Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 69

Luxury apartmen


After two weeks.

As for the attempted unprecedented rape case that happened on campus, it began to fade from the people’s memory gradually. As for the case, a thorough gag law was established, but still all students were made to know it because the police came over.

Vice-principal Usami was found when he attacked Yuko Terashima in the audio-visual room and was caught red-handed by the police. Usami repeats an incomprehensible remark during the police interrogation and his testimony seems to advance only slowly, so there seems to be a possibility of becoming a non-prosecution according to the result of the psychiatric examination.

Usually in this case, the school fears to become a scandal, so they often handle it inside. However without the state by which the first finder Yamada-sensei worried about such a thing at all, he reported it to the police as soon as that case happened. Although it became a problem in the board meeting, they finished it without any trouble, because it wasn’t made public. The big-name politician who is Yuko’s father worried about the future of his daughter, so he tried every measures from the back and suppressed the media and the police.

After that case Usami’s wife Miho divorced formally and sold her house to escape from her neighboring eyes, while she moved to an area where no one knows her.

Being mixed up with this case, various things happened to Kenichi.

At first he left his cheap apartment where he lived till then and moved to a supreme apartment in a excellent location in downtown, where he rented a room on the first floor.

Junko moved with him to the new apartment and came to live together. Receiving the sperm of Kenichi, Junko becomes more and more beautiful and attracts too much attention, so they can’t walk together recently in the town.

When Rena and Natsuki have free time, they frequent in Kenichi’s apartment, Yuko took care of herself after the case and often stays at the apartment recently too. On the coattails of her young stepmother who is indifferent to her busy father, when her stepmother goes for a filming of a drama, Yuko has stayed consecutively at Kenichi’s new home more than ten days.

Tomomi, Aiko, Ruriko and Rio are usually Kenichi’s prey at school and come over to the apartment when it is weekend. In that apartment the security measures and privacy measures are perfect, too and even if a lot of such young women go in and out, Kenichi isn’t worried about neighboring eyes.

The morning of a certain day when autumn deepens and it has become cold slowly, the whole school was assembled today. All students and teachers gather in the gymnasium and the body odor of 400 young ladies is floating in that gymnasium which isn’t small.

Kenichi is waiting vaguely, before the greetings of the principal began.

After having mentioned this case lightly, he makes an explanation about the position of the vice-principal which became vacant.

“Eー, everybody, about the new vice-principal, everybody knows for a while, too, that I intend to have Yamada-sensei as substitute vice-principal”

Immediately no reaction has returned from the students. A lot of things that aren’t so favorable for this teacher let everyone have a displeased expression. Because it’s like scheduled by Kenichi, he has a calm face in that situation.

“And Midou-sensei who was a temporary lecturer until now, becomes a proper teacher of our school from now on”

The shouts of joy break out immediately and some girls clapped in their hands. Many teachers are surprised at the reaction of these students and the male teachers turn jealous eyes towards Kenichi openly. It isn’t expected that the schoolgirls react so much and Kenichi’s heart throbs while pretending to be calm.

Of course, this isn’t from Kenichi alone. Managing director Kawano who is Kenichi’s uncle decided it in the board meeting. Kawano always competed for hegemony against the anti-chief director group in the board meeting and because vice-principal Usami who is backed up by director Yamaji who was in the anti-chief director group had a disgraceful affair, he suspected that it was the chance to caught up with their power at a stretch.

Kenichi is exposed to the hot eyes of all female students and looks down upon the schoolgirls who stand and line up in the gymnasium slowly to greet. Ellis all girls’ high school is a private senhorita school and there are only beauties standing out in this way from the top. In the future in this school, the amount of female slaves will increase.

(Huhuu, all of you, will become my sex slave sooner or later…)

When he finds these beauties attracting attention among the schoolgirls sitting in a row in particular, he stares with beastful eyes at them. They are stared at without exception by Kenichi and he causes a physical change to the girls with the emitted black wave sensitively, so they blush and look back at him with hot eyes. Till the introduction of the principal is over, Kenichi violates them with his eyes and let their crotches ache.

Kenichi opens the door of his new apartment in the luxury penthouse and waiting for him was the uniformed Yuko Terashima who is embracing him as soon as he opened the door. Yuko’s body become more mature recently, because she regularly bathed in Kenichi’s sperm.

“Why did you come…”

“Even if I’m at home, I’m all alone…”

Yuko’s father who is an important congressman isn’t home today and her young stepmother left Yuko by a maid, because she seemed to go for a filming trip of a drama again.

“Uhu, because you became a formal teacher, lewd things can’t been done anymore at school”

While pressing her swelling chest against him, she tells so with an seductive voice. There are many trivial routine duties since he became an official teacher and he stays in the science preparation room he won’t go out very often from now on either. Besides today is the first day as an official teacher, Yuko and Natsuki’s sex partner, wasn’t able to do them at school, so Yuko who completely learned everything at school feels frustrated.

“Huhu, it isn’t only me, Natsuki-senpai and Rena also came…”

The moment he enters the large living room with Yuko, Natsuki who is in her uniform on the sofa and Rena who wears an super miniskirt and sleeveless clothes were waiting for him.

“Welcome back, sensei…”

Because he couldn’t do Natsuki at school, either, she clings to him and raises a weak voice. She is incredible pretty as usual and her seductiveness increases recently.

“What is it? Isn’t today a weekday?Are you okay?”

“Our dad has gone to the United States because of the completion ceremony of a new factory in Arizona and our mom followed him…”

Rena and Natsuki´s father is a car manufacturer and because he always does overseas visits he is often out of the house.

“Moreover, today is your celebration…”

“Celebration? What?”

