Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 62

Repeated rape


Stripping off the pure white shorts from the girl who is acting violently, it is warm from Yuko´s temperature and it absorbs the honey liquid which is spitted out. Kenichi draws it near his nose and smells it and the smell is a mix of sweat and ripening cheese.

“Huhuu, releasing such a thick smell…”

“Nooo! Don´t do such a thing…”

Kenichi checks her panty, while ignoring Yuko who feels embarrassed and the form of her crotch is visible clearly on it and her thick body fluid became like a white gel.

“First, the taste of Terashima´s pussy lets enjoy it…”


Yuko who was going to close her crotch desperately is repressed by Junko and Tomomi who are left and right from her and opens Yuko´s legs for Kenichi. In other words, Yuko sits down on the sofa, both hands are restricted behind her head, her waist is thrust out and her legs are fixed to an M-shape and her wet crotch is exposed in front of Kenichi.

This appearance is the most shameful appearance for a woman. Noting that she is a virgin, Yuko wants to die because of shame.

“Not good, Terashima-san. Not good, when you say that you don´t like it, because you are already ready to feel it completely soon”

“Huhuu, that’s true. Even as for Kenichi having a big one, it may enter smoothly”

“No! Stop it! Yo, Yoshikawa-sensei! Honda-sensei!”

Without regarding Yuko who becomes bright red and screams, Kenichi put his face between her opened crotch and breathes in the vivid body odor that this beautiful girl gives off. This bittersweet unique perfume is peculiar to a virgin and the ferocious weapon inside his pants heats up even more.


Kenichi takes out his tongue and licks this place in an instant, thereupon Yuko screams while feeling embarrassed and this beautiful virgin twists her body by trying to escape. It gets sticky during the day inside her panty and her sweaty intimate place is exposed to man´s eyes, that’s why she feels shy that this place is licked and she wants to die.

However, her body honestly reacts to the given stimulation and her rose grows big and begins to assert herself. Yuko clenches her hands which are handcuffed so that they become white and she endures the pleasure and shyness desperately.

“Huhuu, Terashima, are you a girl, who loves to masturbate?”


When he plays with her erected clitoris with his tongue, with that alone Yuko squeezes her throat and cries and drops new honey juice from her vagina mouth. The moment he licks the button of pleasure clean with his tongue, he opens his mouth and has a bite of this twitching and young vagina, before he sips and drinks the overflowing virginal body fluid.


While sweat is dripping down her whole body shakes and she is still tossed around by pleasure and her maiden physical function is flourishing slowly. At the beginning she was uttering a cry only out of embarrassment, but now it mixes with a sweet sound.

“Hiauu! Hiiiiguuuu!”

The next moment Kenichi´s bold tongue enters through the entrance of the vagina and Yuko bends her throat, because of the scathing stimulation while being frightened instinctively, her soft tongue is tightened up. Inserting the tongue inside the virgin hole, it rubs against the clitoris which swelled and this cute first year cries in a voice that I was able to graze this small and dusky science preparation room, before the climax greeted her shameful appearance.

When she hears a sound that metal comes in contact with each other she opens her eyes and the science teacher stands firm with his feet set apart before her and Junko and Tomomi kneel down on both sides and took down his pants and trunks.


Seeing this huge lump of meat which protruded from his trunks, this virgin screams because she sees an male sexual organ for the first time. While enjoying the reaction of Yuko, Junko and Tomomi wearing their clothes, have just finished stretching out their hands from right and left, and rub his thing, before they begin to crawl their tongues as having become unbearable.

“Aah…amazing…it looks like a stick of iron…”

“Right, I want it to enter my narrow virgin hole quickly…”

Yuko who knew the act called fellatio from her knowledge is shocked by the sexual intercourse of real adults taking place in front of her and she forgets to scream and watches it only. Casting a side glance at Yuko, these female teachers stretch out their long tongues to show off and even the warped meat pillar sticky from saliva reaches his belly.

