Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 67

Fallen mother and daughter


The moment Miho notices while screaming, she raised her naked upper body from her bed in her home. Being drenched with sweat from head to foot, her heart throbs at an terrible speed.

(A, a dream?)

It might be a very good thing in case of an dream.

However, it’s a dream, because her body which is unable to stand up vividly shows it. Her waist is numb as if she was drunk and she has scratches and wounds here and there on her body. The time, when she acted violently to protect Risa, these wounds were created, because Junko and Rena used to control her.

(After all it wasn’t a dream…)

Looking at the clock when she turn on the light, Miho confirms that it is half past 8 in the morning. The nightmare happened last night. Miho was called by telephone to a room in a love hotel, where she had sex with Kenichi and she helped to take her daughters virginity away.

(Aaaa, Risa-chan…)

Still, what will it be, especially the virgin loss of her daughter who is a primary school kid and it was shown that it was just a stone’s throw. Although she didn’t know it, the shock that she lent her hand to it is immeasurable.

Pubic hair doesn’t grew yet in the small undeveloped hole and that awful integrity from that even Miho felt pain pierced it to show off. When the dark huge dick caves in, the small abdominal region of her daughter shivers and bright red blood overflows from it slowly. The blood streams down from the tall and stout meat sword and fell on Miho’s face.

At that time the muffled screaming of that scene and her daughter and the taste of blood when she licked Kenichi´s penis wouldn’t be forgotten in her whole life.

“Aaa…Risa-chan…please forgive me…”

Her 12-year-old daughter´s purity was deprived by her lover. This fact tortures Miho.

Next she gets up from the bed and sees that her husband isn’t next to her. Miho can’t forgive her husband who sometimes doesn’t come home without permission and she feels to cry for anger and sorrow.

(If I say formerly…if I say formerly, he…)

While staring at the empty place next to her, Miho is full of anger.

Since the past her husband was popular with women. Therefore it isn’t the first time that he tries to have an affair, which Miho noticed long ago. After they got married and Risa was born immediately after, she felt that he has women in many places from time to time slightly.

However, she endured it. Even if she closed her eyes, her husband was a good person and he loved his daughter above all. However, for this time affair, this has happened. To the extent that the guilt that blames herself is large, but the feeling to blame her husband is bigger.

In the inside of this beautiful married woman who was refined with virtue and was faithful to her husband, something broke and something new was born.

Miho stands up unsteadily and goes to Risa´s room.


She releases a small cry, when she opens her daughter’s room, but there is no one inside.

(Wh, where…)

Perhaps, is she still by Kenichi?

Before her eyes she sees that Risa´s red school satchel is put on the desk. At the same time as she has been carried somehow, someone seems to have brought her home. However, Risa´s bed was done neatly and there is no sign that her daughter slept there last night.

(Aaa…as expected she still there…)

Miho looked for her daughter throughout the house just to make sure she is there, but after all there was no sign that she is at home. What shall she do, Miho was at a loss and sat feebly on a seat in the kitchen, when she heard a dim melody.

It is a familiar ring tone. She goes to the second-floor bedroom in a hurry and take out her cellphone from her bag, where she sees the LED that she received a mail. Next she read the mail in a hurry, because the sender was Risa.

『Don’t worry, I return on Sunday evening』


Today is Saturday, so Risa comes home tomorrow evening. Miho was anxious till then and she wasn’t able to sleep at night. Of course even if no harm is added to Risa´s body, her lovely daughter is played with by Kenichi like a devil, and Miho doesn’t have a mistake that Risa becomes a plaything for Kenichi.


Her 12-year-old daughter becomes the outlet of Kenichi’s animal desires. Miho covers her face and begins to cry. This and that are seeds that she and her husband sowed and it has nothing to do with Risa.

(Why…why always, at such a time!)

To her husband who didn’t come home from last night, she feels intense anger.

Just several months ago, when her daughter had a high fever at midnight, he wasn’t there either. Miho gave up after she tried to call her husband many times and she ordered a taxi and took her daughter to the hospital and finished it without any trouble. From her husband who came home in the morning of the next day, she smelled the perfume of another woman as always.

This time when her desire is put away inside her chest it adds fuel to the flame of Miho’s quiet anger. She doesn´t seem to be able to forgive her husband this time.

(Absolutely…absolutely unforgivable!)

When Miho and Risa are serious, her husband stays outside without permission. In her heart she is a good wife and a wise mother, but it is dark from the anger that flares up intensely.

In the evening of the next day, Risa came home as promised.

“Well, it is simply. Aaa, I’m hungry~. Mom, is dinner ready?”

In the normal manner of her daughter, Miho has been dumbfounded. It is the same line that she says, when she comes back from the house of her friend and it is the manner that is not thought about from that terrible sight of the day before yesterday.

“Risa…aaa! Risa, Risa!! Mama was worried!!”

Miho runs up so that she may fly to the front door and hug Risa unintentionally with both hands as hard as possible. The existence of her daughter who wears the same clothes with which she went to school is confirmed many times in her arms.

“Ri, Risa-chan…”

“Uhu, I´m okay mom. I’m fine…”


“As for uncle, Junko and Rena, amm…emm…anyway, all of them were very gentle…. After we had a meal and entered the bathroom together, it was very happy…huhuu…”


“Therefore don´t worry, mama…. Well, at first after mama was such a thing, I have been surprised, but it is papa who is really bad. Therefore because he has angered uncle, mom isn´t bad”

Miho doesn´t understand it for some reason, but Risa seems to understand the situation.

