Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 61

New Sacrifice

Recently vice-principal Usami got more irritated and more temperamental than before and he wreaked his anger on someone without taking care of who it was. He gets angry for the slightest thing, before he raises a loud voice and scolds his target in both the staff room and the corridor.

His reputation dropped a lot among the teachers and students and nobody talk with him since his popularity fell. As a result, the vice-principal who was left one repeated a vicious circle to amplify his anger more and more.

Not to speak of the cause, but it was the betrayal of Junko Yoshikawa who was his lover.

Since he cut his Achilles’ tendon and was hospitalized, he was treated coldly all the time even when he invited her no matter how eagerly. He was able to invite her to a hotel only once, while Junko took a shower, he has fallen asleep carelessly. When he noticed it was already early in the morning and Junko was nowhere. Thereafter Junko ignored Usami like air and every time a change in Junko’s attitude was felt, his body became hot from despair and anger.

On the other hand, every time a day passed, Kenichi’s evaluation became high in an ironical way.

With his groundless thing including the evaluation of a person, originally he was taciturn, but it can be said that he was cool and calmly recently. Because Kenichi displays his lust for Natsuki, Junko and co. to his heart’s content day after day, the places where he glared as before disappears, of course he ceased to steel his glance looking at the bodies of high school girls desperately.

Now on the passage that went out of the classroom, Kenichi is enclosed by several first year students and receives questions about his class from them. Kenichi answers these questions carefully, while the first graders look at him with respect and longing eyes.

Without being upset even if Kenichi is bathed in such eyes, he takes the hot eyes of these young girls leisurely. Ironically his lust is satisfied because of his girls and the desire to look at schoolgirls disappears and this time he is approached by students.

Yuko Terashima who is an outstanding and beautiful girl still stares at Kenichi among the first graders and sends a passionate look while asking a question.

“By the way, will it be fine with this?”

“Ah, sensei a little more, only a little more…”

Originally the girls, only want to speak with Kenichi rather than helping them to understand the topic and even if they ask a question, it’s trivial, so it isn´t too time consuming.

“Sensei, can I come to the staff room later?”

While having mischievous eyes, Yuko is whispering it to Kenichi so that the other students don´t hear it. Kenichi didn´t saw it a little while ago, but a yellow aura is faintly visible from her.

(Oo! She is the next one…)

Kenichi felt that the black beast inside his body awoke with a smile and a response is given properly, while thinking how he shall do it now. Whether he should bring her to the preparation room or he waits until after school….

Then from the other side of the corridor, he saw that vice-principal Usami walked straight towards his place. Although Kenichi doesn’t know y his face has a fierce expression.

“Midou-sensei, since speaking so loud on the hallway that would be a problem”


Usami is aggressive from the beginning. Yuko and the other schoolgirls harden as having been frightened and stare at Usami and Kenichi.

“You stopped in the middle of this corridor and interfere with the traffic of other students. If it is an adult sensible like me, than it would be understood!”

Indeed, it was fate, but Kenichi remained silent. Originally it was Kenichi who avoided the vice-principal, but Usami seemed to be in a bad mood today.

“Generally your class isn´t serious enough. Therefore, your students doesn´t understand what you teach them”

“Vice-principal, it is different. We asked Midou-sensei…”

When Yuko tried to make an excuse, Usami scowls at her so that she understand that she shall remain silent and interrupts her words by force.

“Besides, your hair! Why don’t you do something? Always stretch it out slovenly! Extreme filthy!”

The conversation between these two teachers seems weird, because vice-principal tortures Kenichi endlessly without noticing. His scolding is damp and shady so that people who hear it feel bad.

Only when, other students show their noses from the classrooms and watch it breathlessly, how the hysteria which also seems to be the vice-principal´s abnormality has started on the hallway.

“A worthless teacher like you, I want you to resign for the sake of the students and parents quickly! Before I do it!”

Vice-principal Usami who looked red was like a evil spirit.

“A teacher who looks like you causes problems of sexual harassment and physical punishment! Before something can happen and it is too late, I say it daringly! Do you understand me! Youngster!”


