Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 68

Last moments of the vice-principal

The anger of vice-principal Usami reached the maximum.

He was called by Junko at school on Friday, that she will meet him in the evening at a villa in Izu, which belongs to Junko’s uncle, so she handed him a map and a duplicate key with a wink. Of course it goes without saying that Usami was in seventh heaven. His penis erects instantly and he smirked all day long, so he seemed weird for everyone who passed by. (Tl. note: )

Therefore after work he drove his car to Izu with the help of the map and entered the villa with the nameplate “Kurosawa” with impatient feeling, before he waited. However, without Junko appearing, a middle-aged man who called himself manager appeared and without letting Usami explain the situation, he was stuck out by the police for dwelling unauthorised entry.

He was made to spend the night in a cell, from that he has fallen sick probably because it was cold. In addition, his car was stolen and Usami who put all his money in his car, has lost all the means to return.

In order to make up his mind, he tries to contact his wife, but no matter how often he called his home, no one answered. After he spoke about his circumstances, he borrowed money from the police and stay for one night in a hotel in Izu, until his physical condition returned and he could return to Tokyo at Sunday´night.

When he came home his wife and daughter showed cold eyes towards Usami who actually felt it as needles. The reason for staying outside for two days can´t be explained, because whatever he said, they kept ignoring him and he had no one who listen to his story.

Next, when he tried to get closer to his wife on the bed in order to please himself, he was refused and thrown out of the bedroom. After that he was alone unwillingly and he slept on the sofa in the living room.

Naturally the spearhead of his anger was pointed to Junko Yoshikawa, but in front of Junko he forgot his anger and doesn’t try to struggle at all. On the contrary, in front of other teachers, he speaks loudly when he want to stop himself being haunted further and the other teachers laugh over him.

This Usami, “I have something to discuss.” was called by Midou Kenichi who is the science teacher to the audio-visual room and it was right the state such as bullfighting that he retrieved his anger. The word to describe the embodiment of his anger can be Asura and he marches to the audio-visual room.

After school, with high spirit Usami goes to the audio-visual room on the 4th floor where no one is at the moment, but an uniformed girl sits down on a chair unexpectedly and watches a video on a huge screen. A noise is mixed in the sound and Usami doesn’t mistake that it is a sex scence.

“Th, this…”

Without looking back to the vice-principal who is standing petrified on the spot in this unexpected situation unintentionally, the girl looks at the video as if she is glued to it and she moves her hands absorbedly. The girl who looks at the sex scene that is reflected in the screen seems to masturbate.

“Yo, you…”

The girl finally turns her heavy face around, when she hears Usami´s voice, but only for a second before she stares on the screen again. With the sweet body odor that this girl releases, a lovely gasping voice drifts in the room.

“I´m certain, you…you are Terashima-san a first year student…”

Her father should be a very important congressman of the conservatives. He contributed a large amount of money to this school. In the place, where this outstanding and cute first year named Yuko masturbates, even Usami is bewildered from it. However, when Usami looks at the video which Yuko gradually watches calmly, a shocking picture is shown.

“Ju, Junko…and Midou! After all…”

In the screen, the english teacher with whom he fell in love so badly crawls over a bed and her plump and white buttocks are violated from behind by Midou Kenichi who is the science teacher of this school.

『Aaa! Kenichi… great!』

Junko raises a weak scream whenever she is pushed up from behind and she praises the thickness, size and hardness of his dick. From the high voice that Junko raises, he feels intuitionally when he hears Junko´s reaction and he burns with intense jealousy and hatred. Kenichi in the screen laughs boldly while looking at the camera, before he pushes up his thing more to provoke Usami who is looking at it.

From Junko who was dead tired once again, the science teacher takes out his meat stick which was rammed inside.


It is clearly superior than Usami´s penis and it also has an incredibly bold size.

Usami had confidence toward his own excellent specimen even if he said so himself. As for the women whom were raped by him, both professionals and amateurs applaud about his size without exception until now and they became crazy about the sturdiness when he broke into their vagina holes.

