Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 64

Caught daughter

“Ah, it has already started…”

Opening the door and entering was the first grader Rio Hasegawa.

“Eee! Rio-chan?”

“That’s right, Yuko-chan. I am teacher’s pet…”

Enjoying the surprised face of her classmate, Rio is getting close while smiling. When she goes behind the desk and kisses with Kenichi, she makes a sweet bite on his earlobe and whispers something with a lustful voice.

“I was really afraid of Yamada-sensei….can I have a huge reward today”

Watching the fellatio of her classmate, she wants a better reward for her acting than Kenichi´s face rubbing against her swollen chest. Kenichi moves his hand inside the short skirt of her uniform, inside there, honey liquid already overflowed like a flood and like Yuko.

That day. Genji Yamada was moved by black greed that welled up and attacked Rio after club activities were over in the physical education warehouse. However, because the whole school is covered with his wave that works completely like a radar, Kenichi knows very clearly what is performed where at school.

So Kenichi and Junko entered the warehouse with a digital camera and immediately before Yamada’s exactly breaking into Rio. Yamada who was exposed at his lower part of the body is confused, when Kenichi took several photos with his camera. Afterwards, Junko took the crying Rio with her and Kenichi had told Yamada what will happen in the future, while laughing in his mind.

By the way, Kenichi who sensed the surge of black greed from Yamada, already persuaded Rio to create such a situation on purpose some days ago. As for her having gone to the unpopular physical education warehouse expressly, in other words, it was to set up a trap for Yamada.

“You did well. You may suck my thing”

After having fun with his finger for a while, Rio’s sweet mouth is sucked.

“The place where Yuko Is unskilled, I’ll teach you everything”

Two beautiful girls face each other between the crotch of the science teacher and are smiling for doing such an licentious extra class. Rio´s fellatio skills were forged in this one month, and her skill is to the extent that Kenichi is speechless with admiration.

“Amu…muhuuh…nee, here is the point…uhuh…”

“Ah…like this? …Huuuh…ahaa, now with a dip…”

“Uhuhuhu, an evince feeling. Hey, do it more here…”

Between the slightly opened crotch of Kenichi, pretty high school girls attach their pretty lips from right and left on the meat stick thats warping extremely well and an extremely obscene service is done. Two pink tongues lick the erected crotch of Kenichi which becomes sticky from saliva and has begun to spin. These two slide their mouths as if playing a harmonica from both sides and pre-cum overflows from the tip, Rio keeps it awake and catches it with the tip of her tongue to taste it.

Such a thick double fellatio is tasted, but Kenichi reads documents with a calm face and I do his work as a teacher silently. If it was Kenichi one month ago, he would have already gushed out honey liquid numerously.

“Huu, I´m thirsty a little…”

When Kenichi says so, he separates his eyes from the document and lets Yuko stand up. Yuko who continued her oral service before Rio came looks at Kenichi with sleepy eyes.

“Go up on this desk for a moment”

“Ye, yes…”

Yuko obediently listen and looks at Kenichi bashfully when she goes up on the firm desk. Meanwhile, Rio joyfully monopolize Kenichi´s dick and indulges to the service showing a thicker fellatio.

“Hey, open your crotch in this way and show it to me…”

“Noo… I’m embarrassed…”

Yuko felt embarrassed, when both her slender legs are opened with full force and she sits without any resistance on the desk and exposes the depths of her skirt to the eyes of the science teacher. The beautiful girl who has twin tail with red ribbons on both sides on her head, supports her body from behind and opens her healthy thighs to the fullest.

“Already, isn’t it already soaking wet…. Huhuu, you’re a horny high school girl”

“Nooo, don’t look at it…”

Becoming bright red, Yuko’s getting a pleasant sensation by showing it and continues the same appearance with an slightly enchanted face. The unaffected underwear of Yuko becomes dripping wet from her secret spot.

Without Kenichi being able to endure the sweet-sour smelly smell of this high school girl, he is clinging between her wet crotch.

“Hiiiii! Nooo…”

Sticking between the crotches of that pretty high school girl, Kenichi enjoys to taste this fresh body fluid to his heart’s content. Besides, his erected gun violates the clean mouth of another high school girl. This situation is a dream for every men, even Kenichi is attacked by the excitement that his head becomes incandescent.

