Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 66

Mother and daughter?s hell on earth

Chapter 66: Mother and daughter´s hell on earth

Kenichi stands up slowly and cut the ties of Risa. However, the ball gag that is braced inside her mouth is left without taking it off.

“This is also necessary….”

The red school satchel put to the side. Because she was kidnapped, when she was leaving school, it is right here filled with small pleasant tools. For Risa who doesn’t know about it, she takes it and carries it on her back.

“Bring her, when I signal you”

Kenichi leaves a message for Rena and went into the neighboring room. On the bed of the neighboring room, after Miho is still fucked through the back gate by the penis band, without being able to faint from the excitement, before she is uttering a cry of excitement.

“It is good already, Junko”

The beautiful female teacher doesn´t want to show her face which is full of sweat and pulls out the black dildo from Miho’s ass. The black dildo gets wet from the intestinal juice and shines. Miho lays her body wearily on the bed, letting her chest go up and down from spitting out rough breath like a bellows.

“By the way, Oku-san…because another woman will be called now, will you help to rape that woman?”

“…Hi hiaa…, haahaa…ye, yes…whatever you want…”

Miho turns her sweaty face and still obeys the order of Kenichi. He rules her body and heart perfectly and she won’t complain now even if she is blamed to death.

“Huhuu, because the girl still seems to be a virgin, she may resist it a little, so Oku-san please lick the pussy of that girl so she doesn’t have pain”

“…Ye, yes…I understood…”

Being completely tamed by lesbian play now, it was Miho that doesn´t have resistance at all to lick between the legs of another woman and she obeys Kenichi´s instructions without doubting it.

“Ee? Ee?”

When Kenichi takes out a black cloth, he covers the eyes of Miho and blindfolds her.

“What, wouldn’t it be exciting in this way?”


She was tied up, blindfolded and violated until now by Kenichi, but an doubtful stimulation increase slightly, because Miho remembered the excitement that she was excited about it, too and she doesn’t think anything in particularly even if she is blindfolded now.

(With this the preparations are completed…)

Kenichi laughs devilish and signals something towards the mirror. For the festival of the mother-daughter duo that will begin from now on, the blood of the Inma starts to boil.

While she is pulled to the other room, Risa acted violently with unexpected power, but she is suppressed by Junko and Rena and she only has the power of an primary schoolchild after all. Her figure is as if she is in the middle of leaving school while carrying her red school satchel on her back, Risa is brought to the same room where her mother is. The only different is the mouth restriction.

“Higuuu! Huguuu!”

Screaming desperately by having a ball gag in her mouth, Risa is drawn to the bed. She made up her mind to give her virginity to the man for the sake of her beloved mother and that’s why she didn´t think that she will have sex in front of her mother. However, when Risa thinks of the situation, she advances further cruelly.

This room is a room of a love hotel in Kasumicho, it is a special room where so-called SM lovers gather. The room charge is really large, but it is the environment that was most suitable to watch each other’s plays through the magic mirror like this time. Junko heard about it from Usami and decided this stage for this trap.

Thus, the room had large and small SM tools, like the penis band that Junko added to her waist this time and the ball gag in Risa´s mouth who acted violently answers the purpose of these tools and only the blindfold is a tool from outside.

“Huguuuu! Guuuugu!”

“Aa… this girl, she somewhat act really violently is she alright?”

Miho doesn´t understand it clearly with the blindfold, but she guessed with the atmosphere of the surrounding. Miho say so in an uneasy way, before Kenichi kisses her lightly and whispers kindly that everything is alright. Miho is enchanted immediately and responses to the tongue of her dear lover, by doing deep kisses with an intense use of her tongue. The moment her huge breasts are rubbed, this topic immediately came to don´t matter.

“Huhu, she is ready”

In the middle of the huge double bed, Risa´s who got down on all fours and carrying her school satchel on the back, hands and feet are tied to chains which lengthened from every direction. Risa tries to act violently desperately, however she is interrupted by the chains spreading tightly and she can’t move at all.