Vice-principal Usami who is completely enraged by now is excited and his face becomes deep red from yelling. His voice causes the students in the surrounding classrooms to crowd on the corridor now.

Kenichi who bows his head becomes silent and let the vice-principal talk, while grinning inside his heart. Even if someone sees it, in this situation, whenever the vice-principal raves, the situation is in favor of Kenichi.

It was Usami who continued his abusing for a while, until he started to suffer from hyperventilation. Noticing what he did when the attack was settled, he decided to push aside the students to leave this place.

“Are you alright? Sensei…”

“Yes, I am okay…”

Showing a refreshing smile so that Yuko and other students are dumbfounded why they worried, Kenichi also begins to walk away from the crowd. However, the devil who is ferocious inside his heart flings all hatred against Usami.


At this moment, the devil made up its mind to plunge Usami into hell.

“Huhuu, unusually today that fool was really angry…”

Calling her ex-lover “a fool”, Junko catches Kenichi´s dick with her twin hills wearing a black bra, while she licks the tip with her tongue and laughs thinly.

“We will ruin him soon…otherwise Kenichi is dangerous…”

Licking the scruff of Kenichi who loosened his tie Tomomi who is the music teacher and looked lovely and calm reports about this frightening fact. Her thin fingers who normally play piano crawls around Kenichi´s chest and she checks the muscle of his stout chest, while at the same time clinging to his lips, because it became intolerable.

Therefore continuing this lewd play which festered as ever in the science preparations room after school, these teachers spend a lot of time there since a while ago. These two beautiful and lewd women were trained significantly by Kenichi and became his sex slaves and are able to perform any service that he wants.


In fact, everything is already planned and only these two women know this secret. Kenichi draws Tomomi closer to him and enjoys the physical touch of this soft female and begins to speak as he remembered something.

“Come to think of it in 10 minutes, a first grader comes over here”

It was Kenichi who said it without minding and Tomomi was surprised, but she unintentionally laughs dissolutely.

“Uhu…again, did you get a new girl?”

“No, not yet”

“No way…. Then, do you eat this girl here today?”

“Probably, it will be so…”

In the contrary to his leisurely words, his thing neighs to the expectation and is trembling between Junko’s breasts.

“Huhuu, so this child is overjoyed to eat the virginity of the new girl too…”

Now that she mentions it, all the pretty women who he obtained recently were nonvirgins. When he thinks that he gets a virgin after a long absence, black desire wells up from his body. Muddy liquid overflows from the tip, which Junko licks and sips joyfully.

“Thereupon, what should we do? Kenichi-san…”

“You will be here…. I mean, I want you to help me together”

“No, I don´t want to see the depriving of a virgin…”

Tomomi whispers it as having been excited and her pretty tongue is placed inside Kenichi’s ear.

“Hey…when do you take my virginity away?”

“Well, it will be soon…”

“No… I want to give my virginity to Kenichi quickly…. My virginity, please take it quickly…”

Although it was Tomomi who showed loyalty to her fiancé before, but now since she completely became a captive of Kenichi, she implores him to take her virginity. However, Kenichi exchange with her is evasively, only her anus is violated as usual. Of course he intends to take it sometime soon, but he will enjoy it later.

“Then, shall we prepare for this?”

After licking his dick clean, Junko puts her breasts back into her black bra and put on her blouse. When Tomomi repairs her distracted clothes, too, the preparation for inviting a new companion was started. In the same way as them, when the schoolgirl also goes out of this room, her contents will be changed to a really different woman.

Before long, a knocking was heard from the door.


“Excuse me…”

After the door is opened nervously, Kenichi saw the pretty face of Yuko Terashima. When she enters the dusky science preparation room while looking bashful, she approaches Kenichi who sat down at his desk.

“Sensei…, huhuu, what are you doing?”

Her figure which crosses both hands behind and leans forward is pretty as if she got out of from a style magazine. Staring at her body that is still not fully developed, Kenichi feels his desire welling up like black clouds.