“Not good… Kenichi, didn’t we decide to celebrate your promotion…”

While Rena unclothes the suit, her face becomes enchanted and her beauty is polished more and more. The exposure as an gravure idol increases more and more recently and her opportunities to appear on television increases too. Therefore she cannot meet Kenichi and even when she wants to save work, her office thinks that it is a competition now and market her severely.

The body of this active gravure idol who had long and narrow eyes is beautiful so as to be charmed even if you see it from behind often. Based from her body her waist is slim. Her hips clings to a very tight skirt and her long and well shaped legs expand from there without any problem.

The sperm of Kenichi with the magical power of the Incubus has various effects, it improves the female hormone secretion and makes a female body mature, so it seems to be able to clean the body from the inside. Kenichi’s women who he has sex with become prettier without exception and their bodies ripens increasingly, therefore they become sexier. Rena’s E cup chest becomes bigger in size now, thereupon all men in this world are disturbed more and more by her pretty face and ripe chest.


Rena sticks to Kenichi´s lips as having become unbearable and she places her slimy tongue in it and makes heavy deep kisses. Natsuki and Yuko are taking off Kenichi’s pants and reveal his lower part, where Yuko who wasn’t able to withstand it anymore takes his dick and does a fellatio.

“Ah, Yuko is so sneaky…”

Natsuki giggles and while reproving her junior, she unclothes the pants, trunks and socks of Kenichi diligently. Before ten minutes after he returned passed, Kenichi has been completely undressed.


Yuko’s mouth work is really skillful, she is so skillful that she doesn’t seem to be a first year student. After it’s taught by Junko and others at school, her shown technique isn’t inferior to a professional.

While tightening the whole penis with her lips indulgently, she put her pink tongue on the sensitive tip persistently. Occasionally she screws her tongue around it and stimulates it. When he thinks whether he let her strongly draw it in and do an intense movement, she tightens his thing with her mouth gently and rubs it against the inside of her cheeks. It is obvious that she feels herself in a way, that she likes Kenichi’s penis above everything else.

Meanwhile, Natsuki caresses his balls with her mouth, by breathing it in and licking it clean with her tongue eagerly. The crotch of Kenichi who is sitting down on the sofa is nude and becomes sticky from the saliva which these two girls spin around it.

After Rena puts the bag and suit of Kenichi away quickly, she clings to Kenichi who tastes the double fellatio and she rubs Kenichi’s face between her chest which was fully erected. Burying his nose in the valley of Rena’s chest who sweated a little, he inhales the sweet body odor of the 20-year-old beauty to his heart’s content and his dick shakes in response to it.

“Kenichi-samaa…Rena´s breasts seemed to become bigger again…. Uhuu, how big did they become, please check them yourself as much as you want…”

If the men who longs for Rena hear these words, they become insane of jealousy, while Rena is embracing Kenichi’s head fascinatedly.

“Oh yeah oh yeah…doing such a thing already…“

Junko dressed in a apron entered the living room while saying so. Junko who returned from the school earlier, seems to have prepared dinner diligently. Although they come to live together and Kenichi understood it, Junko is unexpectedly domestic without matching her showy appearance, because she takes great care of Kenichi. She seems to be the type to render service thoroughly for the partner who she fell in love with.

“Do you have a meal first…or…”

“Then, let’s eat a meal…”

When I put on a gown and go to the kitchen, There is already the beautiful woman dressed in the one apron there and, I prepared the dining table.

“Welcome back, Kenichi…”

The moment this beautiful woman says so laughingly with a smile, she clung to Kenichi.

“Congratulations, for being promoted to an official teacher…”

“Thank you, Miho”

Usami no Ito Miho whose sex appeal increased still more from the time that she was a married woman, she kisses with a laugh.

After her husband was arrested, Miho who got divorced formally takes her maiden name Ito on, sold her house and bought this apartment house. Because the house which she sold off fitted the offices of Yuko´s father, she was able to sell it for an unexpected price and she was able to obtain a large apartment with such a high quality instead.

“Welcome back! Congratulation uncleーー!“

“Risa, do you know about it?”

“Yes! Even I understand it that much! So far it was temporary, but from today on, you will be a fulltime teacher right?”

As usual this smart girl, grasp things accurately.

Another one has appeared in the room, which was Risa who studied in her room. Risa recovered herself from the shock that her father was arrested and regained her original brightness. This beautiful girl who is so lovely that the one who sees her becomes painful and contrary to her angel like appearance, she acquired a lewd site so that Miho also flinches when night comes.

After the meal with this six beautiful women, they performed an orgy to celebrate that Kenichi has become an official teacher. From the crunchy beautiful 12 years old and inexperienced body to the good flavor of the 35 years old meat pot, Kenichi tasted sic good flavor to his heart’s content.

After the weak screams of these six beautiful women continued until early in the morning, the bedroom became silent and Kenichi had a dream again.

The place where Kenichi came across the Incubus for the first is seen after a long time.

Flaming red flames rise and and surround the vicinity.. At this place like hell, Kenichi is at the spot where a slender pillar is. Although it has already become familiar, this place without becoming accustomed no matter how it comes, his heart throbs from fear.

Something like a bird appears out of nowhere then and circled over the sky for a moment, before it approaches.

It’s the Incubus.

In front of Kenichi it shrinks to a huge figure standing still in front of Kenichi. It’s ears are sharp and the mouth is split open, before it stares at Kenichi with its red eyes which are shining glitteringly.

Suddenly Kenichi heard a mysterious voice in his head. Strange voices like a mechanical synthetic human voice sound, a male voice and a female voice.

『They come』

『Are you ready』

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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