However, the thing in the screen dispels Usami’s small self-confidence. And it isn’t attainable by effort, nature or money, but the difference in performance as an born male. It isn’t possible to defy the fact with that and Usami has no choice but to gnash freely.

Midou-sensei let the english teacher work on his back and he bends over her luxurious body. Junko looks joyful and clings to Kenichi, by twining both hands and legs around his body. The lady who is held by the science teacher has completely fallen in love with him.

『Hey, Junko, say it properly. Who is better Usami or me? 』

『Aaa!! It…it can’t be compared!! Kenichi is much better!! Kenichi is much nicer!!』

『Do you like me?』

『I looovee you!! For me Kenichi is the best in the world!!! I love you very much!!』

Up to now, the woman that Usami stole from other guys, have been made to say the same thing, which is the classic lines for a man. However, to become the side to hear these words, Usami didn’t imagine it until today.

『Al, already Junko cuuuum! Nhiiiiii!! Iguuuuu!!』

Junko in the screen faints in agony with the intensity that he didn’t need to see and reaches the climax with surprising swiftness.

“My, my goodness…”

Usami who is indulging in the feeling of despair and defeat, the screen projects a different scene now. However this picture pushes the vice-principal more into hell.

“Mi, Miho…!”

It is the same scene that Risa saw once in her room, the only difference is clearly that the face of Kenichi is visible and the voice of Miho is audible without editing.

『Haaa…again I cum…cuuming!』

When he treated Miho who says loudly these words until she was dead tired, Kenichi vomits unbelievable words to Usami next.

『Well then, let’s get your back hole next Oku-san…』

A stunned Usami stares at the screen and with an unknown pleasure that Kenichi is going to taste something he didn´t by inserting his thing inside Usami´s wife.

“Aaa…Mi, Miho…”

His wife completely ignored him and when he looks at this scene in this way, the beauty of Miho was noticed again. That is why in the vexation that his important thing will be polluted, his hatred and anger that welled up let his head heating up.

However, Kenichi tastes Miho’s anus with a calm and composed expression, before he let her become crazy from the excitement.

『Huhuu, the back hole of Oku-san is the best…. If I know that Oku-san is a woman feeling it even in her buttocks, what will your husband and Risa think…?』

(Midou! You bastard!!)

Usami was invoked, thereupon he feels despair and anger that his wife in the very front turns red and shakes her whole body.

『Aaaa… If it is known to my husband and daughter, I can’t live anymore…』

『Then, let’s be careful so that it doesn’t come out…』

『Ye, yes…hiiii!』

Miho let her big hips flounder while saying so and she covets pleasure from a different man, but Usami was also unfaithful to his wife. However, nonetheless the other man who embraces MIho is the man he hated the most.

“Aaaa…Mi, Miho…”

Next to Usami is a girl who is masturbating, that’s why his thing erected gradually while shedding tears.

One hand on the desk and hanging down his head discouragingly, Usami´s misfortune continues with the words that girl next to him utters.

“Aah…sensei…the video still continues…”

After she said so, Yuko approaches Usami from the site and put a hand in front of his pants which became stiff quietly.

Looking up at Usami’s surprised face, the current scene is replaced with another scene again and a young girl is on top of a man and she wiggles her hips, while waving her smooth black hair.

The age of that girl shall still be a child. Her thin body hardly has fat on it and her small buttocks too. Attaching his hand to the small body, the man who sat down on the sofa pierces the bottom of this girl with his huge meat sword. Because the backs of the girl and man are different, Usami sees the smirking face of that man clearly.

(Ag, again…Midou…but this girl…)

The figure of this girl has been seen somewhere before and her height is also similar.

“…Th, that’s impossible…”

Even when he looks at the screen while shaking a chill runs through his back and the face of that girl is obstructed by her hair. Usami is waiting with a irritated look until the girl smoothes her hair upward by herself and cries out a pleasured soprano voice.

『Aaa! Iii! Uncle! Risa, is cumming again!! Aaa!』

“Ri, Risa!”