“By the way, let’s allow me to worship this lovely pussy…”


Kenichi goes behind Risa´s hips which are stretched out and he rolls her pretty miniskirt up, to expose the crotch of the 12-year-old Risa. Her white cotton panty sticks between her crotch and is completely wet.

“What, isn´t it already soaking wet…. If your mother sees it, she will feel sad”


Without regarding Risa who raises a cry of pain, Kenichi brings his face close between her thighs spreading a virginal smell and he fully tastes this sweet smell. After fresh body fluid is mingled with this girl’s sweat which is the same virgin smell of Yuko which he tasted the other day, Kenichi smells it directly between Risa´s legs.

“It’s intolerable…”

Without being able to endure it Kenichi groans like a wild beast and says so, before he clings between the thighs of Risa who shakes windingly.


Risa gives a cry through the mouth shackles. Kenichi’s face is buried in her shameful place to death and she resists it desperately, but Kenichi holds her down easily and thoroughly enjoys himself between the crotch of this 12-year-old cute girl.

“Huhuu, it’s that Kenichi is very fond of a sweaty pussy…”

“You don’t wash it, it is smelly…. Huhuu you’re abnormal…”

Looking at Kenichi grabbing at the white underwear of this primary school girl, while Junko and Rena play with each other’s crotch, they whisper to each other this while chuckling. Women who understand Kenichi’s preferences, play with it, by not exchanging the underwear which got sweaty on purpose, to hold it out for Kenichi between their crotches.

After having licked it clean from the white cotton underwear, Risa’s secret garden appeared when he moved her wet panty aside.

(Ooo! That’s the pussy of an elementary schoolgirl…)

It still doesn’t contain any hair not to mention it is more small-sized than an adult and the entrance is modest without developed yet. The slit of the meat which is probably just closed usually, congests with excitement from the stimulation and revealing the internal structure slightly. There isn’t much pubic hairs, too, but it is pitiful that it is short and thin.

Kenichi licks his lips, before he crawls his tongue over the secret spot that became vivid pink.


Risa is teased between her legs by Kenichi’s bold tongue and although this 12-year-old lovely girl turns red from embarrassment, she screams without having anything done to her. Electricity from that doubtful pleasure flows between her crotch and Risa endures it desperately,but a weak voice almost leaks out.


When his bold tongue gets into the childish vagina hole, especially Risa screams greatly from fear and pleasure and even if it is blocked by the gag, it doesn’t arrive to the ear of her mother.

(Help me…mom…)

Her mom is blindfolded and looking at her sitting down on the bed in utter amazement, Risa feels hopeless, while Kenichi attacks from behind and covets between her crotch to his heart’s content.

At the time Kenichi was satisfied and separates his face, the modest petal of Risa completely got wet and has finished opening. Kenichi wipes his face which became sticky and finally directs himself to Miho.

“Well, Oku-san…plop yourself down here and go under here”

“Ye, yes…”

Being it so, Kenichi leads Miho under the body of her daughter who is made to crawl to the center of the bed and becomes the sixty-nine position.


It needs to be said that her partner is blindfolded and before the face of her mother, Risa is feeling embarrassed to expose her dripping wet crotch and she twists her body desperately. However, her voice is muffled, so that Miho doesn’t know that it is her own daughter.

Kenichi greatly pushes Risa’s underwear to the side and exposes a pretty crack where pubic hairs grow. It is infringed by Kenichi’s tongue and the petal opens plumply and seems to invite a man.

“By the way, Oku-san, because I’ll receive this girl’s virginity now, let’s have Oku-san improve the slipping for a moment ahead of that…”

“Ye, yes…”

In this abnormal situation that she helps to rob the virginity of an strange girl, Miho answers while feeling thrilled. She makes an abnormal play with Kenichi, but she came to be used to such an play little by little.