“Huhuu, Terashima-san, is it your first time to see such a thing? …Huhuu, isn´t this child big? When I saw it for the first time, I was surprised and compared with other men it is too enormous…. I think that you will surely like it”

“Yes, huhuu. The beginning is painful and you may cry, but after you give up yourself soon, Yoshikawa-sensei and I became a captive from it…”

When these two beauties explain it and laugh, they take Kenichi´s dick into their mouths in turns and cover his erected dick with slimy saliva.

“By the way, do I finally get Terashima´s virginity…”

“A, A, A…”

Like a lovely small animal cornered by a wolf, Yuko shakes because of fear and her body cowers and she can’t move. Yuko completely lost her resistance and her legs are spread open right and left and the tip of the penis that swelled out like a balloon is pushed against her virgin hole.


“No, I’m not excited…”

Both are excited being present at the moment when this beautiful girl loses her virginity, while each hand feel each other’s secrets part, Junko and Tomomi stare at the penis of Kenichi while coiling their tongues. These beautiful women who are Kenichi´s sex slaves are completely tamed for perversion-like sex and also have a lesbian relationship now.

“I go…Terashima…”

“No! Don´t do it! Stop it!! Sensei, help me!!”

Even if she understands that it is useless, Yuko has tears in her eyes and entreats the science teacher. Although she liked Kenichi’s thing, she still is too sad to be robbed of her virginity in such a shape.

However, Yuko who is still young shows such a sad expression and screams that she was frightened, she couldn´t understand that it was an unbearable stimulation for a rapist like Kenichi.

“Hiii, painful! Ouch! Noooo!! Painnfuull!! Ouch Ouch!!!”

From the acute pain that attack between her crotch, Yuko cries out. That’s also reasonable. While enlarging her small vagina hole by thickness that can´t be believed, Kenichi´s dick invades the interior of her womb.

Even though he enters a little, there is resistance and when Kenichi makes sure of its feeling and makes sure that it’ll be a part from the hymen, he thrust through it.


The moment his gun sinks into the interior of her womb, for a split second, it fitted in perfectly before it crowded. From the acute pain burnt between her crotch, this 16-year-old virgin takes it on and raises a squeal.

His weapon shattered the thing which this beautiful girl protected carefully, while Kenichi tastes the good flavor of Yuko´s secret spot, it invades the interior of Yuko´s womb. Although it finished getting wet Yuko´s virgin hole which tightens from the acute pain and fear is assigned to this beautiful girl and is the finest meat which is not able to taste it only once.


When the dick is completely placed into her body, Kenichi looks at Yuko’s face which became soaking wet from sweat and tears. Although her face lost its color, he likes to destroy a sad beauty because it is beautiful for him.

“Is it painful? Terashima… ”


Blood begins to flow from her split open vagina wall and pink viscous liquid flows out from the connected part.

“Aaa, amazing…at last, he took her virginity away…”

“I’m excited….aa, it is unbearable…”

This pretty first grader is deprived of her virginity in front of those two, while Tomomi shows a red-hot excited face, Junko’s finger is tightened up and she reaches the climax. Junko sticks to the mouth of Tomomi excitedly and shakes her body, before tasting a mild height.

When Kenichi unlocks the handcuffs of Yuko who is too exhausted to resist, he ignores her complain of excessive pain and crying and keeps violating her using his waist.


His dick pushes up the uterus of Yuko who is working with the acute pain and shock and her secret hole shrinks regardless of her intention intensely. Tearing up the clamping of the small meat way by force, Kenichi rubs with his huge thing against her young vagina wall. He greatly uses his waist and the beautiful girl is being raped thoroughly.

In that way after having raped this beautiful girl in various appearance, Kenichi has sex with this cute first year in the rear-entry position and released his cloudy liquid to his heart’s content in the interior of her womb.

Her uniform is disarranged and Yuko who was drenched with sweat was dead tired, when Kenichi pulls his meat stick which still towered impudently out and Junko and Tomomi come near it joyfully to clean it with their tongues.