Sensing his excitement, Rio corners Kenichi with a hotter movement. She has just finished rubbing the meat stick with one hand, when her other hand softly massages Kenichi´s back door and stretches out her finger to stimulate his asshole. Rio also rubs between her groin insteps while doing so, she get it wet.

Rio’s finger enters into Kenichi’s anus, as expected, it was the limit. Kenichi place his bold tongue in Yuko’s vagina and enters, while sipping and drinking the overflowing honey liquid and from the inside of his throat, Rio twists a faucet of the pleasure, and he throw out hot sperm in large quantity.



Feeling the climax of their ruler, Rio and Yuko fall into the valley of pleasure at the same time. Inside the perfect hunting ground named Ellis all girls high school, the inma makes his lay slowly and is certain that the number of slaves is increased and the poison expands.

Risa Usami had a dream. It is a memory when she was young, something where she was really happy. Both her parents laugh without worry in the dream and smiled happily together like a normal family.

However, the laughing face of her mother changed to a face that endures something before one is aware of.

『Mama? What’s with you?』

When Risa who startles asks this, her mother is completely naked all too soon and a strong man bent over her from behind and raped her mother.


The face of her mother turns into a pleasured face in a moment and a shrill and panting voice has been shot out from the mouth without stopping. Whenever the man uses his waist intensely, the breasts of her mother shake a lot and Risa hears the tone that wet meats are clashing against each other.

『No! Stop it! Mama!』

However her mother´s face doesn’t look at Risa but in front and she is absorbed by the pleasure so her eyes are sleepy.

『Hey! Dad! Stop it!』

Next Risa turns around towards her father who sees the intense sex of his wife and another man and he rubs his penis, because he is absorbed in masturbation. His eyes become muddy and yellow and he seems like a hungry brute.


It was Risa who screamed at the abnormal figures of her parents, furthermore, when the man raping her mother pulls out his huge thing which occupied the vagina before, he sticks it against the back gate.



In this place where the mother and daughter duo scream at the same time, Risa wishes that this is a nightmare and immediately she woke up.


The moment Risa opens her eyes, she is in an utterly dark room and she was tied to a chair. Why is she in such a place, she didn´t understand it for a while, at last she thought she was made to sleep with some kind of drug.

“You wake up….”


In the room where she thought she was alone, there was a man. He sat down on a chair in the same way as Risa, his face is dark, and it isn’t understood yet. However, is it her imagination or does the voice sound familiar?

“You slept for a while, so don’t think ill of me”

“Huhuu, because you only took a pill a little, you don’t need to be scared”

Another woman stands next to the man. Risa noticed that the voice belongs to the woman with that sportcar. That reminds her after driving inside the car for a while, she was made to drink a juice and that’s the last she remembers before she became sleepy. She didn’t sleep enough because of the video’s being shown yesterday, that’s why her body seemed to be exhausted aside from her mind.

“Why are you doing this…. No, please release me! Let me go home!”

Risa cries because of fear and panic, before that man continues talking in a gentle voice persuading Risa slowly.

“You want to know about the video of your mother, didn´t you take the car?”


It is so. Although she remembers it now, but the man who is in front of her was the man of that video. The man who raped her mother in that video is right in front of Risa. This fact makes Risa be terrified.

“Y, yo, you…of the vi, video…”

“Yes, I raped your mother…. In fact, recently your mother often pestered me to rape her”

“Li, lie! Such a thing! My mom isn’t such a person!”

Couragely Risa counterattacks, but her tone shakes and she fears this man whose face isn’t visible clearly. Anyway, the other side is an adult man and she is a elementary school girl, besides, she is tied up to the chair and can’t move.

“It isn’t a lie…look, she is so happy now…”

The man moves a black curtain aside and a window appeared, where light illuminates the whole surface of the utterly dark room. When narrowing her eyes to see carefully in the dazzling light, she was able to grasp the state of the neighboring room. However, the scene was unthinkable for Risa.

“Hiiii! Mo, Mom!”

While Risa screams, on the other side Miho who is naked gets down on all fours and was blamed by a beautiful woman who she hadn’t seen before from behind. Though it doesn’t see here between mother’s groins, From the expression and gesture, It is certain that something indecent violates the interior of the womb.

“Huhuu, do you see it? Between the crotch of the woman raping your mom, is a toy looking just like a big willie, which pleases your mom…”

Risa is surprised without being able to say something. Kenichi switched something on and the voices of the next room are audible in this room. Probably a microphone is set and so she can hear it through the speaker.

