Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 63

Mother?s secre

Chapter 63: Mother´s secret

Kenichi takes the virginity of Yuko Terashima at that time as Risa Usami switched on the DVD in her room.

(What DVD is it?)

While setting the disk where nothing is written on the white label, she thinks about the bright beautiful woman who she met today.

Risa was going to return from school, when she was called out by a young woman in a mini skirt and tank top in front of the school gate. This woman got off from a bright red car and called out Risa´s name and handed this DVD.

『Ii? Look at this DVD alone because a very important thing is recorded』

She might be a university student. Risa has seen this beautiful woman somewhere before, while this woman says so she only smiles, before she drove in her car away.

Risa turns it on and a room seemed to be filmed by this home video. Something with external color is projected on the screen and shakes regularly up and down.


She didn’t know what it was at first, but it didn’t take much time to notice that it was the profile of a woman. And her face can’t be seen very well with her chestnut hair which hung down and she shakes something up and down.


Next the screen of the camera is pulled a little and Risa notices that it shows the face of that woman. From her lips which were attached with red lipstick something dark goes in and out in spite of being light.

This woman stroke something which she took in her mouth, since the mouth is separated by now she became intolerable and licks this mysterious-shaped object clean.

“What is this!”

Risa mentioned it unconsciously. When she becomes a sixth grader, she will know about sex as tentative knowledge and she is also interested in it. Among her classmates, there is a friend who kissed with her boyfriend already, too.

But Risa joined hands with the classmates who are associating with her. Because it is Risa, even if she knows the act called fellatio, this is the first time to witness it. That’s why Risa glanced surprised at the screen which projects a hot oral caress endlessly.

『Do you like it so much? Oku-san…』

The man called the woman doing fellatio “Oku-san” and he said it with an mixed voice of shucking and jiving.

『Ye, yes…I like it very much…』

The woman tells so with an enchanted voice enchanted and to show off her tongue skills to that man, the mouth is separated and her long tongue wriggles erotically. Only from the voice and gesture, Risa who doesn´t have sexual experience understands from the the bottom of her heart, that it seems to be nice and that this woman subordinates herself to this man to serve him.

『Is it better than your husband?』

『Aah, yes…. This is much better…』

Those two seem to do something immoral. Still, having another penis than her husband in her mouth, this married woman serves her lover willingly and Risa still feels a light hate sense.

However, the man in the screen combs up the hair of the woman who serves him and her profile became clear.

(Eh! Eh! That´s! Lie!!)

This woman is beautiful, her bright eyes are melting in pleasure and she looks toward the man with lust. This white and beautiful profile belongs to Miho Usami who was Risa´s mother.

(Lie, lie! There is no way that is mom!)

Her intelligent and modest mother wouldn’t betray her father specially and commit something immoral. However, Risa seems to be upset at a glance, but the screen tells a cruel fact.

『I’d like to tell it to vice-principal Usami…』

『No, don’t say such a thing…』

(A, after all…)

In the room dyed red by the sunset, Risa felt like everything before her has gone black while staring at the screen.

(Why? Why?)

After her mother´s capricious site is shown, this elementary school girl only repeated a question without answer in utter amazement. Her mother isn’t attacked and raped by force, because Miho in the screen advanced from herself and committed an immoral act. When she became hollow and lewdly breathed in and put up her cheeks, she moved her tongue intensely while smiling with rapture.

Afterwards the screen changed and on a sofa, the form of her mother violated in the back sitting position has come into her view.

(Kyaaaaaa! Muum!! Noooo!)

It was a shocking scene.

Miho turns toward the camera while sitting on the man and a tall and stout thing which violated Miho´s groin until a while ago pierces it in spite of being a little wet. Whenever Miho moves her body, the warped dark meat pillar goes in and out of her pink petal.

『Haaaa…again I´m cuming…cuming!』

Moving the waist lewdly, Miho in the screen tells so with an enchanted face and she indulges into the ecstasy while letting her whole body tremble. Risa understood that a thick body fluid is overflowing from Miho’s womb.

Risa is just looking, how her mother reaches the climax on the screen many times and keeps being in agony which can be heard from her voice. Her voice sometimes breaks off and her mother is calling out the man’s name. Seeming edit, even if his voice was heard,the face of the man didn’t appear on the screen.

Miho didn´t mind her appearance, after having been exhausted and that man pulled out his dick from the interior of Miho´s womb.


The whole strange content is witnessed for the first time and Risa is frightened instinctively.

『Then, Let’s get the hole of wife’s hips next…』


In front of Risa who is stunned without knowing why, the man inside the screen raised Miho´s waist and she saw it very well from the camera, he pushed his huge dick into the back gate of Miho.

(No way!)

Right in front of the struck dumbed Risa, the back door of her mother swallowed the dick of her lover slowly.

『Huhuu, the hole of your buttocks is the best…. If they know that you as a woman feel it even in your buttocks, what would your husband and Risa say…』

Suddenly Risa´s name is called and her body trembles..

『Aaaa…if it is known to my husband and daughter, I can’t live anymore…』

『If it’s that the case, be careful not to come to light at most at your house….』

『Ye, yes…hiiiii!』

When the man uses his waist and Miho’s anus is gone through deeply, Miho raises a really high-pitched voice and leans back, while exposing her white nape. That middle aged man who hugs her mother from behind sticks fast to her white nape and a dark red kiss mark was clearly visible there.