Kenichi gets down on his knee behind Risa´s small hips and pushes his tall and stout weapon on the wet petal slowly. In that way a lot of beautiful girls are lead to scream and Miho’s blindfold who is under Risa was removed


On Miho’s face who turns around to the back of the bed and plops herself down, the tall and stout gun towers and the petal of the girl is going to be pierced in any moment by it. Having a look to the pubic region, Miho thinks that this girl hasn’t become an adult yet.

Junko puts a pillow behind the head of Miho and lifts the head and the tongue starts to reach Kenichi´s thing. While Kenichi laughs thinly, the elegant lip of Miho swallows his thing slowly.


“After fully getting it wet, it will prevent this girl from having pain…”

Miho applies a good amount of saliva on Kenichi’s thing, which will take the virginity of her daughter soon. Saliva is saved in the mouth and it’s being spread around the stout and thick stick.

And before she knew it, Risa´s secret spot appears before her face again. This time Rena attaches a new penis belt and gets slowly on the bed and applies the cream on it. It’s different from the one Junko was wearing and it is the double dildo that Kenichi always uses.

When the preparation is completed, Kenichi finally pushed the tip of his dick to the secret garden of Risa. To match it with the physical small Risa, he greatly opens his feet and drops his waist as much as possible. The scrotum which hung down hits the face of Miho who is below them.

Risa raises her waist to escape desperately and the red school satchel on her back shakes every time.

With the miniskirt wearing waist which moves to escape, the position is adjusted. The aim of the penis which warped hard is applied to the 12-year-old virgin hole. The waist of the primary school girls is held with both hands and is surprisingly thin.

Risa raises a squeal that overcast continuously her fear and ironically it was Miho to cheer her up.

“All right…, it end at once…. Even if it is painful, endure it, Kenichi will make it comfortable immediately…”

While saying such a thing, towards her own daughter who isn’t identified from the body, she encouragely calls out to her. Miho still stimulates the pretty flower with her tongue and eagers to feel this girl even a little.

(Mom…, mom…its me…Risa…)

Risa cries out desperately, but it doesn’t become a proper voice under the ball gag. Although Kenichi has the thought that his blood becomes sour, he pushed up his waist slowly from the bottom.At first the virgin hole reisted tightly, but in the next moment it is defeated from the pressure and the road is transferred gradually.



At the same time Rena added her double dildo inside Miho´s wet vagina hole to have sex with her. With preparations of sixty-nine position, the beautiful mother-daughter duo are pierced the same moment.

When the tip of the penis gets in to some extent, there is light resistance and Kenichi understands that it is the hymen. Kenichi matches his eyes with Rena and grins, because he thrust through the wet virgin hole at one stretch.



Staring at the huge thing piercing each other’s private parts, the daughter and mother duo scream in pain and pleasure. And from the secret meat of Risa who was a virginity until now, fresh blood begins to flow sloppily and overflows along the dick.

“Huuuuu! Not good, this is…”

The virginity of the primary school girl that is pretty like an angel is taken by Kenichi and being it an abnormal situation happening in front of Risa´s mother, wicked blood seems to boil for excitement in his body. Of course the good flavor of the 12-year-old purity is too good and the small meat way incredibly tightens because of fear and pain, therefore Kenichi is seized with the impulse that he seems to ejaculate even immediately.

“Huhuu, is this girl so good?”

“Aaa, it was also tight at Yuko’s time and it’s unexpected small. It is addictive”

Catching the thin waist of Risa and violating the childish vagina of this elementary girl cruelly, Kenichi kisses with Junko and gropes between her legs in excitement. Pushing his penis deeply, it infringes upon the undeveloped vagina mercilessly, before it’s pulled out slowly.


While Miho receives the pelvic thrust of the intense dildo between her legs it was pulled out and appeared immediately and she sees Kenichi´s meat stick that became sticky with body fluid and blood with utter amazement. At the same time as the brutal figure gives a shiver to Miho, it brings deep awe and the sense of obedience.