“Risa, do you know magic mirror?”

『Aaaa! Not good anymore…. Cum! Cum! Cuum…』

『Huhuu, Is it so good? Miho-san is greedy. How many times is it with this? Don´t you think that you feel sorry for your husband?』

『No! I am not nasty! wants to be able to lend Miho!』

When Miho says so with a desperate look, without knowing that her daughter sees her, she raises a shameless voice and writhes, before her whole body trembles from the arranged words of pleasure. It is awfuller than the scene which she saw on the video and Risa saw how her screams to the top.

“How is it? It is likely to have understood…”

“Aa, Aa…”

From the light of the other room, the face of the man in front of her became visible. However, Risa didn’t see him before and he was a middle-aged man with an ordinary face and without any features.

This man holds the waist of the pretty woman standing next to him and this beautiful woman embraces the scruff of this middle aged man with an charmed face and she licks the scruff clean so that Risa can see it. Clinging to this ordinary middle-aged man, the fact that such a super pretty woman sticks to him, the sense of uneasiness is remembered by Risa. However, this pretty woman doesn’t care about such a thing and she crawls her tongue around his neck.

“By the way, by all means your mama, do you want to know why she came to have sex with me?”

(Aaaa, mom is horny…)

Kenichi urges so and the beautiful woman kneels down between his legs and takes down his pants joyfully.

“It is the fault of your father”

(Aaa…after all…)

For Risa having won her inference inwardly, she felt something and she understands it with surprise. After all, her father has caused this trouble and her mother was involved in that. Otherwise her gentle and modest mother wouldn’t let her body do as such a man wants.

“When I talk easily, your father betrayed your mother and had an affair. No, should I say that he did?”

The beautiful woman takes down the pants and gets rid of the trunks, before Kenichi´s crotch appears before Risa.


The grotesque lump of flesh which looks several times bigger than when she saw it on the video warps in front of Risa in a manly way. When the beautiful woman has it in her hand, after checking the state of Risa for an instant, she begins to stroke it slowly. It warps inside her hand even more, Her pure white hand in contrast to the dark dick is shocking. After doing it so for a while, Junko puts her bright red lips on the ugly meat pillar slowly.

“Huhuu, is this the first time that you look at the real thing?”

Seeing a surprised face from Risa, Kenichi laughs thinly. A young woman waits beautifully between his legs and crawls over the rugged penis. Her long tongue which grows out from her red lips wriggles slimily and lewdly around it..

“Now, let’s continue our talk…. Your father, had an affair with a young beautiful female teacher at my school…. Well, although your father seemed to rape that beautiful woman teacher forcibly…do you understand what rape is? He threaten her to have sex by force”

The man grins when he says it and turns a cruel smile towards the primary school girl.

“The partner that your daddy had an affair, is the woman with whom I’m associating…”


Intelligent Risa seems to have known what this man wanted to say, while the man enjoys the hot fellatio that the beautiful woman gives, he continues talking.

“Therefore, your daddy has made it with my girlfriend and that’s why your mom doesn’t like to return…”

“Then, then that is your revenge…?”

“When you say so…but as Risa saw it on the video, your mama is more aggressive recently…. “She meets me on her own, by e-mailing me”

“It is a lie! Mum isn’t like that…”

However, her tone isn’t as strong as until a while ago and it seems to be said that she wants to believe so herself some, but a nuance trying to convince her is mixed inside.

“Whether it’s a lie, you can see it from here…”

When the man says so and stands up, a apparatus like a ball was brought.

“Huhuu, endure it a little. When you raise a loud cry, it’s bad…”

Not a serious thing including the resistance of this weak primary school girl, Risa was made to open her mouth and was made to hold that ball inside her mouth. The man just disappears toward the side of the room and the beautiful woman who brought Risa here stays next to her.

“Hey, look with your own eyes, the true figure of mom…uhuhu…“

The beauty says so and points to window in front of her. Miho who got down on all fours as ever on the bed lifts her hips high and is seen through the window, she was in agony by the pelvic thrust that the beautiful woman sent from behind and cried. From the high-pitched soprano voice, Risa assumes in her mind how lewd this was.

Then in the room next door, that man who was in this room until now appeared.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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