“Aah, this child has eaten the virginity of Terashima-san…”

“No, it has the taste of blood…. I’m excited…”

After they completely lick it clean, Tomomi sticks between Yuko´s crotch this time and the pink body fluid that drooped muddily is being slurped and drunk. Meanwhile, Junko who has finished being excited sits on Kenichi who sat down on the sofa and swallows his huge pillar in no time, after moving her pink panty away.


Yuko raises a high-pitched voice at a blow and when the female teachers treats his dick with the state that has finished being tame, she tighten with her flexible vagina wall steadily. The sperm of Kenichi is sent to the interior of the womb many times, and her vagina way is digested and has an exquisite taste.

“Huhuu, indeed there is no different to a senior…”

Kenichi compares Junko with Yuko and enjoys the comparison of their tastes.

Junko burns with the spirit of rivalry because of this cute girl and she is more enthusiastic than usual and id going to please Kenichi´s thing. Her ripe secret meat clings to his penis persistently and squeezes the root and isn´t going to separate from it.

“What’s up, today you are really excited…”

“Yes, because I won´t be defeated by a young girl…”

Inside her heart, Junko doesn´t want to have her Kenichi stolen by a girl who is more than 10 years younger than her and she is going to pleas Kenichi using her waist steadily. However, it rather fuels her own pleasure, when her uterus is rubbed hard and she screams, while reaching the climax. Her always narrow vagina shrinks sharply and it is giving an extravagant ecstasy to this middle-aged man.

“By the way, let’s go once again…”

Kenichi separates from Junko who still wants more by force and broke into Yuko who was exhausted again.

“Nooooooo! Higuuuuu!”

Yuko screamed, but it is slightly different from the reaction until a while ago.

“Huhuu, doesn´t it hurt anymore?”

“…Aa…e, ee?”

Kenichi stopped his waist incidentally, when he asked her.

Her vagina way is enlarged when he said it and has a tingling ache, but the pain running through her body until a while ago is gone. On the contrary, a weak ache spreads through her whole vagina and she feels an itching sense at the part her vagina wall touches.

“From now on, I teach you true pleasure…”

“Higuuuuuuu!! Ahiiiiii!”

When his meat sword is thrust into the passage which was a virgin until just now, Yuko is frightened by the overwhelming feeling of pressure and expansion and the electricity which runs through her backbone, also runs to her brain.

“Aa, Aa, Aa”

Kenichi begins his piston movement, while getting his meat stick wet with honey liquid, a doubtful sense arose in the physical depths ad this lovely first year utters a cry. First she felt pain but now she feels pleasure and after it also matched with this stout stick by now a cry is raised to the first pleasure that begins to spin.

The semen of Kenichi who harbored the power of the Incubus lets woman who bathed in it become his captive and revives a fresh and young skin, when energy is given and also the laceration, when he broke through her virgin hole is already healed.

(What, is this…. No…help me…)

Fire of pleasure burns inside her womb and spreads so that it gradually burns down her whole body.

“Is it comfortable? Terashima…”


Yuko is peeping at the face of the man who is violating and attacking her, although she shakes her face right and left because of shyness, she still can´t resist the intense movement of Kenichi´s waist.

“If it’s comfortable, say it”

“Aaa, I can´t say it…”

The waist of Yuko moves while saying so and she tries to get more pleasures and a greedy usage of her waist is shown.

“If you don´t say it, I won´t move”

When Kenichi says so and stops the movement of his waist suddenly, Yuko raises a fretful voice and criticizes him, before she presses Kenichi who doesn’t move voluntarily by using her waist salaciously.

“Aaa, move…like that…”

To the partner who Yuko should hate because he took her virginity by force, she raises a weak voice and asks for him to move.

“Then, say it obediently….”

“Hiiii, it’s comfortable…, I´m felling good…”

This beautiful girl yields to the teasing of this crafty middle-aged man and begs him while shaking her waist. Kenichi grins and uses his waist slowly to carve pleasure into the pretty sex slave who he obtained newly.

When this beautiful girl goes out of the science preparation room after this, her body can´t separated from Kenichi anymore. While catching this beautiful girl on the sofa easily, Kenichi tasted the good flavor of her vagina hole that coils around his thing like rubber to his heart’s content.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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