kenichi and became one of his first sex slaves, she received the wicked energy innumerably until now in the interior of her womb and her heart and body have been re-formed by this loose small devil now.

“Huhuu, by any chance, do you remember the teacher that came for practice today? ”

“What is with her, do you already know her…”

“Of course….. Huhuu, all in all, she is a pretty person who can’t be seen as a teacher because she is silent, which Natsuki told me”

Aiko is giggling and laughing. Such a thing is talked among the second years, so Kenichi remain silent while smiling wryly.

“Who do you eat first? Huhuu, Utsunomiya-san with her big breast? Or, Momoi-san who seems to be lewd? Fujiwara-san’s body is too thin, if it is firm she should be a good one…huhuu…”

To Aiko’s adequate expression, Kenichi wriggles his meat stick and releases white liquid in Rio’s mouth muddily. When Rio catches it with her tongue joyfully, she speed up the pace more and repeat her vertical movement persistently.

In that way Kenichi and those two girls are absorbed in a shameful act as always, when a strange feeling is caught by his super sense. Knowing what it means, Kenichi is shocked.

(Someone is looking at us!)

Of course in the shutdown room without a window, there is no way someone can peep at the state inside this room and the black wave of Kenichi who is used when he does something lewd, someone obviously has the intention, to know what happens in this room.

(Does someone notice us?)

Since the contract with the Incubus, the immoral sexual act that he performed with his super sense so far had been hidden from everyone well without coming out. Because if somebody approached the room, he was able to sense it for a long time and it was easy to prevent an obstacle from entering.

However, with using “the power” of the Incubus, someone appeared.

Without noticing Kenichi absent, Rio works hard and more eagerly on her fellatio.

Kenichi concentrates his mind and add power to widen the black wave like a radar in all directions. The sense of Kenichi spreads from the health room to the principal office and staff room, before it covers the first floor of the school building exhaustively. Furthermore, it spherically spreads in three dimensions and puts the whole school building under the radar.


A figure was on the rooftop in the range of the very limited radar. Kenichi doesn’t know who this person is but it obviously has some intentions. The black wave given off from Kenichi touches the figure but the moment when it was going to identify it more.

(It disappeared….)

The person has disappeared like smoke. Even when Kenichi investigates it no matter how much, there is no person in the vicinity. Because the roof isn’t really popular, when someone hides, it should be understood by Kenichi’s super-sense.

“Hey, sensei…what’s with you?”

Finally noticing Kenichi´s absents, Aiko raises a suspicious voice.

(Anyway,I don’t think it’s good…)

The wave motion felt from the contact a short while ago wasn’t friendly, if anything it seemed to be hostile. Although the Incubus doesn’t seem to have a friend or a companion from the beginning.

(Is this what was meant in the dream?)

『They come』the Incubus was saying so in the dream. There may be an enemy who Kenichi experiences for the first time so he laughs canningful.

“Hey…sensei…already…already, give it to Rio…”

Rio´s pretty face is dyed with desire and she asks this sturdy male.

Rio who attracts attention with her pretty appearance and skillful acting gets into the news of the sports media, because she is the new rising star who becomes famous in the rhythmic gymnastics world. To see her slim limbs wrapped in leotards, up to now how many men would indulge in masturbation?

When Kenichi tears up Rio´s panty and pushes her down onto the bed, he violates this girl in a brutal way.

“Higuuuuu!! Not goood!! Sensei… more!!”

The sphincter of Rio forged from rhythmic gymnastics attacks Kenichi´s dick without mercy. So that men who make her the goaf material imagine that Rio’s vagina hole is just like a toothless meat eating animal, that squeezes the penis of Kenichi to the utmost tightly.

“Aaaa! Cuuum! Cuuming!!”

A bit disappointed she reaches the climax and Rio who makes her whole body twitch indulges in supreme pleasure.

“Come, if you come, I’ll beat you up….”

This beautiful girl convulsed in her last moments before she faints, while Kenichi enjoys her clamping, he declares war against the invisible enemy.

“I finally found it. After all it is this high school…”

A woman mutters so, because she remembered the wicked wave that she checked some time ago and let her feel hostility and a shudder ran through her whole body. She has a small black box in her hand, where a green LED is flashing on and off.

(Although the director said that I shall be careful, it isn’t necessary…)

The wicked wave motion which was just experienced with her body is weak, but the overwhelming power that a senior devil who was experienced at the training was hardly felt. The wicked sensation which has been discharged since daytime without resistance, must be from a low-rank intelligent devil as expected. If it becomes an upper rank devil, it is sure that it will conceal itself better.

(It’s okay, for me it’s the first experience with an Incubus and it won´t be a problem as long as it is a low- rank Inma. Therefore even if there is no support, I can solve it alone…)

The hair waves in the wind, when the woman came back to the school building.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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