『Aaa! Hiiii! In such a place…ahuu…don’t put it there…』

『You should say that you were bitten by an insect, huhu…』

Miho is connected through her anus with him and her sweaty body had convulsions intensely for approximately ten minutes and she became dead tired. Her pale-complexioned chest is rubbed death with the hands that came from behind and red handprints are attached clearly. With the upward looking face of Miho who has sweat on the forehead and panting, the DVD ended.


As for Risa, while the screen started to show black and white particle, she was stunned. To the image of the remainder if you say too much, she doesn’t know why it is so good. She intended to tell it to her father, but the words her mother in the screen said are remembered.

『If it’s known to my husband and daughter, I can’t live anymore…』

These words become a hindrance, so Risa can’t do it.She is stunned in her room as having been thrown into despair, her crotch finished getting wet so that she is embarrassed, that her pretty cotton panty becomes wet and that it feels unpleasant.

On that day, it is just Risa and her mother, it isn’t worthy to have dinner with Miho and Risa said that she has no appetite and went out of the room. Miho worried flourishingly, naturally she didn´t notice that she is the cause that of it.

On the next day Risa didn’t want to go to school, but she hated being at home, because she will meet Miho all day more. When she was about to leave the house without having breakfast, Miho had spoken to her, but Risa makes a gesture that she doesn’t hear her and goes out.

At that time, it occurs her, when she sees Miho’s scruff, the sign of the kiss mark which she saw on the video last night remained on her white skin.

(After all, it’s true…)

When thinking so she doesn’t want to stay here and Risa jumped out of the house without hearing what her mother says.

She is absent-minded during class. Her mother whom she respected because of her wisdom and prettiness had an affair with an unknown man and even permitted him to do fellatio for him and use her back door.

(I feel sad for dad…)

Until now how many affairs did her father have, one time Risa left her room at midnight and heard that her mother quarrelled with her father. Judging from the eyes of her daughter, vice-principal Usami is a energetic father and seems to be popular with women.

Her mother has cried late at night in the kitchen. Therefore, the affair of her mother isn’t only caused by the misconduct of her mother merely.

(There is something surely…. It must be so, mom wouldn’t do such a thing! I´m sure!)

Risa has the feeling that she wants to believe her mother and she decides to believe her reasoning.

After school, when Risa leaves the school gate the same red car as yesterday stand there and the same beauty from yesterday wrapped in a tight dress was waiting for Risa.

“Hello, Usami Risa”

Risa who was going to return with a friend, had electricity running through her body when she saw her face, but she still approaches this beautiful woman.

“Did you look at the DVD from yesterday?”

“Ah, what kind of thing is that! Why did mom do this”

Risa questions this beauty and the pretty woman laughs lightly, wearing sunglasses, she pointed to the passenger seat.

“If you want to know, come with me”

Risa hesitated for a while and she scowls at that beautiful woman laughing strangely with and she showed her courage and fitted into the seat next to the driver of the sportscar. The sunglassed beauty laughs with a smile and when she boards the car slowly, she starts the engine and took out her cell-phone out of her porch which seemed to be high-quality.

The time is 3:00 p.m and for Risa and her family it was only the beginning and it is still a long day.

“Thank you”

When knowing that his plan goes well through his phone, Kenichi sits down on the chair at the science preparation room and pats the hair of the girl who moves her face up and down between his legs quietly. The person who has his erected dick inside her mouth now is Yuko Terashima who just lost her virginity yesterday here.


Yuko licks its root with her unsteady tongue, before moving her waist with a really flushed face. In the place where her virginity was deprived yesterday, the hot feeling still remains inside her womb, the first grader has blazed like fire since the morning.

When Kenichi inserted his thing the second after she lost her virginity yesterday, it became incredibly comfortable and in front of the english and music teacher, he has done it over and over again.

Even when she was dead tired, Kenichi commanded fellatiofrom her and she was informed by Tomomi and Junko how it will be done and her first mouth service was performed. The moment she received the hot cloudy liquid in her throat, she fainted from the climax she tasted and her body fluid- saliva mixture was shared and drunk by Junko and Tomomi.

Now Kenichi lets Yuko do fellatio again and he gropes the place between her legs which is covered by her uniform skirt.

“Huhuu, can you say with confidence that, it isn’t soaked…”

“No, I´m ashamed…”

Even if Yuko is shy, she doesn’t stop her indecent service. Kenichi´s semen which harbors the power of the Incubus is poured twice in the interior of Yuko´s womb and Yuko became a slave of the science teacher who she had a crush on plainly.

“Come to think of it, Terashima’s father is a congressman? A member of the House of Representatives” (Tl note: )

“…Ah, yes…it is the civil rights party”

The science teacher grins to hear it.

“Moreover…if I am not mistaken, he married again just recently?”

“Ah, yes…. Because my real mother died when I was small, a new mama has come this time…”

“She is probably an actress…”

“Yes, it is Saori Endo”

To the marriage of the active congressman and the beautiful actress, even a previous variety show was half a year in the news. Concerning the couple who have a different of 30 years, they got into the news for a certain period of time. With the support of her husband, Saori will appear in government in the future, too, told by an rumor.

(That great actress is Yuko’s stepmother…this seems to be fun…)

That quiet and beautiful actress is remembered and Kenichi´s dick swells still more. Yuko tightens it hard with her young mouth and her neck is bravely shaken as taught.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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