“Aaa, Risa-chan…”

“Therefore mom don’t worry anymore…. However, uncle, wasn’t discovered by daddy…”

The skirt is changed and Risa sticks out her tongue, when she run down from the second floor and she even says such a thing and makes Miho blush. While thanking Risa for her gentle feelings to be anxious about her mother and the fear of Kenichi to let Risa surrender in this short period, she feels as if her back becomes cold.

(What will happen to us from now on…)

For the future which isn’t seen yet, Miho holds her voluptuous body with both hands and closed her eyes, while she just stood still.

Next Tuesday.

Kenichi who came over to Miho´s house as usual raped her badly. Miho resisted it first, but was pinned down to the floor immediately and has raped her at her buttocks with the skirt being rolled up at the door.

After that he brought her to the bedroom from the corridor and played with MIho on the bed and the story of Risa was heard.

After Miho fainted in the evening, Kenichi and Risa spend the time at the love hotel. It was Risa who resisted first, but then she had sex the whole night and pleasure is carved in every corner of her body. At the end Risa fainted from tasting the ecstasy.

The next day, Kenichi changed radically and become gentle, he told that he went for a meal with Risa and went for shopping. Afterwards Junko joined them and after having eaten in a super luxurious hotel, they stayed there. Since there were many elder sisters who call Kenichi “Sensei”, a female senior high school student who Junko didn’t know had come, too. According to Risa, everybody was a beauty and seemed to be very gentle.

At that time already, Kenichi completely thought that this pure grade-schooler might remain. Anyway she was still a sixth grader. When she is rolled in the pace of a crafty adult, she will be tossed around without the accomplished way.

Being blamed the whole night by Kenichi and his sex slaves, although the 12-year-old Risa becomes breathless, a common female adult is given a several-fold pleasant feeling and she understood from the pleasure which is to the extent she couldn’t faint away. When she got up in the morning, Risa was re-formed from the inside and became completely different.

“Well then…”

“So, Oku-san…. Risa completely understands you and she also know her father. Therefore she forgave me and you”

As soon as Kenichi said so, the bedroom door opens and something white has slipped in smoothly. Miho is surprised, when the person takes off her white clothes smoothly and jumped into the bed of Kenichi and Miho.


“Uhuu, today is the day when uncle comes? Therefore, I have left a little earlier than usual…”

Risa bites at Kenichi´s neck with a laugh teasingly and does intense deep kisses immediately, which surprises Miho.

“Aah, uncle…. Risa wanted to meet you”

The moment Risa licks Kenichi´s scruff who got wet with sweat clean, she gradually moves her lips below and she performs the caress like a prostitute. She just moves to Kenichi´s crotch and her face becomes enchanted, before she grasps his bold dick with her pretty hand.

“Uhuu, It has the dirty smell of mama…”


Risa says so and laughs loosely so that she doesn’t seem to be an elementary student and she stretches out her tongue in no time and crawls over his dark thing. Risa utters a cry as if she becomes intolerable immediately and she swallows Kenichi´s weapon with her lips.

“Ri, Risa-chan…aaa, you completely became familiar already…”

“Huhuu, I´m not a kid anymore…Risa is an adult now…”

Proving these words, she sucks his huge dick which dent up her small cheeks. Risa winds her small both hands around the root and she stroke it up and down.

“Ri, Risa…such a thing…”

Although she is still a primary school kid, her beloved daughter was taught how to do a blowjob. In only a 2-day lesson, this cute girl who knew nothing achieve the technique of an prostitute. Miho becomes more hopeless, because of Risa performing it willingly.

Her big eyes are sleepy from the black desire and she stuffed her whole mouth with his thing and Risa let everyone present hear her sucking sound. The penis which is longer than Risa´s face likes it very much and you can say that it’s intolerable.

(Still…still, although she is still a elementary student…she says such a thing…)

In front of the figure of her beloved daughter doing fellatio, Miho’s face seems to break into tears. However, Miho doesn’t notice that at the same time as her daughter shows an immoral act, she remembers an excitement feeling. As evidence the vagina of Miho greatly opens and a large quantity of honey liquid overflows from it slowly.


Because Risa is still an undeveloped girl, her body isn’t narrow that much. There is almost no fat generally, but her costal bone stands out. Even if she wears a white bra, her chest is thin so that there is hardly a meaning for it.

And at the time, when Kenichi moves his hand inside her chest, her small nipples erect and asserts themselves. Having a thin pink color, the moment he touches her nipples, Risa screams while holding his dick in her mouth.

“Hey, Risa, I inspect your underwear”

After having enjoyed the fellatio of this primary student badly, Kenichi orders this and Risa looks bashful, before she steps over his face. Risa´s crotch has already got wet and even her blue stripe underwear shows a dark circle spot.

Kenichi´s head is fascinated by the heavy smell that this elementary student releases, he grabs between her wet thighs.

Then during the next two hours, 2 good-looking beauties are connected with Kenichi on the bed. And they committed all kinds of immorality. The disorder state of Miho is terrible in particular and she kept being in agony and clear herself from the pent-up anger of these past days.

Kenichi violates them in turn and compares their vagina holes, after he let them do a double fellatio and let them compete against each other. He tastes the good flavor of this mother daughter duo exhaustively, until it was time to squeeze the trigger which let them have several sweet convulsions..

The exhausted mother daughter duo is left and Kenichi goes back to his school. The preparation was complete with this. In order to finally finish it, he walk so that he may fly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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