The voice and face belong to his beloved daughter Risa without a chance.

While Risa wiggles her young body, she raises a pleasured voice like an adult and she dances on Kenichi´s waist. From her gesture and expression, it is obvious that Usami´s really beloved daughter became the captive of the science teacher.


His cute and small Risa who he love more than anyone else in this world and who is his beloved daughter, agonizes herself like a prostitute on the waist of the man he hated the most with excitement.

Risa raises a cry that doesn’t become a proper voice and Usami stares at the screen in utter amazement, where Risa leans her body backwards intensely and she reaches an intensely height while panting and saying that it is amorous.

『Shall I take it out soon? Risa』

『Aaa! Uncle!! Take it out!! Fill Risa´s inside with it fully!! I want it!!』

To Kenichi voice, who is ejaculating in the interior of her womb Risa is praising his good performance.

『Hahiiiiiii!! Cuuuum! Cuuuuum!!』

Following the rhythm of his ejaculation, she shakes her small body. The rump which has no fat yet goes into convulsions and is lifted up. From the expression of supreme bliss that Kenichi shows, he can anticipate the strong clamping easily.

Risa is dead tired after long and she relaxes her whole body. From the joint which rise, a large quantity of white semen lodged inside overflows along the black integrity gently, which is seen on the screen clearly.


After Usami is tortured by the sense of losing everything he had this time, he shed tears of blood in his heart and sobs intensely.

When the screen ends everything remained silent until the absentminded vice-principal sees Yuko who is stroking his thing. Yuko Terashima who masturbated until a while ago, stroke the thing of the vice-principal with a heavy face.

With an dissolute expression and having seen the expressions of Miho and Risa in the screen at the same time, his reason vanishes in an instant. Some kind of black impulse wells up from his body and influences this pitiful man.

Usami forgets that it is broad daylight and attacks Yuko.

“Ah no, sensei…kusukusu…”

Although Yuko treats the vice-principal who lost his reason and attacked her by lifting her pretty hips and shaking them. Seeing a white piece of cloth appearing and disappearing in the inside of her short uniform skirt, the few reasons that remained evaporate finally and Usami attacks Yuko like a beast.

“Ah, you’re rough…”

Yuko who is pushing her hips out by herself looks at the vice-principal who blows out rough breath and is going to rape her. Her white pnaty is torn off and she sees how Usami takes off his trousers impatiently. The moment, when his pants are removed, Usami´s erected gun appeared.

Although it is inferior to Kenichi, his brown stout stick is sufficiently. Up to now, it begins to squeeze a lot of women’s screams, despairs and rejoicing, but the weapon of the man that took his lover and wife washes his tears and blood away.

“Uguuuu, gaaa”

From this moment on Usami lost his reason and he doesn´t seem to be able to speak proper words and is about to overwhelm Yuko. The moment, when the tip of his fellow which hung down slowly was going to enter the secret hole of Yuko, Yuko raised a loud voice that can cut a soul.

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa! Heeeeeeeelllppp meee!”

To the surplus decibel, which ignores the dumbfounded vice-principal, Yuko raises a loud voice and cries madly.

“Nooooooooo! Someoneeee! Help me! Someone come here!!”

Although this room is soundproofed her voice is too loud, moreover because the soundproofed door was always open, a small amount of students and teachers who were on the fourth floor gathered.

“Wh, what’s the matter!”

The first entering the audio-visual room was Genji Yamada the national language teacher.

“Kya, vice-principal! What is this!”

Looking at the stunned vice-principal with Yuko being in the condition that her underwear was torn apart Yamada-sensei run up to her. While protecting this beautiful girl who is crying in sorrow, Yamada looks toward the situation in this audio-visual room.

Soon students and other teachers gathered, too. Although Yamada closed the door in a hurry some witness the inside and understood what happened.

Making his dick tower ignominiously Usami´s figure who has taken down his pants to his knee stood there. To the ear of Usami who collapses on the floor with his hands and knees and bows his head down he hears the footsteps of men before long from a long distance.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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