Kenichi just places his thing inside Miho´s mouth and enters it slowly. While the depths of her throat is being attacked with this integrity and tears run down her eyes, Miho cleans the mix of blood and body fluid. It tastes like iron and this married woman realizes that the girl lost her purity now.

In that way when he let Risa experience her first time, Kenichi orders Miho to clean the petal of the girl pushed open mercilessly.

“Hey, because blood goes out and it is painful, please lick it clean”

At the place, where this girl lost her purity, fresh blood oozes out from the depths since a while ago and she understands that she suffers an intense laceration.

(Aaa, it is pitiful…. and a lot of blood is running out…)

However, Miho has an excited look, she licks the crotch of her daughter clean. As for the muffled voice of agony that this girl achieved, she is adding fuel to the excitement with which Miho is thrilled.

After the blood is drunk and sipped, Kenichi sinks his gun again in the 12-year-old meat hole. The vaginal laceration is rubbed against it which enters again and this elementary girl raises a scream with the possibility to open her mouth because of the ball gag.


In spite of the inside being filled with blood and viscous liquid and being slimy Risa´s undeveloped vagina twines around the penis of the middle-aged man windingly, The muscle of the entrance tightens the penis so that there is a bruise.

“Kenichi-sama, how is the taste of this elementary girl?”

(Eh?…Th, that’s impossible…impossible, impossible…)

Miho is surprised from the casual words of Rena. It prevented her from thinking till then, but she remembers a certain possibility and uneasiness wells up like summer black clouds suddenly.

“Unbearable…she is tightening so badly, my penis seems to be bitten off. Being 12 years old and having such a nasty habit, like her mother, she will be promising in the future…”

(A, a lie! Such…there is not such a possibility…)

Reaching up to here, she still tries to believe in her mother. Kenichi pulls out his weapon again and it is full with viscous liquid and blood and Miho sucks from herself desperately.

Kenichi signals Rena who is enjoying having sex with MIho. She removes the ball gag that is braced in Risa´s mouth.


For the weak voice that Risa raises, Miho who sucked between Kenichi´s legs absorbedly startles and freeze her movement.

“Th, that’s impossible…”

“…Aa, mom…it is painful, I want to die…”

“Hiiiiiii! Risa! Risa! Risaaaaaaaa!”

Miho who screams and writhes, is blockaded by Risa´s chained body so she can´t move and it isn´t the art which her hands and feet are repressed by Rena and Junko.

“Hey, I insert it again, Oku-san…”

“I want you to stop it! Aaaa, my goodness Risa…demon! Devil!”

Miho who cried desperately, ironically even if her body is tamed in such a state, she feels the dildo in the interior of her womb and she is made to try to be forcibly. After Miho’s wish is ignored, Kenichi rams his huge meat stick with the cruel use of his waist again inside Risa´s vagina hole.

“Hiiiii! Ouch! Ouch! Help me! Mama!”

“Risa-chan! Tightly! Tightly! Aaaaa!”

Hearing the voices of the crying mother-daughter duo, Kenichi can’t endure the increasing stimulation and after a lot of male energy is put out, he pollutes her pretty uterus thoroughly with it.


Having sex with an primary school girl who carried a red school satchel on her back from behind, Kenichi enjoys the releasing of his semen to his heart’s content.

Risa’s hips are lifted tightly in front of him and his dick pulsates profusely. Miho who realizes the meaning, screams in despair and fear. Because Risa had her period just recently, they celebrated it. In other words, despite being a primary school girl, Risa can become pregnant.

Ironically at this moment, Miho’s lust exploded. Tightening the huge dildo inside her womb, she indulges in ecstasy hopelessly.


The pleasured voice of Kenichi and the voices of despair occurs at the same time and echoes through this room. As for Miho, she is pushed up by the climax and she felt that everything before her went black while cursing all gods of this world.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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