“Well, I made a test for next week…”

Kenichi matches eyes with Yuko when he put up his face slowly. His red eyes shine suspiciously and the black wave spreads from his body. At close range, Yuko bathed in that wave directly.

Red tentacles instantly move and attack the new sacrifice which is in front of them. They eroded her aura which was light yellow in an instant and gradually dye the color red.

First of all, it was Yuko who was glad that she could meet Kenichi and when the redness on her cheeks gradually increases, she has begun to wiggle her body in a way that she was ashamed. However, Kenichi withdraws the tentacles then.


While staring at Kenichi with an absentminded expression, Yuko raises a painful cry. Did Yuko´s sex appeal mature a little or is it that Kenichi released his power a little more, so she would cling to him right now. Yuko is placed in a state of excitement and struggles in front of the science teacher with a painful feeling.

(Aaa…what happened…)

In broad daylight, she is attacked in the science preparations room by an intense sexual desire, which let this lovely first grader be flustered. However, ignoring the embarrassment of Yuko, her nipples inside her bra erect firmly and her bottom wrapped around shorts becomes sticky from the honey liquid which was put out of her petal which opened.

(Is it yesterday’s cause…)

Last night, Yuko was absorbed in masturbation madly on her bed. She imagined being violated by this science teacher and since she cried out his name, she rubbed her clitoris which shook twitchingly and reached the climax. In front of the man who crossed the line in her terrible imagination yesterday, she remembers the pleasure from last night and her body runs out of control.

“What is it? Terashima”

Grasping the physical change of Yuko with his super sense exactly, Kenichi asked this with a face as if he doesn’t know it. From the bittersweet body odor of this first year his perception became sharp and he smells a faint smell mixed with a nasty smell.

“Aaa…, it’s nothing…”

From the pain inside her womb that arises abruptly, Yuko´s sexual feeling hasn´t developed enough yet and she is puzzled like a cuttlefish. Her clitoris congests and swells firmly, so that it is unbearable, when it rubs against her shorts when she closes her legs tightly. After Yuko who regain her calmness, she is judged desperately from her face that seems to cry the moment Kenichi stands up to stand behind Yuko and holding her shoulders quietly.


Yuko shakes her body and suffers, while Kenichi enjoys such maiden reaction and buries his nose into her hair with the pink ribbon. Yuko´s brushed hair shines glossily, but when Kenichi inhales, the smell of clean shampoo spreads through his nose and his animal desires blaze up more and more.

“Huhuu, what happened? Why did you come to meet me?”


When his mouth is brought near to her ear which is like a cherry shell, he whispers that into her ear, before blowing softly to tease Yuko. Her face becomes deep red from that stimulation alone and Yuko tastes the excitement with which her body is thrilled. The next moment, when Kenichi inserted his long tongue into her ear, Yuko throws a high-pitched voice which doesn’t seem to come from a virgin.

“Se, sensei…al, already stop…”

From her sexual feeling that begins to melt steadily, Yuko learns fear instinctively and she twists her body by trying to escape. She raises her eyebrows and implores Kenichi, but she never dream that her expression awakes Kenichi´s lust more and more.

Yuko´s resistance adds fuel to the animal desire when Kenichi exposes his true character and attacks this cute and lovely virgin.

“Noooooo! Sensei! Stoppp iitt!”

Covering her like a beast from behind, Yuko screamed shrilly, but Kenichi handcuffs Yuko quickly and pushes her down on the sofa.

“Hey, help me a little”

When Kenichi calls out so, two women emerged from the shade. Of course it is Junko and Tomomi.

“Hiiii! Noo! Se, sensei…help me…Yoshikawa-sensei! Honda-sensei!”

However, both of them ignore Yuko´s wish and both share the work to bind Yuko´s hands. Yuko is sitting down on the sofa and she was fixed into the shape that both hands are pulled back.

“No! Nooo!”

Furthermore, when she is pressed down by these three teachers because she runs wild, Kenichi put his hand inside her mini skirt and takes off her simple white panty.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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